Saturday, February 23, 2019


(Small Stone Records)

The Canadian powerhouse rock trio known as La Chinga are back with their third studio release, 'Beyond The Sky'. For those reading about this power trio for the first time. Let me break it down for you. Take one cup of rock and roll swagger and attitude then add a healthy dose of MC5 meets Led Zeppelin rock fury with a shot of Jack! Yup, that's about what you'd get with La Chinga. Carl Spackler on bass and vocals, Ben Yardley on guitars and vocals and Jason Solyom on drums. The boys unleash sonic fury and devastate the cosmos with mega bursts of thunder and lightning! Their latest slab of in your face rock doesn't have a dud on it. You can play it straight from beginning to end without wanting to skip anything. My favorites are "Nothin' That I Can Do", "Mamma Boogie", "Keep On Rollin'", "Death Rider" and "Warlords". This recording is what Rock and Roll is all about. A power rock trio with a bold infused sound with deep guitar licks from Ben Yardley. Powerful precision drumming from Jason Solyom and the uninhibited vocal energy of Carl Spackler.  This is what rock music is supposed to sound like. It just amazes me that this is the band's third release and they are not more well known yet, but hopefully that will change after this release. If you are a classic rock, or rock fan in general, you will love what La Chinga bring to the table. Just be sure your stereo can handle it though. - Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Thursday, February 21, 2019


BLIND RIVER by Blind River
(House Of Bones)

The self titled debut release from the five piece UK rock band, Blind River fires on all cylinders and pulls no punches. The whole album is soaked with in your face rockers that are guaranteed to get your blood pumping. From the opening riff, you are placed on familiar but fresh musical ground. The band is comprised of, Harry Armstrong (Earls of Mars, End of Level Boss and Hangnail) on vocals, Dan Edwards (Pig Iron and Sons of Merrick) on guitar duties. Chris Charles (Godsized and Alzir) also on guitar.  Andrew Esson (Motherload and Godsized) leathering the drums. Will Hughes who has depped for the Nik Turner (ex Hawkind) band and plays for Alzir on the bass. The album moves from one song to the next, each with their own individual swagger coming together with a certain cohesion. You can play it straight from beginning to end without wanting to skip anything. My personal favorites are "Going Nowhere", "Resurrection Sister", "Life Gets Lost", and "Freedom Dealer". Harry Armstrong's whisky powered bluesy vocals along with a band that are tight and deliver the rock and roll goods is what pushes these songs over the top. Truly a breath of fresh air in the boiled-down, almost-dead, pure rock genre. It usually takes me a few listens to an album to really appreciate it. This album hit me so hard I turned it up to '11' on first play, WHOAH, WHAT A RUSH!   - Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

CD REVIEW: ROCKERS DELIGHT by Jim Wilson And Phil Jones

ROCKERS DELIGHT by Jim Wilson And Phil Jones
(The Swingin' Pipes Records)

Jim Wilson and Phil Jones return with 'Rockers Delight' a four song Ep featuring a mix of songs that the duo recorded while making their “Now Playing” album.  While it maybe only a four song Ep, you get is a rock and roll smorgasbord that sounds awesome! The recording has a nice flow to it, the songs work well together. You have, "All Wrong, All Right", that has that The Move meets Slade vibe to it. The next track, "Hott", featuring the legendary Bernie Fowler lending his soulful vocal talents is a pure shot of adrenaline. The rock and roll gospel mover , "I Know" is next and closing things out with "Take Mountain", a ode to Hollywood featuring the one and only Spooner Oldham, who played on Percy Sledge's "When a Man Loves a Woman", and  Wilson Pickett's "Mustang Sally" on organ. Jim Wilson's influences are all present here and that's what I appreciate about him. He wears his influences on his sleeve and shows his appreciation through his music. Jim Wilson is an incredible singer and guitar player, who should be more well known than he is, in my opinion. His ability to write memorable songs, sing with a soulful r&b vibe, and play a variety of various styles makes him a triple threat. Take a listen to 'Rockers Delight', and you will hear and feel where I'm coming from.  - Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Monday, February 11, 2019


(Independent Release)

First impressions are everything for me and the debut release, ' Worth Living For' by the Los Angeles based heavy rock/metal duo, Dianthus hit me like a sledgehammer! Formed by twin sisters Jackie on vocals and guitar and Jessica Parry on backing vocals and percussion. Their music is both epic in scope and ethereal in tone. There is a very accessible feel to the album and it shows mostly in the solid production from start to finish; no track gets left behind. The songwriting is deceptive, seeming to be less complicated than it really is. There is a constant flow of creativity. Highlighted by such tracks like, "Within Hazel Eyes", "Please Say (You're Pretending)", "When The World Says 'Give Up'" and the hauntingly vibe of "The Unveiling" and "Black Snow", showcasing Jackie Parry's vocals. As for the rest of the album, there is not one weak track here, each one containing something to enthrall and coax the listener into a state of willful addiction. It is a very haunting sound, mixed with explosive, crunching riffs and atmospheric vocals. Blended all together to provide for one memorable listening experience. 'Worth Living For'' has amazing depth, both musically and emotionally. It's one of the coolest sounds I've ever heard, and it's on the cutting edge of melodic metal and it's previous boundaries. Not many, if any bands are as daring as Dianthus with their sound, and it's a wonderful listen from start to finish. Personally, I can't wait to hear what they come up with next. Huge things are definitely in store for Dianthus.  - Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Friday, February 8, 2019


(Independent Release)

Taking their musical influences from such legends like, The Ramones, The Cramps and The Dead Kennedys, the UK based garage punk rockers, Zombie Met Girl unleash their debut,  'Super Atomic Werewolf Chicks On Motorcycles'. The band is powered by Nick on vocals, Frazer on guitars, Tim on bass and Steve on drums. While they may draw their sound from legends, make no mistake Zombie Met Girl have a sound and style all their own. Their music is raw, rude, and ruckus-raising celebration of rock `n' roll at its most heroically gruesome, an unholy combination of backwoods hell bound rockabilly and snarling punk rock. As exhibited on tracks like, "Mail Order Bride", " I Dont Wanna Live Like That", "Comin' For You", the title track and "We're In 1984". 'Super Atomic Werewolf Chicks On Motorcycles' by Zombie Met Girl is a greasy, apocalyptic screech, a stomach-rupturing good time that sounds like nothing else you've ever heard. A sleazy, dirty-sounding rockabilly/punk album that will likely make some feel like taking a shower after hearing it. Personally, I wouldn't have it any other way.   - Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Monday, February 4, 2019


HIGH FLYER by Bullfrog
(Grooveyard Records)

Italian based Blues rock trio Bullfrog are back with their fifth studio release, 'High Flyer'. And as they did on their previous outing, 'Clearwater', the power blues rock trio serve up a classic rock vibe of blues infused rock that echo the likes of Cream, Free, Humble Pie and Grand Funk Railroad along with solid lyrics and a very tight sound. Capturing the early 70's production feel. Ah! the glory days, when bands were stripped back to just raw, bleeding Passion! Bullfrog is comprised of, Francesco Dalla Riva (Bass & Vocals), Silvano Zago on guitar and Michelle Dalla Riva on drums. Front man Francesco Dalla Riva  possess a whiskey soaked wail that stretches the corners of classic rock, and soul simultaneously along with guitarist, Silvano Zago and drummerMichelle Dalla Riva, laying down meaty rhythms and grooves thick with the appreciation of classic blues rock cut by rips of edgy guitar riffs. Bullfrog is definitely keeping a vintage torch alive through fresh blood and it translates with authority on tracks like, "Lola Plays The Blues," "Losing Time", "Hot Rod" and down and dirty swagger of soul movers like, "Beggars And Losers" and "Blind Leader". Fans of classic rock will without a doubt eat up what this trio bring to the table. I will also say this, if anyone thinks there are no truly great Rock And Roll bands coming out anymore, you are wrong! Bullfrog do their own thing while still reminding you who their influences are. They've stuck to their guns and only gotten better and for those of you who are new to the band, your welcome. 'High Flyer' is an absolute killer, and a true stand out in an already solid catalog. Bullfrog .are the real deal. Playing rock music as it was intended to be played. Play it loud, play it front to back, and get comfortable.   - Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society