Tuesday, April 28, 2015


by The Wyldz
(MRI Distribution)

Bands or artists labelled as "Rock" can sometimes be nothing more than a few riffs and licks incorporated into hard/ melodic rock or a rock band turning their amps up to 11. The Wyldz however can rightly be called a Rock band, Mitch Bassoul (vocals and bass), Alex Dhée (guitar), and Oliv Porrini (drums).  For their sophomore outing, 'Interstellar Troubadors', the band bring a set of songs to the table that chord for chord are stronger than the material they dished out on their debut, 'Human Rise'.  There is more variation and carry a higher production value thanks to their collaboration with  legendary engineer Steve Albini (Nirvana, The Pixies, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page) a person who knows a thing or three about producing a big, rock sound whilst capturing the live energy of a band such as The Wyldz. That big sound and energy is evident from the out-set. The title track opens the album a brash shot of rock that is a pure shot of adrenaline.  The trio then put the "Power" in power trio with the lead off single, "Let It Go" a gritty slab of rock that kicks things up notch. The sinister groove of, "Blinded By The Sun" is up next a no frills rocker that packs one hell of a punch. There is some sonic variation to bring lighter shade and contrast to the beefy bottom end, power chords and across the kit drum fills. As can be experienced on tracks like, "Don't Be Evil", the sonic induced mover, "Woods Of Retreat" and "Sounds Of Divine". One of the albums strengths is that as well as being a full on rock album there is variety and skill in the song sequencing and increasing maturity in the song writing. If you want to blow the dust off your hi-fi speakers this is the album for you. 'Interstellar Troubadors' has it all, wonderful guitar riffs, sublime bass and up front hard hitting drums. From classic rock to sonic rock ballads this has it all. - Highly Recommended
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Sunday, April 26, 2015

CD REVIEW: S/T by Dead Shed Jokers

S/T by Dead Shed Jokers
(Pity My Brain Records)

Hailing from Aberdare/Merthyr, Dead Shed Jokers are a blessing of modern rock and roll, a group who doesn't succumb and conform to all the bland trends found so prominently in today's music. The band is comprised of, Hywel Davies on vocals, Nick Byrant on guitar, Kristian Evans on guitar, Luke Cook on bass and Ashley Jones on drums. It's hard to find one duff moment on this CD. The groove riff induced, "Dafydd’s Song", opens the album setting the table for the memorable listening experience that awaits. The band switches gear with the melodic driven mover, "Delay the Morning", with it's punk inspired groove complete with raw guitar hooks and driving beats.The carnival-esque vibe of "A Cautionary Tale", will hit your senses from angles with a plethora of sounds raging from a rock to progressive rock vibe. The first single off the album comes in the form of "Memoirs Of Mr. Bryant", a  foot stomper of a song that will flirt with the senses leaving them comfortably numb. Other highlights include, the swagger intense "Made In Vietnam", the psychedelic induced, "Love Is Deseased" and the hyper active, "Rapture Riddles. All in all a very solid outing for the Dead Shed Jokers who put together a set of songs that stick in the mind after repeated listenings; a sound here, a chord there, that reveal attention to detail and diverse influences that lift the recording into a class of its own. Let's not forget this is a band who shared stages with The Graveltones, Phil Campbell (Motorhead), Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell, Saxon, Temperance Movement & others. Dead Shed Jokers is a band I'd like to call a adjective band: a band that has a different word for every song they create. Let's just hope they'll keep it that way. If you like your rock with a different feel to it, check this out. - Highly Recommended
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Saturday, April 25, 2015


(Independent Release)

'A Triple Threat', the debut release by the L.A. based Blues rock fusion trio, Tri-Fecta is a buffet of Blues, rock and jazz fusion of the highest order. The trio is comprised of Steve Fister, on vocals and guitar (Pat Travers Band, Steppenwolf, Lita Ford Band), Ric Fierabracci on bass, vocals & keys (Billy Cobham Spectrum Band, Chick Corea Elektric Band, Andy Summers) and Ray Brinker on drums & cymbals Ray Charles, Bonnie Raitt,Joe Cocker, Norah Jones, Maynard Ferguson, Tierney Sutton Band, Pat Benatar, Steve Morse). Every track on this recording is a treat to listen to and is deserving of multiple slaps of the repeat button. The trio open your listening experience with a smooth take of the Tom Waits penned, "Way Down In The Hole", taking nothing away from the original and making it their own. Highlighted by Steve Fister' s spicey slide guitar."Zig Zag Talk", finds the trio switching gears with a Memphis Blues vibe. On the next song the trio dish out a cool cover of The Staple Singer soul classic, "Respect Yourself". The instrumental, "Dead Reckoning" is up next. If you like instrumental jams with bite, these gentlemen deliver the goods in spades! Plus, I'm a big fan of the "The Voice Box" and Steve Fister is one of the best in the business. One of the album highlights hands down in a cover of the The Plimsouls smash hit, "A Million Miles Away". It's hard not to go through and sing the praises of all 11 songs on this album. They're all great and worthy of endless listening. However tracks like, the laid back sway of "Wes", and the Gary Moore penned, "Movin' On Down The Road"  deserve special mention. Steve Fister's playing is excellent. His vocals are smooth and very bluesy. The rhythm section of Fierabracci and Brinker are tight as a stamp on an envelope. Just listening to this trio jam it's abundantly clear that Tri-Fecta are musicians that are at the top of their game. A trio that has been road tested in Europe with over 250 shows including support tours and shows with Joe Satriani, Walter Trout, and Y&T. The bottom line: You can't put a label on this recording because it covers many types of musical genres. There is not a 'skip over' song on it. Solid vocals, tasty guitar work, beautiful tone, tight musicianship, nice songwriting and arranging. 'A Triple Threat' by Tri-Fecta is a must have for any music fan.- Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society /All Access Magazine

Friday, April 24, 2015


RIVER CHILD by Red Sky Mary
(Carved Records)

If ever the rock music scene needed a solution to the self consciously stylised over-hyped "art-pop-rock" being peddled in the so-called mainstream music industry, ladies and gentlemen, I give you Red Sky Mary. Sam Vlasich (Vocals), Tom Boisse (Guitar), Gary Boisse (Bass).and Barrett Goeman (Drums). One listen through the band's latest release, 'River Child', you get it all: soulful crunching riffs, rolling bass, fluid, resonant playing and hooks that are solid gold. Exuberant rock music played with guts, power and boat loads of skill that captures perfectly the excitement and joy of the shared experience which is great Rock `n Roll music. The classic rock influences of bands like Led Zeppelin, Bad Company and Black Crowes are continuously evident from start to finish.  The opening track, "All Hell's Breaking Loose" is a great way to kick off the album with Tom Boisse's infectious guitar riff, and the groove rolls on with the excellent "Payback" up next. "Gone" is a faster number and shows the band's harder edge. Other songs guaranteed to get your blood pumping are, "Run Ragged", "South Of The City" and "Pride". In terms of the slower tracks, "I Will Wait For You" is a vibrant bluesy number and album closing, "River Child" finishes things off in rocking fashion. There isn't a bad tune to be found on this album. It just gets better with every listen because this band kicks serious butt! Red Sky Mary are ready to roll up their sleeves, and bring good old fashioned rock music back to the rock and roll faithful. This is a rock band that knows how to rock a groove, emote feeling, and draw in all those that encounter their passion serving up full-bodied rock music with soul, depth and confidence. To be enjoyed again, and again and again! - Highly Recommended
Tony @The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

CD REVIEW: ROUND III by Three Quarter Stone

ROUND III by Three Quarter Stone
(Independent Release)

Hailing from Guelph, Ontario, Canadian rockers, Three Quarter Stone go for the knockout with their latest release, 'Round III'. This album just absolutely reeks of pure high energy rock and roll. It's full throttle and in-your-face, rock 'n' roll that takes no prisoners. This is the kind of band and sound that you would hope to hear when walking into your favorite club. Cranking out great rockers, and a ballad here and there thrown in for good measure. Three Quarter Stone is comprised of Danny Wray - Vocals, Chris Drone - Guitar, Brian Musgrave - Guitar, Scott Clarke - Bass and Ev Locke - Drums. There's definitely a certain raw, edgy vibe to this album. This will end up being another one of those albums where my favorite song ends up changing on a near-daily basis, but as I write this, I seem to be hooked on the opening track, "Fighting" more than anything else. It has a strong and solid riff throughout, and is kept together by a Scott Clarke's bass groove that hits in all the right ways. Other highlights include, "Scream", "What If", "Blows My Mind", "Keep Your Distance. The band even serve up an acoustic rendition of the Judas Priest classic, "(You’ve Got) Another Thing Comin’". All in all, 'Round III' is an excellent package. Three Quarter Stone is a breath of fresh air from a solid rock band, the kind we had a multitude of in the 70's, but have virtually disappeared. If you're a fan of good rock music with great riffs, and gritty vocals then you'll love what these gents bring to the table. The band is tight, powerful and their musicianship is top notched. Three Quarter Stone are the real deal and deserve your full attention. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


(Manhaton Records)

The highly anticipated return of one the best Blues bands to come out the UK in recent years, King King are back with their third studio release, 'Reaching For The Light'. The band is comprised of, Alan Nimmo (vocals/guitar), Lindsay Coulson (bass), Wayne Proctor (drums) and Bob Fridzema (keyboards). The new album is powered by nine songs that dare you to press fast forward.  On 'Reaching For The Light',  Alan Nimmo and the band have uped the ante, and have created a smoking set of blues rock music. Alan Nimmo stretches his musical muscles here, fusing a blues swagger with laid back grooves that will leave you breathless! His vocal delivery is in excellent form here, and much more soulful and confident than ever. The rhythm section of bassist Lindsay Coulson  and drummer Wayne Proctor is tight and on point. There is  a natural flow and the production is tight as a drum. From opening track, "Hurricane" the aforementioned swagger is front and center.  As far as soulful grooves, no problem, the band offer up, "You Stopped The Rain","Waking Up" and bluesy and powerful sway of "Rush Hour".  Not a weak track to be found. Front to back this recording is top notched. Great variety, depth and intensity as well as the richness of Alan Nimmo's vocals drives every tune deep into your soul. You feel the music, breathe it in like a breath of fresh air. On 'Reaching For The Light', Alan Nimmo and company paid attention to the details here, the more you listen the more you appreciate and understand the album's overall depth. If your heart rate isn't affected by King King's music it's time to see a cardiologist. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

Friday, April 17, 2015



'Better Than Home', the highly anticipated new release from Beth Hart bleeds soulful passion and emotion. From the moment "Might As Well Smile' comes on Beth has you under her spell. There is no use of you trying to resist. It's like being drawn into some type of intoxicating hypnotic spell. On heartbreakers like "Tell Them To Hold On" and the powerful Joplin-ish soul tearing, "Tell Her You Belong To Me", you can feel the deep passion that comes from with in Beth's soul. Not all the tracks are slow bluesy love songs. Beth offers up, "Trouble" a firecracker of a song that will get your blood pumping. As well as the ditty, "The Mood I'm In'. There are mid tempo gems like the title track and the powerful "St. Teresa". There is not one track on this album that won't or move you. Beth's versatility shows and both her power and her elegance are showcased all over this album. Her vocals sound amazing and better than ever. Her band sounds tight. 'Better Than Home' is truly a memorable listening experience. Just listening to her music makes you well up inside in a way that only something this pure and emotional woman can induce.  Well worth a listen, if Beth Hart does not touch you with one song from this album, I would question if you have a soul. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/ All Access Magazine

Thursday, April 16, 2015


Dan Kavanagh of UK' s GODSIZED 
Interview by Tony Sison

Formed in 2008, the four piece hard rock band known as Godsized have their sights on to becoming the next British hard rock band to make an impact on a global scale. Inspired by a wide range of influences such as classic rock giants Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top, along with more contemporary acts such as Down, Alter Bridge, and Clutch, the eleven tracks on the band's latest release, Heavy Lies The Crown feature a power pack of heavy, groove-laden riffs blended with big choruses, dueling guitar solos, and soaring melodic vocals.

The band is comprised of Glen Korner (vocals and guitars), Chris Charles (guitars), Gavin Kerrigan (bass), and Dan Kavanagh (drums) - Godsized is a gang of hard working musicians who love being in a band.

Godsized drummer Dan Kavanagh shares his thoughts on 'Heavy Lies The Crown' and what the band's plans are for world domination...

'Heavy Lies The Crown' is a MONSTER of a release. Are you satisfied with how the new album turned out? How would you describe the overall vibe of the album?

Dan Kavanagh: Thanks! We are very proud of it. With recording, what you think you're going to make and what you end up with are sometimes two different things. But this really turned out exactly as we hoped and frankly that's down to the producer, Chris Coulter, who did an unbelievable job. He understood the band, our goals and also how to maximize what we did to really capture our sound - that guys knows how to make a record. It's rocking, melodic and groovy. It's loud, full of energy and represents us perfectly.

The album has 11 slamming tracks, how songs did you actually write for, 'Heavy Lies The Crown'? How long did it take to record?

Dan Kavanagh: There was only one song that you could say was complete and it just didn't feel the way the others did, so we dropped it. It was more, "this track needs more time" and we didn't wanna fuck it up! Felt like we were cramming it in to the album, you know? We all write separately, but writing as a band seems to take priority which is really cool, so I had 4 or 5 songs that never even came in to the picture and I'm sure the others do too. There's probably a double album on our respective phones! A couple were written almost entirely by someone on their own, some were jammed out by the four of us - just about every combination of writers has worked on the album. It took 11 days to record, about the same again to mix.

Are there any plans of a tour of America? Who would like to tour with?

Dan Kavanagh: Well, in truth that's not something the four of us will have much of a say in, you'd need that rubber stamped by the label and agents. Of course the four of us would love to - personally I dream of America often and always hoped I'd end up there one day, you guys have it all. It'll all come down to the demand, it ain't easy sending a band out on the road, but hopefully if the record's well received we'll make it over. Who with? Wow - there are so many. Metallica, Alice In Chains, Clutch, Alter Bridge, Slash, BLS....any of those would be the greatest thing to ever happen! Imagine opening for a band like that in America! That's the dream, right there.

For someone who is new to Godsized, how would you describe your band? Who are your musical influences?

Dan Kavanagh: Well, see above for influences. Collectively it's all the obvious ones, Led Zep, Sabbath, all the Seattle bands and lots of metal. We all have our own things, Glen's a huge fan of Miles Kennedy and his projects along with Pearl Jam and ZZ Top. Chris loves his metal, loves Sabbath and Dio. Gav has to be the biggest Thin Lizzy fan I've ever met, he can tell you anything about that band, he's pretty much an encyclopedia of rock! He got me into Walking Papers recently, we're always playing them! Rad band. As a drummer it was Metallica that made me pick up sticks. I think QOTSA are the most dangerous band around these days, and lately I've become obsessed with Karnivool. They're on a different level. I think all of those bands rock, but they all have great melodies and catchy hooks. I think that's what we do.

What were some of the memorable moments, good or bad, in then making of, 'Heavy Lies The Crown'?

Dan Kavanagh: It was a strangely easy experience making the record. I mean, nothing went wrong! The overall memory is a really chilled out vibe, everyone having a good time. I tracked all the drums in 1 day, Gav did the same on bass and I think the other two did all the guitars in a couple, including solos, which is ridiculous when you hear the guitar work on the record - Chris and Glen have both done some amazing work on this album and I hope they get the recognition I think they deserve. And listen to Gav's bass on "Never A Better Time" or "Stone Cold Blow To The Head" when the band drops out, it sounds like Duff! We all totally stepped up which is real cool and I'm proud of those three dudes. I hear about the big guns doing two or three tracks a day like it's some big thing and think "what are they doing all day? It's 10 minutes of music!".

Complete this sentence: "You should check out Godsized because......"

Dan Kavanagh: ...You've read this far, you may as well see why this guy won't shut up! Nah seriously, I think you can probably work out what to expect musically from the previous questions. We're just four hard working guys from England who love being in a band and it would be a dream come true to bring it to the USA. It's amazing to us that we've got a record out over there, and to have support from you guys means the world to us.

For more info on GODSIZED, please visit:

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

CD REVIEW: S/T by Flood The Engine

S/T by Flood The Engine
(Flood The Engine Music)

The self titled debut release for American based Blues rock band, Flood The Engine is deeply rooted in classic rock influences. The band is made up of, Jimmy Kunes (Cactus/American Mafia) on vocals, Bill Leverty (Firehouse) on guitar, Keith Horne on bass and Andre LaBelle on drums. One listen through the whole album, and you get it all: soulful bluesy vocals, smoking guitar riffs, groove laden bass, fluid, resonant playing and hooks that are solid gold. The end result is Blues rock music played with guts, power and skill that captures perfectly the excitement and joy of the shared experience which is great Rock `n Roll music. Yes, their Free and Zeppelin influences shine brightly, but this is no cheap 70's rip off outfit.  The album mainly consists of full-out rockers in the form of ,"Lay It All On Me", "All The Girls Are Crazy" and "Change". The band also dishes out a cover of the Gary Wright classic, "Love Is Alive". "You're Not The Only One" is another kicking tune too and it's chorus has a unique feel, but still extremely catchy. Every style that the band turn their hand to is equally impressive, and demonstrates their obvious talent as musicians. However, they have more than just skill, their is clearly fantastic chemistry between them. Jimmy Kunes 's soulful vocals and Bill Leverty 's searing guitar-work is backed up perfectly by Keith Horne' s  pounding basslines and Andre LaBelle 's awesome drumming to create something special. If you miss classic rock like Bad Company and Led Zeppelin, and want to tap the steering wheel a little harder on the way home, you are going to want check out Flood The Engine. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine


( Dust Music / Grooveyard Records)

Combining a rough swagger, a reverance for "roots" music (true blues homage is all over the place here, just like with early Free) with hard rock sensibilities produces a shimmering rock experience in the form of 'Tequila Shiver', the ball busting debut release from Swedish rockers DUST. The band serve up a collection of hard, blues flavored rock, that is raw and laden with emotion. A mixture of muscular guitar riffs combined with blues playing from guitarist Johan Niskanen , powerful vocal delivery of Roger Solander, who's vocal stylings reminded me of the late Ray Gillen and David Coverdale. Then there is the tight rhythm section of  Bernt Ek on bass and  Orjan Englin on drums providing the band with a solid foundation. If Free had been heavier, this is what they would have sounded like. The album kicks right off with "Bad Boy" , a riff heavy rocker that goes for the throat. The title track is up next followed gut leveling "Stranger" and goes all the way through to "All Night Long " with no filler material. Just great bluesy, 70's influenced hard rock songs. The power and passion of this band is so tight that every note just bleeds "perfection". Any true rock/metal/blues/soul fan will want this album in their collection. If you're looking for hard rock album done right, then you've found your band! Crank it up and get lost in the power of the music. What a rush! - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

Monday, April 13, 2015


by BlackBerry Smoke
(Rounder Records)

Atlanta based Blackberry Smoke continue to take their sound to new levels becoming the premiere southern rock band of America. If you're musical appetite craves the likes of bands like, The Black Crowes, Georgia Satellites, Lynryd Skynrd, Firefall Little Feet, Molly Hatchett, you are going to love what Blackberry Smoke bring to the table. On 'Holding All The Roses' the band dish out a 12-song set produced by Grammy-winner Brendan O'Brien, whose previous production projects have included AC/DC, Aerosmith, Pearl Jam, and Bruce Springsteen. The songs showcase the band's  emotion-charged mix of southern rock, gospel soul, and country, with Charlie Starr's raspy vocal delivery matched by his and Paul Jackson's solid guitars, Brandon Still's passion filled organ and piano, and the white on rice tight rhythm section of Richard and Brit Turner.  The southern country vibe isn’t as strong as in some other bands, so you have this slightly lesser element blended with good smooth southern rock. "Let Me Help You (Find The Door)" complete with it's country hoe down get things started right. The title track kicks the album up another gear before the southern fried mover, "Living In The Song" manages to inject three and a half minutes of goodness into your soul. "Wish In One Hand' with it's hook-laden chorus keeps things rocking and rolling. For a change of pace the boys down shift with, "Woman in the Moon" while the gritty swagger of "Payback’s a Bitch" picks things up once again. The rest of the album features acoustic-based tracks that act as foil for the more up-tempo material including the laid back  "Too High" the charming acoustic draw of "Randolph County Farewell", the adrenaline pumping swagger of "Lay it All On Me" and "No Way Back to Eden". Finishing things off with, "Fire In The Hole". There's certain styles of music that are just meant to be heard. Blackberry Smoke's brand of southern fried, David Allen Coe meets Lynyrd Skynyrd honky-tonkin' rock is certainly one of them. 'Holding All The Roses finishes as it started, with a southern rock feel laced with mid-tempo, guitars. All in all a solid effort. I'm sure if you asked the band's fans what they think about this new recording, they'd tell you, as would I, that right now, Black berry Smoke are holding all the aces. I for one is sold and look forward to a long long future from the "Future of Southern Rock".
- Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/ All Access Magazine

CD REVIEW: BLASTER by Scott Weiland & The Wildabouts

BLASTER by Scott Weiland & The Wildabouts

The debut release, 'Blaster' from Scott Weiland & The Wildabouts dives into a retro-modern rock sound with strong influences from the 70's and 80's and 90's.  From the straight ahead fuzz induce movers like, "Modzilla", “Way She Moves” and "White Lighting" to glam groovers like, "Hotel Rio" and "Blue Eyes" flavored with power pop hooks with, "Amethyst", "Youth Quake and “Beach Pop”. Things wind down with the lads serving up a solid cover of T-Rex’s “20th Century Boy” and finish things off on a good note with the excellent, southern charm vibe laid back, acoustic “Circles". I have to say,  Scott Weiland's vocals sound better than ever and the music is catchy and addictive.  The band sound amazing with some excellent guitar work. It is sad that guitarist Jeremy Brown has passed away. 'Blaster' is an eclectic, invigorating album that combines many styles in a melting pot and never looses momentum. Although this album is adventurous, the combination of styles and genres work together perfectly. While the music isn't heavy or as raw what Scott Weiland did in Stone Temple Pilots or Velvet Revolver, what he's done here with The Wildabouts is a memorable musical experience all around. It's catchy, likable full of surprises and shouldn't disappoint. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

Saturday, April 11, 2015

CD REVIEW: DIRTY ANGEL by Maxx Explosion

DIRTY ANGEL by Maxx Explosion
(Kivel Records)

Melodic rockers Maxx Explosion return with their sophomore release, 'Dirty Angel'. Chris McCarvil (vocals, bass),  Jimi Bell (guitar) and BJ Zampa (drums). For those who loved their debut outing, 'Forever', the lads deliver the goods in spades this time around. Kicking off the fireworks with the instrumental opener, "Voodoo Moon" that segues into the shot of adrenaline that is, "Dr. Saturday" the foot stomping groove of "Crazy Hot" is up next to stimulate the senses. If this song doesn't move you, better call your doctor. The rest of the songs presented here are all top notch with catchy hooks that stay in your head for years upon hearing them. The tracks "Over You", "Nothing's Easy", "Ordinary Life", "Impossible" and even the more laid back "All For You" and title track that closes the album have memorable riffs and catchy choruses. The trio serve up a solid take on the Gary Wright classic hit, "Dream Weaver". All in all a well made album of melodic hard rock. Served up by top notch musicianship and rock solid vocals. The production and recording is crisp and polished and the hooks are non-stop. Can't go wrong with this group as it is a very solid effort. If you are a fan of great melodic rock, I would strongly recommend this recording. Put it in and turn up the volume! - Highly Recommended
Tony @The Dedicated Rocker/All Access Magazine

Friday, April 10, 2015


SKELETON DIXIE by Scattered Hamlet
(Hell Rider Recordings)

Scattered Hamlet are the epitome of high octane rock and roll. Attitude, power and a swagger that is down right bad ass! The band's latest release, 'Skeleton Dixie', goes for the throat as soon as you press play!  The best way to describe this record is what may happen if science could mutate the genes of AC/DC, Motorhead, Molly Hatchet, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Steve Jones all into one new being, then add a shot of Nashville Pussy for good measure. The band is powered by 
Adam Joad - Vocals, Harmonica, Guitar, Adam Newell - Lead Guitar, Vocals , Richard Erwin - Bass, Vocals, Jake Delling Le Bas - Drums and Johnny T. Crash - Vocals, Whiskey, Shotgun. The band kicks things off with the frantic riffing of "Shelter" this relatively fast and catchy approach is continued through the opening few tracks, highlighted by the gut busting, "Outlaw Anthem". Other examples of this adrenaline pumped high octane band can be felt on the aggressive fist-pumping, "It's Alright With Me" and a killer take on the Mountain classic, "Mississippi Queen" as well as "Falling Off The Wagon" featuring Randy "The Arsonist" Cooper from Emperors and Elephants on guitar dishes out some thundering riffs. Closing the album in rocking fashion is the whiskey soaked rocking title track. Scattered Hamlet sound is definitely influenced by its southern flavor, especially evident in Adam Joad' s powerful vocals. This is mixed with heavy guitar tones to create a truly unique and bad ass sound.  Scattered Hamlet flat out kicks the lower lumabr extremity with reckless abandon. Overall, 'Skeleton Dixie' does what Scattered Hamlet does best, kick maximum a**! Crank it up and give thanks to the rock n' roll gods that this band exists. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine