Wednesday, November 13, 2013

CD Reviews 

BOMBO by Bonafide
(Off Yer Rocka Records)
Swedish hard rockers BONAFIDE are back with a vengeance with their latest slab of rock with, 'Bombo'. a Pulp Fiction style tale of rock´n´roll debauchery over 10 chapters. This is the band's fourth full length album, and the third to be produced by singer/ frontman and main songwriter Pontus Snibb. Along with Snibb are Mikael Fässberg on guitar, Martin Ekelund on bass and Niklas Matsson on drums. The band's previous release, 'The Ultimate Rebel' was a balls to wall rocker so my expectations for this album was high. After one listen, I have to say the band have exceeded my expectations big time. 'Bombo' sees the band returning to the in your face, crotch kicking sound of their first three albums. A good time hard rock band that makes you want to pop open a beer, kick back and simply enjoy. Nothing mind boggling here at all, just good music for a good time. Bonafide are not reinventing the wheel here, but if hard rock is what you're looking for this is for you. While  This is real hard rock music played and sung with conviction. The title track opens the album and sets the tone for the rock and roll debauchery that await your senses. "Backroom Entertainment" and "Rock N' Roll Skal" are two other songs I keep cranking up. Another favorite is the lead off single, "Harmony" sees the band downshifting slightly but still holding true to the Bonafide hooks and shredding skills throughout. Honestly there's not a single dud on this album. This ones a no-brainer (in a couple of different ways, I suppose). If you liked the first two Bonafide albums, you're going to love, 'Bombo'. If you're looking for anything other than balls to wall rock music that sticks close to an established band's sound, you'll want to keep going.  A definite must-have for hard rock afficionados. Traditional old-school rock subject matter - women, liquor, trouble. Viva! El Bombo! - Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

(Concord Records)

It's been seven years since Grammy-nominated, Platinum-selling former prodigy blues guitarist and singer/songwriter, Jonny Lang released new material. Well folks, the long wait wait is over! Jonny Lang is back with his latest release, 'Fight For My Soul'. Three years in the making the material is an amazing mix of funked up blues rock and soulful numbers that are guaranteed to get rocking and grooving in no time flat. For this album Jonny collaborated with producer/songwriter Tommy Sims, who co-wrote Eric Clapton s GRAMMY-winning 'Change the World'. I have to say Jonny made the right choice because the collaboration paid off! 'Fight For My Soul' projects a positive energy and musical vibration throughout. One of the things I most admire about Jonny Lang, is his versatility as an artist. Whether it's blues, rock, pop or funk this man delivers the goods. Plus with a voice like that, he could sing whatever he likes. From the soul-pulsing movers like "Blew Up (The House)" and "We Are The Same" to the intimate powerhouse numbers like "What You're Looking For" and "Fight For My Soul" to the blues funky "Not Right" Jonny Lang hits all the right notes in All the right places. 'Fight For My Soul' not only demonstrates his musical prowess but his song-writing abilities as well. Jonny Lang is truly one of those rare artist that appear once in a life time. His heart and soul comes out in his music. Jonny Lang' s music will lift your spirits and take your breath away. This guy is top notch, and in my opinion 'Fight For My Life" is Jonny Lang's best release to date. - Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

88 MPH by Attica Rage
(Off Yer Rocka Recordings)
The latest release from Scottish rockers, Attica Rage is unleashed in the form of the supercharged, '88 MPH'. It has a simple yet effective forumla. Rock riffs that grab you by the throat and have your undivided attention as soon as you press play! The band was formed by Ayrshire brothers, singer/guitarist Jonny Parr and drummer Richie Rage in Glasgow, Scotland in 2003. Coatbridge guitarist Stephen Bell joined in 2007 and the line-up is completed by bassist Colin Wilson from Bellshill, who joined in January 2012.  Those riffs I mentioned earlier mix well with Jonny Parr' s deep and smoky vocals. Along with his thunderous guitar riffs Parr and the rest of band set it off big time with tracks like, "Beyond Forever", "Flight 180" and  "Close Shave", cranking the energy levels to a fist pumping tempo and pushing your speakers to the limit. The boys downshift on the mid tempo mover , "Long Ride Home", the song itself has that Molly Hatchet meets Blackfoot vibe to it. Definitely one of the album's highlights. On the next four tracks, "Killer Carousel", the title track, the sleazy swagger of, "Aftershow" and "In Concert With The Mirror", the boys let loose and pull no punches before letting you down easy with the album closer, "End Of An Era". If the processed garbage you've been force-fed by corporate radio hasn't totally killed your desire to ROCK, then it's time you tried Attica Rage. This is the band you would expect to catch at your favorite bar, belting out heavy as hell songs that would make Motorhead and Black Label Society proud.  Brothers and sisters, forget about radio. Forget about trends. Spread the word - ROCK is back!  Attica Rage is proof of that. Overall, '88 MPH', has that powerful, indefinable `Classic Album' X-factor in spades. Any serious fan of hard rock will no doubt get their rocks off with album. If you miss real hard rock music, check out Attica Rage - Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

(Maldito Digital)
The Buzzos, 'Nowhere Train', is a rocking roller coaster of a ride. Great guitar riffs and lyrics. Anyone who enjoys Rock music will really enjoy this album. Hailing from Quintana City, Badajoz ,Spain, The Buzzos are,   Sean“Flecha”Swindle: vocals, Dean Demon: guitar, Jimmy Sick7: guitar,  Klem C Five: bass and Manu Duffman Romero:drums. These boys wear their influences on their sleeve. From, Aerosmith, MC5, Stooges, AC/DC, to ,Guns n´Roses and The Who.   A straight ahead guitar driven rock album that is capable of making any rock and roll fan throw their fist in the air and thrust it to the monsterous drum beats. Fronted by Sean "Flecha"'s raspy, in-your-face voice and a tender ear for sophisticated rock poignancy, The Buzzos are able to combine the smarts of Aerosmith with the boldness of MC5. All while crafting a tightly produced, hook- laden rock album appealing to rock fans alike. To put it another way, here is 'the' album that brings life to the party and plenty of it. The album kicks off with the firecracker, "Rocksound Girls" then explodes right into "New Age Of Rock 'N' Roll" and super prime mover, "Life Is Not Life". 10 tracks in total all rock solid not a filler among the bunch. The bottom line is, The Buzzos are the REAL DEAL, true Rock and Roll musicians who know how to deliver the rock and roll goods.  I hope they make another six albums, Heck I hope they never stop. You want some great rock and roll? Check out the Buzzos', 'Nowhere Train' and prepare to get thoroughly rocked! It doesn't get more rock and  roll than this.  - Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

(Featuring Michael Bormann)
(MB Records)
Redrum  return with their sophomore release, ' Victim Of Our Circumstances', delivering a great set of songs steeped in classic rock influences and a feeling of the bombastic rocking times of the eighties. Redrum features Michael Bormann on vocals, Athan Kazakhstan on guitars, Panos Baxevanis on guitars, Alex Kidd on bass, Thanks Sarketzis on drums and Marco Grassoff on keyboards. 'Victim Of Our Circumstances' opens with "One Of Us" that hints a dash of Queen acapella harmonies that segues into the melodic gem, "Scream". Michael Bormann in my book has one finest voices in rock today and what he does on this album proves it. As a unit Redrum' s chemistry is tight as a drum. That tight chemistry can be heard on the mid tempo mover, "You Can't Buy No Hero" and the powerful, "Dust In Your Eyes", which has that Gotthard meets Deep Purple vibe to it. The songs on ,'Victim Of Our Circumstances' are to the point and totally infectious with performance following in the same fashion being heavy and melodic still avoiding over-layering the compositions. There have been some really good melodic rock releases so far this year , but with  'Victim Of Our Circumstances' , Redrum jumps straight to the top of the "best of 2013" list. This is a must-have melodic rock album any way you look at it, and is easily the band's best album to date. If you like melodic rock,  old or new, European, American, whatever,  do yourself a favor and pick up this album. - Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

ELECTRIFY by Sideburn
(Metal Heaven/Sideburn)
Swiss rockers, Sideburn are back with their latest release, 'Electrify'. Best described as a cross between early AC/DC and the harder edge of Alice Cooper's best stuff. Sideburn are, Roland Pierrehumbert on lead vocals, Lawrence Lina & Mike Riffart on guitar, Aussie bass player Nick Thornton and  Lionel Blanc on drums. For the most part, 'Electrify' is loaded with bluesy rock anthems that will have you tapping your toes and pumping your fist in the air. The opener "Bite the bullet" is a great track to launch the album. "Devil May Care" and "Bad Boys, Bad Girls, Rock 'N' Roll" are two more tracks that are guaranteed to get your rocks off. There's a change of pace, as the band delivers, "Black Powder", just so you can catch your breath, but waste no time dipping back into the Bon Scott era style of AC/DC and kicking your ass all over again with, "Mr. Clean",  "Shady Katy" and "Bad Reputation". This album will satisfy anyone who likes good hard rock that makes you want to turn the volume way up and get your rocks off. The songs are simple and fun, they're loud, and they're catchy as hell. I also thought it was refreshing that all the songs are distinctly different and all of them have great choruses, you can't help but sing along. No nonsense, bare bones rock the way it should be served up. If this your first time reading about Sideburn and you're a fan of big, loud rock and roll with attitude, you really need to check out what Sideburn has to offer. This band is the REAL DEAL. - Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

ELECTRIC VALLEY by Stone Soul Foundation
(Stone Soul Foundation Music)
New York based rockers, Stone Soul Foundation is one of those bands that once you hear you them they stop you dead in your tracks. There is something comfortably familiar yet modern about their sound. As a whole, Stone Soul Foundation encapsulates everything one would love about hard rock music and their c!urrent album, 'Electric Valley' solidifies that fact for me. Stone Soul Foundation is  Sean Muldoon on vocals, Jeff Wiggins on guitar, Doug Paradise on bass and Shane Stillman on drums. Great, soulful vocals, amazing production and songs full of fat heavy guitar and a groove that will have you bobbing your head, pumping your fist or a bit of both at the same time. "Sidewalker" opens the album with it's sinister swagger as Sean Muldoon unleashes his vocal prowess with an attitude that goes for the throat. The Sabbath vibe of, "Christian" is loaded with riffs that Tony Iommi would be proud of. The groove laden mover, "Ain't Mystery" has an intro that builds before resolving right into the opening chorus loaded with some sweet guitar work courtesy of Jeff Wiggins. Even when the band downshifts with the laid back track like , "Window" and "They Are Me", the band sounds great. These guys play off of each other with almost a telepathic precision. The melodies, the riffs, the change-ups in timing, and instrumentation are all very tight and hopelessly catchy. Moreover, I'm impressed by how well Stone Soul Foundation have achieved a balance between a classic rock sound and improvisation, all without breaking cohesion in the slightest. Hints of Black Sabbath, Wolfmother, Clutch and Led Zeppelin  for example, only serve to make Stone Soul Foundation's musical delivery that much richer. I would be hard pressed to say that there is a weak track on this album. Like with any great album, some songs are better than others but all in all, this is a sonically face melting platter of hard edged rock n' roll. It's an album that evokes all kinds of emotions. 'Electric Valley' is the kind of album should totally appeal to anyone who likes the vibe of gritty, rock n' roll that makes you want to drink beer with your friends, give and receive lots of hugs while totally ready to bust some heads if needed. As long as there will be young dudes throwing drunken parties with their friends while their parents are out of town, Stone Soul Foundation will be there to give them the soundtrack. They just don't know it yet. - Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

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