Wednesday, January 24, 2018


(Steamhammer Records)

UK rock icons, Magnum are back with their 20th release, 'Lost On The Road To Eternity'. Another powerful effort and as soon as you press play and the opening riffs of "Peaches And Cream" fire out of your speakers you know you have a Magnum album. From Tony Clarkin's stimulating guitar work combined with Bob Catley's gritty and unique vocals proving that after all these years they still can rock out with the best of them. Other highlights include, "Show Me Your Hands", "Storm Baby", the title track, the lead off single, "Without Love", "Tell Me What You've Got To Say" and "Glory To Ashes", but all the songs are good and hit their marks. The production sounds organic and natural; clear and as perfect a rock sound as you would want. The quality of musicianship is on point and there is essences of classical sounds, with a imprint of that trademark Magnum vibe, strong musical corridors and a decent array of rock riffs sandwiched comfortably within a set of dynamic and well constructed songs. All in all, 'Lost On The Road To Eternity' is a premium rock album. Bob Cately's voice sounding better than ever with Tony Clarkin really pushing his vocals and Catley responding. Tony Clarkin's work on the guitar is stellar and solid as always. He is undoubtedly the most under-rated guitarist as well as under-rated songwriter in the UK, if not the world. If you ask me this album proves that Magnum deserve to be far better known than they are. Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Friday, January 19, 2018


(Grooveyard Records)

The real joy of Jimmy Ryan's latest release, '21st Century Riffology' is the fantastic music this amazing guitarist
paints. Wonderfully varied landscapes on this tour de force of amazing guitar playing and soaring music. Every track offers something different. The guitar playing and tone are astonishing, the sound quality is great. From the hard-rocking tracks like, "Speedloader", "Thor's Hammer", "Stompbox" to the mid tempo burners like, "Untamed" and "Ad Astra" to the slow burning bluesy sway of, "Stardust". Jimmy Ryan's mind blowingly virtuosic music is spellbinding.. His playing is brilliant and stays away from cliche's. That often means eccentric and hard to listen too tones and stylings. Not on this, it is different but a joy to listen too. Inspirational if you play the guitar yourself. Besides your jaw hitting your chest any number of times, this is very accessible guitar virtuosity. Jimmy Ryan is one of the best guitar players I have heard in a long time. He is out of this world talented and knows how to make his guitar sing. Overall, I think this recording displays a well assortment of different musical styles and gives us a taste of the genius that is Jimmy Ryan. '21st Century Riffology' is free of ego boosting trickery and concentrates on composition and content. This album is, simply put, awesome, and is a must for all rock music fans and especially those who are into guitar music. This is the album to have!
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


RE-COVERED by Mike Onesko
(Jib Machine Records)

Being a fan of Mike Onesko's work in Guitar Army and work with the Blindside Blues Band, I was excited to hear what he would bring to the table with his latest solo endeavor, 'Re-Covered', a 10 track reinterpretation of classic rock songs given that Onesko touch. Once I hit play, I was immediately reminded why I was so impressed by his guitar playing. Powerful guitar work that is an inspiring tribute to the masters like Robin Trower, Jimi Hendrix, and Jimmy Page. Onesko's playing just hits you right in the face and soars through your ear drums in a way only a seasoned guitarist deliver. 'Re-Covered'  is a testament of his prowess serving up his vision on  classic rock staples. The album opens with two fiery takes of the Robin Trower classics, "Day Of The Eagle" and "Bridge Of Sigh", followed up by a steaming take on the Steppenwolf's "Sookie Sookie" and from there its Mike Onesko putting on a guitar clinic on classics like, "Fire" (Arthur Brown)), "Eleanor Rigby" (Beatles), "Hey Joe" (Hendrix) and "Wishing Well"(Free).  Any blues or rock n' roll fan who hasn't heard of this amazing guitarist  is missing out on some hot music and even hotter guitar playing.  If you like the electric blues and the vintage sound from the past you should give this album a listen.  While 'Re-Discovered' is a covers album it a great way to, if you haven't yet, "Discover", Mike Onesko. His guitar playing is superb and he really puts feeling into the guitar. The ability to mix various influences into his style of blues and his talent on guitar is "Aces" in my book.
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society


CUP OF TEARS by Devoid
(Melodic Rock Records)

Further evidence that real music, especially heavy metal/melodic rock hasn't gone extinct, Devoid come unto the scene making a strong statement with their powerful debut release, 'Cup Of Tears'. The band is comprised of, Shad Mae (guitars), Carsten Lizard Schulz (vocals), Jorris Guilbaud (keyboardss), Ben Toquet (bass) and Ben Wanders (drums). Along with special guest appearances by Mattias Ia Eklundh (Freak Kitchen - guitar), Henrik Danhage (Evergrey - guitar), Daniel Palmqvist (Beyond The Katakomb - guitar) and Magnus Karlsson (Primal Fear/The Ferrymen - guitar). Just an unreal combination of musicians. The music on this album is first rate. pure melodic laced metal all the way. the band pulling no punches with. great riffs and melody to be had here. not a bad song in the bunch. killer tracks like "Soldiers", "Collective Heart", "The Clock Is Ticking" and "Killing Hands" will get your head banging and heart racing in no time. As will, the melodic "Colours Fade To Grey",  title track and the album closing instrumental "Hollow Point". Everything is perfectly mixed: from Shad Mae's crunch-laden guitar riffs, to the earth-moving bass section, to Carsten Lizard Schulz's energizing vocals. It's all done with masterful precision. The result: there is nothing to annoy or distract, allowing the listener to simply focus on the music and the incredible performances throughout. All in all, this is a fantastic and well-crafted album. If you're into melodic laced metal music this is an album you are certain to enjoy. This album grabs you from the start and doesn't let up 'till it's over.
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Thursday, January 11, 2018


BACK WITH A VENGEANCE by Sainted Sinners
(El Puerto Records)

Sainted Sinners return with their highly anticipated sophomore release ‘Back With A Vengence’. David Reece on vocals, Frank PanĂ© On guitars, Malte Frederik Burkert on bass and Berci Hirleman On drums. There is not a dull moment anywhere on this album. It is intense from the opening to the end. David Reece on vocals is again a revelation, Frank PanĂ© gives a master class on guitar, Berci Hirleman produces masterful percussion and Malte Frederik Burkert finish off a recipe that can't fail to produce a banquet of powerful rock music. From the raw but melodic aggression of “Rise Like A Phoenix”, which is everything a hard rock song should be, to the adrenaline powered tracks like, the lead off single, “Burnin' The Candle”,  the title track, that has that "Hot For Teacher" vibe to it,  While Frank Pane channels his inner Schenker on “Nothing Left To Lose”,and “When The Hammer Falls”. This is some of the best hard rock you will hear this year and it will restore your faith in a music business that has sadly become more about marketing and less about creativity. With this sophomore effort, Sainted Sinners deliver a very enjoyable slab of driving  rock music that begs to cranked up to maximum volume!
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society


ELECTRIC PASSION by Freerock Saints
(Grooveyard Records)

Blues based rockers from Greece, Freerock Saints return with their energizing sophomore effort, 'Electric Passion'. Just like their smoking debut outing, 'Blue Pearl Union', the band serve up a premium blend of hard driving riffs and passion filled vocals that will hit you right between the eyes. It's, raw, energetic, soulful, imaginative and boundary-pushing. Fronted by the awesome vocal talents of Areti Valavanopoulou (whose vocals remind me of a hybrid mix of Lynne Jackman from Saint Jude and Dale Krantz from Rossington-Collins), along with from Super Vintage/Universal Hippies, Stavros Papadopoulos on the guitars. This recording doesn't have a dull moment on it. You can play it straight from beginning to end without wanting to skip anything. From the second, "Made For Freedom" fires out of your speakers the band have your undivided attention and having you craving for more and they deliver the goods in spades. "Reason To Live", the adrenaline powered, "Rocking In The Fast Lane", "Sing Child" and the down dirty swagger of, "Blind" are all guaranteed to get your rock and roll adrenaline pumping in no time! Raw-bones rock music that is pack with swagger and passion. Influenced with a classic rock sound without rehashing someone else's back catalog. The bottom line here is, The Freerock Saints are the real deal,  and they rock like a Mother!
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Tuesday, January 9, 2018


STARTING GUN by The Bad Flowers
(Independent Release)

The UK blues rock trio, The Bad Flowers unleash their highly anticipated full length debut, 'Starting Gun' proving that rock music is alive and kicking in a fierce way! Big, bold, driving, and energetic. The Bad Flowers is powered by, Tom Leighton on guitar/vocals, Dale Tonks on bass/vocals and Karl Selickis on drums. Normally, bands that I would describe as Blues Rock can sometimes be nothing more than a few blues licks incorporated into hard/ melodic rock or a blues act turning their amps up to 11. The Bad Flowers however can rightly be called a Blues Rock outfit. Mixing the two genres into one energy-laden sound, that is loud and clear. That energy is evident from the out-set. Opening with the super charged, "Thunder Child", with no letting up from there as the trio go full throttle with "Lion's Blood", "Secrets" and "Rich Man".  Other highlights include ,"Hurricane" and "City Lights". If there was ever a recording that begged to be cranked to maximum volume, this would be one such recording.  I wil say this, if you crave the days when rock music was powerful, fast and right out there, this album will surely satisfy. The bottom line here is, 'Starting Gun' by The Bad Flowers is loaded with blues rock fury that is beefy, loud, and chock-full of energy.  It has it all from strong vocals, in your face guitars, groove laden bass riffs and up front hard hitting drums. This trio have definitely deliver the goods in spades.
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Best Of 2017 Honor Roll @ The Dedicated Rocker Society Pt 3

2017 Honor Roll @ The Dedicated Rocker Society
To all the bands/artist that made this year a rocking one for us @ The DRS we say, THANK YOU!

Here are our picks for 2017
(in no particular order)
Part Three

-Psychotic Symphony by Sons Of Apollo
The Sons Of Apollo have truly delivered a work of art here. Everyone is involved on this album to a great degree and the production is exceptional.  My hat goes off to the Sons Of Apollo on this amazing and powerful debut album. 

-A New World Arise by ColdSpell
-Electrified by Black Water Rising
-Tall Dark Secrets by Fiction Syxx
-Samarkind by Samarkind
-Made In New York by American Mafia
-Sing It Loud by Romeo Riot
-MK II by Vandenberg’s Moon Kings
-Shotgun Slinger by L.A. Cobra
-Black Butterfly by Steve Walsh

-Long Way Back To The Moon by Galactic Cowboys
A triumphant return for the Galactic Cowboys. Was it worth the wait? Hell yeah it was! Welcome back boys!

-Striker by Striker
-MOTH by Moth
-From The Fires by Greta Van Fleet
-Life Imitating Art by Dave Friday Band
-Unstoppable by Radio Sun
-Heavy Living by Dirty Thrills
-Sins Of Greed by Madman’s Lullaby
-Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown by Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown
-Mind Over Matter by Walk On Fire
-High Strangeness by Mothership

-It’s About Time by Satin
'Its About Time' verifies, that the craft of his debut did not occur by chance. If you are even remotely a fan of Melodic AOR Rock, this album is for you.

-Blues-O-Delic Celebration: A Tribute To The Blues by Blindstone
-Snakes & Ladders by Shakra
-Incendiary by Code Red
-Battlezone by Scherer/Batten
-Jetset Royals by Jetset Royals
-Worlds Best Hope by All 41
-Electric Passion by Freerock Saints
-What’s Inside Trixie’s Closet by Closet Monster 96
-Blues And Beyond by Gary Moore
-Raintimes by Raintimes

Best of 2017 Honor Roll @ The Dedicated Rocker Society Pt 2

2017 Honor Roll @ The Dedicated Rocker Society
To all the bands/artist that made this year a rocking one for us @ The DRS we say, THANK YOU!

Here are our picks for 2017
(in no particular order)

Part Two
The Tommy Paris Band by The Tommy Paris Band
A solid hard rock album with attitude done right and is what any rock fan would expect and that is 100% unapologetic and ass-kickin' hard rock that begs cranked to maximum volume so you can feel the music. 

-Edge Of Free by Edge Of Free
-Heavy Fire by Black Star Riders
-Halfway There by Mark Slaugther
-Revolution Come Revolution Go.. by Gov't Mule
-We’re All In This Together by Walter Trout
-Legacy by The Cadillac Three
So You Wanna Be An Outlaw by
-Steve Earle and the Dukes
-Ruff Justice by Crazy Lixx
-Magic Valley by Goodbye June
-Death Race by Magnetico
-Going The Distance by Jimmy Davis and Junction

Monumentum by Eclipse
Eclipse have come up with a winning formula by cranking up the guitars, keeping the pedal to the floor foot and given the melodic rock genre a big sock in the jaw that would make Connor McGregor proud!

-Scatterbrain by KXM
-Monumentum by 20 Dark Seven
-Swallow by Burnt Out Wreck
-All About Time by Stone Broken
-Second Nature by Lionheart
-Black Oak County by Black Oak County
-United by Harem Scarem
-II by Inglorious 

Ride The Storm by Don Barnes
For me, listening to this album reminded why I became a fan of Don Barnes. Though the wait was long, it was definitely worth it!

-Through Mystery by The Bloody Heels
-Unify by World Trade
-Born From Fire by The Quill
-Kryptonite by Kryptonite
-One More For The Road by The New Roses
-MMXVI by Grand Masquerade
-Black Bambi by Black Bambi
-Disciples By Design by Prismind
-Anywhere But Here by Black Aces
-10 X 10 by Ronnie Montrose featuring Eric Singer and Ricky Phillips
-Hard To Kill by Heaven & Earth
-BCCIV by Black Country Communion

-Solo Recordings Volume 3 by Steve Hill
Steve Hill is a true original who richly deserves all the accolades coming his way. 

-Headstrong by Pink Cream 69
-Retribution by Jeff Scott Soto
-Re-Covered by Mike Onesko
-A Deeper Understanding by War On Drugs

(Part Three)