Wednesday, September 30, 2015


(Scarlett Records)

Band of Spice (changed from Spice and the RJ Band) is the new band featuring Swiss singer, guitarist and songwriter Christian “Spice” Sjöstrand (Kayser and ex-Spiritual Beggars). Backing up Spice are group of talented musicians, River - Guitar, backing vocals (The Mushroom River Band), Peter Lundstedt - Bass, backing vocals, Johan Hultgren - Keys, backing vocals and .Bob Ruben - Drums, percussion (Kayser, The Mushroom River Band).  'Economic Dancers' is the band's sophomore outing under this moniker. So what can you expect with this latest offering? You can expect to listen to an album that loaded with good, old fashioned rock music that has that classic rock vibe. The band hits your senses from all angles once you press play. The opening title track and "True Will" are full on rockers that beg to cranked to maximum volume. Then you have "On The Run", with it's Springsteen-ish overtones. While on "Intro - The Joe" with its smooth keyboard intro that segues into the guitar driven mover, "The Joe", shows that even when the band decide to tone things down a bit, they still deliver the goods. From their on out its non stop rocking with, "You Can't Stop", "In My Blood" and balls out rocker, "Down by the Liquor Store". The hook-laden riffs and thundering percussion, and of course Spice’s whiskey soaked vocals, keep things interesting throughout. Overall, 'Economic Dancers' is a quality release in the field of 70s-oriented rock music. If you're a fan of heavy rock with plenty of melody and swagger, I highly recommend giving this recording a shot. Its just that damn good. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Monday, September 28, 2015


(Napalm Records)

W.A.S.P. return with their latest release, 'Golgotha', the name-giving place of skulls is the hill Jesus Christ was crucified upon, displaying all strengths and trademarks that W.A.S.P. have accumulated over decades. Front man Blackie Lawless still possesses one of the most unique and emotional set of vocal chords of the hard rock musjc scene! Guitarist, Doug Blair's riffing is hauntingly effective. The new album follows the path that was established with  'Babylon' and 'Dominator' and soars to new heights with highly melodic metal anthems that also feature balladesque moments. The wrting is tighter, the tracks are more tactile and technical and the tone is consistent throughout. As good as the band's early albums were, this is just a more refined album with less filler tracks, and is lyrically superior. The best tracks are, "Scream", "Last Runway" and the haunting, "Miss You". The rest are all very good . Out of the rest the best are "Slaves Of The New World" and "Hero Of The World". The songs have a awesome adrenalin surging power to them. Fantastic songwriting, and a great changeover for the guys. Until this album the primary content of a WASP song was sex and little else. 'Golgotha' along with W.A.S.P. and 'The Crimson Ido'l is their best work. I would certainly recommend to anyone just getting into this fantastic and vastly underrated band. - Highly Recommended

Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Saturday, September 26, 2015


ACROSS THE DIVIDE by Federal Charm

U.K. blues based rockers Federal Charm return with sophomore release, 'Across The Divide'.  Where the band's debut release was a loud and raucous testosterone filled rocker, with their sophomore effort, Federal Charm infused far more soul into their songs. The band is comprised of, NICK BOWDEN, Vocals/Guitar/Harmonica, PAUL BOWE /Guitar, LD MORAWSKI /Bass and DANNY RIGG on Drums. 'Across The Divide' starts of rockin' with "Master Plan, "Guess What" and the guitar driven soulful swagger of, "No More". A set of blues based soulful rockers that are guaranteed to get your blood pumping. Then things slow down a bit with "These Four Walls", but no less rocking with numbers like "Hercules", "Give Me Something" and "Silhouette". The record climaxes with a true epic, the cascading "Walk Away (Time & Time Again)". It's a dark yet beautiful anthem. All the elements that make this band amazing come together on the intense chorus. When bands come out with their sophmore effort, they often falls flat (to put it mildly), but Federal Charm are in fine form on this one, proving that the Classic Rock influenced bands can in fact forge their own way. If you like heavy, funky, rockin' grooves and soulful singing you'll really dig it. In my opinion this is the sound of a band finding their true sound.  Federal Charm are one of the few things still right in rock music in this day and age, and it's never  more evident than on this album. Very highly recommended. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Friday, September 25, 2015


Morgan Zocek of SIDEBURN
Talks  About Band's latest release
Interview by Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Sideburn is a band from Sweden that has gained a solid reputation in the classic rock genre, mixing retro Hard Rock, Doom Metal and a dose of Blues with today’s classic rock sound, appealing to both friends of ZEPPELIN, SABBATH, early SCORPIONS as well as new bands like ALTER BRIDGE.

They have recently released their 5th album, 'Evil Or Divine' on Metalville Records. Too many times bands simply re-hash repetitive riffing, but on this monster of an album.  Sideburn are comprised of,  Dimitri Keiski (vocals, guitar), Morgan Zocek (guitar), Martin Karlsson (bass, organ), and Fredrik Haake (drums).

Sideburn's guitarist, Morgan Zocek shared his thoughts about their new album and more with The Dedicated Rocker Society.

DRS: 'EVIL OR DIVINE' your fifth studio release. Are you satisfied with how it turned out? How long did it take to record?

Morgan:  It feels AWESOME to have the "physical" product in your hand, after writing songs for like 2 years, then recording/mixing for about 6 months.... Just great to see all of the fantastic reviews now that we get from all over the world, we feel proud!

DRS: In regards to the title of the new album. Was it a reference from Ronnie James Dio's song, "Last In Line"?

Morgan:  We are really big Dio fans, and I watched a live DVD with Dio (the band) that had the same name, but i thought that no "official" album that I could think of had that title, and it's a really powerful and epic title so we went for it, and I had also that Spanish statue (the one on the front cover) in mind, and the title and statue was just made for each other. It's also a tip of the hat for R.J.Dio who we all love and miss, in some kind of way we want to honour him and keep his legacy alive.

DRS: How would you describe the sound of the new album?

Morgan: It´s classic hardrock with doom and some blues and progressive influences, we also want the record to sound "up to date" so it has a MASSIVE sound/production

DRS: Would it be safe to say that you guys are going to be busy touring in support of, 'Evil Or Divine"? Will you be touring Europe mostly? Are there plans of coming to America for show shows?

Morgan: We have had a short break from the band after the summer, but really soon we will begin to rehearse and book alot of shows again. We would love to play in the US, but it´s a financial question. But when the right opportunity/offer comes, we will be there in a second!

DRS: For those people reading about you guys for the first time, how would describe your band and why they  should check you guys out?

Morgan: If you are a fan of classic hardrock in the vein of Dio/T.Martin era of B.Sabbath/Scorpions/Rainbow/Candlemass and miss that sound in todays music,  Check out SIDEBURN and our new album "Evil or Divine"I think we have taken that sound to a new level, with our own twist on it, and updated it for the new century.

DRS: Any messages you'd like to past along to your fans?

Morgan: Hope to see you on the road someday somewhere.. and thanks for the support. Stay safe!

Photos by: birgitta Nylén/Jonte Strömberg/Jimmie Soini

CD REVIEW: THIS DEVICE (Ep) by The Tracy G. Group

THIS DEVICE (Ep) by The Tracy G. Group
(The Spooky G. Label)

The Tracy G. Group's latest creation the six song Ep, 'This Device' strikes a perfect balance of style, power and imagination taking  risks and challenges in ways most other players can't even approach. There are some incredible moments here and it's an intensely personal album full of anguish and anger and ultimately hope. For this being only a six song Ep, it sure packs one hellava punch! The songs are heavy and thick. The drums lurch and the guitars hold deep power chords infused with wicked licks that will definitely threaten to blow your speakers.  The instrumental, "Space Beast (The Mudshark Returns) sets the table for the intense musical journey that awaits. The grooves are catchy, psychedelic, and abrasive all at the same time. The title track is up next and it's as if you sucked down the rabbit hole. The intensity level that the band bring as a group on this track is off the charts!  "Benjamin Siegel", a ball buster of a song with a sinister bass groove. The next two tracks are guaranteed to send your blood pressure into overdrive "Red White Black And Blue" and "Out Of Time". The instrumental "The Train (Revisited) closes things out nicely. Tracy G.'s guitar playing is a intense and insane as ever. I've always considered Tracy G. "The Salvador Dalí" of the guitar world. Dali was best known for the striking and bizarre images in his surrealist work. Dali used a paint brush, Tracy G.'s paint brush is his guitar and the music he creates is just as striking and bizarre. Hats off to Michael Beatty for a damn good job on  vocals. One thing that makes this recording stand out amongst modern rock recordings, is the fact that the vocals actually follow very distinctive (and catchy) melodies, yet they still manage to be extremely intense. Randy Oviedo's bass playing truly sounds like it's from another planet. Then there is the drumming courtesy of Adrian Aguilar providing the music with an almost tribal beat, with killer grooves with maximum impact. Also featured on drums are Ray Luzier (Korn) and  Mike Terrana. You will want to play this recording as loud as you can just for the sheer force of the guitar and bass rumble. Great vocals, intense guitar work, beautiful tone, tight musicianship, excellent songwriting and arranging. Well worth listening to. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

CD REVIEW: DYING TO LIVE by Joel Hoekstra's 13

DYING TO LIVE by Joel Hoekstra's 13 
(Frontier Records)

Guitarist Joel Hoekstra, a journeyman of sorts. Currently, he is in Whitesnake prior to that he's worked with the likes of, Night Ranger, Trans Siberian Orchestra and the show 'Rock of Ages'. Hoekstra breaks onto the music scene with his solo project, Joel Hoekstra's 13. The band's debut release, 'Dying To Live'. If you are a big fan of melodic/hard rock this recording delivers in spades! Every detail of the music is amazing! Superbly crafted songs, unbelievable guitar work, soaring vocals, incredible drumming and perfect production make this recording a powerhouse release. As soon as you press play and the opening track, "Say Goodbye To The Sun", fires out of your speakers this recording hits your senses holding nothing back. From there on with tracks like, "Anymore", ""Until I Left You", "Long For the Days" and "Changes". 'Dying To Live' provides hard hitting, riff driven, hook laden songs and is a premium blend of melodic hard rock that makes for one memorable listening experience. The musicians backing Hoekstra are Jeff Scott Soto (Journey/Yngwie Malmsteen) - lead vocals, backing vocals, Russell Allen (Adrenaline Mob/Symphony X) - lead vocals, backing vocals,  Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath/Dio) - drums, Tony Franklin (The Firm/Blue Murder) - bass. Special cameo appearances by Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater/Black Country Communion) - keyboards, Chloe Lowery (Trans Siberian Orchestra) - vocals, Toby Hitchcock (Pride of Lions) - additional backing vocals, Charlie Zeleny (Joe Lynn Turner) - percussion and Dave Eggar (Amy Lee/Coldplay) - cello. There have been some really good rock releases so far this year but with 'Dying To Live' Joel Hoekstra's 13 jumps is definitely one of the top releases in 2015. This is a must-have rock album any way you look at it. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Monday, September 21, 2015

The Dedicated Rocker Society Top 40 Week ending 9/18/2015

The Dedicated Rocker Society Top 40 
Week ending 9/18/2015

Week ending 9/18/2015

40. Tears Of A Clown by Iron Maiden
39.  Such A Shame by Black Stone Cherry
38.  Arrow Of Time by Queensryche
37.  Tell Me What You Want by Zebra
36.  Home In My Hand by Foghat
35.  Edge Of The Blade by Journey
34.  Dogs Of War by Goldsboro
33.  The Sun Will Rise Again by Mother Road
32.  Voice Of My Heart by House Of Spirits
31.  Cigarettes & Regrets by The Answer
30.  Astromancer by Mothership
29.  Rolling Stoned by John Garcia
28.  Turned Back Time by Revolution Saints
27.   Strung Out by Age Sten Nilsen's Ammunition
26.   No Strings by Jeff Labar
25.   Stoned Again by Black Robot
24.  Beg, Borrow Or Steal by Hughes/Thrall
23.  Electric Man by Rival Sons
22.  Guardian by Queensryche
21.  Whole Lotta Rosie by AC/DC
20.  Star Born by Spiritual Beggars
19.  Redemption Blues by Audrey Horne
18. Are You Ready For Rock N' Roll? by 77
17.  Before I Die by The Poodles
16.  Sweet Devil's Kiss by Devil's Train
15.  Children Of The Grave by Black Sabbath
14.  Fierce Heart by Fierce Heart 
13.  Open Invitation by Santana
12.  Under The Sky by The Answer
11.  Dirty Love by Thunder
10.  When Destiny Calls by Voodoo Circle
9.  Crying In The Rain by Magnum
8.  Halfway To The Sun by Night Ranger
7.   Montreal Midnight Supply by Night Flight Orchestra
6.  Creatures Of The Night by Kiss
5.  Long Legged Woman by 42 Decibel
4.  Freedom by Spiralarms
3.  Goodbye by Skintrade
2.  Devil Sings The Blues by Europe

1.  Oblivion by The Winery Dogs

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


THE BOOK OF SOULS by Iron Maiden
(Parlophone Records)

Metal icons, Iron Maiden are back with their highly anticipated new studio release, 'The Book Of Souls'. Recorded in Paris with  producer Kevin “Caveman” Shirley. This is the band's first double album studio release. The the band decided to delay its release so that vocalist Bruce Dickinson, would have time to recuperate sufficiently to join in the preparations for the album’s release. The new album has something for every Maiden fan! The gents sound amazing! Bruce Dickinson's voice sound better than ever. His phrasing and styling recalls his work on first few Iron Maiden releases yet rises in wise maturity of a well seasoned musician. Steve Harris' bass lines are galloping where they should be, twinning with the guitars where that adds power and innovative throughout.  Nicko McBrain's drumming continues to fuse rock and jazz that is extremely complex. The triple axe attack of Dave Murray, Adrian Smith and Janick Gears deliver the goods in spades. The album clocks in a little over  90 minutes, a bit lengthy, but well worth it. Highlights for me would be, "Speed Of Light","The Red and The Black", " Tears Of A Clown", "Man Of Sorrows and the epic, "Empire Of The Clouds". Overall, 'Book Of Souls' is a solid release.  When so many other bands are barely putting out Heavy Metal recordings any more, Iron Maiden have put out a juggernaut of an album that I for one will be playing and enjoying for quite awhile. UP THE IRONS!- Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Monday, September 14, 2015


TOO MANY GODS by Cats In Space
(Harmony Factory/Cargo Records)

'Too Many Gods' the debut release by Cats In Space  is just catchy-as-hell, the perfect combination of power pop and rock, with plently of guitars and gorgeous melodies.  Cats In Space is comprised of, Paul Manzi on lead vocals, Great Hart on guitars/vocals, Dean Howard on guitars, Jeff Brown on bass/vocals, Steevi Bacon on drums and Andy Stewart on piano/synthesizers. What these gents have created is a album that is just infectious. Right from the start with "Arrival", you are immediately transported back to a 70's AM radio headtrip as it segues into a E.L.O. meets New England vibe of, "Too Many Gods". The next two tracks, "Stop" and "Last Man Standing" are two power gems that give off a Queen vibe. From there on with, "Mr. Heartache", "Schoolyard Fantasy", "Only In Vegas" and my personal favorite, "Man On The Moon", it's pure power pop infused rock at it's finest. The influences are many, and instantly the vocal harmonies bring Queen meets 10CC to mind. That description would be selling Cats In Space short, because the pure pop craft rivals the best and brightest in that category. Queen, 10CC , and in parts Jellyfish rush to mind. What stands out for me is how they own these influences. I think really anyone would like this, but it's especially a must for anyone who likes power pop/rock music. The production is vintage, fat analog richness. The drum kit sounds absolutely massive and the entire mix is peppered brilliantly  with nearly every instrument you can think of. Your ear is always picking up some new element with every listen. 'Too Many Gods' is that rare album that music lovers (particularly today) always hope to find.  It's a near perfect example of what is as hard to dig for as truffles in music today. This album front to back is a artfully crafted power pop/rock album in the vein of albums that began those sorts of descriptions.Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Friday, September 11, 2015

The Dedicated Rocker Society Top 40 Week ending 9/11/2015

The Dedicated Rocker Society Top 40 
Week ending 9/11/2015

Week ending 9/11/2015

40. Whiskey by Outlaws & Moonshine
39.  Gone To Stay by Gus G.
38. Deal With The Devil by Palace Of The King
37.  Lady Jade by The Night Flight Orchestra
36.  Just Like That by Dregen
35.  Rosalie by Thin Lizzy
34.  Space Station #5 by Montrose
33.  All Right Now by Taddy Porter
32.  Live Another Day by Spiralarms
31.  Broken Heroes by Saxon
30.  Three Pretenders by Kansas
29.  Slow Up, Get Down by The Burning Crows
28.  Mysterious Way by Kill Devil Hill 
27.   She's Evil But She's Mine by Lynch Mob
26.   Can't Keep Control by 42 Decibel
25.   Death Or Glory by Iron Maiden
24.  Perfect Life by Four Star Revival
23.  Out Of The City by Audrey Horne
22.  Electric Man by Rival Sons
21.  Pretender by King James
20.  Electric Halo by Kyng
19.  Goodbye by Skintrade
18.  Nickels & Dimes by Cooper-Shea
17.  That's Just The Way That It Is by Uriah Heep
16.  Baptized In The Rio Grande by Sons Of Texas
15.  God Blessed Video by Alcatrazz
14.  She's On Fire by The Jokers
13.  Out In The Cold by Judas Priest
12.  Pale Blue Eyes by Kadavar
11.  The Wall Of Sound by Small Jackets
10.  Glory Ride by Black Sabbath
9.   All My People by Devil City Angels
8.  Blood Of Enemies by Eclipse
7.   All That Remains by Voodoo Hill
6.  Backstabber by Virgil & The Accelerators
5.  Psychosane by The Adrenaline Mob
4.  Love To Love by UFO
3.  Tug Of War by Enchant
2.  Firedance by Gotthard
1.  Long Live Rock 'N' Roll by Rainbow


ROLLING IN TOWN by 42 Decibel
(SPV Steamhammer)

Hailing from Argentina, 42 Decibel would be best described as a cross between early AC/DC and the harder edge of Rose Tattoo's  best stuff. The band's sophomore release,  'Rolling In Town', is a solid collection of hard rock tunes that are dripping with raunchy attitude and raw rock'n'roll. The band is comprised of Junior Figueroa (Vocals, Guitar), Nicko Cambiasso (Drums), Billy Bob Riley (Rhythm & Slide Guitar) and Matt Fraga (Bass). For the most part the album is made up of bluesy rock anthems that will have you tapping your toe if not pumping your fist in the air. The songs are great and the whole album rocks. From the opening stick of rock and roll dynamite, "Can't Keep Control", these gents are set on making sure your listening experience is a memorable one. As they proceed to serve up the rock with, "Short Fused", the ballys, "Rude And Fast", "Down The Hatch" and the laid back bluesy swagger of the album closing, "Smooth  Talker". 42 Decibel seriously rocks without taking themselves seriously. Humor is in their veins and they know they aren't breaking any new ground, They are just crushing old ground under their heels, grinding it up, mixing it with Tequila and puring it into a marshall stack. No processed guitars, no guitar acrobatics, just straight up 3 chord songs with amps cranked to 11. Hooky choruses, chunky riffs, and angus inspired solos. If you like no frills, straight ahead, down and dirty rock n' roll, 'Rolling In Town" by 42 Decibel is definitely worth checking out. Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society


HURRICANE by The Jokers
(SPV Steamhammer)

U.K. rockers, The Jokers return with their third release, 'Hurricane'. Grooving away in a fine, retro blues and boogie rock style, The Jokers have banged out an absolutely fantastic slab of rock and roll. Mixing up bands like Aerosmith and AC/DC. A terrific ride of an album that shows, in complete contrast to the depressing wailings of the trendy indie set, just how joyful and exuberent music can and should be, and how tremendous it can make you feel. There is something for everyone here. Highlights for me are "Run 4 Cover", the groove laden title track, the Free meets Bad Company vibe of, "She's On Fire", "Lockdown" and "Everywhere I Go". The Jokers songwriting has improved and there's a touch more variety in their work. This is what I like about this album. The band are showing that they've improved. That they've all developed musically and the songs all have their own character. At this rate of progression their next two albums could be absolutely stunning. Until then, enjoy, 'Hurricane' in all its glory, for this is as good a rock album as 2015 will see. I'm sure of it. - Highly Recommended

Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society


WATERFALL by Voodoo Hill
(Frontier Records)

Guitarist Dario Mollo and legendary former Deep Purple singer / bass player Glenn Hughes,  are back with Voodoo Hill's highly anticipated third release, 'Waterfall'. The evolution of the Glenn Hughes and Dario Mollo combo really works. The roaring but melodic guitar links and riffs that accompany and enhance the "Voice Of Rock's" tones. There is a distinct 70's classic rock feel to the album, which is no bad thing in my eyes. I say, if the formula still works don't fix it. That being said,  'Waterfall' kicks off with vintage classic rocker will " All That Remains" a tour de force mover that touches on just about every rock genre you can think of. "The Well" is a gut crunching rock guitar riff that doesn't let up for a single minute. The album flows with non-stop classic riffs and superb musicianship. Stand out tracks include the Zepplinesque "Karma Go", the guitar driven soul mover, "Evil Thing", "Eldorado" and the album closer, "Last Door". Dario Mollo's guitar playing is impeccable throughout, however, the shining star of the album is Glenn Hughes. He sings in leaps and bounds, displays real emotional gusto and makes you believe that rock and roll will live forever.  The bottom line, Voodoo Hill have delivered a very enjoyable slab of driving classic rock music.  A strong musical force to be genuinely appreciated. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Monday, September 7, 2015

CD REVIEW: HONK MACHINE by Imperial State Electric

HONK MACHINE by Imperial State Electric
(Psychout Records)

Swedish based rockers Imperial State Electric return with their latest release, 'Honk Machine', the band's fourth studio release. The band is powered by  Nicke Andersson: lead vocals, guitars; Tobias Egge: Guitars, vocals:  Tomas Eriksson: drums, vocals and Dolf de Borst: bass, vocals. The overall vibe of the new album has that  The Beatles meets early Alice Cooper, maybe with the rawness of Cheap Trick, even early punk. Imperial State Electric's  sound is bigger, more loud, even more lush. The record launches off with the rocking "Let Me Throw My Life Away" and its pounding drums and driving guitars.  The rocking continues with the next two guitar driven numbers, "Anywhere Loud" and "Guard Down". Other highlights include the Beatlesque vibe of "All Over My Head" and also "Walk On By" powered by its soulful backing vocals. Overall, 'Honk Machine' is a rock solid recording that is a must have for all fans of good rock music.  Serving up a sound that is heavily influenced by the music elements of 70's power pop infused with a hefty dose of classic rock. Imperial State Electric have once again created another impressive album. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society