Wednesday, July 24, 2019


BIG BLUE WORLD by Unruly Child
(Frontier Records)

One of melodic rock's finest bands, Unruly Child are back with their latest release. 'Big Blue World', another masterclass in melodic rock music. The diversity of this band of brothers songwriting is profound. You will rock hard, get your groove on and chill out too. Marcie Free on vocals, Bruce Gowdy on guitars, bass, keyboards, vocals, Guy Allison on keyboards, percussion, vocals.  The new album is infectious, and once engrained in your head – hard to remove. Marcie Free's vocals sound better than ever. The musicianship is on point delivering a album packed with perfectly crafted, well written songs. Album highlights include, "Living In Someone Else’s Dream", "All Over The World", "Dirty Little Girl", "The Harder They Will Fall" and "The Hard Way". This is  a very deep record musically that moves me to listen to my favorite tracks over and over. It's a mature body of work and one that in my opinion speaks volumes on why Unruly Child, in all of its variations, still creates inspiring, compelling and masterfully performed original compositions that never cease to amaze.  -Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Saturday, July 20, 2019

CD REVIEW: I BELONG by Jimi Andersen Group

I BELONG by Jimi Andersen Group
(AOR Heaven)

Scottish born, Jimi Andersen is back with his highly anticipated sophomore effort, 'I Belong', following up his amazing and overlooked debut, 'Longtime Comin'". Along with Dave Cuthbert on lead and rhythm guitars, Greame Duffin on lead and rhythm guitars and Sandy Jones on guitars, bass, Drum Programming, the group deliver another masterclass recording in the melodic rock genre. While not quite as magical as the group's fantastic debut, this much anticipated follow up does not disappoint.  Jimi Andersen's vocals once again dominates this mix of catchy and melodic mid tempo rockers and ballads and captivates the listener in a way few singers in this era are able to accomplish. Highlights include the adrenaline pumping opener "Brave New World", the melodic gem "Wonderful Tokyo Nights", the modern rock sound of "Blinded By The Light", the passionate power ballad "Until The End", the awesome main riff of "Wanna Go Around Again", the killer anthemic rock chorus of the album closing,  "State Of Shock". What Jimi Andersen does well is remind us what good music is about, it’s simple escapism. He's not trying to redefine the genre, but simply play to His strengths which include good song writing, solid musicianship and a simplistic approach. With that being said, 'I Belong' by the Jimi Andersen Group is strong and cohesive, and it's impossible to think any melodic rock fan wouldn't enjoy this album.     -Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Monday, July 15, 2019


(AOR Heaven)

Swedish based Rockett Love are back with their highly anticipated sophomore release, 'Greetings From Rocketland'. Comprised of, Daniel Samuelsson on lead vocals,  Stefan Westerlund on guitars and vocals, Gustaf Eklund on lead guitars and vocals, Dennis Vestman on bass and vocals and Fredrik Ahlin on drums, percussion and vocals. This new album takes everything they did on their debut, 'Grab The Rocket' and cranks it all up a notch. Every detail of the music is amazing! Superbly crafted songs, solid musicianship, rock solid vocals, and perfect production make for one memorable listening experience. Highlights include the awesome chorus hook of the energetic opener "Back On My Feet", the massive power of "Bite The Bullet", the adrenaline charged mover, "Get Ready Go!", the intense rock groove of "King For One Day", and the emotional vocal melodies of the epic power ballad "Take Me Home". The crunch in the guitars, the live sound of the drums, and the expert attention paid to the vocal mix deliver the goods. There is a mix of tempo between tracks and a more defined attempt to mix things up with unusual solos that don't just shred but look for a counterpoint to the melody of the song. Hats off to Erik MÃ¥rtensson (ECLIPSE, WET) for an  amazing mix. Overall,'Greetings From Rocketland' is a very high energy melodic rock album that serves up hard hitting, riff driven, hook laden songs that will stick in your head for days. The more I play this album the more I like it and it always seems to be a different song that grabs my attention. Absolutely brilliant from start to finish!    -Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Saturday, July 13, 2019


ELECTRIC DEVILRY by Roadhouse Diet
(Mojoholic Records)

The Swedish rock and roll machine known as Roadhouse Diet are back with their latest slab of rock fueled adrenaline, 'Electric Devilry, delivering rock music the way I grew up listening to it. They definitely have that classic rock feel to them, which is what I love most about these guys. The band is powered by, Jonas Kjellgren on vocals and guitar, Martin Haglund on guitar and vocals, Kenneth Seil on bass and vocals, Mr Pillow on drums and Per Wiberg on organ and piano. The album itself rocks, beginning, middle, and end. The record never stops moving. It is relentless, and what's better than that for any fan of any brand of rock n' roll. The album starts off swinging hard, and you know your world is going to get rocked. Highlights include the super fuzzed, "Burn The Midnight Out", the melodic groover, "Evil's Got A Hold On Me", as well as, ballsy rockers like, "She's A Demon", "Payin' The Devil's Due" and, "Hollow Shade". If you're a fan of the classic rock sound mixed with the vibe of a present day rock sound, you will definitely enjoy what Roadhouse Diet serve up here.  As long as there’s a need to rock, bands like Roadhouse Diet will be there, breathing fire and blasting in your face rock music to those who need the fix. 'Electric Devilry' by Roadhouse Diet is anthemic, aggressive, sure of itself, and unrelenting. So saddle up and ride this one till the horse packs it in as this rocker of an album is going to wear you down.   -Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Thursday, July 11, 2019

CD REVIEW: HANNAH WICKLUND & THE STEPPIN STONES by Hannah Wicklund & The Steppin Stones

HANNAH WICKLUND & THE STEPPIN' STONES by Hannah Wicklund & The Steppin' Stones
(Strawberry Moon Records)

The South Carolina-born (and now East Nashville-based), Hannah Wicklund may only be 21 years old but this young lady is a seasoned powerhouse musician who can jam with the best of them. As she proves along with her band, which she formed as an eight-year-old, The Steppin' Stones on their latest self titled release. To my ears there is not a weak track on this album. This new album can be played, from start to finish with no weaknesses in any of the songs, as they all seem to build off the energy of the previous songs. Highlighted by tracks like, "Bomb Through The Breeze", "Ghost", "Mama Said", the energetic mover, "Too Close To You" and bluesy swagger of, "Meet You Again". If you like blues, soul mixed with a dash of rock and roll attitude, you will dig what Hannah Wicklund brings to the table. This girl's talent is incredible and her songs come from a heart that you would think to be much older. The bottom line here is this album is tight and fun to listen to, since Hannah Wicklund has a wide range of styles that are delightfully brought forth on this latest offering. I have to agree with Joe Bonamassa one hundred percent when he said, "She may be small, but she has a voice that can crash through a concrete building." Mr. Bonamassa got it right, not only can this young lady sing, she is also an amazing guitarist. Hannah Wicklund will definitely be one to watch for in the years to come. You go girl!!  -Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Wednesday, July 3, 2019


BEYOND THE LAW by Tony Mills
(Battle God Music)

Tony Mills (SHY/TNT) is back with his latest release, 'Beyond The Law', sadly to be his final written work as an artist, after a career as a major recording artist since being signed to RCA Music back in 1985. I consider Tony Mills to be one the finest voices of the rock music era of recent times and on this latest release, Tony Mills' vocal prowess shines brightly. The cast of superb musicians backing Tony Mills is comprised of Tommy Denander on guitar, Linda Mills, Toine Vanderlinden, Josh Williams and Tony Forsthe on bass, Patrick McKenna on keyboards, Peter Newdeck on drums and Christopher Aldridge on saxophone. The new songs play on the theme of the prohibition era and the gangland mobs of the 1930’s to the westside youth culture of the 1960’s. ALL the songs are memorable, melodic; the sound is powerful with Tony Mills mixed to the front as it should. Highlighted by tracks like, "The Westside", the title track, "Running Guns", "F.B.I.", "Crackin Foxy" and "Code Of Silence". Superbly crafted songs, unbelievable guitar work, soaring vocals, incredible drumming and a perfect production make for a memorable listening experience.  This is one of those albums that'll get played dozens and dozens of time the next several months. To me, there is not a weak moment here. In fact, it starts off strong and gets even stronger throughout. Tony Mills has definitely saved his best work for last and as a fan of his work solo and in various bands through the years, I want to say, Thank you for your music Tony! -Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society