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Rock Music's Newest Guilty Pleasure
& Your New Favourite Sin
Interview by The Dedicated Rocker Society

Cage The Gods, the sensational new British rock band that fuse together rock ‘n’ roll culture from the four corners of the UK in a thunderously blues-inspired fashion. With a sound is drenched in vintage Rock ala Faces, Stones, Free and Led Zeppelin. Make no mistake though, these lads bring their own flavor to the table.

Irish vocalist Peter Comerford and Scottish guitarist Jam formed the band in the summer of 2012 to record and release material they had already begun writing. Before long, the pair crossed paths with 6’7” Welsh bassist Mitch Witham. Young English drummer Colin Jones is the most recent addition having replaced original drummer NJ who in true rock n roll fashion went on a booze fuelled week in Vegas with a 38 year old glamour model, got married by Elvis in ”The Chapel Of Love” and hasn’t been seen since…. Thankfully Jones was able to step up to the mark and solidify his place within the band after a charismatic debut performance supporting US-rockers Filter!

The band spent most of 2012 writing, producing, recording and mixing their debut, as yet untitled,  album due for release in early 2014. Not content with just making a great record they then mastered it, designed the sleeve, manufactured a limited edition fan version and proceeded to set about procuring management and live agents without a second thought. Spin forward into 2013 and they had secured all the above and more with international management, major promoters and UK & US booking agents all in tow.

Their self released debut four-track EP “FAVOURITE SIN” will be released on November 25 in both the UK and USA and will support their opening slot on The Answer’s UK/Irish tour (see below). The EP is backed with “From the Start”, “Wake Up” and “Sacrifice (acoustic)”. “We all have that one thing…that taboo…that guilty pleasure…the forbidden fruit that we know probably isn’t good for us but is just too goddamn enticing to ignore! Well Favourite Sin is about leading the innocent down that path…showing them the hidden bliss within their darkest guilty secret!”

Having recently supported the Radio One play listed Heavens Basement and Classic Rock best new band winners TRACER, Cage The Gods are set to play many more dates in 2013. The Rocker and I cannot imagine a better, deeper, and more assertive offering at a revival. If you want nostalgic pangs of the Classic rock era but with a fresh, urgent feel done with attitude and passion, do not miss out on Cage The Gods. The Rocker and I asked the lads a few questions about their music, influences and their recipe for world domination. Here's what they shared with us.

Love the name of the band, Cage The Gods. How and who came up with the name for the band? How did the band come about?

Jam: I did, singer Peter and I had known each other for several years and we began writing and recording songs together in my studio. After a while we grew restless of not playing them live and decided to put a band together. We bounced around loads of ideas for a name as we were quite fussy and wanted something which accurately reflected the music and was equally memorable (AC/DC was taken). After jamming with several drummers and bassists we found NJ, our original drummer - who couldn’t handle the pace and married a mature LA glamour model - but not before introducing us to a bloody good bass player called Mitch. After NJ eloped, Mitch suggested his mate Colin try out. Colin fitted in straight away and raised our game overnight. He had to; our first gig together was opening for Filter in London! 

Your EP, 'Favourite Sin' will be released on the 24th of November. Your other EP, 'The Ending (All I Ever Wanted) was released this past October. Are you happy with the response you've received so far? When can we expect a full release from you?

Jam: "The Ending (All I Ever Wanted)" EP was never released as we had a last minute change of plan when we came up with a good concept for a "Favourite Sin" video and decided to lead with that track instead! 'Favourite Sin' (out 25th Nov) is our first proper release and we’ve had a great response so far from Classic Rock Magazine and Planet Rock and Team Rock radio in the UK. Our full album "Badlands", which contains "The Ending (All I Ever Wanted)", will be out March 2014! We can't wait!

The video for, "Bruce Willis (My Time Is Now)" is great. Where was the video shot? So, We take it you are all Bruce Willis fans?

Mitch: Why thank you, it was fun shooting it! The Video was shot in a cool little venue in the wonderful coastal city of dreams that is Brighton, UK. Yeah Willis is a cool dude but was a bit pricy for our budget so we settled for a lookalike......mind you he’s not as cool as the Depp man ....while we're on the subject of movie stars I feel the need to mention that I got to meet Johnny Depp back when I was 15...he acknowledged my existence.....this very fact got me a lot of female attention back in college and I feel I have to bring it up as often as possible! 

What was it like touring with The Answer and Tracer this past October? Any lessons learned from that tour?

Mitch: It was a massive learning experience for me! Most of it was a haze but from what I remember they were amazing guys to tour with...they looked after us..the banter was great and they really know how to put on a show! Any lessons?.....Yeah don't try to out-drink an Australian rock’s a well known fact that a 3 piece Australian rock band can out drink a small Welsh town.
Jam: The main lessons learned from the last tour were by Mitch namely: 1. Don’t shut your fingers in the van door and 2. Don’t shove toilet paper up your arse and let me light it... - Both hard lessons learned.

Who are your musical influences?

Peter: I listen to a lot of rock n roll; our sound is defiantly routed in it. 60s and 70s bands like The Stones, Skynyrd, Aerosmith, and Zeppelin. 80s bands like The Cult, U2, GNR and Metallica to some extent. 90s bands like The Black Crowes, Oasis & Rage etc. It all adds to the flavour. 
Mitch: My influences....hmmm love, anger, depression, joy, sex, shame and sin......oh and Jack Daniels......yeah definitely Jack! On a serious note though....for me personally a lot of my influences are heavily rooted into punk so bands like The Ramones, The Sex Pistols, The Clash.......a lot of bands which start with "the"! 

Are there any plans (hopefully in the near future) of coming over to America for some shows? Who would you like tour with when you do come over? Notice, We said, "When", not "If".

Mitch: The British invasion will be taking place hopefully early 2014.....should be attending SXSW festival in Austin which will be awesome! There's a lot of bands out there which would be cool to tour with Alterbridge, Buckcherry, Nickleback.
Colin: Papa Roach, Halestorm, Alterbridge. 

What separates Cage The Gods from the other rock bands that out right now?

Peter: We just know what we want, especially when it comes to our own sound and how we write and record our songs. And we’ve been able to capture it all ourselves; recording, producing and mixing, everything you’ll hear on the new EP and debut album. I can’t say I know a lot of bands that do the same. The main thing is to try and write honest songs that are in some way relevant to how you feel regardless of whether they fall into the “rock” genre. 
Jam: From 95% of them I'd say our music is better. From the rest we are younger, more driven and hungrier! We're a modern take on everything that was good about 80's Rock n Roll! 
Mitch: Oh and no one else has a 6ft7 charming..chiselled....bass player.....not to blow my own trumpet or anything! 

Complete this sentence - You check out Cage The Gods because......

Jam: If you're a single girl (or even if you're not), there is a good chance Mitch will be game. If you're a guy then because we rock hard!  
Mitch: We showcase powerful hard rock tunes via a high energy performance leaving you in awe and we all have delightful accents!

As a band, what goals have you set for yourselves?

Mitch: Musical world domination! Colin: Be real and honest and tour for the rest of our lives. 
Jam: Getting sandwiches on our rider.

Any parting comments or words for your fans?

Jam: To anyone who likes our music we are all very grateful and if you haven't seen us live yet, we hope you will soon and come and say hello! 
Colin: We can't wait to get this E.P and Album out to everyone so you can hear what we have been creating and start meeting you, wherever you may be! 
Mitch: I look forward to getting out to the States and meeting all you wonderful rockers and I hope you enjoy what it is that we do!.....Also bring Jack (Daniels)! 

Thanks guys!
- The Dedicated Rocker Society

Favourite Sin is available for pre-order via The End Records at:

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