Saturday, November 9, 2013

Rock and Roll For Your Soul 
Interview by Tony & Bill @The Dedicated Rocker Society

Hailing from South Wales, Buffalo Summer are an “effortlessly up beat; groove-laden; sing along balls out rock n roll band.” Freshly formed a couple of years ago, a lot has happened since the band’s inception. With an insatiable appetite and desire to make their mark, the band released their self- titled album to critical acclaim in the national music press. Playing bluesy, southern, soulful tinged rock with a modern twist, Classic Rock Magazine had this to say: “A little Zeppelin here, a touch of Skynyrd there and a big helping of Free pretty much through out… What’s really impressive here is the hunger and conviction of the delivery”.

In the live arena the boys bring the soul from the coal. “Guitarist Jonny, vocalist Andrew, drummer Gareth and bassist Darren possess an uber-cool, ultra rare nowadays, stage presence and a musical tightness and togetherness to die for.” (Uber Rock Live Review) It’s why they have pulled some high profile support slots including Duff McKagan, Ugly Kid Joe, Skid Row with much more to come.

The Rocker and I asked the band a few questions about their debut release, their tour and their music. Here is what the band shared with us….

Are you satisfied with response your debut release has received so far? How long did it take to record?

BS: So far we’ve had a great response with the debut album. Initially we self- funded and recorded the album in five days. We had some really cool reviews from Classic Rock Magazine and other people of note in the music industry which led to the album being picked up by Cargo Records. The official release date for this was on the 15th of April this year.

Any memorable moments, good or bad, you’d like to share in the recording process of your album?

BS: Well we only had five days to record it due to financial restraints. It was recorded at Mwnci Studios deep in the woods of West Wales. After we got everything sounding right we were about to start recording and there was a power failure. So that lost us half a day and we ended up powering the studio using a petrol generator so that made for a pretty interesting start to the proceedings. On a good note we just slammed out the whole thing in five days just like people used to back in the day and I think that raw energy and edge was captured on tape.

Musical influences?

BS: We have a plethora of musical influences and we dip into many genres. The foundation of these influences, are rooted in bluesy classic rock with bands like Led Zeppelin, Free, Deep Purple and The Black Crowes. But we also dig a lot of Motown and Soul Records and I think that’s where a lot of our groove comes from. The Temptations, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Roberta Flack, Otis Redding, those sorts of great artists.

Any chances of doing shows in America? Who would you like to tour with when you do? ( notice we said “when” and not “if”)..

BS: We would all love to come to America. When we get asked we will be there for sure. We don’t really mind who we tour with, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers would be nice.

What goals have you set for yourselves as a band?

BS: All we can do is keep trying to write great songs. We’ve all put everything on the line. This band is our lives. We live for music everyday so we’ll wait to see what the near future brings.

Complete this sentence – You should check out Buffalo Summer because…….

BS: If you like bluesy, soulful, grooving rock and roll that will make you shake your money maker…..then we are the band for you.

How important has Social media been in promoting your band?

BS: Very important. It breaks down the walls between band and fans. It allows you to speak to everyone who takes the time to visit your page and gets your music out there to the masses. In our case it’s also allowed us to get a great booking agent and record label on board too.

When you not touring or recording, what do you guys do with your spare time?

BS: We are all big football fans or soccer as you guys call it over in the US. We collect vinyl, listen to music, read books, surf, climb the mountains and swim in the cold rivers in our native land of Wales.

Any message you like to pass along to your fans?

BS: Without you guys rock and roll would not exist. Come and speak to us at debut album is available now on Amazon and iTunes. We also have merch available at www.buffalosummer.netDrop by and say hello, we want to hear from you.Rock on people Cheers,
Buffalo Summer

The Rocker and I have been raving about Buffalo Summer for quite some time now. It’s only fair for us to introduce you to this amazing band from the UK. Buffalo Summer is a band with a promising future ahead of them. Just listen their music and you’ll hear and feel where we’re coming from. Thanks to Andrew, Jonny, Darren and Gareth for taking time out of their busy schedule to talk with us.

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