Monday, December 10, 2018


(Tin Idol Production))

With a hard rock sound laced with progressive overtones, the debut outing, 'Burial Grounds' from Honolulu, Hawaii based rockers, HereAfter, is a recording any rock music fan will want to experience. The band is comprised of, Ethan Foxx on vocals and keyboards, Jimmy Caterine on guitars and keyboards, Darren Soliven on bass and Gerard K. Gonsalves on drums. Together this group of talented musicians have created a really powerful sound, not exactly "heavy" but just powerful in the sense that the guitar and the vocals greatly impacted me. You have to hear this recording at maximum volume to really appreciate it, it gets you right in that "fight/I wont take sh#t from you mood." There's also the variety of song structure for each track, with most of the tracks being different from the others. Highlighted by tracks like, "Human Condition Critical", "the riff intense, "Everybody's Broken", "Rebel Spirit", and "War Machine". As a fan of rock music, I dig being introduced to newer bands with a great sound and feel to them. HereAfter is one such band. Great lyrics, great music. HereAfter are the real deal and definitely worth checking out. - Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Friday, December 7, 2018


REVOLUTION HIGHWAY  by Revolution Highway
(Grooveyard Records)

First impressions are lasting ones and the self titled debut release from Revolution Highway is one that will definitely leave a lasting one! Comprised of,  David Fefolt (Fifth Angel/Masi) on vocals, guitar savant, Stavros Papadopoulos (Super Vintage/Universal Hippies) on guitars and the solid rhythm section of bassist John Christopoulos and drummer Chris "Rock Machine" Lagios. Revolution Highway serve up a heavy dose of Blues infused rock that will get your adrenaline pumping in no time flat! This is a band that knows what us rock music fans want and they deliver the goods ten fold! From the six string rattlesnake rocker "Renegade" that opens the album to other smoking numbers like, "Young And Wild", "Streets  Of Hollywood", "I Need Your Love"  and "Lose You Again". Huge riffs, heavy bass, loud drums, killer vocals and just great songs. This is as good a recording as any that you will experience. The bottom end is fantastic throughout the mix, Stavros Papadopoulos' guitar work is stellar and shows why this guy is a six string samurai of the highest order. Last, but not least are David Fefolt's vocals. He simply reels you in with a swagger and attitude that doesn't let go. The bottom line here is Revolution Highway is a great band and warrants a listen by any rock music fan. You'llf ind yourself wanting to listen to this album over and over again. - Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Friday, November 16, 2018


OUTLAW SON by Jerome Mazza
(Escape Music)

Singer, Jerome Mazza's (Angelica/Pinnacle Point) highly anticipated debut release, 'Outlaw Son', will have your undivided attention once you hit play. The songwriting is outstanding and the message is clear. This release has an edge to it with solid guitar work, but it is still sprinkled with moments of driving keys and of course the blessed and powerful vocals of Jerome Mazza.  Backing him up are a group of seasoned musicians, Tommy Denander (guitar, keyboards) Steve Overland (backing vocals), Brian Anthony (bass) and Chris Metzger (drums). There are a fine bunch of songs that will hook you from beginning to end. I am amazed at the quality and consistency in the song writing and the production. Highlights include, "Neverland", "The Dark Side", "The Last Goodbye", "Undercover Love", "Calm Before The Storm" and the adrenaline pumping title track. It is music as it's meant to be; moving, telling stories that stir up your emotions and take you on a journey. The bottom line here isi f you like Jerome's work with Pinnacle Point or his work with Steve Walsh, this debut outing is a must. A album that is perfectly produced and a pleasure to listen to, start to finish. Thank you Jerome! - Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Friday, November 2, 2018


(Mighty Music)

'Resilient Heart' the latest release from veteran rock vocalist, David Reece (Accept/Bonfire) is a sledgehammer that hits you smack in the face once you hit play!  Providing David with the musical firepower are a group of gifted and seasoned players, guitarist,  Marco Angioni and Martin J. Andersen, Malte Frederik Burkert on bass and drummer, Sigurd J. Jensen. Together serving up a combination of hard rock songs laced with melodic overtones that sound oh so good and beg to be cranked to maximum volume and making for one hell of a listening experience! A mix of great guitar work and powerful vocals and great songs with high quality arrangements and melodies. From rockers like "Anytime At All", "Wicked City Blues", "Karma" to crunching hard rockers like "Perfect Apocalypse" and "Live Before You Die". Overall, 'Resilient Heart' is an album that is made up of great rock songs and impressive performance by all involved. And great sounding production. Just like what David Reece has done in past projects, he's come up with a winner! Hands down one of the best Rock albums this year! - Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Monday, October 29, 2018


(Rat Pak Records)

Okay, so we had to wait thirty years for a follow up to their debut. L.A. based rockers, Roxanne return with their long awaited sophomore album, 'Radio Silence' and I'm hear to say it was well worth the wait! Comprised of, Jamie Brown on vocals and guitars, John Butler on guitar,  Joe Infante on bass and  David Landry on drums. The band serve up 11 tracks of supercharged classic rock influenced music and like so many from the great artists like Led Zeppelin,  Aerosmith, Thin Lizzy and Queen, to name a few, is meant to be enjoyed from start to finish, in one sitting, with no distractions, and PLAYED LOUD! The album also features cameo appearances by George Lynch, King’s X frontman dUg Pinnick and Korn drummer Ray Luzier.  This album is excellent from start to finish. Personal favorites are, "Someone To Kill", "Girls Alright", "Thin Blue Line", "Man In The Moon", "Go Fuck Yourself" and "First Mistake". The songs are well written and the songs get in your head almost immediately. As soon as you finish your first pass through this one, you'll be ready for round 2. There are very, very few albums now a days that I listen to front to back that are worth listening to front to back, this is definitely one of them. Hands down on the best rock albums I've listened to this year. - Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Wednesday, October 17, 2018


THE HOWLING TIDES by The Howling Tides
(Independent Release)

The self titled five song Ep from four-piece Rock band from Staffordshire in the UK known as The Howling Tides is a rowdy package of hard driving riffs, screeching breaks combined with powerhouse vocals making for one hell of a listening experience. The band is comprised of Rob Baynes on vocals and guitar, Hayden Kirk on guitar and vocals, Luke Lawley on bass and vocals and Steven 'Herbie' Herbert on drums.  Hats off to producer Aynsley Lister (one of my personal favorite guitar players) who's bluesy influence has definitely has rubbed off on the band's overall vibe. A vibe that has a addictive classic rock sound that is tight as a drum , while their sound may bring to mind the likes of Led Zeppelin or Aerosmith in their prime, make no mistake The Howling Tides bring their own flavor to the table and it tastes oh so good! From the opening shot of adrenaline filled, "Cheap Painkiller" to closing riff laced swagger of "Running Blind, this Ep has no duds, hell the only thing that disappoints is its only five songs.  Simply one the best bands to come out this year. Just four guys putting out outstanding music that is raw, not over produced, and flat out ROCKS! - Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Tuesday, October 2, 2018


LOVE EQUALS WAR by Care Of Night
(AOR Heaven)

Whew! I am so glad that Swedish based melodic band, Care Of Night have returned with their sophomore release, 'Love Equals War', another superb example of high quality melodic rock music. Paying homage to bands like Journey, Giant and Toto while making their own mark and taking their rightful place as one the premiere melodic rock bands of our time. Comprised of, Calle Schönberg on vocals, Kristofer von Wachenfeldt on keyboards, Vocals, Viktor Öström Berg on guitars and bass and Linus Svensson on drums. Their songs are simply amazing combining elements such as smooth and memorable vocal melodies, great guitar solos and killer production. The whole album is very strong but some highlights include the cracking opening track, "Your Perfection", the majestic grace of, "She Leads You On", "Hit", the hook laden chorus of "Please Don't Leave" and the brilliant guitar riffs and memorable chorus of "We'll Find A Way". Care Of Night is one of the rare bands that you can throw on the earbuds, shut the lights out & just get lost in the music. Overall, 'Love Equals War' is essential listening for anyone that loved their debut, 'Connected' and is highly recommended to fans of intense melodic rock.Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Thursday, August 30, 2018


(Rockshots Records)

Every once in awhile a album comes across my desk that stops me dead in my tracks and makes me listen. 'Descending Rabbit Holes', the latest and fourth studio release by the  Croatian based power rock trio Side Effects is one such recording. What an amazing listening experience once you press play.  Side Effects are composed of Ivan Mihaljevic on guitar and vocals, Alen Frljak on drums and Marko Karacic Karo on bass. All three of these guys are monster musicians. Serving up a complex blend of musical adrenaline loaded with solid vocals, and instrumental prowess. As is evident on tracks like, "Don't Contradict The Facts", the lead off single, "In The Shadows Of A Crumbled Fort", "Diversion", "The Siren Song" and the album closing "Recoil". This album isn't one-dimensional, and the hard-driving rock and over-the-top musicianship have plenty of inspiring melodies and interesting interludes and harmonies. It's unique, fresh, and fantastic. It's
definitely not only for die-hard riff-junkies and thrill seekers; it is accessible and will undoubtedly be enjoyed by a wide range of rock music aficionados. Overall, you have a album that  is well thought out with change up's, crushing monster grooves that have ton's of texture & melodic chorus lines & very original music. The more I listen to this album the more I love and appreciate it. Very well done.Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society