Saturday, June 14, 2014


SOUL SHAKER by Gugun Power Trio
(Grooveyard Records)

'Soul Shaker' is the 3rd studio release by The amazing blues rock power powerhouses the Gugun Power Trio, from Indonesia. Gugun on Guitar, Jono on bass and Bowie on the skins. This album is a fireball folks! This is the type of guitar heavy album you can throw on and you won't hear your ol' lady yell turn that crap down before the first song is even over. This is red hot blues rock at it's best: excellent vocals, and guitar that makes you want to drive....FAST! However, it's not only intense blues. That's because Gugun's guitar playing is a mixture of passion and precision, as well as strength and power.  His guitar solo's are some of the tastiest guitar I have ever heard. As he exhibits right off the bat with the rocking blues ball buster, "Born To Be Awesome", from there on your senses are at the trio's mercy as they serve up tracks like, the groove laden mover, "Captain Morgan", the steamroller tracks that are, "Acid Rain" and "How Can You Play Rock 'N' Roll". The one track though that made hairs on the back of my neck stand at attention is the instrumental fire starter, "Wounded Heart", this track alone makes this album worth owning!  All tracks offered up on 'Soul Shaker" are great. You won't find needless shredding on this album, nothing but killer with no filler. The aroma that permeates from this album is smoking blues with the flavor of ZZ Top, Tommy Bolin, Davy Knowles and Robin Trower influences among others but make no mistake the Gugun Power Trio bring their own flavor to the table and it tastes oh so good! The guitar sound is amazing, the vocals are soulful and the music as a whole is captivating. If you're a blues fan or a fan of power trios, you are going to love, 'Soul Shaker' by the Gugun Power Trio! You'd be doing yourself an injustice not owning this album. - Highly Recommended 
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

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