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TOP ROCK CDs @ The Dedicated Rocker Society / FEBRUARY 2015

TOP ROCK CDs @ The Dedicated Rocker Society / FEBRUARY 2015

Robert Pehrsson's Humbucker debut release has a great, upbeat, rock n' roll energy and spirit, and is incredibly fun to listen to. It's a shame more modern rock bands don't take this approach. It seems like having fun isn't allowed anymore in mainstream rock. If you are a fan of the "Classic Rock" vibe done up 70's style then look no further.

Farmikos' debut release is a juggernaut of the some of the best heavy metal/hard rock captured on record. Farmikos is addicting- hear it once, you enjoy it-listen to it any more than that and your hooked.

'You Owe Nothing' is the kind of album you'd expect to hear from a side project of seasoned veterans. It's a very strong, totally captivating slab of old school rock n' roll that is unlikely to disappoint fans of the classic rock sound.

'A Conspiracy Of Stars 'going to put UFO back on the map, so to speak, and return them to their earlier, heavier sound from the Schenker days? Not quite, but this is definitely the best Vinnie Moore-era record to date.

Jeff Scott Soto – one of today's premier Rock frontmen and vocalists – and a union of hotshot young musicians bring you a slamming blend of melody and muscle in some of the freshest power metal to surface in years present. Together they are SOTO, and their debut album “Inside The Vertigo” will blow your mind away.

'Wonder Days' by Thunder is a highly recommended album for fans of classic well-crafted British rock 'n' roll, although inevitably overshadowed by the near perfect 'Backstreet Symphony',

If you like hard rock with great vocals, killer bottom end, and groove after killer groove , look no further, this is what Devil's Train bring to the table.  guitar driven, straight ahead balls to the wall hard rock, look no further. 'II' by Devil's Train has what you crave in spades!!

Ten is still in top form, and still the most underrated band in the history of AOR, delivering a level of class, lyrical sophistication and melodic sense that is head and shoulders above any other band of their generation. Hands down! 'Albion' is amongst Gary Hughes' best works

The Foundry have released an album that is loaded with well thought out change ups, crushing grooves that have ton's of texture & melodic chorus lines & very original music. Straight-up balls-out rock and roll, this is required listening.

If you have been looking for a new band that plays rock music with swagger and one hell of attitude, Motor Sister will be your favorite band.

From the Irish-tinged rock of “Soldierstown” to the balls-out twin guitar riffing of “Sex Guns & Gasoline”. From the dirty groove of “You Little Liar” to the acoustic “Blindsided”, this is a band coming of age. “The Killer Instinct” will see Black Star Riders cement their place as one of the most exciting contemporary rock acts

REVOLUTION SAINTS' music is played with a heart and soul and that highlights the passion and the enthusiasm of three of the best rock and all-around musicians in the game today.

I'm a Richie Kotzen fan - plain and simple. The guy has been putting out the highest quality music. If his name is written on it, it's going to be good.

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CD REVIEW: S/T by Revolution Saints

S/T by Revolution Saints
(Frontier Records)

REVOLUTION SAINTS, AOR' s latest "Super Group" featuring, Deen Castronovo (Journey/Bad English), Jack Blades (Night Ranger/Damn Yankees) and Doug Aldrich (Burning Rain/Whitesnake). Together the trio have put together one hell of a debut release. Bringing back the classic melodic rock style to where it should be: inspiring, uplifting vocals, soaring melodies and musicianship to die for. It's essence is very positive, obviously centered on the lyrical subject of love and at times going beyond that and getting philosophical There's not a bad track on this album and no filler. All songs rock and are memorable, but my personal favorites are, "Back On My Trail", "Way To The Sun "(Feat. Neal Schon), "Don't Walk Away" and  "Strangers To This Life". The chemistry between the trio is like white on rice. Deen Castronovo does an amazing job in the vocal department. While his vocal stylings may remind some of one Steve Perry, Deen brings his own flavor to the table. Jack Blades is on point and Doug Aldrich's guitar playing is simply superb. Hooks , great melodies , superb guitar playing - if I had to make a comparison to another band I`d go for Journey on top form - Escape/Frontiers time. Supergroups don`t generally work , Bad English being a noteable exception , but this is just superb. Revolution Saint's debut release is also one of the fieriest slices of hard melodic rock you’ll hear this year. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society /All Access Magazine

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


WONDER DAYS by Thunder
(Ear Music)

British rockers, Thunder return with their first studio album in six years, 'Wonder Days'. Showcasing everything that made these lads so great. Daniel Bowes (vocals), Luke Morley (guitar, keyboards, harmonica, percussion, backing vocals), Ben Matthews (guitar, keyboards) Chris Childs (bass) and Harry James (drums). This is classic Thunder at their blues-rock best, the profusion of crunchy guitar and wailing vocals in the opening track setting the tone for the rest of the album. There are some wonderful up-tempo rockers like, "The Thing I Want", "Black Water", "The Prophet" and "Chasing Shadows". The album also offers up rock ballads like, "The Rain" and the heartfelt "Broken" that seems to make your heart beg for mercy. Everything about this album says special, in a way only Thunder know - Luke Morley's music and lyrics are as strong as they've ever been, and Danny's voice just seems to get better with time. 'Wonder Days' is not an album that says 'band who use to be good trying to eek the last few drips out of their talent' it says 'band who use to be good - starting to look great'. Thunder will probably never succeed commercially as well as they did in the early days, but I truly believe that with their back catalog of top notch songs Thunder have built up, and the fact that years later they're still producing songs of the highest quality, they have to be considered one of the greatest and most consistent bands this country has ever produced.  The bottom line: 'Wonder Days' is a highly recommended album for fans of classic well-crafted British rock 'n' roll, although inevitably overshadowed by the near perfect 'Backstreet Symphony', this album should be high on the list for those just discovering this excellent band. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

Friday, February 13, 2015


(UDR Music)

Since the early 1970 s Uli Jon Roth has been a household name, be it from his work with the Scorpions, his own band Electric Sun, composing symphonies and concertos and sometimes performing with symphony orchestras throughout Europe.  Uli Jon Roth latest release finds him revisiting his days with the Scorpions with 'Scorpions Revisited' a double CD of 19 re-invented Scorpions classics. Nine tracks on disc one featuring, "The Sails Of Charon", "Virgin Killer","Polar Nights" and "Dark Lady". Disc Two is loaded with ten tracks featuring, "All Night Long", "We’ll Burn In The Sky", "Pictured Life" and "Fly To The Rainbow".  The material for this recording was recorded last year in the same hall in Hanover that we used for the Scorpions rehearsals 1973-1978. Uli put together a rock solid group of musicians to back him up. Nathan James (vocals), Jamie Little (drums), Ule W. Ritgen (bass), Niklas Turmann (guitar, vocals), Corvin Bahn (keyboards, vocals) and David Klosinski (guitar). Overall, 'Scorpions Revisited' is an excellent album, superb music/guitar from Uli Jon Roth as usual with the addition of fabulous vocals from British singer, Nathan James! He's one to watch and a match made in heaven. It's great that Uli Jon Roth returning to his rock roots again. Fans of the Scorpions with Uli Jon Roth, will be in awe of the guitar master once again as he delivers his latest masterpiece. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/ All Access Magazine

CD REVIEW: S/T by Foundry


S/T by Foundry
(Foundry Records)

The Sin City rockers known as the Foundry come out swinging for the fences with their self titled debut. Powered by Kelly Keeling (vocals), Marc Brattin (drums), James Fucci (guitar), Scott Griffin (bass) w/special guest Stoney Curtis (guitar solos). The recording was engineered  by Matt Breunig (The Killers) and mixed by Steve Thompson (Guns N' Roses, Metallica, KISS, Soundgarden). The Foundry are a modern hard rock band but are definitely and heavily influenced by the classics. Their songs are, tight, well written, and well-played!! Kelly Keeling's vocals is one of the best in hard rock, and James Fucci guitar work along with Stoney Curtis' smoking guitar licks are on point coupled with a beast of a rhythm section in the form of  bassist Scott Griffin and drummer, Marc Brattin. From the moment you hit play and the ballsy rocker, "Blinded" fires out of your speakers the band have your undivided attention. From there on your senses will be thoroughly ROCKED with tracks like, the adrenaline pumping,"Mind Radio", and the down and dirty grooves of "Get Over It", "Rolling Stoned", "Hell Raiser" and the party anthem, "Vegas Baby!" Giant guitar driven monster riffs served up on a bed of crushing grooves with melodic vocals and big hooks. Basically, NO FRILLS RIFF ROCK!  The bottoms line: The Foundry have released an album that is loaded with well thought out change ups, crushing grooves that have ton's of texture & melodic chorus lines & very original music. Straight-up balls-out rock and roll, this is required listening. Crank up your speakers, sit back, spark a bat, and let the music tell the rest of the story. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

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Artist Interview: Marcus Jürgens of TwentyDarkSeven

Interview with Marcus Jürgens of TwentyDarkSeven
by The Dedicated Rocker Society

TwentyDarkSeven is a brand-new band founded by former PUMP singer and founder Marcus Jürgens (also ex-Brainstorm) and guitar player Peter Wagner (ex-Wicked Temptation) in January 2013. After a short period of time, Marcus and Peter were finally able to find two perfect guys for TwentyDarkSeven. Alex Jansen (ex- Mennen) from the Netherlands, and fellow Dutch drummer Hans in ‘t Zandt (ex-Vengeance, Bangalore Choir). 

Musically, TwentyDarkSeven has committed themselves to the guitar-oriented Heavy Rock in the vein of Ozzy Osbourne, Black Label Society, Dio, Accept and Dokken with a slightly modern twist in the mix. 

We had a chance to catch up Frontman, Marcus Jürgens and asked him a few questions about the band's debut release, 'Roar' and what they have planned for the future. Here's what he shared with us..

Q: How long have guys been together as a band? How did you guys come up with the name for the band?

MJ: The band was founded by me and guitar player Peter Wagner (ex-Wicked Temptation) beginning of January 2013. At first we had two other former PUMP members in the band. Unfortunately, due to their job commitments and some other musical commitments respectively both left the TwentyDarkSeven camp at their own request.  Thank God after a couple of months we were finally able to find two perfect compliments for TwentyDarkSeven when former Mennen and current FOX bass player Alex Jansen from the Netherlands, and fellow Dutch drummer Hans in 't Zandt (ex-Vengeance, ex-Mad Max, ex-Bangalore Choir) were joining the band permanently. So were together since October 2013 with this line-up.  And the band's name, well that was inspired by the feature film "Zero Dark Thirty" which started playing by the time I left PUMP. Not in regards of the content, I just found this letter/number combination pretty cool and so I’ve kept this idea in the back of my head. Shortly after that I read some cool report about this legendary "Club 27", and as we all know, this “Club 27” is about all those rock and pop stars and they all coincidentally died at the age of 27. Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain and also Amy Winehouse if I remember that correctly. All died at 27. And so I had my next inspiration.  I just expanded the "27" and put a DARK to the "27" and the name 20DARK7 was born. I thought more Rock N Roll is actually not possible and so we leave it at that. Well, I know this is just my humble opinion hahahahaha

Q: What is the song writing process for you as a band? Group or individual?

MJ: I guess we’re more individual writers. Everybody in the band collects his own ideas and lastly we put everything together just like a puzzle.

Q: How would describe your band's musical approach? Who are some of your musical influences?

MJ: I think it’s safe to say that our album “Roar” is a “no frills, no bullshit, hard rock/heavy metal record with a real rock attitude but also with a modern twist in the mix! We’re influenced by Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, Accept, Dio, Dokken with some modern elements, well yes…I guess that’s basically what it is…

Q: Memorable moment(s) in the making of, 'ROAR', good or bad, that you can share with us? Are you satisfied with how the album turned out?

MJ: Well, I guess we’ve recorded the whole record twice…more or less.  That was pretty much a pain in the ass and probably the most memorable moment recording this album hahahahaha. But those recordings were also some kind of an identification process for us as a band. That’s why it took some time to record this album. But obviously it turned out pretty good and we’re pretty much satisfied with the result. I guess now I can say we’re fairly close to what we tried to achieve.

Q: Are there any plans for you guys coming to America to do some shows? If you do get to come over, who would like to tour with?

MJ: Well, we’re working on a few things concerning this matter. But you know…it’s difficult. We would love playing in the US. Absolutely! Without  doubt. It’s difficult for a German band with no name. We’ll see. Perhaps some promoter is reading this, we’re open for that…just make us an offer hahahaha. We would tour with everybody who wants to have us…if necessary we’re even going out with a Black Metal band…as long as they’re cool to us…hahahaha

Q: What goals have set for yourselves as a band?

MJ:  To be honest, we actually don’t have master plan for this. We never had. We'll take things as they come. We’re tryin’ to play as much shows as possible and we’re actually working on our second album. I guess the next goal is to release a great follow-up…this is currently the most important thing for us.

Q: Complete this sentence: The reason why you should check out Twentydarkseven is because...

MJ:  …IT FUCKING ROCKS! It really does. I know every musician is saying something like that hahahaha. But it’s indeed a timeless heavy rock album that rocks from beginning to end…as already mentioned,  “Roar” is a “no frills, no bullshit, hard rock/heavy metal record with a real rock attitude. If you’re looking for something like that, we’re definitely your weapon of choice!

Marcus,  thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I am also glad you liked our review…

MJ:  I have to thank The Dedicated Rocker Society for giving me the opportunity to talk today about my new band TwentyDarkSeven. Yes, your review was totally awesome. It really made my day. We really, really appreciate your support for TwentyDarkSeven. Thanks so much!

Cheers & beers

For more info on TWENTYDARKSEVEN:

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(Steamhammer Records)

The highly anticipated and long awaited new release from veteran British Hard Rockers, UFO comes to us in the form of, ' A Conspiracy Of Stars, the band's 22nd studio recording to date sees UFO prove that past and present can be blended in a homogeneous whole. Featuring the current line-up for the first time: along with the original members, Phil Mogg (vocals), Paul Raymond (keyboards, guitar) and Andy Parker (drums), lead guitarist Vinnie Moore has been a permanent member of the group since 2003, American bassist Rob De Luca joining the fold in 2012. 'A Conspiracy Of Stars' is a strong release consisting of eleven songs which combine everything that the group surrounding frontman Phil Mogg stands for: meaty riffs, distinctive hooks, diverse songwriting, intelligent lyrics and that generally laid-back attitude which we have associated with UFO from the start. The fact that A Conspiracy Of Stars was produced and mixed by Chris Tsangarides (Judas Priest, Thin Lizzy, Gary Moore, among others) may be considered another successful element in a thoroughly consistent release.  There is plenty of rocking tunes to be had. Take, for example, tracks like "The Killing Kind" and "Run Boy Run", because both are total shred-fests bubbling over with ripping, fluidly clean melodic guitar soloing.  Then you have the bluesy laid back swagger of tracks, "Ballad Of The Left Hand Gun" and "Precious Cargo", that guaranteed to give you goose bumps. This is best I've heard the band in years. Phil Mogg' s vocals are on point and Vinnie Moore's guitars are fantastic. Its amazing to hear what this group has evolved into through the years. So, is 'A Conspiracy Of Stars 'going to put UFO back on the map, so to speak, and return them to their earlier, heavier sound from the Schenker days? Not quite, but this is definitely the best Vinnie Moore-era record to date.  - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/ All Access Magazine

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


(Dream Records)

UK rockers, Furyon are  back with the follow up to their critically acclaimed self-titled debut. 'Lost Salvation' represents what I would describe as another honest, barebones, no frills rock album. Matt Mitchell - Vocals, Tiago Rosado - Guitars, Alex "Nickel" Bowen - Bass and Lee Farmery - Drums. I was eagerly waiting for this one following the excellent debut album and it was sure worth the wait. A solid album with all the attitude & energy you would expect from Furyon. Invigorated and eager to capitalize on the success of their debut album, the band's new material delivers the goods. Loaded with riff heavy songs that are proudly anchored in the foundations of traditional hard rock and metal song writing with hooks and catchy choruses to pull you in. Songs like, "All That I Have", the lead off single, "These Four Walls", "Resurrect Me" and "Dematerialize"combine the band's hard rock influences with the sonic stomp of Black Label Society meets Alice In Chains, all while retaining a musical identity of their own. You know, music that makes the hair on your arm stand up, and makes you want to sing and shout at the top of your lungs?  That's what you can experience with this amazing band. Furyon continue to be a cut above the average heavy rock bands out there. Bottom line 'Lost Salvation' by Furyon is a great modern hard rock / metal record. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine