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The Burning Crows
Interview by Tony & Bill @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

"If people want something, we’ll give it to them. Without the fans it’s just a rehearsal, it’s cliché but it’s true and if you’re not doing it for them then how can you expect to ever get anywhere?" - Whippz, The Burning Crows

UK , bravado rockers, The Burning Crows showcase an infectious mix of good time rock n’ roll, with an attitude, style & swagger that lands Britrock firmly back in the contemporary mainstream and that has earned them the reputation of being one of the very best live bands on the scene today.

Following the amazing public and media reaction to the release of their aptly named “Never Had It So Good” EP, the subsequent headline tour of the UK & Ireland, a slot at Hard Rock Hell and featuring as special guests to The Quireboys throughout their winter tour, it’s safe to say that bravado rock n rollers, The Burning Crows, couldn’t have asked for a better 2012. There truly is no rest for the wicked however, as after reaching 100% of their PledgeMusic target, the band set their sights on releasing their Debut Album, “Behind The Veil” in Spring 2013.

So, if high energy, rock n’ roll played hard and played with gusto is your thing, come join the “future of British Rock”s carnival of frivolity and indulge in the decadent feast for the senses that is “Behind The Veil”. The Rocker and I asked The Burning Crows frontman, Whippz to give us the lowdown behind the band. Here’s what he shared with us…

How long have The Burning Crows been together? Cool name, who came up with the name?

WHIPPZ: The origins of the name are steeped in mystery as none of us can actually recall exactly how it came about but it’s come into its own and it just seems to fit. Plus we all look a bit hagged and smell faintly of rotting flesh after a night down the boozer so it’s perfect. I do remember however that it all started about 3 years ago with a chance meeting between Lance & I over a few bottles of wine one sunny afternoon… We were both band less at that point, Will had already said to me about starting a new project and we found Chris down an alley somewhere, so one thing just led to another and before we knew it, we were out on the road playing shows all over the Motherland! It all really started happening for us over the past year or so though since our first EP (Never Had It So Good) came out, we headlined our own tour around the UK & Ireland, toured as special guests to The Quireboys, reached 100% of our PledgeMusic target and recorded our debut album “Behind The Veil”(released June 17th) at the world famous Rockfield Studios in Wales with legendary producer Nick Brine, so it’s been a busy year!

Who are your musical influences?

W: Too many to list, it goes from the usual Rock giants like AC/DC, GnR & KISS through to stuff like The Faces, The Stones & The Quireboys but there’s also influence from all kinds of stuff from metal through to country. The cool thing is we all bring our own style and influence to a new track, put our own spins on it and it just comes out sounding like us!

Your debut full release, ‘Behind The Veil’, break it down for us.

W: In total we were at Rockfield for about a month over the two sessions as our EP was kind of a prelude to the album and some of those 5 tracks actually feature on “Behind The Veil” too, so there’s actually 9 new tracks that we recorded this time around though and a couple of which we’ve never even played live before, so it’s going to exciting for us to see how people react t them all! As far as memorable moments go, there’s too many to mention as to just be recording in a place like that, where so many of the bands you grew up listening to recorded their most famous songs, is incredible and massively inspiring. It’s just one of those places where you feel like you belong. It’s …actually quite magical! We had a lot of laughs too though, mostly revolving around sneaking out for a well- earned Gin after an especially good take… Problem was it was never quick and never just gin haha!

What goals have you set for yourselves as a band in 2013?

W: World Domination! Tours, Radio, TV, Rambo 5 and lingerie catalogues haha! We had an incredible 2012 and a lot of that is largely down to the support of our fans, so we owe it them and ourselves to keep pushing this as far as we can. At the end of the day nobody is going to do it for you, so if you want something you’re going to have to go get it and we’re more than happy to do just that. 101% – 24/7 – 365. No excuses, no regrets! If people want something, we’ll give it to them. Without the fans it’s just a rehearsal, it’s cliché but it’s true and if you’re not doing it for them then how can you expect to ever get anywhere?

Do you have plans to tour America? Who would you like to tour with when you do come over? (notice we said when not if)

W: It’s funny you ask because I had an interesting phone call from our agent about that this morning but I’m sworn to secrecy for now but keep a weather eye on the horizon… It’s something we’ve always wanted to do though and as we’ve always said, if people want it, we’ll find a way to make it happen. Preferably with AC/DC!

Aside from recording and performing, do you find some to time to do other things? If so, what?

W: It’s been crazy lately what with everything that’s happening but we always manage to find some time for a bit of Rest and Relaxation… Usually down the boozer. Now I think about it we spend a lot of our free time down the boozer having adventures of a wine based nature haha!

Complete this sentence… You should check out The Burning Crows because…

W: They’re an audible rock n roll feast for the senses and will transport you to a frivolous carnival of good time rock n roll! That and if you don’t Will is going to hunt you down.

What separates The Burning Crows from the other rock bands that are on the scene at the present?

W: There’s a lot of great bands out there right now but a lot of it seems somewhat contrived and if we’re being honest, a little fake. I mean even some of the bigger bands we all know and love seem to have unfortunately almost become parodies of themselves still making a living off of all the heroin they did… 20 years ago!? We’ve always maintained that we’re just going to be us, if people like it – brilliant. If they don’t – jog on. We’re just us at the end of the day and yes, we drink, we fuck up, we piss people off but we have a great time doing it, we try to put on the kind of show and be the kind of band we’d want to see live and we’ll always only sing about things that are true to us. There’s no bullshit, it’s all real and although inevitably not everyone will like you for not being and fitting into a certain scene or sounding and looking a certain way, we’re proud of who we are now not who we WANT to be and I think that’s been missing for a while in music. Oh and also we haven’t met a band we can’t drink under the table (and yes that is a challenge to any takers – lets hook it up!)

Any parting comments?

W: Thanks to all of our fans in The US. We love you all and cheers for all the support! “Behind The Veil” is released June 17th through iTunes and MusicBuyMail.EU, so grab a copy, come say hi on Facebook and we’ll be over to see you all as soon as we can! Nothing but love people!

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