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CD REVIEWS : Infinite Staircase / Ragdoll / Lord Fowl and more


NO AMENDS by Infinite Staircase
(Vanity Music Group)
The Infinite Staircase, the band comprised of brothers Lenny & Jeff Cerzosie and Morgan Rose on drums and backing vocals. The band's 7 song Ep, 'No Amends' features collaborations with, Lajon Witherspoon (Sevendust), Clint Lowery (Sevendust, Call Me No One), John “JD” DeServio (Black Label Society, Cycle Of Pain), Sean “Memphis” Hennesy (Candlebox, The Gracious Few), Chris Caffery (Savatage, Trans-Siberian Orchestra) and Troy Cromwell (Cycle Of Pain). What you get is a damn good rock album that starts strong and it gets better and better with each song. If anything this album shows Infinite Staircase has a long and amazing future ahead of them. Album highlights; "Can't Control It", "The Things We've Done", " The Optimist" and "No Amends". As a bonus, the band has decided to include their Top 30 Mainstream Rock Hit "The Pride" featuring Zakk Wylde (Black Label Society, ex- Ozzy Osbourne), Kevin Martin (Candlebox, The Gracious Few). While there may be various collaborators of musicians, if you didn't know, you wouldn't be able to tell. Infinite Staircase is a cohesive band made of musicians working toward the same goal of musical satisfaction. If you ask me, these boys hit it out of the park. There is a palpable energy here, driven by a burning, anthemic rock `n' roll ethos. Non-hipster, speaker-blastin', crank-it-up and rock out music. For me it sounded more powerful on the second, third, and fourth spin (you get the picture). Overall, 'No Amends' is a rock solid release. Each track is fiery, hard hitting rock and bears its own unique flavor.  Infinite Staircase ROCKS! It's that simple and it's the truth. - Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

(Beautiful Disaster Records)
Australia based power rock trio are back with their latest EP, 'All I Want Is Everything'. Ryan Rafferty on vocals and bass, Leon Todd on guitar and Cam Barrett on drums are back for another round. Just like they did on their previous release, ' Here Today', these lads are here to make sure you get rocked! If you like your rock hard but melodic with lots of energy then Ragdoll is just what the doctor ordered. Five rocking songs from, "All I Want" to the closing rocker, "Self Censored", all are guaranteed to satisfy. The songs rock and they are catchy. If you are one of those people that likes to be the first to discover the best new band to come along, you need to check this band out. Ragdoll serve up a driving rock beat that have enough crunch to rock you and the hooks stick in your head for days. 'All I Want To Do Is Everything' does what rock n roll album is supposed to do, entertain you. If there is any justice in this world Ragdoll will get all the success and recognition that they deserve. Give Ragdoll a shot, you won't be disappointed. - Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

(CDPOOL Music)

'En Busca de Eldorado' the hard rocking debut release from Eldorado hailing from Madrid, Spain is full of enough hard rock music to satisfy any true rocker's appetite. The beauty about music is that it's a universal language that bridges people of all races together. If the music moves and grooves you, then enjoy it, is what I say. This is a band who music you have to hear! Eldorado are a superb hard rock band. The band's debut is filled with great songs from start to finish with absolutely no filler at all. Eldorado is powered by, Jesús Trujillo on vocals, Nano on guitars, César Sanchez on bass and Alex Rada drums. The material is in a straight-ahead hard rock musical direction. All in all, I find the songwriting to be worthy, the musicianship to be tight, and the sound quality to be satisfying. I like Jesús Trujillo's distinctive, industrious, meat-and-potatoes vocal delivery. Nano's guitar work is gratifying and down right sizzling. Alex Rada's drumming sounds crisp in the mix. My favorite songs are "Abri," "Déjame Decirte," and "El Jugador." All eight songs are full on rockers! The production is rock solid. Produced by world renowned rock producer Richard Chycki (Aerosmith, Mick Jagger, Rush, Seal etc). Eldorado' s inspiration comes from bands like Y&T, Whitesnake, Gotthard, and to some extent Rainbow. 'En Busca de Eldorado' represents to me a perfect balance between Blues and Hard Rock. Any discerning hard rock fan would be wise to get your hands on this CD. Hands down without any doubt this one of the best rock debut releases I've heard in a very long time! A must for any serious music collector. - Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

BURNING RAIN by Burning Rain
(Pony Canyon Records)

When I first heard Doug Aldrich in the band Tytan, I was really impressed with the energy in his guitar sound. Then in Lion, he impressed me even more. Then came Bad Moon Rising, by this time, I was already convinced that anything this guy did I was going to enjoy. While his solo projects, 'High Centered' and 'Electrovision' dazzled me his new project, BURNING RAIN simply rocked my socks off! For anyone who hasn't heard Dough Aldrich play guitar, we'll lets just say you are missing out on hearing one the best axemen in the business. Power, attitude, energy combined with melodic grace is how I would describe his guitar sound. Burning Rain's self-titled debut release is a CD that is filled with bluesy balls out rockers with a few power ballads added for good measure. "Smooth Locomotion", starts off the CD in grand fashion with Doug displaying his guitar riff wizardry that will hit you straight between the eyes. Providing a strong vocal performance is former MEDICINE WHEEL singer, Keith St. John, whose vocals I would have to say have improved immensely, he has more control over his voice now. The foundation of Burning Rain is provided by Doug's fellow BMR bandmate bassist, Ian Mayo and drummer Alex Makarovich. Together they combine their talents to create a solid hard rock sound that would be a joy to any rocker and roller listeners ears. Songs like, "Superstar Train", the ballsy rocker, "Jungle Queen" and the hypnotic groove of "Tokyo Rising" will definitely satisfy your rock and roll taste buds. Doug Aldrich has once again found a way to amaze me even more, truly this guy is one heck of a talented guitar player whose playing style is down right awesome! Just listen to the CD and you hear where I'm coming from. Weatherman says there is a strong chance of rain ahead, if its Burning Rain, let the rain come down and let it come down hard! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
The Atomic Chaser@The Dedicated Rocker Society

MOON QUEEN by Lord Fowl
(Small Stone Records)
So, your looking for a hard rock album, one that's filled with groove-induced sonic rumblings, multi-layered textures and soaring melodys? Look no further, 'Moon Queen' the latest release from retro rockers, Lord Fowl is just what the doctor ordered. An all out rocker from start to finish. There's nothing fancy here; just four guys that deliver a groove with wicked riffs and just go for it! Lord Fowl is, Vechel Haynes on guitar and vocals, Mike Pellegrino on guitar and vocals, Jon Conine on bass and Don Freeman on drums. 'Moon Queen' is an utterly consistent album from beginning to end, there are no weak tracks and every song is essential listening for the true rocker at heart. From the rocking opening title track to the impressive closer "Pluto". Standout tracks include "Streets Of Evermore" and "Dirty Driving". There is also a killer take of Iron & Wine's song "Woman-King". A intense track that sound great a must be heard with head phones for full effect. All in all, 'Moon Queen' is a hard, riff-heavy rock album, call it `stoner rock' if you will - whatever genre you want to label it. All I know is that Lord Fowl will raise the hairs on the back of your neck in ways only the gods of rock could do. These boys are good. - Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser@The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

THE HOWLING TONGUES by The Howling Tongues
(The Howling Tongues)
The Howling Tongues are a 5-piece rock and roll band from Atlanta, Ga., they have a large and growing fan base with their sights on becoming a household name in today’s music industry. The Howling Tongues are, Taylor Harlow on lead vocals, Nick Magliochetti on guitars, Zach Smith on bass, Tylor James on drums and Thomas Wainright on keyboards. The band's self titled debut release can be described as big chunks of Rock, Soul and The Blues thrown into a sack then shaken vigorously then deep fried until extra-crispy. There are very few new bands out right now that don't make music this good anymore. This band is that good. Heavily influenced by Classic Rock bands like Led Zeppelin and The Who, but intrigued by their contemporaries like The Raconteurs, Band of Skulls, and Black Keys. The Howling Tongues have truly created something special here with their own blend of music. The opening track, "Gotta Be A Man", sets off this Rock and Roll revival with its rocking swagger that will have you stomping your feet and clapping your hands in no time flat. "Let Me Be", is as smooth as shot of whiskey with one hell of a kick. On "Chainsaw", Nick Magliochetti let's his guitar take front and center complimented by Taylor Harlow' s powerful vocal delivery. Honestly, you can't play this song any louder. One of the album's true highlights is bluesy melodic piece, "Strange Way To Say Goodbye", this song just stopped me dead in my tracks. "Fade Away" deserves an honorable mention as well. Ten tracks in all and all rock solid. Overall, I was very impressed with The Howling Tongues. This band is tight and they've delivered one on strongest debut releases in 2013. I'm pretty sure once you hear The Howling Tongues for yourselves, you will agree. The Howling Tongues are the REAL DEAL! - Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @The Dedicated Rocker/All Access Magazine

(Frontier Records)
'Traveller' the latest and eighth release from the gifted Norwegian Viking known as Jorn is a superb dose on hard rock music. Is there any limits to what this mans vocals can't do? None really and on this release, Jorn proves that ten fold and holds nothing back. The album opener, "Overload" sets the lace of the rocking and rolling that awaits. A straight ahead rocker that hits the spot. The Dio inspired, "Cancer Demon" is up next. It's no secret Jorn has always cited that Ronnie James Dio as well as David Coverdale as a big influences and those influence comes through the album. 'Traveller' is also the first album featuring the new songwriting collaboration between Jorn and the band's new guitarist Trond Holter formerly of the band, Wig Wam. I have to admit after the departure of original guitarist, Tore Moren, I thought the band's sound may suffer, but I was wrong. On tracks like, "Traveller", "Window Maker" (not a typ-o), "Carry The Black" and the epic closing, "The Man Who Was King", it's obvious that Jorn made the right decision in hooking up with Holger. Overall, 'Traveller' is a must have for Jorn fans, and will blow away just about anyone who still loves the classic melodic rock and metal sound. Fans of Dio and Whitesnake in particular should absolutely love it. - Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

COLUMBUS WAY by Smokey Fingers
( Tanzan Music)
Smokey Fingers' debut outing, 'Columbus Way', is Southern hard rock at it's finest and I'm talking deep fried with one hell of a kick!  With a nod to great southern rock bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd and Blackfoot. Smokey Fingers taps into that fine line between country and rock where Southern Rock lives and these guys are from Lodi,Italy! I have to warn you, It is quite possible you might get pulled over for speeding listening to this album. The fast tracks on this album like the opening, "Old Jack", a whiskey soaked rocker that just flat out rocks the same can be said with the next set of movers, "The Lover" and "Chains Of Mind". I'm telling you, these songs will make you want to just stomp down on the accelerator. The band changes things up with the mid tempo bluesy numbers, "Born To Run", "Die For Glory" and "Good Old Countryside". While, "Sweet Tears" shows that even when it comes to doing a good old southern ballad they do it oh so well. Smokey Fingers is, Gianluca"Luke" Paterniti on lead vocal, Diego"Blef"Dragoni on guitar, Fabrizio Costa on bass and Daniele Vacchini on drums. While they may be influenced by Southern Rock giants, they bring their own sound to the table. Smokey Fingers brings a fresh new edge to a genre of music that may not have been heard much outside "Classic Rock" radio. This is Southern Rock the way it should be played, the louder its played the better it sounds. It is un apologetic in how hard it will kick your butt and leave you wanting more. An excellent surprise! - Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

KEEP MOVING by Andrew Stockdale
(Universal / Island)
What was suppose to be the third album from Wolfmother, 'Keep Moving', ends up becoming the band's frontman Andrew Stockdale debut release. A superb listen from start to finish. The typical Wolfmother vibe accounts for the vast majority of the 16 songs and these are accompanied by a number of softer, more reflective numbers that all work well. Stockdale has certainly expanded his music with this album, but different does not mean inferior. I have to admit it took a couple of listen to adjust to the variety, but Andrew Stockdale put out an amazing album. Some of the lyrics are a bit simple as they are on, "Year Of The Dragon", Andrew Stockdale manages to rhyme rat with mat, horse with force etc, yet somehow Andrew Stockdale's wonderful rock voice and phrasing pull it off very well. The simplistic rhyming is however balanced out by the fact that this must be the only rock album ever to include the word 'vicariously'. On a track like, "Long Way to Go" has that Led Zeppelin vibe to it and then "Everyday Drone" sounds like an upbeat Dylan song. And then "Black Swan" could have been recorded by Yes. While tracks like, "Let It Go" and "She's A Motorhead" could have easily been off the first two Wolfmother albums. 'Keep Moving' will surely be at or near the very summit of the various album of the year accolades come the end of 2013 but, more importantly, this is the sound of a maturing artist who is seemingly well on his way to joining the elite at rock's top table. - Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

(Toseland Music)
A taste of greater things to come. 'Life Is Beautiful' the debut Ep from UK rockers, Toseland is a rock solid release from start to finish. Loaded with only four songs, Toseland come out swinging for the fences pulling no punches! Toseland is former 2 time world super bike champion, James Toseland, vocals/keyboard, Zurab Melua on guitar, Rabea Massaad on guitar, Dave Hollingworth on bass and Ben Minal on drums. The title track opens the album is rocking fashion. A adrenaline shot that will have you kicking out the jams in no time flat! "Gotta Be A Better Way" and "Burning The System" are two groove laden rockers that will put your sound system speakers to the test, I kid you not. The album closer, "Renegade", while only being a demo, is a powerful song. Powered by James Roseland' s heartfelt vocal delivery. In the current realm of rock music today, Toseland blends in perfectly with the radio-rock sound that has been done by Nickelback and Theory of a Deadman. But, unlike those bands, who incorporate lyrics regarding bashing women, Toseland deliver songs that are straight from the heart and packed with tons of attitude. I for one can't wait to hear what the band deliver with their full length release (hopefully soon). If those songs have the vibe and vigor that these songs have on this Ep, all I can say is brace yourselves! It simple really, if you like good hard rock that isn't pushing the borders of metal or screaming obscenities into your eardrums, then Toseland is a great band to pick up and 'Life Is Beautiful' can be a great start. - Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser@The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

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