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Interview with Phil Campbell of The Temperance Movement

PHIL CAMPBELL of The Temperance Movement 
It's All About Good Times, Love & Peace
Interview by Tony & Bill @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

You know all those times when a friend, magazine or so-called-expert has implored you to buy a new band’s CD because it’s ‘Free-meets-the-Black Crowes-meets-the-Stones’ and you think, quite rightly, “That sounds splendid! What could possibly go wrong?” So, you buy it, take it home, play it and it sounds like nothing they had described?

Yeah, well this is not one of those times. This is the story of The Temperance Movement: five guys, four of them from London, one from Scotland. This band is real rock and soul. This is not an image. This is real music. Big, sweaty, old-school, sincere rock. But, like all the best rock bands, they roll too. Temperance Movement have a swagger, a bravado. Soul.

This is a band that merges two highly valuable commodities: riff driven blues based rock and seriously impressive – nay, spellbinding – musicality. Sure, it’s been a long time coming but, thank god, The Temperance Movement have finally arrived.

The Rocker and I asked the band’s frontman singer, Phil Campbell a few questions about The Temperance Movement. Here is what He shared with us….

What is The Temperance Movement all about?

PHIL CAMPBELL: The Temperance Movement is all about the good times and peace and love. We’re like hells yeah, hail to the rock n roll, but we’re more live long and prosper than die young leave a good-looking corpse

What separates your band from the other rock bands that are out right now?

PC: We ain’t desperately seeking Susan you know? We’re saying build it and they will come.

How would you describe your music? Who are your musical influences?

PC: Influences range from hay day Stones and Faces to present day Kurt Vile and Beachwood Sparks.

Your EP, ‘Pride’ is out now. Are you satisfied with the feedback you are getting so far? How long did you spend in studio recording it?

PC: Very satisfied. Good result for 4 tracking days in a fish factory. Couple months spent mixing and shaping then it was done.

When can we expect the full release? How many songs will be on it?

PC:It’s out late summer. Double vinyl. All tracks plus out take session with Pete and Dud.

Do you have any plans on doing any shows here in America? When you do, who would you like to tour with? (Notice we said “When” and not “If”).

PC: We’d love to reach your shores and when we do Alabama Shakes would be my first choice.

As a band, what goals have you set for yourselves in 2013 and beyond?

PC: Our goal for 13 is to headline the Shepherds Bush Empire in west London

For people who are reading about The Temperance Movement for the first time. Why should they check you out?

PC: If folks like live bands they should check us out cos we do it well

Any words for you fans?

PC: Have good time all the time

The Temperance Movement prove that good, old-fashioned rock and roll has not died. This amazing band brings it back to life. In 30 years, This band will still sound great, whereas most of the other musical offerings out today will be long forgotten, and more than likely, unlistenable. Take it from The Rocker and I, The Temperance Movement are the REAL DEAL. A big thank you to Phil Campbell for taking time to do this interview. -

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