Saturday, November 2, 2013

(Bread & Water Records)

'Revolution Per Minute' from Canada's Big Sugar finds the band taking their Rock and Reggae groove much deeper and a whole new other level. Recorded with Big Sugar alumni Mr. Chill, Garry Lowe, Stephane Beaudin and Mr. Friendly. Gordie Johnson's trademark distorted guitar riffing are still there, but layered with horns, keyboards and it all works to perfection. 'Revolution Per Minute' is an album that encapsulates all of Gordie`s very diverse influences into twelve tracks, the longest clocking in at over five minutes. The band sounds great, Gordie sounds great, and there are some good guitar gems on the album. "Roads Ahead", "Come a Little Closer...Now Come!", "A Little Bit A Alright" are solid. The one-two shot of ‘True Believers’ and "A Revolution Per Minute" . This is the kind of album you put on and let it's groove have it's way with your senses. I know there are a few Big Sugar fans out there that may have been thrown off by this album. I would suggest going back and comparing how this band has evolved with each of the band's previous releases. You'll find that 'Revolution Per Minute' shouldn't be no surprise. Give it time and I promise it will grow on you. I for one love it! - Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

(Inside Out Records)

'Dimensionaut' the debut release from Sound Of Contact is a gigantic and innovative-sounding album that captures the feeling of progressive rock as we've known it and takes it to a whole new level. The musical landscape of Progressive Rock music has certainly changed in the 21st Century. Simon Collins and Dave "Squids" Kerzner have their sights on taking it even further. Drawing from a variety of influences and sounds and achieving a sound entirely their own. Sound Of Contact provide the listener with 73 minutes of finely-crafted progressive tracks featuring slick production and mixed by none other than Nick Davis. There's a very modern and contemporary sound to this album that happens to highlight the music beautifully. In some ways it sounds very familiar, and yet it takes you to places you haven't been before. Yes, Simon Collins who plays drums and sings is the son of Phil Collins. There are similarities at times, it comes with the territory. The album opens with "Sound of Contact" bringing to mind a somewhat Jon Anderson lyrical approach that segues into "Cosmic Distance Ladder", a number that is reminiscent to Porcupine Tree. The lyrics may seem cosmic but I think it's more introspective. There are passages that give rise to authentic goose bumps, something very rare today. "Pale Blue Dot" has a hook that will stick around in your head for days. Hannah Stobart provides lovely vocals on "Beyond Illumination", and the moving "Realm Of In-Organic Beings" echoes Pink Floyd. The Beatles-listic, "Remote View" is an amazing track, highlighted be Simon Collins vocal delivery. He has a great set of pipes due in part of his blood line and is equally capable of sweetly belting out those choruses. There's a lot going on on this album. Several of these tracks could get radio play, they have enough of a technical approach to maintain interest of average Progressive Rock music fan also. The band saves the best for last the closing epic "Möbius Slip", with its atmospheric and engaging intro, all the way through it's different sections for the duration that clocks in at almost twenty minutes. Sound Of Contact's 'Dimensionaut' may not be everyone's cup of tea but it's exciting to have some new material to believe in. I expect we'll see great things for Sound Of Contact and they deserve it. It's certain to be at the top of many Progressive Rock fans "Best of 2013" lists. If my review has sparked some interest, check out Sound Of Contact for yourself so you can hear what everyone will be talking about around the Prog Rock water cooler. - Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

(Sea Devil Music)

Attention all rockers and rollers! UK based rockers, White Pigeon have arrived and and they are going to ROCK your world! The band's debut release, 'Property Of White Pigeon' is the shot of adrenaline the rock 'n roll world has been waiting for! Chris Nugent on guitars/vocals, Jon Antony on guitars, Eoghan Logue on bass, Joe Yoshida on drums/vocals, Nathalia Sohl on vocals and Natascha Sohl on vocals. This band has an unlimited amount of enthusiasm, great guitar riffs, a solid back beat topped off with killer vocal harmonies. 'Property Of White Pigeon' is a solid ball of rock that is straight forward and goes for the throat from the moment you hit play and the rock 'till you drop rocker, "Party" fires out of speakers you know right away you are in for a rock and roll good time. You get a good selection of rocking tracks like, "Sea Devil", "The Hunt" and the ode to fine ladies of the state of Kentucky with, "Kentucky Pie". Then there are tracks like, " Don't Get Too Close (Squash Song)" and "Get Me Outta Here", that will get your rock and roll juices flowing in no time flat! 11 tracks total all are guaranteed to get your rocks off! I can't fail to mention the amazing guitar work of Chris Nugent and Jon Antony. Chris lays down concrete rhythm and string-bending leads, and Jon drives it all home with his smoking quick licks. The secret ingredient to any good solid rock band is a competent rhythm section and White Pigeon has a rock solid one. Eoghan Logue delivers the booming bass lines while Joe Yoshida gives us some great drumming, old style and rocking. Let's not forget the ladies, Nathalia and Natascha Sohl these ladies give the band that unique voice that makes them stand out amidst the generic sounding bands that are out right now. With this release, White Pigeon has accomplished what they set out to do and that is to record a straight up good time rock and roll album for all to enjoy! If you hate Rock and Roll, love angst-ridden teen torment drama pop punk, can't have a good time, and are too cool for school, please ignore this album. But, if you like to get your rocks off , Kiss, Thin Lizzy, The Darkness, Queen, Van Halen, and just good ole Rock and Roll, then this is a must have album! - Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

CD REVIEW: OUT OF THE DARKNESS by Sacred Mother Tongue
(The End Records)

The UK based Metal band, Sacred Mother Tongue are back with their highly anticipated sophomore release, 'Out Of The Darkness'. I have to say, this album could be the one that pushes Nu Metal into the drainage vortex and bring "True Metal" back to the forefront of hard rock with a vengeance! The band's sound is more refined this time around and admittedly will be accessible to more people at the same time. Not as much screaming as their debut, 'The Ruin Of Man's back in 2009. They sound much tighter this time around , Darrin South's vocals are powerful and intense, with a deep sense of positivity and personal triumph blazing at its core. They work perfectly with Andy James' stellar and amazing guitar work. His innovative riffs and technical solos are truly mind blowing.
The rhythm section of bassist Josh Gurner on and Lee Newell on drums are so tight it's scary. Together they've created a Metal masterpiece! Every song on 'Out Of The Darkness' is dense and richly complex. From opening, "Demons" the pace is fast and furious. The next two tracks, "Bird In Hand" and "Seven" are extremely powerful tracks that have your undivided attention from the first to the last note with relentless intensity and drive. "A Light Will Shine" is destined to become a classic. The video for the song is intense as well. Ten tracks in all. 'Out Of The Darkness' from start to finish, is just fantastic! Hats off to band for one hell of a job! An absolutely amazing release! Chances are that if you are reading this you already know and enjoy Sacred Mother Tongue. If you are on the fence about it, take my word for it, 'Out Of The Darkness' is a sure-thing. - Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

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