Monday, June 29, 2015


by Screaming Eagles
(Off Yer Rocka Recordings)

The highly anticipated follow-up to the Screaming Eagles barnstorming debut, 'From The Flames', does not disappoint. It should also come as no surprise to anyone that, 'Stand Up And Be Counted' picks up where their debut left off.  After all, these Irish rockers set out their stall in considerable style.  The band is comprised of, Chris Fry on vocals, Adrian McAleenan on guitars, Ryan Lilly on bass and Kyle Cruikshank on drums. In the world of hard rock originality is not particularly prized. The real treasure lies in forging a fistful of hard rocking songs and turning them into glorious, mind-blowing, max-volume gold. It’s harder than it sounds, but these lads have it down. Much like their debut first this album is still very riff based with plenty of guitar solos, heavy  and pure drums. Delivering cheap thrills with no questions asked, 'Stand Up And Be Counted' is an exuberant celebration of youthful verve, vitality and, inevitably, rebellion. 'Stand Up And Be Counted' is loaded with excellent fist pumping, foot stomping, head banging tracks on here, such as, "Ready For The Fall", the lead off single, "Save Me", the title track, the funked up swagger of, "Chase You Down" and foot stomping "Breakin' All The Rules'. If this album doesn't make you pound your feet on the floor, max out on the air guitar while standing on the coffee table, or get your hands punching the air, then you're either not alive, or from another planet! 'Stand Up And Be Counted' is an album well worth getting for any rock fan, from now or the 70's or anywhere in between. The Screaming Eagles are a  real breath of fresh air in the modern music world. Rock N Roll is most definitely still alive! - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Saturday, June 27, 2015

CD REVIEW: ARMY OF THREE by Virgil & Accelerators

ARMY OF THREE by Virgil & Accelerators
(Mystic Records)

UK Blues rock trio, Virgil & Accelerators return with their highly anticipated sophomore release, 'Army Of Three', produced by the legendary Chris Tsangarides. The trio are comprised of, Virgil McMahon - Guitar/Vocals : Jack Timmis - Bass/Vocals and Gabriel McMahon Drums. 'Army Of Three'  has a harder rock edge than their debut outing, 'Radium'. One of this album strengths is that, as well as being a balls to wall rocker of an album, is variety and the solid song writing. The trio put that on display holding nothing back as they kick things off with the rocking, "Take Me Higher" and follow it up with, "Blow To The Head". From there on it is an adrenaline rush of supercharged blues rock with tracks like, "All Night Long", the riff driven, "Give It Up" and "It Burns". Saving the best for last the trio serve up the seven minute plus juggernaut, "Free", highlighted by McMahon' s hot licks towards the latter half of the track. All ten tracks served up are rock solid. The best way to listening to this album is turning up the volume to the max, sitting back and holding on tight! I can confidently recommend to fans of heavier blues-rock, and also to retirees looking for an excuse to re-connect with some decent heavy rock music. If you like your blues rock that is meaty, loud, chock-full of swagger and attitude, 'Army Of Three' by Virgil & Accelerators is guaranteed give you that and more! - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Friday, June 26, 2015


(Metalville Records)

UK juggernauts known as Godsized return with their sophomore release, 'Heavy Lies The Crown'.  Glen Korner- Vocals & Guitars, Chris Charles - Guitars, Gavin Kerrigan - Bass and Dan Kavanagh - Drums. What distinguishes these lads from all the other riff-heavy rock bands is their excellent song writing ability, combining great riffs with actual good structures and melodies. Classic, old school, hard rock. No gimmicks, no BS, just straight up, kick you in your teeth hard rock. 'Heavy Lies The Crown' practically leaps out and throws you against the wall! Right from the beginning it grabs your attention and demands it from one track to the next but I'd say the highlights for me are "Welcome To Hell", "Saving You", "Web Of Lies" and "Stone Cold Blow To The Head". "Fade" gives groove laden a guitar vibe and "Pay Your Debt". 'Heavy Lies The Crown' is always heavy, never boring, slab of guitar rock that should please anyone who's into bands like (early) Black Sabbath, Soundgarden, Corrosion of Conformity, Brand New Sin, and Black Stone Cherry. It flat-out rocks, and that's really all that matters. I wish more albums like this and bands like Godsized get more exposure because the best music speaks for itself and this is the kind of album that deserves attention.  They are monsters of head banging hard charging hard rock, with memorable hooks and enough power to cause blackouts in medium size cities. You are missing out if you ignore this bunch.- Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


EVIL OR DIVINE by Sideburn
(Metalville Records)

Swedish hard rockers Sideburn return with highly anticipated new release, 'Evil Or Divine'. The album was mixed/produced by Jonas Edler with Morgan Zocek and SIDEBURN at B.A.S. Studio and mastered by Mats "Limpan" Lindfors (Meshuggah, Katatonia, Opeth) at Cutting Room studios in Stockholm. This is the band's fifth studio release and in my opinion their best to date. Sideburn are comprised of,  Dimitri Keiski (vocals, guitar), Morgan Zocek (guitar), Martin Karlsson (bass, organ), and Fredrik Haake (drums). The first thing that strikes me about this album is the fantastic groove throughout that never at any point becomes tiresome. Too many times bands simply re-hash repetitive riffing, but on this monster of an album, Morgan Zocek' s guitar playing is spot on. Sumptuous time changes and riff chopping/changing that simply floors you as a listener, making you guess the next direction they will take makes this a display of refined and ultimately skilful playing. There are plenty of straight up hard rock songs, such as the riff driven, "Masters And Slaves", the supercharged "Sea Of Sin" and "Evil Ways". "When Darkness Calls", is definitely my personal favorite song on the album; Dimitri Keiski' s vocals give it a dirty, gritty feeling, complemented perfectly by Zocek' s powerful guitar riffs, a definite killer track. Mention should also go to the fine closer "Presence",  possibly the darkest song on the album with a fine `bleak' quality that ends a superb album with a fine sophisticated edge. There is simply not one bad song on this album. It is muscular and delightfully hard in all the right spots. If you are a fan of the old metal day giants such as Black Sabbath or Rainbow, then you should seriously get your hands on this album. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Saturday, June 20, 2015


DELTA DEEP by Delta Deep
(Mailboat Records)

Delta Deep is the new Blues-Rock project featuring Phil Collen (Def Leppard), Robert DeLeo (Stone Temple Pilots), Debbi Blackwell-Cook (Michael Buble, Luther Vandross) and Forrest Robinson (India Arie, Joe Sample & The Crusaders). The band's self titled debut release is absolutely powerful! Debbi Blackwell-Cooks 'earthy, sensual and downright dirty vocals are something to behold. She sings the truth with so much soul, it. Cook not only has an astounding voice, but the ability to truly connect with the material and make it her own, then communicate the emotion behind it. Phil Collen augments the songs and compliments Cook 's vocals perfectly with tasteful guitar work that is restrained in places and in some places he really lets loose. Truly a marriage made in heaven. All that power and soulful emotion can  be felt as soon as you press play and the opening foot stomping, "Bang The Lid" fires out of your speakers! Powered by Phil Collen's great slide guitar riff and Debbi Blackwell-Cooks's out of this world vocals you know you're in for a treat. The sultry and soulful "Whiskey", will move you in ways unimaginable. "Down In The Delta is a powerful blues rocker. "Treat Her Like Candy" and "Miss Me" are amazing. Special guests include David Coverdale, (Deep Purple/Whitesnake) who appears on “Private Number". Simon Laffy, who worked in Manraze with Collen, guests on a smoking take of the Humble Pie classic, “Black Coffee.” Joe Elliot (Def Leppard) does a stellar job on , "Mistreated". CJ Vanston, who most recently served as co-producer on Toto‘s comeback album, added Hammond B-3 to “Burnt Sally". The bottom line is Delta Deep' s self titled debut is a stunner of a recording. Brilliantly done. One of the best Blues rock albums of the year. - Highly Recommended
Tony @The Dedicated Rocker Society

Thursday, June 18, 2015


(Melodic Rock Records)

Hailing from Canberra, Australia, Tonk release their highly anticipated sophomore album, 'Ruby Voodoo'. The album was produced by Nick Didia (Velvet Revolver, Stone Temple Pilots, RATM, Pearl Jam, Bruce Springsteen). This album rocks, plain and simple. Tonk wear the influences on their sleeve, for all to rock out to. Riff upon riff, Tonk build upon their Aussie hard rock heritage and bring it screaming and stomping into 21st century. Tonk are fueled and powered by Jinks (vocals), Steve Gray (guitar), Ben Roberts (guitar, harmonica), Michael Rosser (bass) and Matt Tennant (drums) Immediately upon listening, three good traits jump out; crisp production, talented musicianship, and strong performance. Guitarists Steve Gray and Ben Roberts are proficient and rarely derivative in delivery: take note of "9 Lives" or "Over the Edge". Jinks' vocal delivery can be best described as full volume brash and explosive. Musically, arrangements can sound modern like the opener "Pleasure and Pain" to straight up groove-laden melodic heavy rock as on "Snake Eyes" or "Voodoo" . The bottom line, this is good stuff, people. These boys come at you like a freight train. Pure hard rock fury! Period. ATTITUDE, POWER & PASSION, Tonk are the genuine article. Be warned: the songs will stick in your head long after you shut off the stereo. 'Ruby Voodoo' rocks from start to finish. Best if played loud. I highly recommend this album to anyone who wants to be blown away by balls to the wall in your face rock and roll!  - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

CD REVIEW: SHANGHAIED by Age Sten Nilsens Ammunition

by Age Sten Nilsen's Ammunition
(AOR Heaven)

After thirteen years fronting Norwegian based rock band, WIG WAM, vocalist Age Sten Nilsen goes solo with his new project, Ammunition and unleashes their debut release, 'Shanghaied'. backing up Age Sten Nilsen are, Erik Martensson on guitars (W.E.T / Eclipse), Jon Petttersen on guitars (Bad Habits / Wild Willy's Gang), Hal Patino on bass (King Diamond / Pretty Maids), Robban Back on drums (Sabaton / Eclipse) and Lasse Finbrathen on keyboards (Wigwam / Circus Maximus). Age Sten Nilsen's Ammunition basically take the '80s rock sound and production and effectively meld it to form their own unique sound. The song writing and production "Shanghaied" is simply over-the-top and luscious. The biggest treat, to me, is the killer vocals that Age Sten Nilsen delivers on this record. His singing is incredibly easy on the ears and well suited to this style of music, and one can imagine him fitting in quite nicely on the Sunset Strip back in the day.  'Shanghaied' as a whole is strong from start to end but song highlights for me are definitely, "Silverback", the powerful, “The Road To Babylon,” “Do You Like It”, “Another Piece Of Me" and the title track. Everything blends nicely and I enjoyed listening to the entire album several times over. 'Shanghaied' is strong and cohesive, and it's impossible to think any melodic rock fan wouldn't enjoy this record. This one is easy to recommend. If you like melodic rock - at all - you NEED this album in your collection. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Monday, June 15, 2015

CD REVIEW: THE DIRTY TRUTH by Joanne Shaw Taylor

THE DIRTY TRUTH by Joanne Shaw Taylor
(Axehouse Music)

Blues artist, Joanne Shaw Taylor returns with her fourth studio release, 'The Dirty Truth'. A solid album all the way through that shows off her vocal range, guitar prowess, and songwriting skills. It looks pretty evident that SRV and Albert King are her main influences. Her style is reminiscent of the sound of the two great players of the past and this is really clear in the two excellent slow numbers included in the mix. Her guitar playing is off the charts. Her voice is soulful and she does not need to scream to get her point across. Stand out songs are, "Mud, Honey", " The Dirty Truth", "Fool In Love", "Tried, Tested And True" and "Feels Like Home". Not one disappointment. Fantastic tone with real soul in the playing. There is a lot of great guitar to be found on this one and her backing band are also top notch. Dave Smith on bass guitar, Steve Potts on drums and Rick Steff on keyboards. Joanne Shaw Taylor vocals may be an acquired taste, but she uses what she has well. Bottom line is, 'The Dirty Truth' is her best studio album yet and she continues to be a shining star in today’s blues world. Joanne Shaw Taylor is a fine example of a blues artist who takes new directions while remaining true to the essence of the genre.- Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Thursday, June 11, 2015


BIGFOOT (Ep) by Bigfoot
(Independent Release)

Bigfoot are a 5 piece hard rock band based in Wigan, Northwest, England. The band consists of Vocalist Antony Ellis, dual lead guitarists Sam Millar and Mick McCullagh, Bassist Matt Avery and Drummer Tom Aspinall.  For the most part Bigfoot stays at a mid pace with a ton of groove to keep you hooked. Full of swagger, attitude as well as melody and musicianship. Raw, melodic, awesome headbanging guitar riffs, solid rhythm section and powerful vocals.  "The Other Side Of Paradise" is probably the best track on the band's 4 song EP, Bigfoot rocks out with solid vocals. Every track has a similar sound to it, but when you hear each one, there are still definite distinctions. "Tie Me Down" and "Bitch Killer" are intense, and they makes you want to locate your nearest mosh pit and go crazy. "Come Down My Way" tones it down just a little bit, but barely. I for one am looking forward to the band's full length release, but until then this rocking EP should suffice my cravings. All in all, this is just really balls to the wall straight-forward, good-time rock and roll that has a classic rock feel, with a slightly updated edge. I hope that these guys not only stay around for a really long time, giving us more great music, but also that they are an influence on the music industry in general so that we see more great bands like them in the future. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


VILIFI by ViliFi
(Independent Release)

Florida based power rock trio, ViliFi are a force to reckoned with. The band's self titled debut is a welcomed breath of fresh air. The level of inspiration and energy on this album is unsurpassed. ViliFi is comprised of,  Singer guitarist, Shain Honkonen on lead vocals and guitar, Dylan Thomas on bass and Jake Hogeland on drums. For a trio these guys bring it big time! This is one of those few albums that exist that can be listened to from start to finish without skipping a track. It's a straight-ahead rocker and thankfully doesn't sound like a trio of prog rock wannabees. It's addictive to the point of requiring a twelve-step program.  From the opening "Defined" to the closing "Shroud". Each song is a behemoth of intensity and groove, while being surprisingly simple and eminently catchy.  The musicianship is tight and spontaneous. Shain Honkonen' s are solid and as a guitar player is extremely technical, and has chops galore. The rhythm section of Dylan Thomas and Jake Hogeland are tight like white on rice. Each drum fill fits the moment or guitar lick perfectly. The trio form a solid foundation for each song, easily allowing the trio to fall into lock-step formation when needed, but also allowing ample room for variation.  Overall, all three guys keep up the energy throughout the album and make some songs that should be played on the radio (oh no, god forbid!).  A classic type of sound that many have tried to duplicate but tragically failed. This album grabs you from the start and doesn't let up 'till it's over. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


(Earache Records)

Just when you thought rock didn't matter at all ... Hail Atlanta rock 'n' rollers, Biters, the outrageous rock and roll band that makes you want to throw bricks through the police station windows and pound a hole in the dashboard. The band's debut full length release, 'Electric Blood' is loaded with rockers that are thick with hooks and searing guitars, locomotive bass and staggering drums. It sounds like a combination of Cheap Trick anthems, Ziggy Stardust scuz,  T.Rex groove, and Guns n Roses' swagger. Thank god, the sum total of these influences somehow doesn't lend Biters a tired post-modern, ironic, borrowed sound at all -- rather, this is earnest, honest, and forthright rock and roll from a band that seems to mean every note it plays and every word it sings. Once you press play and start blasting "Restless Hearts", "1975", "Heart Fulla Rock N' Roll", the title track, "Low Lives In High Definition" and "Space Age Wasteland" you are going to be grinning ear to ear and singing along by the second verse. All the songs are winners! The energy and fun these guys have on this recording just bleeds right out of the speakers. This album is a 100%, no auto tune rock and roll album that packs one hell of a punch! Whether you're a fan of the classic artists that inspired the band's sound or just looking for some honest fun in your rock n' roll (something sadly lacking in most of today's mainstream rock acts), 'Electric Blood' by the Biters is an absolute must! Turn it on, turn it up, and let the rock and roll party begin! - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

CD REVIEW: BURN THE EARTH by The Michael Cosyn Group (featuring Paul Shortino)

BURN THE EARTH by The Michael Cosyn Group (featuring Paul Shortino) 
(Independent Release)

'Burn The Earth' the remarkable debut album by Bay area Blues rock band, The Michael Cosyn Group (featuring Paul Shortino) is a damn fine listen through and through. Inspired by the 70's and 80's greats, such as Jimi Hendrix, Thin Lizzy, and Robin Trower.  The band is comprised of Michael Cosyn on guitar (vocals on "Blind Man"), Cris Snyder on bass, Mike Vanderhule (Y&T, SEVER REASONS). Paul Shortino (ROUGH CUTT, QUIET RIOT) guests and provides an excellent soulful touch in the style of James Dewar of Robin Trower and Paul Rodgers, but bring his own vocal prowess to the table. This album is simply a kick-you-know-what blues rock gem that sounds amazing. It's fresh, exciting, and exhilarating. It's a shot of adrenaline to the heart of the blues rock genre. Nine original, high-voltage songs sizzle with daredevil virtuosity and rock with unrestrained energy.  Opening with the scorching "Burn The Earth" and not letting up with, "Rivers Run Dry", the powerful, "Angel's Wings" and "Blindman". There is not a bad song on this entire album.  Top shelf blues-rock album with a variety of grooves, all with a down-and-dirty feel. Michael Cosyn is a powerhouse player and emotive performer whose work respects blues tradition but could not be more contemporary. The sheer verve and passion that Michael Cosyn unleashes with his six string will leave you with your mouth wide open and your ears ringing for days! If you are looking for something to shake the dust off your speakers, look no further. 'Burn The Earth' delivers the goods in spades. Michael Cosyn is the real deal and worth every minute of your time. This guy is a major player. - Highly Recommended
Tony @The Dedicated Rocker Society

Monday, June 8, 2015


by Four Star Revival
(Aztek Records)

With the release of their debut album, 'Knights Of The Revival', Ohio based Christian rockers, Four Star Revival  have successfully delivered a hard-rocking stalwart that provides a plethora of riffage, soaring vocals, and a pounding rhythm section. The band is comprised of Jack Emrick - vocals, (Life After Death - which featured members of Armored Saint), Benny Bodine - guitar, (WarMinister), Ed Girard - bass, (House of Jason) and Paul Strausburg - drums (World Gone Wrong). 'Knights of the Revival' is packed with memorable moments, with all songs standing on their own as seperate moments, united into one enjoyable listen. This is done with solid riffing, slick applications of hooks and harmonies, and vocals with range and gusto, which can actually be understood. Full of anointed lyrics and some of the meatiest guitar licks ever laid down courtesy of, guitarist Benny Bodine along with the rhythm section of Ed Girard and Paul Strausburg that is tight as a glove and rock solid vocals by Jack Emrick. If you wanna bang your head to some well crafted rock songs, this is the album for you. "Red", "Faith", "Perfect Life"  and "Save Me", are able to expand on this formula. The musicianship, writing, and vocals are extremely tight. Four Star Revival is committed to the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, a message that rings loudly throughout their new album. The cross stands at the center of the lyrical content - an emphasis that is missing in a lot of Christian music these days. 'Knights Of The Revival' is a solid debut release that should please fans of the Hard-rock /Heavy Metal genre and welcome new listeners to a very good band. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society