Saturday, November 16, 2013

featuring - The Atomic Chaser & The Rocker

November 16, 2013

Thunder And Lighting by Thin Lizzy
(from, 'Thunder And Lighting'/Warner Bros)
Superstar Train by Burning Rain
(from, 'Burning Rain'/Pony Canyon Records)
L..A. Connection by Rainbow
(from, 'Long Live Rock & Roll'/Polydor Records)
Favourite Sin by Cage The Gods
(from, 'Favourite Sin Ep/ 7Hz Productions Ltd)
The Day The Earth Caught Fire by City Boy
(from, 'The Day The Earth Caught Fire'/Renaissance Records)
2 Counts by Sykes
(from, '20th Century'/Polygram Records)
Graveyard City by Voodoo Circle
(from, 'More Than One Way Home'/AFM Records)
Harmony by Bonafide
(from, 'Bombo'/Off Yer Rocka Records)
Mother Of All Lies by Pretty Maids
(from, 'Motherland'/Frontier Records)
Cherry Baby by Starz
(from, 'Violation'/Capitol Records)

Nothing Left To Lose by Heaven's Basement
(from, 'Filthy Empire'/ Red Bull Records)
Hang On Lucy by Wildside
(from, 'Under The Influence'/Capitol Records)
Life's A Bitch by Hardline
(from, 'Double Eclipse'/MCA Records)
Judgement Day by Gotthard
(from, 'Domino Effect'/Nuclear Blast Records)
Northern Rampage (Muscles and Gasoline) 
by For The Imperium
(from, 'Hail The Monsters'/Republic Of Music)
The Things We've Done by Infinite Staircase
(from, 'No Amends'/Vanity Music Group)
Mary Jane by Silvertide
(from, 'Show & Tell'/J-Records)

Mother Mary by The Quireboys
(from, 'Beautiful Curse'/Off Yer Rocka Records)
City Nights by Mothership
(from, 'Mothership'/Ripple Records)
Midnight Black by The Temperance Movement
(from, 'The Temperance Movement'/Earache Records)
Just A Ride by The Virginmarys
(from, 'King Of Conflict'/Double Cross Records)
Feign Death to Stay Alive by Hong Faux
(from, 'Crown That Wears The Head'/Pristine Records)

Burn The Witch by The Stone Gods
(from, 'Silver Spoons & Broken Bones'/Independent Release)

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