Saturday, November 16, 2013

by The Pat McManus Band
(Rock Music House)

Track Listing:
1. S Before X 2.Transformations 3.Loving Kind 4.Lets Turn It Up 5.Lazy Days 6.Cold Town 7.Fallen Angel 8.Shame On You 9.Belfast Boy 10.The Bolt

If ' Walking Through Shadows' was all about raw energy, then 'Dark Emerald Highway' the latest release from Pat "The Professor" McManus is all about passion and songwriting that many other artists deeply envy. Oh and there is still plenty of power on display, but utilized with a skill and control that almost beggars belief. ‘Dark Emerald Highway’ is Pat McManus' most personal and introspective album to date. The players on the album features Pat on guitar, violin and vocals; Marty McDermott on bass and Paul Faloon and drums. The album opens with the whiskey soaked mover, "S Before X", has a bit of a ZZ Top vibe that will have your undivided attention hook, line and sinker. The foot stomping, 'Transformations' lures you in with it soulful infused bass line. "Loving Kind", a soulful ballad that contains some of the most captivating guitar playing to ever be found in a modern blues song complete with voice box effects. It's one of those songs that reaches out and grabs your appreciation when you hear it. The Mama's Boys inspired, "Let's Turn It Up", a mid tempo mover that begs you to put your speakers to the test. While the rocking, "Lazy Days" has that Thin Lizzy vibe to it. Pat then pays homage to Gary Moore, on "Belfast Boy", featuring Brendan McCreanor on Ulleann Pipes. Pat closes the album with, "The Bolt" a traditional folk roots mover highlighted with Pat showing his love and respect for his heritage with a smoking guitar workout. 'Dark Emerald Highway' is a complete album from top to bottom. It is a record that needs to played in its entirety and enjoyed as such. Pat McManus' guitar work is fantastic as always and the band sounds as if they are having the time of their lives. Pat's tone is amazing and wears his heritage with pride more so he puts them in overdrive and takes them to new heights. The standard of playing on this album ranks along side his very best work. 'Dark Emerald Highway' helps bolster Pat's already formidable reputation as one of the finest exponents of the electric guitar around today. If you like Pat McManus' style, you’ll love 'Dark Emerald Highway'. - Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

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  1. Pat is getting better as he gets older, he's loving life! Rock on!