Thursday, November 14, 2013

Let Their Music Do The Talking
The Broken Chords 
by Tony & Bill @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

” We’re a three piece that play straight up classic rock songs.” 

This is what the UK rockers, The Broken Chords will tell you if you ask them what their all about. At first glance though, you would not expect to hear rock music coming from these three men. Three strapping young lads that are clean cut and look like they came out of G.Q. magazine. After listening to their single, “Son Of A Gun”, it’s obvious these lads are out to R-O-C-K the world! Don’t let their looks deceive you. What’s the old saying? Never judge a book by looking at it’s cover. Make no mistake, The Broken Chords are 100% pure Rock ‘N’ Roll! These lads are the real deal and that’s no joke!

Hailing from Essex/Herts, The Broken Chords serve up a classic rock sound that reference Led Zep and Cream while sitting firmly in the 21st Century. The band is made up of Joe (Vocals/Guitar), Aid (Vocals/Bass) and Jamie (Drums). This power rock trio are about to put the rock music world on notice! The Rocker and I caught up with The Broken Chords to talk about their music, their goals and few other things. Here’s what they shared with us…

How did The Broken Chords come about? Cool name by the way, who came up with the name?

We’ve known each other since our early teens from playing in bands and gigging together on the same scene just outside London, England. When the chance came to work together, we all wanted to be in straight up rock & roll band so all jumped at the opportunity. We’ve spent time finding our sound. We’ve worked hard playing at all the key UK rock venues, especially in Camden, London, which is the British home of live rock. The name “broken chord” is a musical term and we like to let the music do the talking, so it’s perfect.

We’ve heard two songs already, “Son Of A Gun”, which is balls out rocker and “Pyro”, another great shot of rock and roll Viagra! How many songs can we expect to see on your full debut release?

We’re currently putting a 5 track debut EP together. We’re adding material to our website at www.the brokenchords.comall the time. We’re working closely with a great young UK rock producer Gez Walton, who has done some great things with some of the new wave of British rock bands. The EP is fantastically important to us because it is our calling card in America. It’s like “Listen! This is what we are about!” We will follow up with a second EP around September and debut album after that.

We have to admit, at first glance you guys don’t look like how you sound (we mean that in a good way). What was it like when you got up on stage for the time? We can only imagine that you blew them away once you plugged in.

Often people don’t expect us to make the sound we do, but we quite like that. We are normal young blokes from London who serve up maximum riffage – but we don’t have to look like a cliche. Rock for us is about embracing the best from the past, but it’s also a forward-looking genre. And yes, it’s great to blow people away – although we are never just hard and loud for the sake of it – there’s always a soul in our music that appeals as much to the ladies as to guys.

In your bio, you mention musical influences ranging from Led Zeppelin to the Foo Fighters. Who exposed to that musical influence?

You get musical influences from everywhere and its just a case of being open to it. Joe and Jamie in particular grew up around musicians both in their families and in the gigging world, so obviously that has a big effect on what your listening to. We’re all big into our stadium filling rock bands which explains the Foo’s and the Led Zep influence. We have enormous respect for the rock history of the USA and the way that the best British bands have re-interpreted the blues, for example, and served it back to America. In a sense, we are doing the same thing now. American radio and arena rock is our ultimate goal.

What do The Broken Chords bring to the table that other rock bands on the scene today don’t bring?

We’re a three piece that play straight up classic rock songs, but with modern production and attitude. We don’t know any other band in Europe who are doing anything quite the same thing – they are either much more metal-rock (like the German/Scandinavians) or too self consciously indie. It’s hard to master a sound like this just as a three piece. Also we’re very passionate & seriously love what we do. It’s the best job there is getting on stage and we love every bloody second of it.

As a band, what goals have you set for yourselves in 2013?

Getting out our debut EP is massively important, and that’s going to happen in the next month. We are also looking at options to base ourselves in the USA and collaborate with American partners to start work. We totally understand how much work it will take to be taken seriously in the USA, how big the market is, and how much top quality competition there is. We are dedicated to non-stop touring and promotion and we want to win American hearts and minds in the way many of the British bands of the 1970s did.

Are there plans coming to America to do any shows?

This is absolutely priority number one after the debut EP release. We are speaking to potential label and touring partners in the USA now and we just want to get going!

If you were not playing in a rock and roll band, what would you be doing?

If we’re not playing, we’re thinking about playing. You have to be all-in to do this – and even though we are 21 we have been at this for a very long time now. We don’t have a plan B.

For the person reading about The Broken Chords for the first time. What would say to get them interested in your band?

Get onto www.thebrokenchords.comand check us out – and do everything you can to see us live. At the end of the day rock ‘n’ roll is all about the magic of a shared live experience – and we want to give that to as many fans as possible.

Any parting comments?

Sure – looking forward to seeing you all in LA soon.

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