Tuesday, November 22, 2016


by Phil Campbell and The Bastard Sons
(Motörhead Music))

Motörhead guitarist, Phil Campbell,  teams up with his sons Todd, Dane and Tyla, plus vocalist Neil Starr, to unleash their self-titled 5-song debut Ep. Being a fan of Phil's work with Motorhead, I was eager to hear what he and his sons would bring to the table. Wow! What a first impression. This five song Ep is packed with, attitude and a rock and roll swagger that hits the spot.  The songs all have strong hooks, you will find yourself humming them later or getting stuck in your head. The opening track "Big Mouth" charges like a GTO on fire with the devil behind the wheel. From there the barrage continues with, the attitude induced rockers, "Spiders", "Take Aim", "No Turning Back" then settling things down with the acoustic based charmer, "Life In Space". Neil Starr's vocals carry the very essence of attitude fuelled hard rock a style that proves consistent regardless of the mood or tempo of each track. Phil Campbell guitar oozes attitude while son,  Todd Campbell guitar playing ranges from hard rock riffs to sleaze rock rhythm parts while the majority of solos are well thought and very interesting for the listener. The rhythm section of bassist, Tyla Campbell and brother drummer Dane Campbell fully recreate classic rock rhythm patterns, serving as the foundation for the band's hard rock sound. Granted, this is just an EP, but take nothing away from the quality of rock music this band dishes out. Overall, a strong debut outing from a band I am sure we'll be hearing a lot from for years to come. Tap into the groove, run with the devil, turn on to Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons experience.  Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


by Tygers Of Pan Tang
(Target Music)

NWOBM legends Tygers Of Pan Tang are back with their latest self titled album. Robb Weir (guitar), Jacopo Meille (vocals), Micky Crystal (guitar), Gav Gray (bass) and Craig Ellis (drums, percussion). Wow! The band have put out powerhouse album. This is just pure undiluted hard rock from start to finish. Stong vocals from Jacopo Meille. Rob Weir and Micky Crystal make full use of the term ‘shredding’ with their guitars and the lock-steady rhythm of Gav Gray's bass and Craig Ellis’s drums. The future and the past crash together in a raucous, melodic yet heavy eleven song collection which will surely get your rocks off in no time flat. The songs are catchy enough in particular the opener, "Only The Brave" with its supercharged guitar riffs assault heralding the album’s commencement, gives the listener an instant crack around the chops, while traditionalists will be delighted to hear such a perfect marriage of old, classic Tygers Of Pan Tang with the newer, fresher vibe in such riff powered rockers like, “Dust, "Never Give In", "Do It Again" and a killer take on the Kee Kee Dee classic, "I Got The Music In Me". The new album was recorded and mixed  by Soren Andersen (Glenn Hughes, Mike Tramp) and mastered by Harry Hess of Harem Scarem.  Overall, a solid hard rock album that pushes no boundaries whatsoever and retains the classic Tygers Of Pan Tang sound. Just like I and most other of their fans like it. 
 Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


(Escape Music)

Swedish vocalist, Apostolos "Apollo" Papathanasio unveils his debut release, 'Waterdevils', a powerhouse recording that delivers the rock and roll goods in spades!  If name sounds familiar he is currently fronting the hard rock band Spiritual Beggars. There is no easy way to describe this album other than it would definitely fit in that 'Classic Rock' category.  Its not about Apollo merely copying his classic rock influences but a singer making music while wearing his influences on his sleeve. The result, music played with guts, power and skill that captures perfectly the excitement and joy of the shared experience which is rock music. The whole album is great, but there are definitely some stand out tracks. The opening track, "Revolution For The Brave" makes a defining statement for the rest of the album. Packed with great guitar work and a heavy rhythm section grabs you by the short hairs and doesn't let go. "Liberate Yourself", "Buried In A Flame" have the same impact. Other highlights include, "Fallen Endlessly", "Power", "Rise Up" and "I Need Rock N' Roll". Overall, the album buzzes with energy, bristles with power and blows you away in the sheer quality and diversity of music flowing into your ears.  Overall, 'Waterdevils', manages to avoid sounding dated. Ultimately, this is an album of superb quality, and should be a staple album for any genuine rock music fans. Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Monday, November 14, 2016


CLOWN'S LOUNGE by Enuff Znuff
(Frontier Records)

Chicago rock legends, Enuff Znuff are back with their highly anticipated new release, 'Clown's Lounge'. The new album is a collection of rarities and early demos that have been partially reworked and re-recorded by the band. The band is now comprised of, Chip Z’nuff on vocals, electric bass, guitar, Tony Fennell on guitar and vocals, Tory Stoffregen on lead guitar, vocals and Erik Donner on drums, vocals. The album also features a guest appearance from the late Jani Lane (of Warrant) as well as an appearance from James Young of Styx on “The Devil Of Shakespeare”. With that said, what a great rock album! It really is brash, classy, bold, loud, crafty, clever and delivered with a swagger and a smile. All twelve songs deliver the goods, not a weak track among the bunch. Personal favorites, "Dog On A Bone", "Runaway", "She Makes It Harder" and "Radio". 'Clown's Lounge', showcases the best elements of Enuff Z'nuff in the early days; in your face glitter rock with power pop overtones. While I'm a bit sad that Donnie Vie is no longer in the band, I have to give a major thank you to Chip for raiding the archive and releasing this album, not only,  for rock music fans, but for the  Enuff Znuff fans to rock out as well. 'Clown's Lounge' will without a doubt get the band a whole new load of younger, newer fans. Overall, Enuff Znuff has really delivered a winner here! Every song has a great hook, an awesome beat, some jamming riffs, a catchy melody, and packs a one hellava punch!Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

CD REVIEW: ROCK THE CRADLE by Dario Mollo's Crossbones

ROCK THE CRADLE by Dario Mollo's Crossbones
(Frontier Records)

Italian guitarist Dario Mollo is back with his latest project, Crossbones and their debut release, 'Rock The Cradle'. Mollo best known for his work in The Cage with Tony Martin (ex-Black Sabbath) and Voodoo Hill with Glenn Hughes (Black Country Communion, Deep Purple, California Breed). With Crossbones Dario Mollo has put together a group of veteran musicians to back him up. Carl Sentance on vocals (Nazareth, Don Airey Band, Persian Risk, KROKUS), Dario Patti on keyboards, bass guitar and Ezio Secomandi on drums. The new album features 10 hard-hitting, adrenalin fuelled melodic rockers that showcase Dario Mollo's distinctive and explosive guitar playing. From the pounding opener `Red' to the closing charged rocker, "Fright" every song is a rocker. Stand out tracks include the galloping "Take Me High", "Navigation", the title track and the brooding "Running From The Shadow". One or two tracks may need a few plays to appreciate just how good they are, but this album gets better and better every time I play it. I have to say, Dario Mollo has put together an exceptional band, Carl Sentance, Dario Patti and Ezio Secomandi are in fine form throughout. However, it is Dario Mollo's stellar playing that makes this album great. Overall,  this is a powerful debut that hits a bullseye! Sheer quality as you would expect from such talented and experienced musicians. Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Monday, November 7, 2016


(Independent Release)

L.A. based guitar virtuoso Ken Snyder unveils his latest release, 'Dysfunctional Order', presenting a new collection of new compositions that showcase his ability to riff, solo and compose instead of just cramming notes in for the sake of cramming. Snyder really shines and let's the music do the talking. The new album is well-rounded with enough heaviness and energy to satisfy listeners who enjoyed Snyder's earlier works, One', 'Nevermore' and 'Progressive By Nature'. Snyder kicks things off with the riff intense, "Grindstone" followed by a barrage of blazing guitar notes that will leave your senses comfortably numb with, "Deconstructed", "WTF" and "Shades Of Blue" the epic, "Utopian Dream" and the acoustic based, "Stripped",  from there on out there is no let up. Each of the tracks on this album is outstanding, and together they form a truly great album worthy of high praise. 'Dysfunctional Order' is an intense instrumental album that cannot be consumed in just one sitting (it takes at least one repeat listen to absorb the whole thing.) Some instrumental recordings become boring after a while, not Dysfunctional Order.  The songs are amazing and have catchy powerful melodic grooves and intense arrangements. Ken Snyder's playing on this recording is insane! This is musicianship and composition skills of the highest caliber from start to finish. Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

CD REVIEW: GO ASK THE MOON! by Angels Or Kings

GO ASK THE MOON! by Angels Or Kings
(AOR Heaven)

UK based melodic rock outfit, Angel Or Kings are back with their sophomore release, 'Go Ask The Moon!' For those new to the band it is comprised of, Baz Jackson (vocals), Tony Bell (guitar), Steve Kenny (guitar), Dave Ellis (keyboards), Daniel Bate (bass) and Andy Chemney (drums). As evident on the debut album there's clearly a musical chemistry between the members, but on this release they have built from the debut's foundations, refined their sound and solidified their song writing partnership. The new album is a wall of sound from the first to the last note, the band filling every second with something interesting. It's got hooks, it's got melody, it's got soaring vocals, sweeping keys, and amazing axework. The opening track "No More Faith" is just a killer melodic hard rock tune and it just gets better from there with melodic gems like,  "Ancient Fires", "No Alibi" "When The Heart Is Wrong", "Waiting For The Thunder" and "Heartbreak Railroad Company". All in all, this is a superb slab of melodic hard rock. Solid production, great songs and another fine example of what melodic rock should sound like when it is written, performed and produced by a band with a burning passion for what they are doing and who are also at the very top of their game! Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society


NO REGRETS by Marenna
(Independent Release)

'No Regrets', the latest release from Brazilian based melodic rockers,  Marenna is a pure melodic hard rock album in the best tradition. It moves on the strengths of great vocals and vocal arrangements, compelling guitar solos, good melodies, and catchy lyrical hooks, all with an edge. The band is comprised of, Rodrigo Marenna - lead & backing vocals, Jonas Godoy on guitars, keyboards and backing vocals, Aaron Alves on guitar, Appel Alves, on bass and backing and Gionathan Sandi on drums.  Special Gests guitar solos, Sasha Z, Mauro Caldart, Fernando Mig, Bruno Mello and special guests on drums, Guilherme Mello, Rafael Netto and Ivan Busic.  There's some hard rock punch, but it's tempered by fantastic melodies, light keyboards and some real heart and soul coming from Rodrigo Marenna's voice.  Right off the bat the album kicks off with the adrenaline powered, "Reason To Live", from there it's melodic hard rock bliss with, "Can't Let You Go", "Never Surrender", "Come Back" and "About Love". Big Guitars, Big Choruses, Lots of Melody, Great Production. 'No Regrets' is an absolute gem of an album. Overall, it sounds great with no filler. The band's debut was excellent, but that's not the case here. They really out did  themselves with this sophomore effort. With 'No Regrets' Marenna have raised the bar for themselves and leaped over it without a doubt one of the best melodic hard rock albums I've heard this year.
Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society