Tuesday, June 10, 2014


MARAGOLD by Maragold
(GH Labels)

I've always had respect for guitarist Greg Howe ever since I heard his debut on Shrapnel Records. So, when I heard of his new band, Maragold, I was eager to give it a listen. The band's self titled debut has that smooth melodic rock groove to it packed with well written rock song all with catchy hooks and groove laden melodies. The band along with Greg Howe are really tight and the playing and production is top notch. Rounding out the band are, Meghan Krauss on lead vocals, Kevin Vecchione on bass and Gianluca Palmieri on drums. The opening track, "Evergreen Is Golder" is a gem of an AOR song highlighted by the band's tight chemistry. The funked up rocker, "Saturday Sun", is up next. This is where Meghan Krauss shows off her powerful vocal chops. A very versatile singer who can belt out Pat Benatar type rockers but also shows she can get soulful like Pink with an edge (Yeah, she's that good). Which she exhibits on the groove laden "Lullaby". Now, as far as musicianship goes bassist, Kevin Vecchione and drummer Gianluca Palmieri provide the band with a solid foundation. Greg Howe's guitar playing is, as expected on an album of this genre, more controlled, with very little space for the flair that's reserved for his instrumental projects, but he doesn't hold back either. Several songs get so intense they may give you goose bump. As is evident on tracks like the laid back bluesy sway of "Cry", the pop induced mover "Penniless And Sane" and the album closing, "Boom Boom Tap (Dance On)", all great songs that combine the blues, funk, groove laden rock that is catchy and soulful with overall great playing. The whole album is superbly done. Great groves that will move you,  great melodies that you'll be humming along to for days! Maragold is an incredible band with a  phenomenal vocalist, phenomenal musicians, and excellent production make this album required listening. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

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