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ROOTS & WINGS by Stef Burns League
(Ultratempo Records)

Stef Burns is back! The guitarist, songwriter and performer who has performed along side artists such as Sheila E, Y&T, Berlin, Michael Bolton, Narada M. Walden, Alice Cooper (he also had a part in the film "Wayne's World") and Huey Lewis & the News. Five years after his previous outing, 'World Universe Infinity', Stef Burns unveils, 'Roots & Wings' together with fellow musicians, Roberto Tiranti -bass/vocals, Juan van Emmerloot - drums/vocals and Fabio Valdemarin - keys/guitar/vocals, they form The Stef Burns League. 'Roots & Wings,' a album that was four years in the making, is an impressive recording from start to finish. This album is more than just "catchy." Catchy it is, of course, but there is substance to this band. In a world with so many different dime-a-dozen rock bands, The Stef Burns League is a diamond in the rough. There's no weak link on this album with great performances from everyone especially Stef Burns' killer guitar playing and very strong and melodic vocals. The musical brilliance contained within this album sounds finely crafted. The production is also really good with a massive melodic rock sound and a crystal clear mix. Highlights include the upbeat lead off single, "What Doesn't Kill Us", "Something So Beautiful", the awesome rocking vibe of, "Paper Cup" and "Cover You". There are two instrumental tracks, the hauntingly beautiful, "Sky Angel" and cinematic splendor of, "Us", both exhibiting just how amazing a guitarist Stef Burns truly is. The album closes with the amazing layered vocals of "Patience". 'Roots & Wings' is guaranteed to provide many hours of melodic rock bliss to those patient enough to delve into the super-sized portion of sound presented here. It's refreshing to see a return to the basics of harmonious composition and great singing. There isn't a bad moment anywhere, not one bit of sappiness, annoyance, boredom, insufferability, or any other of the failings that have doomed countless promising albums. This is the kind of album where new sonic details emerge even after multiple repeated listenings. In a nutshell, if you love music, this album quite literally has everything you want. - Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

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Featured Interview: SUNS OF STONE

Canada's Suns Of Stone
Interview by The Dedicated Rocker Society

Starting off playing small bars in Ottawa in early 2012, Suns Of Stone,  singer, Alan Charlton, guitarist Jimmy King, bassist Andrew Erlandson and drummer Alex Scott, quickly expanded to playing nearby cities and larger venues. Jimmy went to college at a recording studio and upon graduation was hired on part time. The band recorded their first EP by themselves and financed it completely independently. With great reaction they buckled down and recorded their first full length album over the second half of 2012. 

Their self titled debut album was recorded in Ottawa at Audio Valley Studios and was produced by both Steve Foley and Jimmy King. The album captures the band in their essence, bringing both their hard rocking sound and southern/blues influences together. Blues inspired guitar riffs, powerful vocals and a heavy rhythm. Rock n’ roll with a modern sound and throwback edge. Influenced by the rock giants of the 70’s and groove rock from the new generation. Compared to bands such as: Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Black Crowes, Queens of the Stoneage, Led Zeppelin and Rival Sons.

Alan Charlton and Jimmy King gave us the lowdown about their self titled debut release and insight about what Suns Of Stone are all about. Here's what they shared with us.

Q: How long has the band been together? Has the band line up stayed the same?

We formed the band in 2011 and spent most of the year putting together our sound and jamming as much as we could. In 2012, Andrew came in on the bass to replace original member Doug Wallace shortly after we released our EP.

Q: What is the story behind the name of the band? Who came up with it?

Our original name, unbeknownst to us, was already taken. So that left us scrambling to find a new one. After having the first 10,000 ones quickly shot down, we finally all agreed upon Suns of Stone on the condition that it was spelled with a 'u'. Jimmy came up with the band name and Alex insisted on the spelling. In hindsight, we now realize most people assume it's spelled the other way around.

Q: Lynyrd Skynyrd, Led Zeppelin and Black Crowes , from what we've read, are couple of ways your band's sound is influenced by. Would that be an accurate assessment? Who are your musical influences?

That would be a fair assessment although there are a ton of bands that influene us. In fact there are new ones everyday! First and foremost, we are music fans ourselves. Enormous music fans. We are heavily influenced by the 60's and 70's rock movement and to break it down band-by-band would just leave a bunch unnamed.

Let's talk about your debut release: 

Q: How long did it take to record?

We spent the second-half of 2012 recording the album in intervals. Financing the album independently brought on its own hurdles adding a longer waiting time to the release date.

Q: How many songs did you actually write for the album?

We started off with about 20 songs we considered recording for the album and by the end we had 10 lying on the cutting floor.

Q: What is your songwriting process like? Group or individual?

Jimmy is always coming up with new riffs and song ideas on the guitar. He'll usually bring a bunch of new material to the band to hear what sounds best when you add all of the instruments to the mix. From there Alex and Andrew work out the rhythm section for the new tunes. Alan will often improvise his vocal melodies and lyrics throughout the songwriting process, but its often that first idea that's the best. The songs that come together right away are usually our favorite ones.

Q: Where was the video for, "Rise Up" shot? How long was the shoot? Memorable moments (good or bad) during the making of the video?

We shot all of the footage for 'Rise Up' over three days in January of 2013 while on tour. We had a couple friends along with us to help shoot the live shots and had the band members shoot most of the off-stage moments. This video was a lot of fun to put together and was the first video we've shot independently! One night that sticks out was the night we played the Sound Academy in Toronto where we got to sign our first autographs. Since then, we released our next music video for 'Talking To Me' which was shot professionally in Ottawa.

Q: What separates Suns Of Stone from the other bands that are out there right now?

We try to be as transparent as a band as we can. We know what music we like and we're straightforward about it. What you hear on a Suns of Stone recording is what you hear live - we've got nothing to hide.

Q: As a band, what goals have you set for yourselves?

We probably have a lot of the same aspirations as most younger bands out there, but its hard to know exactly what is going to come your way and what's possible given your resources. Tour places we've never been, record another album and keep moving forward. Play as much as we can!

Q: Any plans on playing any shows in L.A.? What about playing music festivals this coming Summer?

We'd love to get the chance to get down to L.A. As of now our summer dates haven't been sorted out, so we'll have to see how everything unfolds. With our album released in January 2014 through Bad Reputation (France), we're looking to get over to Europe this summer. For now we're going with the flow, enjoying the ride and we can't wait to see where it takes us.

Q: Any parting comments or messages to your fans you would like to pass along?

Well, we have a saying up here in Canada: 'Live Long and Prosper'. We hope to do all three.

Suns of Stone look forward to a bright future and career touring and recording in the music scene. The band has big plans for 2014, both nationally and in expanding outside their homeland. True to their attitude, they will remain the same guys they’ve always been. Down-to-earth rock n’ rollers that can’t wait to get on stage every opportunity they get. They are a bunch of hard working guys with jobs and bills to pay. They’ll see you soon world. REAL soon. Catch them at a stage near you.

For more info on SUNS OF STONE:

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Feature Interview with OZONE MAMA

They'll Turn You On & Tune You In
Interview by The Dedicated Rocker Society

Few young bands have embraced classic rock as fully as the Hungarian rock back, Ozone Mama. Their music is deeply rooted in the back catalogs of the Rolling Stones, Free, the Faces, and any number of early '70s hard rockers. The Budapest based four-piece combo started up in late 2005. Lead singer Marton Szekely, guitarist Andras Gabor, bassist Zoltan Szamoskozi and drummer Vivien Tiszai.

The continuously gigging band actively takes part in the Hungarian rock scene, already gained both local and international positive reviews with their 2010 debut album 'Starship Has Landed' and their recent 2013 release 'Freedom EP' and with their distinctive vintage-sound they fill a gap in the Hungarian music scene.

Some of the band's achievements include;  Hungarian Grammy-Fonogram 2012: "Newcomer Of The Year” and Hard Rock Rising Battle of the Bands 2013: "Local Winner Of Hungary”. The band were also in Classic Rock Magazine's 2013 Summer Issue, they were featured on the additional "Unleashed Vol. II" CD with there song "I Really Care" (next to bands like Stonerider!!!)  They also will be the local support band at the Budapest gig for Monster Magnet's 'Last Patrol Tour' on the 29th of January, 2014!!! (Less then in 3weeks). Ozone Mama were featured on the internet radio WMMT 88.7 ( this past December with a new song "The Juggernaut" being put in rotation, the broadcast is available in 5 states in America.

The heavy blues licks and nasty rock’n roll vibe of Ozone Mama verges on a powerful, psychedelic groove that draws from the essence of 70's rock and mixed it with a hint of the cult alternative bands from the 90’s.

Ozone Mama's music is made to turn you on, tune you in and drop you out, to make your hips shake, or simply to help you escape the grey weekdays.  Be ready for the vast hurricane what mighty Mama brings!!

Ozone Mama's guitarist, András Gábor gives us the lowdown behind his band and what they are all about. Here's what he shared with us...

Q: How long have you been together as a band? Who came up with name of the band, Ozone Mama? (Cool name by the way)

"We started Ozone Mama with the singer, my good friend Marci around 2006. The line-up has been going through some changes during the years. The band’s name is coming from a Black Crowes song as we are major fans of the Robinson brothers, though we were never intended to be a Crowes cover-band and our music is quite different but the strong BC influence is there among the others which would mainly be blues, americana, classic rock, psychedelic/alternative or stoner-rock…"

Q: Who are your musical influences? 

"The late 60’s, early 70’s rock caught my attention in a relatively early age. This period was the „golden age” for rock n’ roll. My sister gave me one of her Allman Brothers tapes as she used to live in the States for a while back then, I was immediately hooked on it. Then came Zeppelin, AC/DC, Skynyrd, ZZ Top, Cactus, Mountain, Crosby Stills Nash and Young, Creedence CRB, Stones, Faces, Stooges, MC5, etc.. British Invasion and American classic rock.

I collect some contemporary band's albums as well as whose music resembles this era. There is a new americana rock renaissance going on, at least this is how I see it from Budapest - Hungary, the other side of the pond. I am talking about bands like The Rival Sons, Steepwater Band, The Black Keys, Clutch, etc.."

Q: What separates Ozone Mama from the other rock bands that are out right now?

"What separates us from these bands is that we are not US-based, nor UK-based rock band, we still sing in English though, we consider ourselves to be a "Hungarian Americana” band per se. There are great rock bands coming out from the Scandinavian countries as well which ones are totaly nailing the vintage garage fuzz rock stuff, think the Hellacopters for example, but only a few or in fact none of them come from our home: Budapest, Hungary. We are probably the very first local band which has ever been featured in the Classic Rock Magazine so far. (2013 Summer issue, additional Unleashed CD Vol. II). That was a huge honor for us, being featured on the same compilation CD with bands like Stonerider!! (My only complaint is that the author wrote 80’s sounding band”, well we definitely sound more like a 70’s band, probably it was just some mis-print, haha.) Personally, I also listen to a lot of pre-war delta blues, I love motown and the early 90’s was a significant musical period in my life with all the alternative bands like Pearl Jam or Blind Melon..."

Q:  What is the rock music scene like in your native Hungary? What kind of support do you get from the local media outlets, T.V., radio,etc.?

"Hungarian ethnic/folk music and jazz are quite unique and famous world-wide but let’s talk about the rock n’ roll scene which is less fortunate one. We have a lot of good bands, top musicians and other gifted talents out there but due to the lack of support promotion or possibilities so many bands keep singing in Hungarian. With English lyrics you would hardly be mentioned on the same page with the local rockstars which is such a shame really. I won’t sugarcoat the topic, without years of hard working, good management, good promotion and doing something exceptional it is quite impossible to get famous here.

We already have gained pretty good media feedback, a massive audience following us and one of the most important local radios stations play a couple of our songs, but our story doesn’t stop here, we would like to get out and be heard outside the country too. We would not be able to do that without English lyrics. we have already played a couple of shows abroad. It’s a great thing.

There is still a long way to go for Hungary and a lot of changes to be made in the music business and the people’s way of thinking when it comes to introducing local bands to the international scene. However I think it would be a mutual benefit for the bands and the country too. There is a blues artist called Little G. Weevil for example, who has just been nominated for Grammy in the USA, well I tell you the truth: he is Hungarian, so that’s what I am saying and we are really proud of that guy, I had the pleasure to meet him when he was still living in Hungary."

Q: Let's talk about your two releases, 'Starship Has Landed' and the
'Freedom EP'. How long did it take to record those albums?

"'The Starship Has Landed', our debut album was recorded with the original core-members. It took years, because we run out of funds after we had started recording it, so we had to earn money again and again until enough was gathered up to pay the studio. Hard times they were and the bulky circumstances and long breaks in between the recordings affected the quality.. Well, there is always something to learn.

'The Freedom' EP was different, we recorded and mixed it in a couple of months. We gathered up a good amount for a start wit ... h an Indiegogo kickstart-campaign. It worked, seems like there are good people out there supporting rock n’ roll! We went to the right studio, probably the best here in Budapest and I can say that. One of our songs from the EP (TheJuggernaut) has been selected and put in a live broadcast rotation list of the internet radio WMMT 88.7. It can be heard in five states of the US."

Q: What is the song writing process like for you? Is a group effort or is there one person who writes the lyrics and another writes the music?

When I come up with a riff or idea, I bring it down to rehearse, we start playing it and after a while a new song is born. Sometimes we start jamming, but there is a concrete idea in the center most of the time so that makes us a jam-band actually. Basically I write the music and the lyrics, but the songs are reaching their final shape in the rehearse room with the other members’ contribution. The vocal melodies are coming from our singer, we record it and I write the lyrics then he needs to customize them with his own ideas. So actually our process is the same as the Rolling Stones used to do, music comes first then the vocal melodies. When all done we write the lyrics matching the melodies.

Q: What can we expect to hear on your next album?

"The same old good rockin’ on the next level. Probably more sophisticated song-writing. I really like to experiment with various instruments. So when we are in studio we always come up with new things to try out, like let’s puta bit of Hammond organ in here, some Wurlitzer piano, how about a spooky mellotron and some maracas for the intro, maybe a hint of space echo or plate reverb on the vocals to sound a bit like Lennon in Strawberry Fields, etc.. When we were recording the 'Freedom EP' we had a much better-established idea about how we wanted the record to sound. I use old tube amps, some boost pedals, mean fuzz-boxes, tape echos, univibe, sometimes a rotary effect, so I always try to develop the sound before we start recording. We love all what’s vintage so we even tried this singing into a harp-mic through a small tube amp” thing on the 'Freedom' EP. However hard it is to be "original” in 2014, the best way to shape your own music and to create your own style is to play and grow together with the bandmates and I love doing this, I love my band. I never deny our influences but we definitely avoid the easy and cheap way of ripping off our favorite band’s music."

Q: Some of your memorable moments you experienced while recording your albums, good or bad?

"Well, I have got a funny one. We were working really hard one night at the studio on some vocal takes. Singer was in the recording room and after recording the chorus part, something sounded a bit weird with the melody probably due to the fact that we were exhausted after a whole night of singing, ears were tired. The studio guy tried to take part figuring out the right vocal melody and showed the singer what he should have sung on the appropriate part. He started singing his idea in such an ear-wrecking voice, so out of tune, we barely could hold ourselves back breaking up in laughter. That was sweet, the guy just wanted to help."

Q: As far as music videos go, you shot three already. What's next?

"Probably a psychedelic or animated video for a song from the 'The Freedom' EP. Yes Sir, that’s the plan. Again as it can be seen on our first couple of videos, quality was affected by the low budget. Our new video for the song "Go” was made by a professional team using the right equipment and they were doing a great job with all the editing, the result became far more convincing, of course these things cost more but it was worth it."

Q:  How did you guys feel when you found out you were opening for Monster Magnet?

"Our beloved manager gathered up a band meeting one day around last September, we did not understand the mysterious acting what could be so important suddenly. She gave us an envelope one by one with a tiny message in it. When we opened up the envelope and read the tiny note saying: Ozone Mama to support Monster Magnet on the 29th of January 2014, we immediately jumped for joy after hearing the fantastic news."

Q: Speaking of shows, are there any plans to doing any shows in America? When and where was the last time you played in America?

"We have not been playing in the USA yet. We are working on it though, looking for a promoter or any kind of option to make it happen."

Q: Who would you like to tour with when you do come over? (Hopefully soon).

"We would love to tour with anyone in the USA if we had the opportunity. A tour with bands like Crobot or Monster Truck would be bad-ass, or our friends 68-75."

Q: Complete this sentence: The reason why you should check out, Ozone Mama is......

"A band that will turn you on, tune you in, drop you out and make your hips shake!"

Q:  Any parting comments or messages you would like to pass along?

"We would like to thank You Tony for the interview, all the good people checking us out and supporting us. Music is salvation, and just like Mr. Eric Burdon used to sing about it: "They Can’t Take Away Our Music”. Music is something that sets us all free."

For more info on Ozone Mama:

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THE BREW from Grimsby, UK

Though often named a modern Blues rock band, The Brew have evolved far beyond the restrictions of The Blues to become one of Europe's most prominent rock bands. Hailing from Grimsby (UK) this powerhouse trio draws inspiration from a wide range of influences, from the experimental psychedelic tunes of the '60s, to more contemporary artists on the rock scene.

The Brew's extensive European tours have resulted in a massive underground following, which is just beginning to break into the mainstream as their fan-base rapidly increases. Appearances across national television and radio stations in Belgium, France, Germany, Poland, Spain and Holland have confirmed the band as one of Britain’s better known musical exports.

In early July 2007, The Brew headlined the Maasboulevard Festival in Holland and were invited back to perform in 2008. They were described there at the end of the gig by their Dutch hosts as ‘The father, the son and holy spirit!’ for their sensational performance.

In 2006, The Brew  were such a success at The Rock ‘n’ Blues Custom Show at Pentrich, Derbyshire, they were asked not only to do a second gig by the organizers on the following day on the Centre Stage, something not heard of in this events 25 year history, they were then booked to return in 2007. Pentrich, Rock ’n’ Blues regularly attracts some 45,000 people every year and Saturday, July 28, 2007, The Brew headlined on the Cross Piston Stage and were an outstanding success, taking a double encore from the audience. The Brew, in August 2007, performed on The British Stage at the UK’s biggest R’n’B festival in Colne, and once again on the day were the only band to receive double encores. In 2008 they headlined the festival on the Sunday, on the British stage. They have played alongside some of the Worlds leading Rock bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd, ZZ Top and Chickenfoot and continue to tour extensively across the world.

Recently The Brew completed a 2hour Live Set for the national Belgium Radio Station, Classic 21 and were filmed by National France TV 2, for their performance at this year's Festival in France, Le Blues Autour Du Zinc. They have performed at the National Classic 21 Radio Station, RTBF Showcase Festival in Brussels,one Belgium’s Premier festivals. Reaching number two in the USA iTunes Blues Download Chart in August 2007 provided even more evidence that the world is ready for the band.

If there were ever a rock band ready to break it big in America, it would be The Brew. Next month will see the release of the band's fourth studio recording, 'Control'. A recording recorded live in studio capturing the band's explosive power and passion. The Brew have not only created a great rock album, they have done it without ripping off other bands. They have their own sound and made classic rock modern. This is old-school, power rock trio, rock-n-soul played the way it was meant to be played.

For more info on The Brew:

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Featured Interview with Adrian Galysh

Adrian Galysh - The Tone Poet Cometh 
Interview by The Dedicated Rocker Society

Hailed by critics and fellow musician alike, Los Angeles guitarist Adrian Galysh, showcases his guitar talents with anthem-like instrumentals, that put the focus squarely on catchy, memorable melodies. "I suppose its because I grew up listening to the hard rock bands of the 70s and 80s, like Van Halen, Scorpions, and Deep Purple," Galysh testifies, "I always enjoyed big riffs, catchy choruses, and interesting musical hooks".

His early guitar influences were Uli Jon Roth (Scorpions), Randy Rhoads, and Eddie Van Halen - all of which may be apparent. However, Galysh soon gained interest in modern classical composers such as Arvo Part and Carl Orff, the world music of Peter Gabriel, and the new age music of Vangelis.

Galysh's latest release, 'Tone Poet' solidifies his compositional style and finds his guitar playing in top form and takes the listener on a journey that has many destinations. Featuring vocals  provided by Mark Boals (Ring Of Fire/Yngwie Malmsteen), bassist Philip Bynoe (Steve Vai, RIng of Fire), and grooves by world-class drummers, Todd Sucherman (STYX and Charlie Waymire. Each song is a perfect blend of grand orchestration and arrangement with everything from acoustic to world to neo-classical guitar. There is not only great guitar playing on this album, there are actually superb songs! 

Whether Adrian Galysh is performing with his own band, playing sideman to ex-Scorpions guitarist Uli Jon Roth, recording his own music, or laying down tracks as an on-demand Los Angeles session player, Adrian Galysh feels that "In addition to great melodies, having a great tone and feel are really important" adding, "While there are many tools at your disposal with today's technology, nothing beats a great guitar plugged into a great sounding amp. Everything else is icing on the cake". Adrian Galysh goes further, "My guitar is like a paint brush, and I want to take the listener on a colorful journey. I need to be able to have a large pallet of tones to work with. My Brian Moore Adrian Galysh Signature model does this."

The Rocker and I asked Adrian about his latest release, 'Tone Poet'. Here's what He shared with us...

Q: Let's talk about your new release, 'Tone Poet'? Cool title, how did you come  up with it? What exactly is a "Tone Poet"?

"My last album was called 'Earth Tones', and I wanted this to be the growth and extension of that last album. I borrowed the term from the musical form called a Tone Poem, which is defined as: a piece of orchestral music in a single continuous section (a movement) in which the content of a poem, short story, novel, painting,landscape or another (non-musical) source is illustrated or evoked. The album is symphonic in instrumentation, and while all twelve songs are different, they share similar elements that make it sound good together. Another reason its called "Tone Poet", is it's kind of a play on words... us guitarists are always looking for THE guitar tone, and there's plenty of that on this album."

Q: How long did 'Tone Poet'take to record? There are twelve songs on the  album, how many did you actually write for the album?

"This album was about two years in the making. Basic song forms and demos were started for tracks like "Brick By Brick", "Flying", "When You Fall", and "Movie in My Mind" first. My intention was to make an album that included vocal songs, so thats where I started. The orchestral tunes and instrumentals were written and record more recently... but between coordinating musician's schedules, financing the project, editing, mixing, mastering, artwork, and a couple record label opportunities that fell through... two years. All the songs were intended to be on Tone Poet, though I initially debated including "Epoch". It has no guitar, it's just a symphonic piece, that I decided to include, because it showed another side of me. I can't count on releasing another album very soon, so I wanted to include everything I could!"

Q: Talk about the musicians that are on the album, Vocalist Mark Boals, bassist  Philip Bynoe and drummer, Todd Sucherman. Had you played with any of them before?

"Lets start with Mark. I met him about 10 years ago... around the time you and I first met, at an Yngwie Malmsteen show I was opening for. My bass player, Philip Bynoe, was in a band called "Ring Of Fire" with Mark. He asked to put Mark on my guest list, and I said "of course". I've been a fan of his singing since I was a kid. Since Yngwie's "Trilogy" album came out in '85! He is literally one of my favorite singers, and we kept in touch since that short meeting at the Yngwie concert. Since then, Mark and I have performed with Uli Jon Roth a number of times... I helped get him that gig. 

I've known Philip since I was in college. I met him on the first G3 tour. We both moved to LA the same year. After I helped him get the audition for Ring Of Fire, he kinda "owed" me one, so I asked him to play in my band. We've been playing together on and off for about 13 years. He played on my "King Friday" album, too. 

Todd Sucherman, I met through my old roommate... turns out Todd lived a couple blocks away in my neighborhood of Sherman Oaks. We've talked about recording together for a while, but our schedules just never lined up. He then moved to Austin, TX... Luckily he has a home studio and could record his drum parts from there. We've never played together in the same room at the same time... yet!

Let's not forget my drummer Charlie Waymire. He and I have been playing together on and off ever since I moved to LA in 2000. He has a great studio in the valley called Ultimate Rhythm Studios. He is rock solid, and knows my style intimately after al these years of playing together.

Q: How much have you evolved as a guitar player and song writer since your debut,  album 'Venusian Sunrise'?

"My guitar playing has improved over the last few years, as I have been playing and teaching full time again. I find that my takes in the studio are good on the first couple tries, where as I used to labor over solos and riffs, punching in parts more often. I tend to lay down a good track easier now than before. I would say my song arrangements are more mature, developed and natural sounding. I think I used to force parts of songs to work together, and now they tend to flow more naturally. I'm better at running with a good idea now, so I guess my musical vocabulary has grown a lot since then. Technically speaking, my guitar playing might be the same, but I'm choosing better notes and phrases now."

Q:  Any memorable moments in the making of, 'Tone Poet', good or bad, that you'd  like to share?

"It had been 3 years after 'Earth Tones' was released before I really started to write and record new material. I had writer's block, full-on. I didn't have any song ideas, my demos sounded like "demos" - uninspiring. It wasn't until I upgraded my home studio, that I could fully realize the orchestral sounds that you hear on 'Tone Poet'. Until then I didn't want to continue writing or recording if it wasn't going to sound like a real orchestra. When I got the software and samples that you hear, I could't stop writing. Everything I played on my keyboard sounded... EPIC! Once this started happing and I could hear it get integrated into the songs I was working up, the album really took on a definitive direction. Luckily nothing horrible happened.. no lost files, injuries..." 

Q: Are you satisfied with response you've received so far with, 'Tone Poet'?

"The response has been very positive. Folks that have been following me, have repeatedly told me how the album is my best sounding in both composition and production. All the reviews have been very favorable, thankfully... because I spent the most time, ever, on making sure all the tracks, instruments, and mixes were just right. Hell, I even retracked a couple guitar parts AFTER mixing was done and mastering had started!"

Q: I know you do shows in the L.A. area, do you have plans on doing any shows over seas? What about any shows during NAMM?

"It's very expensive to tour, even just up an down the west coast. I do plan on performing as often as possible this year, and have a great band to play with. Nothing for NAMM this year - we did have a show planned but logistics and sponsorship didn't pan out... it's still tough out there, economically."

Q: Can we expect to hear more new music from you this year?

"I think so. Up next is an album of play-along tracks for guitarists to jam to. It will have backing tracks from 4-5 songs from each of my albums. I find jam tracks to be very helpful for my guitar student's development. Also, I am considering a covers album, which may be just an digital EP. It will most likely feature music that influenced me - early Scorpions, Randy Rhoads era Ozzy, maybe some ELO?"

Q: For the guitar aficionados out there reading about you for the first time. What would say to turn them on to your music?

"I would say that if they are fans of guitarists like Eric Johnson, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen, Jeff Beck, Uli Jon Roth, etc... they will find elements of all of them on my records. However, I believe they will hear these influences in a fresh, melodic, and unique compositional context. There really are moments on the new record where you just haven't heard anything like it before."

Q: Any comments or messages for you'd like to leave? 

"Sure. If you get TONE POET, really give it a listen. Even better if you have hi-fi audio components, or quality headphones. I grew up listening to albums (records) the whole way through, from start to finish... I felt enveloped in the album, often just staring at the album cover, while listening deeply. Its an album that you can get immersed in, and hear something new and different every time you listen to it. While it isn't a concept album per se, it sure feels like one. Let the album take you on a journey... it may take a while, as the album has a lot to "chew on", but I think my favorite albums are like that."

Here's a link to Adrian Galysh's new album preview:

For more information on Adrian Galysh:

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(Silent Revelation Records)

If you want some good up beat rock to listen too then "Corners Comes Creeping" by Kilvey is it. This song is shot of adrenaline. Great for running, working out, or listen to while driving. This is just the tip of the iceberg and is a good sign of greater things to come. I would definitely recommend Kilvey to anyone with ears and say that you must be on crack to not listen to them. - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

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"Corners Comes Creeping" by KILVEY
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(Independent Release)

'Crooked Teeth' the debut release by Sir Madam from Hailing from Huntington Beach, California, is both powerful and amazing! It's a revelation of raw, bluesy power that blew me away as soon as I pressed play. The album was produced by Scott Holiday, guitarist from Rival Sons. Sir Madam is made up of Kishori Holiday on vocals/guitars and Andrew Garza on drums. The duo open the album with the title track, the song is incredibly catchy. The main riff, however simple, is genius, and you won't be able to get it out of your head. Kishori' s vocals are on fire and you just feel like shaking your head to her on "Black Moon". The beat is groove heavy on "Gotcha Wantcha", the vocals are strong and the guitar is crazy. "My Dear My Darling" is a more gentler song but builds up in the choruses. "Dorothy May" is a welcome change from the incredible, heavy guitars and drums. It's a laid back song which is followed by the rocking "Decent Man" powered by a driving beat with some out of this world drum beats. Andrew Garza pounds on that kit like no tomorrow and Kishori Holiday's vocals so powerful and so irresistible. "Man Down" is more straight up rock with lots of whooping drum beats. "Come Around" is one my personal favorites, its the kind of song that dances around in your head for days on end. The drum kit keeps constant in the background as the guitar climbs, stalls and continues with it. "Love Song" closes the album with it's rocking charm.  Throughout the album, Kishori Holiday's and Andrew Garza's souls energy are poured into the music, and it obvious that so much work was put into the album. The music on this album is about as raw and basic as you can get. For this being a self produced album that was recorded in 3 days with Mark Rain at Stationhouse in Silverlake California, the duo did one hell of job!  It is grainy and unpolished yet, that is a big part of it's charm. 'Crooked Teeth' by Sir Madam is diverse, imaginative, entertaining on both sides of the speaker, it's a foot-stomping good time and will leave one hell of a lasting impression. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

SHAKEN, NOT STIRRED by The After Hours
(Independent Release)

'Shaken, Not Stirred' is the debut five track EP from L.A. based power popsters, The After Hours. An astounding recording, filled with big hooks, big heart, and passion. The band take their cues from 60's golden era of rock and put their own unique spin on a winning formula. The After Hours are, Ryan Wilkins: Vocals, Bruce Matis: Guitar, Masa Nishimura: Bass and Paul Niedzwiecki: Drums. Unlike so many over rated power-pop bands, The After Hours are not just the sum of their influences (The Beatles, The Kinks and The Who come to mind) but have a distinct sound of their own. Right off the bat with, "Here To Stay" and "Going To The Go-Go, the band echo the golden era of rock music, a time when listen to rock music was all about having a good time and these lads do it very well. If your cup of tea is pop music with harmonies the band offer up, "Kaleidoscopic" loaded with multilayered harmonies that hit the spot. "Keep Her Satisfied" and "The Lonely Boys", two slices of power pop ecstasy that will have you snapping your fingers and clapping your hands like no tomorrow. The melodies are wonderful with great twists and turns, But what makes 'Shaken, Not Stirred' so great it's that it just so fun to listen to, "Repeat Buttons" are made for recordings like this. Not to be missed. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

by Ozone Mama
(Musicart Records)

Ozone Mama embody everything that rock'n'roll stands for: loud guitars, thumping bass lines, kicking drums, and swagger! The band's debut release, 'The Starship Has Landed' is a throwback sound that brings the blues /soul /rock style all together and tied up in a nice bow. Album opener "Cottonfield Ramblin" lures you in with Delta Blues swagger before exploding into the next track, "High Octane Fuel Baby" that hits like a freight train, and is enough to at least plant the seed that this band may is worthy of your undivided attention. By the time the "I Really Care" rolls around you'll be a believer, trust me. This is the kind of album you'd expect to hear from a side project of seasoned veterans. Singer, Marci Szekely has a soulful, raspy vocal delivery and it's the perfect complement to the heavy, fuzzy, and always bluesy guitar tone of Andras Gabor. While the tight rhythm section of bassist  Matyi Mohacsi and drummer Istvan Geloczi give the band a rock solid foundation. " Skyscrape Journey", "Red Hot Lovin'" and "Buried In My Head" are all highlights, but the whole album rocks in a most vintage kind of way. Ozone Mama show lots of promise. 'The Starship Has Landed' is a very strong, totally captivating slab of old school rock n' roll that is unlikely to disappoint fans of the Classic Rock sound. If you haven't heard of Ozone Mama, stop neglecting your ears and treat them right with a listen to their sweet sweet jams. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

FREEDOM, Ep by Ozone Mama
(Record Union Music)

High tension Blues rock from Budapest. Ozone Mama  throws immediate comparisons with The Black Crowes, Led Zeppelin and Free. On their six song EP, 'Freedom' the band serve up a powerful  sound that is a throwback to 70's Classic Rock but with a modern edge. Marci Szekely has a fantastic set of pipes - very impressive vocals. Great guitar work courtesy of, Andras Gabor, a strong rhythm section of bassist Jozsi Takacs and drummer Vivien Tiszai. The opening, "Go" is a firecracker of a song that will get your blood pumping in no time flat. "Sidekick Miracle" echoes a touch of The Cult with a bluesy edge. From there it's a heavy rock and soul experience with, "The Juggernaut", "Cold Heart Of Stone". Ozone Mama have it down and bring a freshness to the genre. These guys also seem to really love what they're playing! They do a excellent cover of the Credence Clearwater Revival classic, "Fortunate Son" that accurately captures the spirit of the song.  "Red Hot Lovin'" closes things out in rocking fashion. Ozone Mama have their own sound, but there's an energy there that I experienced that was similar to being a kid and hearing Zep, Hendrix, Sabbath and all the great bands for the first time. Driving, intense and unrelenting. Raw and aggressive sound. Bluesy. Swaggering. Fresh. Just great 70's-style funky bluesy rock and soul. Turn it up loud and get lost in their sound. For an EP , 'Freedom' is damn good! Ozone Mama, an
outstanding band indeed .Who says rock is dead? - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

SUNS OF STONE by Suns Of Stone
(Independent Release)

The self titled debut release by Canada's Suns Of Stone is a rowdy package of hard driving riffs, right off the mark, throw in a few screeching breaks, a couple laid back soulful tunes, combined with concise vocals and you have something unique. Suns Of Stone are, Alan Charlton on vocals, Andrew Erlandson on bass, Jimmy King on guitars and Alex Scott on drums. Suns Of Stone serve up stomping rock music with a swagger and natural approach that other bands would die for, and spend much time trying to emulate with little success. The Stones, Led Zeppelin, Faces, Chuck Berry, early Aersomith. It's full of tight, fiery spurts of boogie-rock, the likes of which had not been heard on a major record since the mid-70's. They wear their influences on their sleeve with pride. The first two tracks of the disc, "Hold On Me" and "Rise Up" are rock 'n' roll romps. Just fun, unabrashed fury, and easily singable lyrics. "Stormbringer", "Another Dollar" and "Talking To Me" are a perfect blend of rock and country driven by pure talent from all angles of the band. The album softens a little with the laid back, "A Little More", a strong track that's very beautiful and surreal. "Down The Road", "Sun Don't Shine", "For Some Reason" and "Piece Of Mind" runs straight back into the hard rock vein, with pumping drums and guitars throughout. Suns Of Stone is group with promise, if these guys can keep it together they will go far. A very tight band for sure. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

(Townsend Records)
Being a fan of Toby Jepson from his days in Little Angels, I've made it a point to keep tabs on any project he may be involved with. Be it producing (The Answer/The Brew) or his solo material, I love hearing what Toby is up to. His latest solo effort a six song EP, 'Raising My Own Hell', is no disappointment. Toby Jepson comes up aces high. This collection is introspective and soulful. This is Toby Jepson showing that there is a diversity in his songwriting that reflects personal feelings and personal issues of interest. The up tempo groove of the title track is up front and in your face powered by a Hammond organ and tasty saxophone courtesy of Dave Kemp. The groove laden, "Dear Mama" and the Gospel tinged vibe of "Patience Of A Saint", will make you want get up, clap your hands and stomp your feet as if your were at Sunday services! The next two tracks are more laid back, "Four Letter Word" a passion filled song highlighted by Toby' s passion filled vocals. The heartfelt, “Shoes” forces you to assess yourself, and not take others for granted. “Shadow Boxing”, closes the album which is a complete turnaround. Not just to the preceding track, but to the rest of the EP, it is more funky with big band vibe! All I could think of was, if Brian Setzer of the Stray Cats heard this song, he'd say, "I wish I would have wrote this song!" Overall, 'Raising My Own Hell' is a solid recording with so much emotion put into it. Toby Jepson's vocals still have power and passion and the mix of acoustic and electric give off a great vibe, I love it. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

(Jazzhaus Records)

Much is made of the so-called "sophomore slump," even in music. So many bands that burst on the scene with attention-grabbing debut albums seemingly fall on their faces the second time 'round. The Brew from the UK however, give us a rock solid recording with in their second offering, 'A Million Dead Stars'. Jason Barwick on guitar and lead vocals, Tim Smith on bass/vocals and Kurtis Smith on drums. The Brew are one of the most diverse bands you'll ever want to hear. Authentic, blues-infused rock, alternately searing hot, sweetly acoustic, and downright funky. Even the softer songs unfold over a base of smokin' guitar and solid bass providing a delicious dimension. If you can imagine sizzling habaneros mixed with amber incense and black leather, you'll begin to get the idea. "Every Gig Has A Neighbour", " Surrender It All" and "Wrong Tunes" are  catchy as sin and full of hooks. However, it's the deeper cuts that really shine here like the epic moving, "KAM" and the Zeppelin-ish vibe of "Monkey Train". These songs lures you in and takes your senses on a musical journey of the third kind. Up next are three soul shakers with "Just Another Night", "Change In The Air" and "Mav The Rave". The title track closes the album in rocking fashion. All the songs on this album are good, so fully realized, the playing so soulful. The songs seem to wrap around you and with each listen you discover another layer. 'A Million Dead Stars' is a smorgasbord of rich, spicy guitar tones, raw lead vocals. This is one of those albums that can be considered a complete work of music. There is a definite beginning and an end. Once the last song is finished, you feel no immediate need to throw something else on. If you enjoy music that'll get you strutting your stuff around, this album is for you. Listen to this album and let it take you on a rock and roll roller coaster. Once it's done, it'll make you want to ride it again and again! - Highly Recommended
Tony @The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

(Jazzhaus Records)

Listening to 'The Third Floor' by The Brew made me think wow! This is some pretty powerful stuff and why don't more people know this band?! The Brew perform with a combination of power and clarity that gives the listener an overwhelmingly rich musical experience. Jason Barwick on guitar and lead vocals, Tim Smith on bass/vocals and Kurtis Smith on drums. I found myself stuck on the first couple tracks with my jaw dropped, unable to continue or find words to describe accurately what I was hearing. From the opening number, "Sirens Of War", this trio had my undivided attention and I just the rest of the album have its way with my senses. "Six Dead", "Reached The Sky" and "Master and the Puppeteer", "Imogen Molly" and the album closing, "Let It Back". Intelligent, thought provoking, and sometimes nostalgic lyrics touch the heart with a directness that speaks from the heart. I believe them. The songs on 'The Third Floor' are so good you're going to want to hear them over and over. Very versatile musicians, impressive vocals and exceptional guitar work. Superbly written, played and sung, a great effort by all involved. If you are already a fan of The Brew you will enjoy this recording without much argument, however, music fans of all walks will appreciate this recording not as a jam session, but more as a disciplined musical statement that virtuosity and persistence still commands respect. - Highly Recommended
Tony @The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

(Jazzhaus Records)

Having heard The Brew's studio albums, I thoroughly enjoyed 'Live In Europe'. These guys have a raw edge that really delivers each individual talent into a band that is greater than the sum of its parts. This live recording captures the power that The Brew brings to the live stage. After reading how great of live band they are,
fingers crossed, I hope they get a chance to come to America. 'Live In Europe' contains almost all of the tracks from their, 'A Million Dead Stars' and 'The Third Floor' releases and they are electric! "Six Dead", "Sirens Of War", "Every Gig Has A Neighbour" , from their debut, 'The Joker' the serve up, "Postcode Hero", and the show stopping, "KAM", just straight in your face rockin' throughout. The rhythm section of bassist Tim Smith and Kurtis Smith on drums lay down a continuous solid groove around Jason Barwick's  powerful vocals and electrifying guitar work. I could listen to this live recording for hours. The Brew are too good of a band to pass on either live or on record. Their music is good for what ails you, and a panacea for all the shiny, thumping, plastic music that seems to be everywhere. This is a band at the top of their game. One listen and you'll hear why. I cannot give this band more praise! - Highly Recommended
Tony @The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

(Psycho Records)

There is a massive shortage of quality female fronted hard rock. While operatic metal groups like Nightwish are abundant, true hard hitting female fronted hard rock bands are harder to find. Which makes Psycho Kiss from the UK, so awesome! Groundbreaking-no. Quality music-yes. The band's debut, 'Monkeying Around' is empowering, strong, and loaded with insane amount of energy. It's system blaring, top down get your rocks off kind of music. Psycho Kiss is all about serving up gritty old fashioned in your face rock and roll. From opening rocker, "Obsessed" the band take your senses on a thrill ride with the groove laden "Fall", "Little Man" with it's laid back swagger, the title track will get your blood pumping with it's tribal beat. One thing is certain, all the songs on this album will get in your head and rattle around in it for days. The whole album is terrific. Not just one or two songs to love and ignore or  fast forward through the rest, 'Monkeying Around' is an album that begs to be played over and over. The outstanding musicianship of the band is especially evident in the crafting of these songs. You'll find yourself waiting for a guitar breakdown or a quiet moment that helps convey emotion. Helen Ceri Clarke's vocals have power, passion and attitude, Paul O'Brien's guitar work is tight, Penfold has the drums on lockdown along with bassist Jason Sims are in the pocket, holding it all together.  If you like rock music with heavy riffs, a few laid back tunes thrown in the middle for balance, melodic song structures and a female singer who can seriously belt it out, you will want to give, 'Monkeying Around' by Psycho Kiss a listen.  Get it and crank it up!  You wont be disapointed! - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine 

THE HUNT by BlackWolf
(Independent Release)

The long awaited debut release, 'The Hunt' from UK rockers Blackwolf will make you want to go back in time, climb into a black 1972 Dodge Charger, crank up the 8 Track player and tear it up down the highway to a keg party in the woods! Blackwolf is made up of Scott Sharp on vocals, Jason Cronin on rhythm guitar,  John Greenhill on lead guitar, Ben Webb on bass and  Thomas Lennox-Brown on drums. The album opens with the lead off single, "Mr. Maker" that sets the table up for a heavy dose of blues based rock with, "Keep Moving On", the foot stomping, "Moving Mountains",  "Faith In Me" and "Trouble". The band slow the pace down a bit with, "Only Said In Silence", then turning it up with "House Of Emerald Wine", the groove laden, "Raised On The Sun". The band finishes things off in a blaze of glory with "Sea Of Merry".  Sweet grooves that will get your lady's booty shaking. Catchy riffs that get stuck in your head.  The band's performance displays the kind of drive and commitment that is equal parts ballsy and relaxed. Tight musicianship, stellar vocals.  The band have gone above the call of duty with, 'The Hunt', greeting rock fans with a variety of powerful classic and contemporary sounding songs. 'The Hunt' is pure Rock 'N' Roll caviar and Blackwolf are the total package. - Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

ROOTS & WINGS by Stef Burns League
(Ultratempo Records)

Stef Burns is back! The guitarist, songwriter and performer who has performed along side artists such as Sheila E, Y&T, Berlin, Michael Bolton, Narada M. Walden, Alice Cooper (he also had a part in the film "Wayne's World") and Huey Lewis & the News. Five years after his previous outing, 'World Universe Infinity', Stef Burns unveils, 'Roots & Wings' together with fellow musicians, Roberto Tiranti -bass/vocals, Juan van Emmerloot - drums/vocals and Fabio Valdemarin - keys/guitar/vocals, they form The Stef Burns League. 'Roots & Wings,' a album that was four years in the making, is an impressive recording from start to finish. This album is more than just "catchy." Catchy it is, of course, but there is substance to this band. In a world with so many different dime-a-dozen rock bands, The Stef Burns League is a diamond in the rough. There's no weak link on this album with great performances from everyone especially Stef Burns' killer guitar playing and very strong and melodic vocals. The musical brilliance contained within this album sounds finely crafted. The production is also really good with a massive melodic rock sound and a crystal clear mix. Highlights include the upbeat lead off single, "What Doesn't Kill Us", "Something So Beautiful", the awesome rocking vibe of, "Paper Cup" and "Cover You". There are two instrumental tracks, the hauntingly beautiful, "Sky Angel" and cinematic splendor of, "Us", both exhibiting just how amazing a guitarist Stef Burns truly is. The album closes with the amazing layered vocals of "Patience". 'Roots & Wings' is guaranteed to provide many hours of melodic rock bliss to those patient enough to delve into the super-sized portion of sound presented here. It's refreshing to see a return to the basics of harmonious composition and great singing. There isn't a bad moment anywhere, not one bit of sappiness, annoyance, boredom, insufferability, or any other of the failings that have doomed countless promising albums. This is the kind of album where new sonic details emerge even after multiple repeated listenings. In a nutshell, if you love music, this album quite literally has everything you want. - Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

by Ty Tabor
(Molken Music)

Ty Tabor of King's X returns with his seventh release, 'Nobody Wins.. ..When Nobody Plays'. The diversity of sound between his previous recordings and this album is amazing. 'Nobody Wins.. ..When Nobody Plays', shoots for a mainstream pop rock feel in the vein of today's contemporary artists all the while still encompassing Ty's 70's rock influence and Beatles vocal tendencies.. All twelve tracks have their own stories to tell and Ty Tabor serves them up so well. Showcasing what everyone loves and expects from Tabor,  guitar-laden rock and pop with beautiful melodies. The psychedelic  "Tripped Inside Again" opens the album that sets the table of the audio ecstasy that awaits. Things pick up with "Time To See", "Senseless Paranoia," before down shifting with the melodic gem, "So Much Time". Other highlights are the Beatlistic vibe of "Call In A Mystery" and the powerful, "Go Missing" and closing title track. There isn't a song on this album I don't absolutely love. Every song gets into your head and will leave you singing along and getting out your air guitar. Many influences shine through, but they are always filtered through the musical genius that is Ty Tabor. Whatever your musical preference, 'Nobody Wins When Nobody Plays' is a highly-repeatedly-listenable album. Overall you get some real nice pop rock songs that really catch your ear with memorable hooks and vocals. If you've liked anything Ty Tabor has ever done, you need to get this album. - Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

IV MONUMENT by Sideburn
(Transubstans Records)

Swedish based rock juggernauts Sideburn unleash their fourth album, 'IV Monument'. The new album finds the band mixing a very potent retro hard rock sound that will appeal to both fans of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath as well as modern rock bands like Soundgarden and Wolfmother. The band is made up of, Jani Kataja on lead vocals, guitar,  Morgan Zocek on guitar, backing vocals Martin Karlsson on bass, organ, background vocals and Fredrik Haake on drums, percussion. Hooks: a musical idea or short riff, passage, or phrase that catches the ear of the listener. Some bands have `em, most don't. I'm hear to let you know Sideburn have `em in spades! Whether it's an extended blues jam or a short slice of bombastic heavy rock, Sideburn lay down hooks so tasty that everyone wants to take a bite!  Their sound heralds back to early 70's kraut and psych-rock with a modern twist. There are some really dynamite songs on 'IV Monument', the opening sledgehammer, "Diamonds" sets the tone of the mind shattering listening experience that awaits. "Fire And Water (not the Free classic) and "Tomorrow's Dream" are just as killer. "Silverwing" with it's Zepplish vibe and "Bring Down The Rain" are other winners in my book. The band definitely save the best for last with album closer, "Monument". Simply epic! Fantastic vocals from Jani Kataja whose vocals are a throwback to the very best days of rock music (past, present and future). And I have to say Martin Karlsson's bass is groovy and full of soul, and is so nice to hear prominently. So much bass work is lost and drown out in so many bands but definitely not here.  Morgan Zocek' s guitar work is  amazing and completely right up my alley, and compliments Jani Kataja's voice perfectly. While Fredrik Haake's thunderous drums lead the band along on each and every song. What an outstanding effort. I can listen to 'IV Monument' over and over again and it would kick my butt better every time. SIDEBURN are simply BADASS! - Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

(Pyshco Records)

The latest release from UK based rockers, Psycho Kiss, 'Bloodbath At The Disco', is full on rocker of a recording! Listening to this band is a breath of fresh air. Awesome hard rock with lots of teeth and great vocals. Psycho Kiss is, Helen Ceri Clarke on vocals, Paul O'Brien on lead guitar, Marvin Medwell on bass and Penfold on drums.  What makes Bloodbath At The Disco' stand out is the attitude, aggression, emotion with driving rhythms, great riffs and choruses you can shout along to. The title track, "Red White & Gold", "Conspiracy Whore", "Why Should I Care" and "Warpaint" are all standout tracks ( all ten tracks are killer), but the real show stealer is the rocking "In Your Groove" which is impossible not to rock out to. Forget about all the various rock subgenres. Sometimes all you need is something simple that rocks hard and gets the blood pumping, and Psycho Kiss is perfect for that. Helen Ceri Clarke is an amazing singer,  she delivers a ferocity and attitude that she belts out on every song. It's also nice to have a kick-ass sounding Frontwoman at the helm. Sometimes a pretty face is thrown in that role and there's no real attitude or substance. I feel that Helen Ceri Clarke is a force to be reckoned with, and could toe to to with any singer out there - male or female. This band is smokin' hot! Paul O'Brien' s guitar work sounds amazing! The rhythm section of Marvin Medwell and Penfold are rock solid and tight as a glove. If you love hard rock music, 'Bloodbath At The Disco' by Psycho Kiss is  a MUST HAVE album. With new bands like this hard rock and metal is in good shape. So go ahead, grab a 12 pack and crank this bad boy up! You will absolutely not be disappointed. Sing along choruses, loud guitars, killer riffs, cranking bass, it has it all! Enjoy! - Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

INTO THE STORM by Axel Rudi Pell
(Steamhammer Records)

German guitar wizard Axel Rudi Pell returns , right on schedule, in 2014 with his latest offering in the form of, 'Into The Storm'. Hardline vocalist Johnny Gioeli returns as well on lead vocals along with, Volker Krawczak on bass, Ferdy Doernberg on keyboards and  journeyman drummer Bobby Rondinelli on drums. I have to say,  Axel Rudi Pell is nothing if not dependabkle, and in addition to knocking out a new album every two years fans can always count on each new album sounding almost exactly like the albums that came before it. The formula goes something like this: start with a short instrumental introductory track. On this new album it's, "The Inquisitorial Procedure" then blazes right through a couple of high octane hard rockers "Tower Of Lies", "Long Way To Go" and "Burning Chains". After that it's time for a sweeping epic, "Touching Heaven" . Then do it all over again, with a couple more rockers and at least one ballad, before closing things out with the epic title track. Beyond the factors explored above, one can expect the well established Pell-guitar playing of extra thick Stratocaster riffs and melodic soloing as defined by Ritchie Blackmore. Hats off to Johnny Gioeli for another amazing and powerful vocal performance.  Chalk up another well put-together release from Axel Rudi Pell and company. If you're already a Axel Rudi Pell fan, you know that you're not getting anything you haven't heard before, and that you'll probably love 'Into The Storm' anyway. If you're new to Axel Rudi Pell  and looking for a place to start, this is as good an album as any. - Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

(AFM Records)
The latest release from power metal icons Silent Force comes to us in the form of, 'Rising From Ashes'. The new album shows exactly how melodic Power Metal has to sound in the 21st Century, honest, down to earth, powerful, cleverly arranged but not overly melodic. Silent Force is made up of, Michael Bormann (vocals), Alex Beydrodt (guitar), Alexxandro Del Vecchio (keyboards), Mat Sinner (bass) and Andre Hilgers (drums).  Just about every aspect of Silent Force's sound took a big step forward with 'Walk the Earth'. Michael Bormann and Alex Beyrodt turn in great performances. . The band is much tighter and more focused on melody than previous Silent Force offerings. "Caught In Their Wicked Game", "There Ain't No Justice" and "Born To Be A Fighter" are my favorites, but there isn't a single song on this album I'd consider filler. That's not something I could say about other Silent Force albums. 'Rising From Ashes' is easily the best Silent Force album to date, and is one of the better melodic metal albums I've heard in recent years. If Silent Force are able to continue making killer songs in this fashion then they can only flourish to bigger & better heights. I'd absolutely recommend it to fans of Jorn, Pink Cream 69, Vanden Plas, Pretty Maids, Starbreaker and Primal Fear. - Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

UP THE DOSAGE by Nashville Pussy
(Steamhammer Records)

They're back! Nashville Pussy Blaine Cartwright - guitars, vocals, Ruyter Suys - guitars, Bonnie Buitrago- bass and  Jeremy Thompson – drums return with their latest slab of ass kicking hard rock, 'Up The Dosage'. The new album is loaded with thirteen fast-paced, sharp songs plus two bonus tracks which impress with their homogeneity and stylistic complexity. 'Up The Dosage', takes up seamlessly where the  band's 2009 release 'From Hell To Texas' left off and goes turning it up a notch! 'Up The Dosage' is one of the most aggressively butt-kicking recordings you will hear this year. The band's frontman, Blaine Cartwright says this is their," Back In Black". From the moment you hit play the band goes for the throat with,"Everybody's Fault But Mine". Then you have ‘Rub It To Death’, a raw number with its Motörhead vibe. Also typical of Nashville Pussy is the title track which pulls NO punches from the first note, serving up a heavy load of a unrefined attitude through the driving bass. There are a few welcome surprises on 'Up The Dosage', the country whiskey soaked rocker "Hooray For Cocaine, Hooray For Tennessee", featuring dobro and mandolin, and "Till The Meat Falls Off The Bone", which has that old school Aerosmith meets Nashville Pussy vibe to it. If you want riffs, ”White And Loud", written by guitarist Ruyter Suys, with its doom-laden Black Sabbath flair deserves a mention. Nashville Pussy is and will always be an utterly unapologetic band, and more power to them. Their music may be devoid of manners, but you won't find more of an attitude anywhere. Like their idols Motorhead, Nashville Pussy is in relentless pursuit of reckless abandon. Their brand of sleazy barroom boogie rock centers exclusively on an all-Hell-is-about-to-break-loose ethos.  'Up The Dosage' is  110%. Attitude, energy, and raw talent. - Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @ Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine


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GRAVITAS by Furyon
(Frontier Records)

UK Rock outfit Furyon come out swinging for the fences with their potent and powerful debut release, 'Gravitas'. Raised on a healthy doses of heavy metal, progressive and classic rock, Furyon combine all these components for a Molatav cocktail of in your face hard rock that is unique and has a contemporary sound. What separates Furyon from the pack is the sheer quality of their musicianship. Boasting two killer guitarists in the form of Chris Green and Pat "The Shred" Heath, Furyon have few peers when it comes to the quality of their iconic riffs, and jaw dropping solos. Backing them up is one of the tightest rhythm sections the rock world has to offer with the awesome combination of Lee Farmery, and Alex (Nickel) Bowen. Leading the assault on your senses is the outstanding and powerful vocal versatility of Matt Mitchell, whose emotion drenched voice effortlessly moves between melodic and heavy. Delivering twelve huge rock radio ready songs that are guaranteed to get your juices flowing in no time flat!  From the opening, "Disappear Again" with it go for broke swagger that pulls no punches. To the super charged "Stand Like Stone" and the mid tempo mover, "Souvenirs" and sinister groove of "Don't Follow" that exhibit just how tight this band truly is with technically challenging, yet infectiously catchy musicianship. Furyon is dedicated to one sole purpose, making hard hitting songs that will stand the test of time.  From beginning to end, 'Gravitas' is chock full of some of the nastiest rhythm grooves you will ever hear. The sound quality is upfront, and will punish the finest of speakers. There are few bands that show any true skill except simple hard riffs and maybe a catchy, short and often extremely simplistic lead solo here and there. Furyon prove that there is still creativity to be found in today's Rock 'N' Roll universe. - Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access

(Original post date. 4/14/2013)
DREAMWORLD by Rage Of Angels
(Escape Music)

Rage of Angels is the brainchild of original Ten keyboard player Ged Rylands. His band's debut release, 'Dreamworld' features a "Who's Who" of the modern day AOR superstars.  Rage Of Angels main band is made up of, Martin Kronlud (Dog face, Salute) on guitars, Michael Carlsson on bass and Pera Johanssen on drums. Aside from having a solid band of impressive musicians to back him up, Ged called on a few friends. Some of the finest singers and musicians in today's melodic hard rock scene. Matti Alfonsetti (Jagged Uk) handling vocals on the album opening title track. Danny Vaughn (Tyketto) does an incredible job on "Spinnin' Wheel" and "Over And Over". Robert Hart (Bad Company) on, "Through It All" and "We Live, We Breathe, We Die", Tommy Denander (Radioactive) on "With The Beating Of Your Heart", Harry Hess (Harem Scarem) On, "See You Walking By", that reminded me of Harem Scarem's latest works. The chorus, the hook, the guitars the arrangements and everything about the song bleeds classic AOR. Primal Fear's Ralf Scheepers lends his set of powerful vocal chords on, "Falling". Then there is the epic guitar solo throwdown between Vinny Burns, Ralph Santolla, Martin Kronlud and Xander Demos on "Requiem For The Forgotten Soldier". The quality and talent of each and every superb musician that plays on it is unrivaled. From start to finish 'Dreamland' is a master-piece. Melodic rock at it's best. Geg Ryland and the other amazing singers and musicians who contributed to this recording should be so proud of themselves. If you are a fan of the Melodic Rock genre, it will hard for you not to love this recording.- Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

(Original post date- 7/13/2011)
(Realid Records)

The Southern California based rock and roll machine known as Kyng go straight for the jugular with their debut release, 'Trampled Sun'. The band have a unique and universal sound that is the perfect combination of heavy and melodic groove. Channeling influences from Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin to Soundgarden and Queens of the Stone Age. Kyng is made up of, Eddie Felix on vocals and guitars, Tony Castaneda on bass and Pepe Clarke on drums. This trio's approach of a sweet devastation bleeds from an artistic drive toward a momentum described as "California Heavy". The lead off single opens up the album with a bang and rumbles on with the relentless uptempo riffing of "Pushing and Pulling." The band tries a bunch of different stops, too, such as the doomy "Trampled Sun," or the melodic overtones in "Takes its Toll" or "Roses," and the outright balls to the wall "Trails of Tears." Even better is when the band really experiments with compositional variation, like the groove laden "Porcelain" that finishes off with a nasty tumbling funk groove that fades into pure bass line. The trio definitely save the best for last. The epic "The Beauty of the End/Shorelines 1 & 2" which opening echoes a  Pink Floyd vibe then at a drop of a dime goes straight up Sepltura all out assaultwith melodic vox, and ends with a magnificent key change with those massive dual-vocal harmony attack. Kyng are beyond power, they are  an experience. If you like bands that deliver the goods, who hold nothing back with the full package, then Kyng is just what the doctor ordered. The band's evolution will undoubtedly blaze a trail that will redefine  what is expected and defines the giants they destined  to become. Tap into the groove, run with the devil, turn on to the Kyng experience and enjoy the ride! - Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

(Mighty Music)

Swedish based rock band Killer Bee return with their latest release, 'Evolutionary Children'. Following up their 2012 release, 'From Hell And Back'. Killer Bee is made up of, Brian Frank - Vocals, Anders LA Ronnblom - Bass, Jimmy DeLisi - Lead Guitar, Denny DeMarchi - Keyboards/Rhythm Guitars and Morgan Evans - Drums. The energy on the album starts high and never lets up with their opening song, "Children Of The Evolution" from there on, the songs are tight and not one note is wasted or out of place. "A Little Too Old" and "All The Things You Say" have that vintage rock sound to them, "Ride On", "Let's Danze",  "Gimme A Taste" and "Scream It" are all stand out tracks as well. There is also some ballads like ‘Dust Of An Angel’ which features a smooth orchestral vibe and cool slide guitar that take you right back to the power ballad era. Kudos to vocalist Brian Frank for his rock solid vocals. He is one talented maestro who benefits from this immensely talented band whose chemistry is air tight. Overall, Killer Bee serves up hard rock music the way they use to make it.  I would recommend using the home stereo and cranking the volume up as loud as your ears and heart can take it. If you want great rock 'n' roll with great guitar work, sing-a-long choruses and heavy drum beats, Killer Bee's, ''Evolutionary Children' is sure to satisfy. - Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

TONE POET by Adrian Galysh
(Independent Release)

L.A. based guitarist, Adrian Galysh returns with latest work of art, 'Tone Poet'. Featuring twelve powerful tracks, four featuring vocals  provided by Mark Boals (Ring Of Fire/Yngwie Malmsteen). The album opens with the alluring instrumental piece, "Resurrects" drawing  you in with Galysh' s smooth hypnotic note bending then explodes into adrenaline rush that is, "Brick By Brick". Then there is the melodic rush of "When You Fall", the catchy groove of the riff laden "Flying" and the progressive cinematic tone of "Movie In Mind". The second half of the album is a dazzling display of instrumental variations and some of the most beautiful and inspiring music I've heard and some quite time featuring  bassist Philip Bynoe (Steve Vai, RIng of Fire), and grooves by world-class drummer, Todd Sucherman (STYX). I like the fact that Adrian Galysh expresses himself as a guitarist. He has style, and he's got loads of ability to match. He's got imagination to match his chops, and that definitely keeps things interesting. I wholeheartedly disagree with those who either have disdain for musical expression through fast playing or feel it is somehow immature or by definition lacking in substance. Just because one evolves in expressing oneself, it doesn't mean that you cannot feel the power, passion, anger or whatever emotion that can be expressed. I am referring to real musical expression not just finger exercises. Adrian Galysh definitely belongs in the former category and not the latter. "Luminae", "La Dolce Vita", the title track and "Epoch", all powerful songs each expressing varied emotions and are simply magical. The last three tracks, "Echoes of El Greco", "Ur Of The Chaldees" and "Spring (The Return)" are, in a word, EPIC! Each song is a perfect blend of grand orchestration and arrangement with everything from acoustic to world to neo-classical guitar. There is not only great guitar playing on this album, there are actually superb songs!  If you are content with the redundant garbage that is fed to you over the radio waves, this album is not for you. If you seek music that is different, moving, and mind expanding; your search is over, 'Tone Poet' is sure to satisfy and it's a keeper. The musicianship on this recording is truly world class. - Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

D:REI by Black Space Riders
(Black Space Records)

German based rock band, Black Space Rider return with their latest offering, 'D:REI' (DEFIANCE, RUIN, ESCAPE, BEYOND).  The band, Je on vocals and guitars, Sli on guitars/backing vocals, Saq on bass/backing vocals, Crip ondrums/backing vocals and Seb on vocals/movements, space), serve up what I would describe as a auditory mind blowing experience that hits your senses like a jackhammer!  In fact, there's nothing altogether straightforward about the band's sound except, well, that they f***ing rock!  You must have at least 21 minutes and preferably 46 minutes of time to yourself, with the volume up, to fully appreciate the genius and skillfull endurance that is this Black Space Riders release. It is not dinner music. This is just a sheer heavy guitar groove with a phenomenal rhythm section that is broken up into four parts. The opening introductory part "D" simply serves as a cacophonic appetizer to the classic and seemingly endless guitar/bass/drum assault that made me wonder what it would have been like if I had been exposed to something like this while in high school. I never would have come out of my room and my headphones would be dead! "Stare At The Water", "Bang Boom War (Outside My Head)" and "Rising From The Ashes Of Our World" are  face-melting, spaced out, effects-heavy glory. It's like they're powered by nuclear fusion. While the songs featured in the "R" section, "Give Gravitation To The People", "Way To Me", "Temper Is Rising", "The God- Survivor" are anchored by mind-bending riffs of massive slabs of intense guitar. As intense as the first two parts were, the musical experience with the next chapters, "E" with, "I See", "Leave", "Space Angel (Memitim)"and "I" with, "Major Tom Waits", "Letter To A Young One" and "The Everlasting Circle Of Infinity" are quite the opposite. A psychedelic head trip of the third kind. What really makes Black Space Riders extraordinary is their endurance. They just play. And play. And play. Black Space Riders have a knack for knowing exactly when and how to let their riffs and rhythmic patterns breathe and comfortably regroup, bypassing what could turn into quick listener fatigue in lesser hands. - Highly Recommended
Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine