Sunday, June 1, 2014


RUBICON CROSS by Rubicon Cross
(Raider Rock Records)

The highly anticipated self titled debut from Rubicon Cross finally sees the light on day. You like hard-hitting rock? Check. How about super-clear vocals coming from someone who can actually sing? Check. Melodies and hooks? Check. From the pounding drums to the intricate guitar work, Rubicon Cross is a rock & roll dream. It's loud and it's proud! Rubicon Cross features, the song-writing partnership of Firehouse’ vocalist, CJ Snare and Furyon’s guitarist Chris Green. Rounding out the band are, Jeff Lerrman on guitar, Simon Farmery on bass and Robert Behnke on drums. The band's debut outing is a kick in the teeth hard rock album.  All ten songs served up blaze with incredible energy! There really isn't a bad song on the album and there is truly some of the best hard rock music you will hear. All killer no filler. Song Highlights include: "Locked And Loaded", "Next Worse Enemy", "Save Me Within", "You Will Remember Me", "Shine" and "Kill Or Be Killed". CJ Snare's vocals sound better than ever and his voice on this album is like bottled lightning. Chris Green' s guitar riffs are spot on. What Rubicon Cross have done here is tapped into a tried and true formula that works, there is no reinventing the wheel here, just great song writing, edgy guitar and passion for the genre.  Great vocals, powerhouse riffs and melodies with a great production that create a good and fresh hard rock albums that we don't hear much often lately. Rubicon Cross has put out a great rock album that is packed with great guitar and memorable melodies. It's an album you will want to hear. Hopefully, this is a sign of things to come. I greatly anticipate hearing more from Rubicon Cross. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

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  1. The album is awesome! I listen to it a lot. I wish the best for all you guys and in the future!