Friday, November 1, 2013

CD Reviews for: Barbe-Q-Barbies / Supermachine / Hillbilly Herald / Buffalo Summer

(AIS Music)

Finland's very own, Barbe-Q-Barbies return with their sophomore release, 'Breaking All The Rules'. I have say, after being thoroughly impressed with their debut, 'All Over You', I was curious on how these rock and roll femme fatales would respond. These ladies responded big time! The music on this album will make you feel rebellious, reckless, horny, joyful and invincible. It's everything good about Rock 'n Roll - loud, fast, irreverent, and most of all, FUN! The band is made up of, Niki Rock on vocals, Kaisa Karjalainen on guitars and backing vocals, Ekkis Laine on guitars, Minttu Muranen on bass and Niina Klemetti on drums and backing vocals. When you throw this baby on, you'll be playing air guitar, desk drums, and singing out loud! Every song has a hook to it that pulls you right in. The first single, "Crashing Down", is a monster followed by two other movers, " One More (And I'll Be Gone)" and " Whole Lotta You". Then there is, "STFU", shut the fuck up, and dance. Straight to the point, no beating around the bush. What I love about it is that it's raw and gives off that primal sexually aggression. These ladies play with an energy that cannot be denied! They have got to be major fans of Kiss, AC/DC and The Ramones, and I am not complaining. Those bands knew how to write riffs that stuck, moved, slithered, slunk, rebounded and wrapped around, always at the right time. They had singers who understood how to put together a catchy vocal melody that complemented the rhythm guitar track. They had producers who knew how to make the whole mess sound big and thick. Well, the Barbe-Q-Barbies have all that stuff, too. And while it's not fair to pigeonhole them as simply an "all-girl rock band,", I will say they are one of the best "all-girl rock band" on the music scene today. The Barbe-Q-Barbies aren't just women who play rock and roll; it's a rock and roll band that happens to be made up of women. These ladies are simply badass! - Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

(Small Stone Records)

After listening to Supermachine you become painfully aware of what is wrong with American radio. Here is a band that should be getting Heavy rotation and filling arenas. All the songs served up on their self-titled debut release are great and they give you a shot of adrenaline. Hailing from Southern New Hampshire Supermachine is, David Nebbia on vocals, Jay Fortin on guitar, Paul Jarvis on bass and Mike McNeil on drums. The first thing that struck me about this release is the fantastic groove throughout that never at any point becomes tiresome. There are plenty of straight up hard rock songs, such as the energetic "Solution", which acts as a perfect kick-start. The next two tracks, "Borken"and "Transformer" are straight forward in approach but executed with such energy and power. Then you a track like, "Buffalo" that is extremely catchy, and the commanding vocal delivery from David Nebbia on "Pill Cruise" is sure to get your adrenaline going.  Too many times bands of this genre simply re-hash repetitive riffing, but Jay Fortin's guitar work on this recording  is spot on. Sumptuous time changes and riff chopping/changing that simply floors you as a listener, making you guess the next direction they will take makes this a display of refined and ultimately skilful playing. Supermachine's debut outing has all the elements to be considered a classic album in the field of the so called "Stoner Rock", and I believe Supermachine have enough potential to become the leaders in the genre, PERIOD. - Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

CD REVIEW: SUNDAY'S BEST by Hillbilly Herald
(Hillbilly Herald LLC)

'Sunday's Best' the latest release from Hillbilly Herald is 110%, Attitude, energy, and raw talent. It's loud, hard, naughty, greasy, gritty, irreverent, and catchy. Combining all things that rock from Stooges to AC/DC and pretty much everything else in between. Along with the album the boys have added a bonus DVD to go along with the album, which was placed before the audio disc, which I thought was genius. The disc is of the band setting it off big time as the opening act for Slash And The Conspirators last year.  Hillbilly Herald is, Jimmy Herald on vocals, Mark Hill on lead Guitar, Adam Wolf on bass, Hawaiian Brian on rhythm guitar, and introducing Mr. Louie "Seabiscuit" Rudiger on drums. True rock 'n roll doesn't require definition. It's self-explanatory and based on a gut feeling and the unconditional devotion to this musical genre. As is evident once you press play and ball busting, "Shame On Me", fires out of your speakers. From there on, it's full throttle hard rock with, "Jump Back", "Bad Boy Bruiser" and the last two sticks of dynamite, "Greedy" and "Sucker Punch"'. The secret is out folks! All the hard work this band has put it with blood, sweat and tears is finally going to pay off! I'm here to tell you, If it's balls to the wall hard rock you're after, get ready to break out your air guitar. When it comes to throwing down hard rock music that pulls no punches and tells it like it is, Hillbilly Herald deliver the goods big time! Take my advice, sink yer teeth into 'Sunday's Best', you will not be disappointed! You know you want some, come get some! - Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

(Retrobution Records)

Buffalo Summer's self-titled debut is a good reminder of what rock and roll is all about. It's loud, it's catchy and it's not forced or overshadowed by overly complex lyrics or arrangements. The straight forward, pure rock music and choruses on this release are hard not to admire, whether or not you're a fan of classic rock like Led Zeppelin or Southern rock ala Lynyrd Skynryd . Either way, after listening to this album you will become a fan of this band.  Hailing from South Wales in the UK, Buffalo Summer is powered by Andrew Hunt on vocals, Jonny Williams on guitar, Darren King on bass and Gareth Hunt on drums. The album kicks off with the rattlesnake, "She's All Natural,"  an adrenaline induced rocker that  is guaranteed to get rock and roll juices flowing in no time flat. Then you have  "Down To River " another mover, combining a hard-edged backdrop with an upbeat, sing along chorus.  From there on Buffalo Summer take you a rock and roll journey that will never forget and one you'll want to take over and over again.  Numbers like, "A Horse Called Freedom", "Rolls On Through"  and  "Ain't No Other", will make sure of that. 10 tracks total. All rockers and no fillers here that's for sure. Buffalo Summer's chemistry is apparent, as its members work together perfectly to create a sound that is dynamic and tight, making their self-titled debut a  refreshing alternative to often self-obsessed popular and indie rock music of today. I for one cannot wait to hear and see what these rockers come up with next. - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

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