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(Eagle Entertainment)

Disc 1
1.Anywhere You Wanna Go 2.Mouse In A Maze 3.Careful Where You Step 4.The Perfectionist 5.You're Not Alone 6.Spin It Again 7.Corkentellis 8.The Flyer 9.Fish Beat 

Disc 2
10. Six Feet Under 11. The Cross 12.Time's Up 13.Scratching The Surface 14.Tired World (Chapter 6) 15.Humble Stance 16.On the Loose 17.Wind Him Up 18.Framed 19.Don't Be Late (Chapter 2)

One of the finest rock bands to come out of Canada, Saga returns with a new triumphant live set in the form of the two CD set, 'Spin It Again! - Live in Munich'. The live recording captures the final night of the Saga's wildly successful 2012 tour in Germany. It also marked the return, after five years, of the band's original singer, Michael Sadler who surprised everybody by rejoining the band back just a few days before the recording of their most recent album '20/20'. This recording is powerful and amazing! Over 2 hours, with some of everything from Saga's long career and many excellent albums. "Anywhere You Wanna Go" opens Disc 1 with a bang! From their your senses are treated to some of the most intense and amazing musicianship on the planet. Michael Sadler who in my opinion, is one of the best frontman in rock music, sounds better and younger than ever.  Ian Crichton' s guitar work is out of this world! As he puts on display throughout like on "Careful Where You Step", "The Perfectionist" from the band's first album. "You're Not Alone" "Spin It Again" and the instrumental  "Corkentellis". For me, Saga is all about a band that has amazing chemistry. To hear them sound this amazing after all the years, just blows me away! All that chemistry I mentioned, comes together as the band fires into the classic, "The Flyer" and closing out the first set with "Fish Beat", featuring the mind blowing drum solo by Mike Thorne. 

Disc 2 opens with the melodic mover, "Six Feet Under" followed by "The Cross", from the band's album 'Generation 13'. One my personal fav Saga songs, "Time's Up" is up next, an accoustical version here, complete with crowd participation. On "Scratching The Suface" finds keyboardist, Jim Gilmour handling lead vocals. The band forges on with, "Tired World (Chapter 6)", "Humble Stance" and the band's powerhouse songs "On the Loose" and "Wind Him Up". "Framed" and the song that broke the band on MTV, "Don't Be Late (Chapter 2)" finishes off the set. The sound mix is excellent. Some people listen to Saga with all kinds of expectations, and are somehow not pleased. Maybe superb musicianship and phenomenal material are not enough for them. 'Spin It Again! - Live in Munich' is a must for any fan of rock/prog. Saga being one of the most obnoxiously underrated bands of all time really nail it on this release. The live versions of these songs are so great that knowledge of the studio versions is not necessary, that is a sign of a great live record. Which this CD certainly is. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

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