Saturday, June 14, 2014


ON THE RUN by Red February
(Independent Release)

San Francisco based rockers Red February introduce their stimulating rock sound to the masses with their debut release, 'On The Run'. Consisting of singer Marcus Cappellazzo, guitarist Markus Spohn Ed Cagnacci on bass and Luis Ordeñana on drums. 'On The Run', is an album of great depth, power and passion. With each listen, a new thing is heard, observed, noticed and experienced. The album takes off with the stimulating rocker, "Jet Pilot", if this song doesn't increase your heart rate from the moment you press play, you've got something seriously wrong with you. The band keeps your heart rate pumping as they serve up tracks like, "More Than Nothing "(featuring Sean Ashe), the title track, "Back At the Start", "You'll Never Take Me" and "Other Side". All ten tracks are rock solid. What Red February has managed to do successfully is combine elements of the rock music  genre. From straight up rock to alternative rock and progressive rock. While they exhibit attributes to all of the aforementioned genres, Red February have created their own sound that is stimulating, powerful, passion filled and hard to resist. Their music reaches inside and grabs you with catchy rhythms and excellent musicianship (without being overly technical). From Marcus Cappellazzo's soulful and powerful  vocals, Markus Spohn's intricate and soaring guitar, and the air tight rhythm section of, bassist Ed Cagnacci and drummer Luis Ordeñana, Red February are a formidable force of music to be reckoned with. This is a band made up of real musicians expressing themselves honestly through exceptionally complex and powerful music. Overall, 'On The Run' is a great debut, Give it a listen and keep a ear out for future efforts from this amazing band. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

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