Sunday, June 1, 2014


Dirk Blevins of Stone Machine
Interview by The Dedicated Rocker Society
Photo by: Marty Conley

Coming at you like a rockin' British blues super-group, Stone Machine from Huntington, WV walk right up and open the front door, and have undivided attention with a smoking hot Blues rock sound that echo the likes of Free, Humble Pie, James Gang and Lynyrd Skynyrd. While the band sounds better than ever on their new album, 'Rock Ain't Dead', it's Dirk Blevins' guitar that once again is the driving force behind the songwriting and music.  His guitar playing alone makes, 'Rock Ain't Dead' worth owning. The follow-up to their powerful sophomore release, 'American Honey', Stone Machine are here to prove you can still rock in the 21st Century!

We had a chance to ask Dirk Blevins to give us a brief rundown behind, 'Rock Ain't Dead', here is what he shared with us...

The new album is titled 'Rock Ain't Dead'? Who came up with the title? 
Dirk Blevins: Joe from Grooveyard , he asked me if i could write a tune with that name and i said yeah so i thought about anthem tunes and put it to paper , the riff i already had in the can . 
Memorable moments in the making of the new album, good or bad, you'd care to share with us?
Dirk Blevins: Recording is always memorable for me , I love making music , standout parts would be coming up with stuff on the fly with Jason and Jeremy , not so memorable , I'd say click tracks in my head , lol they drive me nuts . 
Is there a Stone Machine "YouTube" page, that people can check out? 
Dirk Blevins: We have some tunes on YouTube a lot of them were put on there by fans which is cool and there is a stone machine channel but I'm gonna get with Stone Machine's 6th man Brian Lester soon and put a lot on there , he's a technical wizard loves great jam . 
Listening to the album now that it's done, is there anything you would have done differently? If yes, how so?
Dirk Blevins: If i could do anything to the album it would be more songs cause i got so many its frustrating . 
As a band, what goals have you set for Stone Machine? Do you have any other projects you are working on?
Dirk Blevins: My goals for stone machine is to keep turning people on to us and hopefully somebody will make an offer , we can't refuse , maybe for songs or big shows , I'm really looking forward to my new project Ghost Hammer which is Jamie and Jeremy Hall and myself , it's a good outlet to get the riffs in my head out in an old school , power trio style and me and the Hall boys have played together for years , we know exactly what each other is thinking while we play and it's a good feeling.. 
Any other comments?

Dirk Blevins: Thanks to everybody for supporting Stone Machine!
Rock Ain't Dead' out now on Grooveyard Records.

For more info on Stone Machine:
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  1. Luv your stuff Dirk Blevins. I bought all 3 CD direct from Grooveyard Records. I emailed Joe R. and requested permission to upload music videos to You Tube of Grooveyard Artist and Joe said OK as long as I didn't do whole CD's. I have about 10 Vids up so far and just upped one of Stone Machine_Down South Mama. I'm planning on doing 1 from each album. Keep The Rock Alive.....Rock Ain't Dead

    Steve Z.

  2. Man, this is a fantastic and great rock band, with songs based on inspired guitar licks. I bought the 3 CDs on Apple Store (iTunes). I am from Rio de Janeiro and was surprised to hear the high quality of their work, being a virtually unknown band. Likewise, I was frustrated for not seeing much material from them on the web or YouTube. Let´spost some shots of live presentations,guys. I wish these guys good luck, because they really deserve. As for the CDs, there are no fillers. All songs are great and worth listening and, honestly, comparisons with James Gang and Humble Pie are not fair. These guys sound much better.

  3. Rock aint dead because these guys are keeping it alive!!! Huge fan from Saint Petersburg FL!!! Keep on rockin fellas!!!!

  4. It is refreshing to hear new rock that sounds like the old rock I grew up on . This rock is a lot better than the crap they play on the radio now a days . Love to see you guys come to Montreal Quebec Canada and rock the shit out of this city . HOPE to see ya soon . LONG LIVE ROCK