Friday, January 29, 2016

CD REVIEW: WHITE BEAR by The Temperance Movement

by The Temperance Movement
(Earache Records)

The highly anticipated sophomore release from UK's The Temperance Movement comes in the form of, 'White Bear'. After being thoroughly impressed with their self titled debut, I was eager to hear what the lads would come up with next. So, was it a hit or miss? I would have to say after listening to the album a couple of times already the band has delivered a hit!  It just gets better and better with every listen, where more layers are revealed . The songs definitely lodge themselves into your head. The new album certainly has fewer ballads than their debut. The new songs have texture, groove laden guitar riffs and structure. Phil Campbell's soulful vocal delivery continues to shine throughout. The rest of the band better and tighter than ever. Standout tracks for me are; ' Modern Massacre", "I Hope I'm Not Losing My Mind and "Battle Lines". The title track, "Oh Lorraine" and "The Sun And The Moon Roll Around To Soon", are great as well. Often when it comes to a band's sophomore release they tend to rush things as a result the outcome can be disappointing. Not the case with The Temperance Movement, these lads have produced something that is possibly even better than what they their first around. The feelgood factor is definitely here in spades. Overall, an amazing recording by one of the most talented British rock bands in the music world today. If you enjoyed the band's debut you're certainly in for a treat with 'White Bear'. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


RUBBERNECK, EP by Rubberneck
(Independent Release)

UK based funk rockers from Derby, Rubberneck serve up music that makes you want to open all your windows wherever you are and crank the volume all the way up. Cain Paisley, vocals/guitar, Dan Griffiths, bass and Greg Krysztofowicz on drums. The four songs that make up the band's latest EP , "Leaders Of The Free World", "Funkium DiRockxide", "Drugs" and "Can't Fool Me". exhibits a perfect mix of soulful funk, blues, and R&B influences. There is a melody in each song, instrument chops, and that special 'something' that says 'this is a great song', and you have to listen to it all. Cain Paisley is a true talent in every sense of the word... perfect guitar playing and solid vocals. Some parts of it remind me of Richie Kotzen, and others of Lenny Kravitz. While the rhythm section of bassist, Dan Griffiths and drummer Greg Krysztofowicz have a tight chemistry that gives the band a solid foundation. If you love solid groove oriented rock high level of musicianship this four song EP will not be disappointing, there's just too much talent to be a let down. Rubberneck are not playing to the stereotypes, they channel something original and special that has me hoping there are more releases from them. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Friday, January 22, 2016

CD REVIEW: NATURAL BEHAVIOR by Sandford Music Factory

 by Sandford Music Factory
(SMF Records)

Sandford Music Factory return their latest release, 'Natural Behavior. This amazing band from Spain have advanced and progressed in ways that amaze me. Fernán Varela vocals, Xurxo García guitars,Miguel Anxo González drums, David Lourido Bass. They combine a Progressive Rock leanings with Rock and Roll, Hard Rock, and hints of Jazz, while never abandoning the distinctive sound that makes them unmistakably, Sandford Music Factory. The band as a whole shows off its versatility. They are tight, imaginative and articulate. Fernán Varela's voice is perfectly suited for this material and Xurxo García 's guitar playing is on point and the rhythm section of Anxo González and David Lourido hold down the perfect bottom end. The music on this album is powerful.  Every song on the disc is top notch, "Showtime ","Throwing Dices", "Behind The Mirror" and "Dead End Track" are all killer tunes. "Seconds" and "Fade Blue Away " are both very good as well. There is a brilliant sense of flow and a lot of variety, and crucially no song feels unnecessary or out of place. These gentlemen are apparently unfettered by the "expectations/requirements" of the music industry. 'Natural Behavior' is truly an engaging album. Overall; A immensely enjoyable recording that I enjoyed experiencing from start to finish and would whole-heartedly recommend to anyone who loves quality music. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


(Grooveyard Records)

The name of this  juggernaut of a project says it all, Mountain Of Power the brainchild of guitarist Janne Stark has once again delivered the goods. Assembling some of the planet's most powerful guitarist , including, Martin J. Andersen from Blindstone, Brett Ellis, Jay Jesse Johnson, Mike Onesko, former Europe guitarist, Kee Marchello, Ken Hammer from Pretty Maids and finest vocalists including, Carl Dixon of Coney Hatch, David Angstrom from Supafuzz/Black Cat Bone and Roger Solander from Dust/Lugnet. While all the vocalist featured give outstanding performances, it's guitar performances that are the highlight of this album with Martin J. Andersen, Brett Ellis and Mike Onesko giving the best performances, but really all the six string samurais featured deliver near religious shredding experiences.  All twelve tracks are supercharged and loaded for bear. Highlights include, "Give It Everything We Got", "It's A Jungle Out There", "Raging River Of Fear" and a pleasant surprise, a awesome take on an April Wine classic, "Silver Dollar" with Carl Dixon of Coney Hatch on vocals. Also closing out the album is the epic Kansas medley, "Death Of Mother Nature Suite/Child Of Innocence". talk about closing it out in a blaze of glory, WOW!  You simply cannot go wrong with this recording if you dig solid, hard-edged guitar powdered blues-rock. This set rocks so amazing it's incredible. If you were blown away with Volumes 1 and 2, then this latest installment will knock your socks off big time. Mountain Of Power Volume Three is truly a guitar player lover's wet dream. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

BRIDGE TO MARS by Bridge To Mars

BRIDGE TO MARS by Bridge To Mars
(Pride & Joy Music)

Their influences range from, Led Zeppelin, Thin Lizzy, Yes, The Black Crowes, The Who, Soundgarden,  Rush, Black Sabbath, Van Halen and ABBA. That is pretty much what you will experience from the self titled debut release from the Swedish based power rock trio, Bridge To Mars. JJ Marsh:  guitar/vocals (Glenn Hughes/Hughes Turner Project), Robert Hansen bass (Beardfish) and Thomas Broman: drums and cowbell (Silver Ginger 5/ Conny Bloom). The songs on this album have solid grooves with powerful chord progressions and melodies that are memorable but inventive. From the opening track, "Days That Never Came", with its spaced out arrangements and smooth vocals to the next track "Mirror Magic Spirits" with it's melodic and tasteful guitar work the band plows through 7 more songs , each one unusual and totally original. It's just the whole vibe the band puts on to these tracks that doesn't make just one person stand out over the other two. This is a band in all manner of the word. The album carries a totally positive vibe with lyrics easily digestable and plenty on the amazing guitar work by JJ Marsh. When I listen to this album I hear a band  expressing themselves honestly through highly personal lyrics and exceptionally complex music. It is also that rarest of treats: a rock solid album from start to finish. A very strong debut outing definitely worth checking out - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Monday, January 18, 2016


by Brett Ellis Band
(Grooveyard Records)

'Electrified Live', the highly anticipated debut LIVE release from the Brett Ellis Band is 100 % pure blues rock fury unleashed! Brett Ellis on vocals and guitar, Rick Nash in bass and Calvin Lakin on drums. What this power blues rock trio have created here is is a blues/rock guitar-driven 4th degree assault on your ears. If you are looking for something to brush the cobwebs out of your skull, this bad boy will do the trick. From the opening slew of licks to the last note, this live performance is top-notch. Players like Brett Ellis show that the blues is by no means dead, and he proves it in this performance. This man is more then just a guitar player that plays fast, he is an emotional guitar player, that plays with feeling, and he might play fast, but it sounds good, and has feeling. I tend to like the uptempo rock blues numbers best: here my favorite, "Keeping The Rock Alive", "Stone Cold Killer", the bluesy, "Empty Bottle", "Angel", "My Own Way". The set has something for everyone. There's even a smoking cover of Jimi Hendrix's classic ,"Freedom". To anyone who says the blues are boring, let this album be a lesson to them. Who says you can't shred the blues, anyway? - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Sunday, January 17, 2016


SALVATION ROAD by Super Vintage
(Grooveyard Records)

Super Vintage's latest release, 'Salvation Road', finds the band giving us a newer sounding style it has to be admitted that this band is more retro, making you think back to the Seventies, or thereabouts. There is nothing wrong with this, because they give us such a great solid rock sound, and we all like a bit of retro at times. The line up for this recording are, Stavros Papadopoulos- Vox, Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Panagiotis Zabourlis- Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Giorgos Filoppelou- Bass and Lazaros Simitsis- Drums.  'Salvation Road' has so much range. It's a statement of what the band sees and is able to capture musically.  To coin the old phrase - "All killer no filler". In my view, there isn't bad track on the album. If you like 70's style classic rock, with raspy vocals, & catchy guitar riffs this is the album for you. Highlights for me would be, the title track, the foot stomping, "Broke", "Wounded Horse", "Holy Ground", "Seize The Day" and the album closing, "Queen Never Born". A terrific ride of an recording that shows, in complete contrast to the depressing wailings of the trendy indie set, just how joyful and exuberent music can and should be, and how tremendous it can make you feel. Super Vintage have crafted an explosive album filled with steely licks and explosive melodies you'll be playing air guitar to after the first listen. There is something for everyone here. This is definitely music for those who love that good classic sound and enjoy having it blasting out. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society


INFINITY by Marys Creek
(Escape Music)

Marys Creek return with their sophomore release, 'Infinity',  an even better album than their powerful debut, 'Some Kind Of Hate'. The new album is packed with great rock tunes played by a tight band. Mats Nilsson (vocals), Jonas Hallberg (guitar), Peter Bergkvist (guitar), Roger Blomberg (bass) and Stefan Halldin (drums). As the album unfolds it becomes clear that consistency is something the band has aimed for. The thick textures of the guitars, the drums of Stefan Halldin getting underneath and behind the tunes all topped off by Mats Nilsson's vocals work a certain charm, if ever there was a restrained and tasteful way of recording an album so that everything was louder than everything else then it's been achieved here.  The group's versitility and song selection is a real joy to hear. Every song has a different and unique sound. My favourite tunes....well they would include ,"Hypnotized", "Into Infinity", "On The Other", "Blinded By Darkness" and "My Own Enemy".  The power inherent in the overall sound certainly keeps on making you want to push the volume up just one more notch. Overall, 'Infinity' is a well-written, well-executed rock album. It is as creative as it is powerful, as melodic as it is heavy, as epic as their debut and yet brings a new color, a new shade to their canvas. Take heed, rock fans. With this album, Marys Creek will finally get the respect they deserve. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Saturday, January 16, 2016


LUGNET by Lugnet
(Pride & Joy Music)

Swedish based hard rockers Lugnet come out swinging for the fences with their self titled debut release. The thing that makes this release shine is the music. Six very talented musicians making one helluva record. A collection of 70's influenced blues hard rock ala Deep Purple and heavier version of Badlands that is raw and loaded with emotion. The band is powered by Roger Solander (vocals), Marcus "Mackan" Holten (guitar), Danne "Bonden" Jansson (guitar), Lennart "Z" Zethzon (bass), Fredrik Jansson (drums) and Bruno Erminero (keyboards). The first thing that struck me about this album is the fantastic groove throughout that never at any point becomes tiresome. Sumptuous time changes and riff chopping/changing that simply floors you as a listener, making you guess the next direction they will take makes this a display of refined and ultimately skilful playing. Stand out tracks for me on the album are the riff oriented drive of, "All The Way " a fast-paced rocker that sets the up the table of the rocking that awaits your senses. The ball busting "Sails" that has a wicked hook. The the foot stomping "Veils" and the laid back bluesy swagger of "Tears In The Sky" and adrenaline pumping, "It Ain't Easy", highlighted by the powerful vocal prowess of Roger Solander.  The sound and soul of this band is so tight that every note just bleeds "perfection". Any true hard rock fan will definitely love what Lugnet dish out with the powerhouse of a release. Crank it up and get lost in the raw emotion of the music. What a rush!- Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society


(Grooveyard Records)

If you like blues infused, rock music, you will love enjoy Super Vintage's 'Rock N Roll For Your Soul'. Based in Greece, the band was formerly known as Hush 'N Rush and is comprised of, Stavros Papadopoulos- Vocals, , Lead &Rhythm Guitar, Panagiotis Zabourlis- Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Panos Karathanasis-Bass and Lazaros Simitsis-Drums. The vocals are clean yet raspy, the guitars heavy yet melodic.  Paying homage to some of the great rock bands without being pretentious one bit.  I hear everything from Warren Haynes and Doyle Bramell in Stavros Papadopoulos' vocals, hints of Gov't Mule. in the rhythm section and great guitar riffs that would make Gary Rossington and Rickey Medlocke smile! This album rocks front to back. Loaded with tons of blues rock swagger and takes no prisoners. From the rocking, "Sing Me A Rockin' Song" to the  attitude and swagger of tracks like "Heart N' Soul", " Wise Mama", "Ship Never Sailed", and "Don't Lay Down". While tracks like, "Until Tomorrow", "Happy N' Lazy", "Salvation", "Get Away" and "Ball And Chain" show off their writing talents.  The synergy of this band is air tight.  'Rock N' Roll For Your Soul' from Super Vintage is one hot, smoking, rocking recording that needs to be in everyone's collection. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Friday, January 15, 2016


COLOUR OF NOISE by Colour Of Noise
(Townsend Music)

Colour Of Noise is the new classic rock band from the UK that consists of guitarist Bruce John Dickinson (Little Angels) , singer Matt Mitchell (Furyon and Pride), Randy Nixon on drums, Dan Lundholm ( keyboards/rhythm guitars) and ‘Silent’ Ben Daniels on bass. The band's self titled debut oozes the vibes of the 70's back when real rock bands ruled the world, such as Zeppelin, Free, Bad Company etc, and blends this with more modern bands such as The Answer and Rival Sons. The album mainly consists of full-out rockers, "Can You Hear Me", "Can't Take It With You", "Temptation" and "Rock Bottom". What Colour Of Noise have delivered here with this album  is truly impressive, and demonstrates their obvious talent as musicians. However, they have more than just skill, their is clearly rock solid chemistry between them. Matt Mitchell 's soulful vocals and Bruce John Dickinson's searing guitar-work is backed up perfectly by Ben Daniels' pounding bass lines and Randy Nixon's awesome drumming to create something truly special. Great tunes and music played with the right attitude. Ultimately, this is an album of superb quality, and should be a staple album for any genuine rock fans - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


(Independent Release)

The lads from Wigan Northwest England are back with their new Ep, Stone Soldiers'. Vocalist Antony Ellis, dual lead guitarists Sam Millar and Mick McCullagh, Bassist Matt Avery and Drummer Tom Aspinall deliver the rock and roll goods and hold nothing back. 'Stone Soldiers' is the kind of recording that you can totally sink your teeth into. The title track, "In The Gutter", "Run", "Just Like Me" and "Blame It On The Dog". All five tracks are testosterone loaded with attitude and swagger for days. Bigfoot are truly an awesome band, these guys rock. I know it sounds cliche, but they do. When I listen to these lads bands like, Raging Slab, The Four Horsemen, Pride & Glory,  Little Caesar, Junkyard come to mind. Bigfoot have truly taken their hard rock sound to the next level.  They've  developed musically and the songs all have their own character. At this rate of progression their next recordings could be absolutely stunning. Until then, enjoy 'Stone Soldiers'
in all its glory. If the band keep honing their craft Bigfoot could be name we shall not soon forget. 2016  looks to be a very promising for these lads. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


by Resurrection Kings
(Frontier Records)

The latest supergroup to come to life comes in the form of the Resurrection Kings. The band features the talents of 
Craig Goldy, former Dio/Guiffria guitar player. Veteran singer, Chas West (Tribe Of Gypsies/Bonham), Sean McNabb (Burning Rain/Dokken) on bass and Vinny Splice (Dio/Kill Devil Hill) on drums. For those into 80’s hard rock/ metal,  Resurrection Kings' music may sound sort of familiar. Albums like, Dio's 'Dream Evil' and Whitesnake's 'Slip Of The Tongue' come to mind. The songs are mostly mid-tempo, with an epic, vibe. The structure is often based on melody, rather than a simple repetitive riff, and minor scales adding a dark mysterious richness. Overall the album features high quality material (as expected by such a stellar line up) with explosive riffs, melodic solos, and a rock solid rhythm section. Craig Goldy is a tremendous guitarist, but it is clear that Resurrection Kings is about constructing quality songs, with a big arena sound, rather being a vehicle to showcase the band's prodigious talents. This is hard rock music where you can understand the lyrics, and genuinely groove to the music. Most of the songs are very strong and easily accessible, "Distant Prayer", "Livin' Out Loud", "Wash Away", Who Did You Run To" and "Don't Have To Fight No More", seem to standout a bit more. Resurrection Kings is a band that just plain rocks! These are guys can not only play, but also know how to craft listenable songs. It may sounds very simple, but it is an ability that eludes many immensely gifted musicians. After this most impressive debut, hopefully Resurrection Kings can keep it together for some time to come. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society