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Interview by The Dedicated Rocker Society

Stone River has been called “The New Southern Rock of the North” by the late mastering engineer George Marino (AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith). A band with passion, love and decibels to spare, Stone River crafts their own brand of southern-style rock 'n roll with all the trimmings. 

Formed in 2006, the Toronto-based quintet has played hundreds of shows across Ontario and has gained thousands of fans across Canada, playing in direct support of major acts like The Black Crowes, Tom Wilson, Parlor Mob and Jeff Martin. No strangers to large festivals, Stone River has played Sarnia Bayfest in front of 20,000 people as well as the Barrie New Music Fest, Toronto's Festival of Beer, NXNE, Canadian Music Week, Burlington's Sound of Music Festival, Canada's largest ribfest, Friendship Festival and Queen West Music Fest to name a few. The band is comprised of Jeff Desilets and Darren Flower on guitar, Renan Yildizdogan on lead vocals, Jay Macedo on bass and Sasha Siegel on drums

Their debut LP The Valley of the Butterflies sold over 2000 copies in Germany and the single “Southern Feeling” peaked at #24 on German Rock Radio charts and #17 on Belgium's Radio QUARTZ, charting in the top 20 with acts like Muse, Pearl Jam and John Fogerty. The album received excellent reviews in major publications such as Aardschok, Melodie & Rhythmus, Rocks and Metal Hammer. 

Stone River continues to build their European fan base and enjoyed a packed industry showcase at the prestigious MIDEM Festival in Cannes, January 2012. They also showcased for the top European booking agents and promoters at the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, Germany this past September. With Bonham-sized drum sounds, dual guitar leads, three-part harmonies and a talented lead vocalist who really belts it out, Stone River's dynamic live performances pack some serious punch. 

Stone River has just finished recording their second LP entitled Euphoria & Lovesick Blues with Los Angeles based producer and multi-platinum recording artist Christopher Thorn (Blind Melon, Awolnation, Live) and legendary engineer Nick Blagona (Deep Purple, The Tea Party, Alexisonfire) at Jukasa Studios for a winter 2014 release. They opted for an old-school approach, going live off the floor to tape to best capture the fun boogies, acoustic ballads, and foot-stomping hard rock songs that most bands these days could only dream of writing. Get ready for the best rock 'n roll record to come out of Canada in a long time.

The Rocker and I had the chance to ask the guys in Stone River about their new release, 'Euphoria & Lovesick Blues'. The band were kind enough to give us the lowdown about the new album among other things. Read what they shared with us...

Q: What was your approach, as far as musical direction, to the new album, 'Euphoria & Lovesick Blues' compared to what you did on your debut?
"We wanted to make a record that was melodic, dynamic, and felt great from beginning to end, as opposed to our first record which was straight up rock n roll. As a result of that we ended up with a more mellow record that has more of an emphasis on song-writing. It is how we felt at the time and it reflects itself in the lyrics and the dynamics of the songs. Our debut record was recorded in several studios over several months and it was very distracting. We did not want to do that again so we blocked out the studios for 35 days. We did some of the writing, the pre production and the mixing in one shot which allowed us to stay focused. We recorded live off the floor to tape and overdubbed when necessary and tried to keep it as raw as possible."

Q: How long did it take to record? How many songs did you actually write for the new album?
"It took us around 26 or 27 days to record the album and another week or so to mix. We had around 15-16 songs or so that got broken down to 9 at the end."

Q: Are you satisfied with the response you've been getting on the new album so far? 
"The feedback has been great so far. People seem to really enjoy the new album! It’s been a week since the release and many people have not received a copy yet but the early feedback has been overwhelmingly positive."

Q: How would describe your sound? ( We ask this because of the variety of influences We hear like, The Allman Bros., Gov't Mule and even classic Eagles) Who are your musical influences? 
"This is a big question and the list would go on and on! We have always been heavily influenced by the double guitar work of The Allman Bros, Skynyrd, Doobie Brothers and all other great bands of the era but we all love a great song or a great melody at the end of the day! The song has always been the biggest priority. Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, The Black Crowes, they have all influenced us in some way or another."

Q: Are you getting media support in Canada? As far as radio play, shows and television appearances?
"We have some stations showing us love, but we are only a few weeks in from the release! At the moment, we are trying to focus on our live show and leave public relations and media to our label and our manager. We recently licensed one of our songs to the NHL (National Hockey League) which was great exposure. We are getting some requests for live performances but as you can appreciate, Canada is a big country and for us to fly to Vancouver or Calgary for an interview, it would be a 4-5 hour flight so unfortunately, we have to turn down some stuff as well."

Q: For someone reading about Stone River for the first time, what you say to them to have them check you out? 
"We have always felt that our Music is a celebration and want everybody to join in and celebrate with us, we have an extremely charismatic and passionate group of individuals steering the band which makes for an energetic and timeless live show. We love to play loud, hard and merciless. Come out and we won't disappoint you".
Q: Do you consider yourselves a studio band or a LIVE band? 

"We enjoy both. But we love playing live as it is where things come to life. Having said that we believe it to be paramount that whatever we create in the studio environment must be played,performed and delivered on stage with the same level of passion, skill and confidence. We strive to perform our live shows better than on the record. In the studio we can re track a song if it isn't sounding quite right or re-do a vocal if we want another option but live it's saddle up and you have one shot to deliver the goods. We love the's what we feed off of."

Q: What plans do you have as far as touring goes in 2014? Any chance of doing any shows in America? (Particularly L.A.) 

"We love the States. So much great music. We always wanted to play the Red Rocks festival and Austin City Limits for sure. We are slated thou to start a European tour January 2015. The last record received a huge warm welcome over there and the dates are being confirmed as we speak. There has been some talk about LA for sure in connection to Chris Thorn who produced our record. We would be thrilled to do some opening shows for Blind Melon. In reality the record and word has gotta spread first before we can commit to a major US stint. So we have been working around the clock to make things happen."

Q: In one word, how would you describe your new album, ' Euphoria & Lovesick Blues'? 


Q: Any comments or messages you like to pass along to your fans? 

"To hear the River is to live the River. Live each day as it was your last. Live for truth and beauty. Make your path and journey an extraordinary one. Choose life and love and never stop doing what it is you truly love doing in this life . We can't thank you all enough for the support and love you've shown us."

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Interview by The Dedicated Rocker Society

Founded in 2011,  MOTHER ROAD is the brainchild of Austin, TX (USA) based rock singer Keith Slack and Berlin (Germany) based guitarist Chris Lyne. Named after "The Mother Road", another name for the US' legendary, historic Route 66 highway, this international Hard Blues Rock band is impressively transferring the vintage sounds and the trademarks of the classic hard rock genre into the 21st Century!

Mother Road's debut release, 'Drive' comes out on May 23rd and will be released on the group's very own Road Songs label. Musically, Mother Road's sound is tailor made for all those fans out there digging 70’s kind of Classic Rock with bluesy influences!

We gave Keith Slack a call to talk about Mother Road and his past and future endeavors. Read  for yourselves what Keith was kind enough to share with us....

Q:  Keith, can you gives the 411 about your new band, Mother Road? How long have Mother Road been a band? How long did it take to record?

"The band's been together for about two years. As far as how long it to record the album. It's taken awhile to put together because we had to do everything ourselves, the slow road per say. It didn't  that long to write the songs, that was the easy part. It was just getting it all together and finding all the right guys to play in the band. We did it the old school way. Doing it this way took a little more time, but it also gives you that safety net to have fresh years to go back, listen to it and say, "Ah, let's fix that." I am glad the way turned out the way that it did."

Q: Who are the main songwriters for the band?
"Chris and I wrote all the songs. I wrote all the melodies and lyrics. There were a couple of things Chris helped out on like some of the melodies. In turn, I help him out with some of the music."

Q: As far as finding the right guys, did chemistry play a big part?

"Chemistry putting the band together was detrimental. I've been in so many different bands and projects. If you don't have the right personnel or chemistry it just won't work."

Q: Did you feel that chemistry with Mother Road?

"Most definitely. I feel the chemistry in this band. I'm thrilled with it. We've got monster players. It clicked right away! When it happens like that you know right away, it's just incredible! I was just thrilled to death on how everything came together."

Q: How was the album recorded, the new way or the old school way?

"It started with us by phone. Both Chris and I are engineers and we're pretty proficient in recording. The great thing about it is, I flew over to Berlin and we ended up 're-recording it when I got there. It was like we had pre-production back and forth then we got together. It's always nice to have two sets of ears when your tracking stuff. We did it the old school way. I love when there actually an engineer and producer in the same room using each other as sound boards."

Q:  Now that the album is done and ready for the world, are you happy with the results? Reaction to the response you've received so far? 

"I am totally blown away with the response. Obviously, we are our own worst critics and I'm the worst. I expected, to hear people say how I should have fixed this or fix that. Luckily we put it all together with good vibes and made it happen. The response has been crazy!  I've received so many reviews in the last few days and not a bad one among them."

Q: As far as promoting 'Drive', what do you have planned?

"I think it's going to be grass roots and word of mouth on how we're going to promote the album. We don't have a major record company to fund us. But that's okay, I don't think we need to have.that."

Q: Prior to Mother Road you were in Steelhouse Lane with Mike Slamer (City Boy/Streets) and then in MSG with Michael Schenker. How do you get those gigs?

 "I'll start with the Slamer gig. James Christian from House Of Lords helped out with that. Mike Slamer wanted James to sing on some his back catalog that some European label wanted to release. James couldn't do it, so He referred me. That's how I got the Steelhouse Lane gig."

Q: What about hooking up with Michael Schenker?

"A friend of mine was recording an album for Kelly Keeling and they were having some problems. So my friend asked me to come over to play a drum track or two, so I did. Kelly and I hit it off really well and became friends. He told me, "Man, I did this studio album with Michael Schenker , but my management doesn't want me to go on tour because of prior obligations. You want me to throw your name in the hat?" I told him, "Absolutely! Does it pay! (laughs)". So, I did and that's where it all came from. I auditioned like everyone else did, but I got the gig."

Q: So you go on tour with Michael Schenker, the set list must have been overwhelming for you. Not only learning the MSG songs, but classic UFO songs as well. How did you do it?

"Thank god Susan Slamer had worked at Chyrsalis Records. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't have gotten all the lyrics. I learned all the lyrics off the internet. It was crunch time, I had 10 days to learn 43 songs. The thing was, got a call from Michael's manager he told me that "Michael doesn't want you to learn the lyrics off the internet, they are wrong!" I said, 'Great! Now I only have 6 days'. I told Susan and she was able to get the right lyrics from Chyrsalis and as soon as I got them, I went on the town with that stuff! I was literally on the tour bud splitting hairs to get down! (laughs)"

Q: Back to Mother Road, will there be a US release for 'Drive'?

"Man, I sure like to think so. I guess there is a market for it somewhere here in the States. I'm pretty sure it will be available here in the States."

Q: Will you be doing any shows here in the States to promote the album?

"That's a good question. Does Rock 'N' Roll even exit in America anymore (laughs)?!  I've seen and heard so many great bands that can't even get arrested (laughs). Nobody can make any money touring anymore. It's not feasible unless you have a huge following. That just the sad facts of where we are here in America.I really don't have a definite answer. I would love for Mother Road to play here in America. We'll have to wait and see."

Q: What about shows in Europe?

"The great thing about Europe is that people there are either fans of mine or Chris and in rock music in general. The fans there are more loyal and very supportive. They are the fans that will buy your CD, buy a ticket to see play and buy your T-shirt. It just blows me away. I noticed the Japanese fans are like that too. Something that fans here in States don't do. Most of them buy their music off the internet. Not saying all of them do, but the majority of music fans here do." 

Q: When you do start to tour, will your set list, as side from the Mother Road songs, be songs from Steelhouse Lane and Soul Doctor catalog?

"We actually talked about that and we're definitely open to doing that. It's just about having the support to do it. Then of course seeing what the fans want to hear, the folks that are buying the records, whatever they want to hear we'll try to put it together and see what we can do and see if we could pull it off (laughs)."

Q: What's next for Mother Road?
"Man, to get on the road and play some shows. We may be late to get on board with some of the festivals this Summer, unless we get a surprise, but at less we have a jump start on next year. Hopefully by then, we'll have a second album.  We'd be happy with a loyal following. The goal of music today for me is just to be happy. If you can play music and pay your bills that's a godsend."

A big THANK YOU to Keith Slack for sharing his time to do this interview.  Be sure to get your hands on MOTHER Road's powerhouse debut 'Drive'. It's guaranteed to get your rocks off as soon as you press play!  Mother Road is the type of band you'd go see and there would be no fancy clothes, no half dressed chicks dancing on stage, just a bunch of guys in jeans and t-shirts with some Marshalls and their instruments. They'd plug in and they'd blow you away!  - The Dedicated Rocker Society

For more information on Mother Road:

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CD REVIEWS FOR APRIL 2014 ( page two )

by Emperors And Elephants
(Pavement Records)

Formed in 2010 Chicago's own Emperors and Elephants come out swinging for the fences with their debut release, 'Devil In The Lake', with the addition of former Texas Hippie coalition guitarist Randy 'The Arsonist' Cooper, the band serve up a hefty dose of hard driving meat and potatoes in your face rock music that pull no punches and will leave a lasting impression on your senses. Along with Cooper, are Jesse Andrews on vocals, Jeph Stiph  on guitars, John “Stoppable” Vanders on bass and Jason Meudt  on drums. 'Devil In The Lake' is a powerhouse of a recording, every song is great and packed with passion, and these boys serve it up heavy as hell. As is evident on songs like, "Bring It Down”, “Who Are You”, “Hit Of Red”, “You And I”  and a wicked cover of the Chris Isaac classic “Wicked Game”. Soundwise, for me, Emperors And Elephants give off a heavier Alice In Chains sound or like 'Core' from STP vibe. Lead singer Jesse Andrews reminds me of a cross between Brent Smith from Shinedown and Shawn Albro from U.P.O. The musicianship is rock solid throughout. The powerful guitar riffs and in pocket rhythm section really keep a lot of these songs interesting and not as bland as some typical mainstream rock bands. 'Devil In The Lake' hits you like a ten ton brick and its like you're on a ride that scares you right out of  pants but you don't want to get off.  Overall, 'Devil In The Lake' by Emperors And Elephants is a powerful debut outing with no filler. I can definitely start at the beginning and listen all the way through without skipping any tracks, which is a rarity these days. A strong debut. If your a fan of good hard rock, 'Devil In The Lake' might be in your CD player for awhile. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

by Feel Never Real
(Pavement Music)

Hailing from the great 'Lone Star" state of Texas, the power rock trio Feel Never Real unleash their sophomore album, 'Rock Rebel Gold'. Tim Jones - Vocals & Guitar, Mathew Cass - Bass & Vocals and Shea Lange - Drums & Vocals. Feel Never Real is unmistakably meat & potatoes in their approach to their southern flavored hard rock, and you won't find any surprises or stark contrasts between any of the 10 tracks. What you will find, however, is a straightforward, hard rockin' group of songs that will undoubtedly appeal to rock music fans of all ages. 'Rock Rebel Gold' rocks. Hard rock with melodic twists and influences ranging from everywhere. The album has all around great production. I love some of the different sounds they incorporated on this album. Repetition is a common theme with a number of the tracks on 'Rock Rebel Gold'. Songs like "New Rebel", "Trailer Park Princess" , "Low Class", "Kiss My Ass" and "D.I.I.X.", give a pretty accurate portrayal of what this trio are going for. One recurring theme with this recording is the talents of singer Tim Jones, a rock frontman whose voice brings to mind Brent Smith from Shinedown and Wes Scantlin from Puddle Of Mud. Kudos go out also to bassist Mathew Cass and drummer Shea Lange for providing the band with a solid foundation. Overall, 'Rock Rebel Gold' is a winner in my book. The production is solid, fine-tuned, and particularly hook-oriented. Lyrically it's nothing very creative, but Feel Never Real manages to create a strong connection with its' listeners nonetheless. They bring quality musicianship and genuinely smart production to the table. The result is a banquet of  delectable hard rock music. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

by Space Elevator
(Nova Sales & Distribution)

Space Elevator is a new rock band from the UK that was put together by song writing partners David Young (guitar) and the Duchess (vocals). They have enlisted the services of three great players to bring their debut release to life. Neil Murray, bass (Whitesnake / Gary Moore/Black Sabbath/Brian May) Elliott Ware, Keyboards (The Who, Alice Cooper, We Will Rock You) and in demand rock session drummer Brian Greene. Space Elevator will take your senses on an auditory journey of well crafted rock songs with great dynamics and powerful playing supporting lush vocal harmonies and instantly memorable melodies. Your journey begins with the opening, "Elevator" that sets the stage for the rest of the CD, and is actually one of the real highlights, as groove laden riff from David Young complement the alluring vocal prowess of the Duchess. The chorus is instantly catchy, the guitar solo from David Young is tasty, and the overall vibe is like some majestic combination of Yes meets Queen. "We Are The Losers" is a grandiose symphonic rocker, with emotional lyrics that the Duchess drives home with a potent delivery. On the alluring melodic gem, "I Will Find You (Gallifrey Dreams)" the band combines a melodic pop themes and the end result works quite well. "Ordinary Day" and "Little White Lies" are melodic gems. While "Loneliness of Love" is a stunning AOR rock song that has radio play written all over it.  More solid & catchy melodic rock can be heard on "More Than Enough", "Really Don't Care" and "Oils And Bubbles". The last two tracks, "We Can Fly" and "Move On" are filled with amazing melodies, atmosphere, dramatic textures. Expect to be bowled over by the majestic & powerful sounds that will come out of your speakers or through your headphones when you pop this CD in. Musically speaking, this is also top notch from the entire cast. It's recordings like this that should be the talked about in the music world. It's an amazing listening experience that gets better with every listen. It's absolutely brilliant! Quite Queen meets Kate Bush like especially with multi-layered guitars and loads of backing vocals. Space Elevator has something for everyone here, love songs, theatrical stories & great rock songs all bound together intelligently providing a nice flow from start to end. Very impressive! - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

(Membran & Riff City Records)

After the release of both “Rockville” and “Rockville II” at the end of 2012 and start of 2013, one of finest AOR bands to come out of the UK, FM return with their new EP, 'Futurama'. For those new to FM the band is made up, Steve Overland (vocals), Jim Kirkpatrick (guitar), Merv Goldsworthy (bass), Jem Davis (keyboards) and Pete Jupp (drums). 'Futurama' fearures eleven brand new recordings: six (one a remix) new studio tracks, "Futurama", a instrumental piece that will remind some of the love theme from "Top Gun". Then there are "Cold Hearted" and "Bad That's Good In You" two amazing AOR gems that demand to be played at maximum volume. The stripped down acoustic, "Preying On My Mind" will tug a your heart strings for sure. There is also a extended remix of "Cold Hearted". There are five live tracks featuring selection of old & new from FM's back catalogue, "Tough Love", "All Or Nothing", one of my all time favorite FM songs, "Closer To Heaven", solidifying why Steve Overland is considered by many as one of the finest voices in Rock. "Crosstown" Train", "Story Of My Life" and another personal FM  favorite, "Breathe Fire". If you've ever heard of FM, or even if you haven't; if you've ever heard anything on 'Indiscreet', 'Tough It Out' or 'Metropolis', or even if you haven't - if you like melodic rock music with catchy hooks, sing along choruses and the impression of singing along the highway on a hot Summer's night with the sun roof down, 'Futurama' by FM is essential listening.- Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

by Stone River
(Gypsy Soul Records/Fontana North)

'The Valley Of The Butterlies', the incredible debut release, from the amazing Canadian band, Stone River serves up blistering blues/rock that needs to be played at high volume! Stone River are Renan Yildizdogan - Lead Vocals/Guitar, Darren Flower - Guitar/Vocals  Jeff Desilets - Guitar, Jay Macedo - Bass/Vocals and Sasha Siegel - Drums. From the jangling funk of the lead off track, "Southern Feeling", to the laid back groove vibe of the final cut, "The Valley of the Butterflies" you are treated to all the wonderful elements one comes to expect from a classic rock influenced band. Sounding like the second coming of the James Gang ,with a twist of The Allman Brothers and The Black Crowes. Stone River proves to be worthy of the comparisons. When you listen to tracks "Come On" you get loose jamming with a sense of high tension and anticipation. You find yourself waiting, yearning for the explosive climax. "Divine Child" has the same tension and anticipation to it; except this time, guitarists Darren Flower and Jeff Desilets maintain a steady strut before they let loose. The further we journey through 'The Valley Of The Butterflies", the better it gets. Tracks like "Cold Black River", "On These Turning Tides", "Inside These Walls" and "Dust and Stones" all deliver great performances from the entire band. This is what music is all about. It's all about the passion and soul here, and the undying spirit of rock 'n' roll. Stone River know how to write great songs. Crunchy chords, crisp fills and leads, it all begs for you to turn it up loud. It's always refreshing to hear a band that can put me on the edge of my seat. Stone River might just be the CPR good ol' rock 'n' roll needs! - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

by The Lad Classic
(Swift Kick Records)

Canada's The Lad Classic are an amazing Rock band. One that knows how to live in a groove, emote feeling, and draw in all those that encounter their passion. No frills just great musicians jamming together to produce the coolest new rock music I've heard in awhile. Paul Stevens on vocals, Ben Healey on guitar, Mark Rynkun on bass and Josiah Whitney on drums. The band's motto is "Win ‘em with the melody; kill ‘em with the attack." That is what the quartet have successfully served up with their EP, 'Thunder'. The highly anticipated electric version to their 2013 acoustic EP ‘Lightning’'. Produced by Damon de Szegheo (Serena Ryder, Trevor McNevan of Thousand Foot Krutch, Craig Cardiff). For those who missed out on their 'Lightning' Ep, The Lad Classic have included both 'Thunder' & 'Lighting' versions with this release. All five tracks offered are winners! "Cadillac Jack", "Hit Me", "Another One", "London Bridge" and "Blow Out". The acoustic versions bring a whole new flavor to the table and is an amazing listening experience. Plugged in or unplugged The Lad Classic deliver the goods!  'Thunder' is a brilliant piece of music, it really makes you feel good, the feeling in each track is a great break from the usual fodder thrown out for the massess. The Lad Classic serve up music for the soul, something that will make you stop, listen & appreciate that music has a future & its here. Overall, 'Thunder' is an awesome collection of soulful, bluesy tracks with swagger. I defy anyone to play this and not start moving to the fantastically deep and passion filled rhythms. The Lad Classic are going places so get on board and enjoy the ride! Highly recommended for everyone who loves pure rock and soul music.  - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

by Toseland
(52 Music)

'Renegade' the full length debut release of Toseland is a powerful first outing filled with great rock tunes played by a tight band and the impressive vocals of James Toseland who also plays all the piano on the album. The album itself is a very strong and energetic record produced by Toby Jepson (Little Angels) who has also produced the likes of The Answer and The Virgin Marys. Backing Toesland up is his band, Zurab Melua (guitar), Dave Hollingsworth (bass), Rabea Massaad (keyboards), Jim Watson (keyboards) and Ben Menal (drums).  'Renegade' has that classic rock vibe with a modern day swagger and should certainly appeal to people who have that craving for the big anthem arena rock of the 80's. The songs are extremely well-written, the musicianship is tight, and James Toesland's vocals are rock solid. Containing 11 tracks.  Each song is just as memorable than the one that proceeded it. Highlights include "Life Is Beautiful", "Gotta Be A Better Way", "Crash Landing", "Comin' to Get Ya", "Kingdoms", "Burining The System" and the tour de force title track. Overall, 'Renegade' is solid debut outing for James Toesland that packs loads of energy, attitude and passion. If you like rock music with catchy hooks, singalong choruses and the impression of belting along an empty highway on a Summer's day with the roof down, 'Renegade' delivers the goods big time. You know, music that makes the hair on your arm stand up, and makes you want to rock out and sing along at the top of your lungs? That's 'Renegade', and that's Toseland. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

(Earache Records)

Australia's instant shot adrenaline Massive stake their claim for greatness with their supercharged debut release, ‘Full Throttle’. Massive is one of the most talented bands to arrive on the scene in 21st Century. The band is powered by Brad Marr on vocals and guitars, Ben Laguda on backing vocals, lead guitar, Aidan McGarrigle on backing vocals and bass and  Jarrod Medwin on backing vocals and drums. These lads serve up good, old fashioned, in-your-face rock and roll. The kind of rock and roll that will blow-out-your-speakers guaranteed. 'Full Throttle' is a collection of soul baring, angst ridden, riff heavy material that is proudly anchored in the foundations of traditional Hard Rock song writing. From the opening, "Burn The Sun" that opens the album with a roar to the sure to get your rock and roll juices pumping rockers, "Hollywood", "One By One", "Dancefloor" and "Bring Down The City". All eleven tracks are winners all giant guitar driven monster riffs served up on a bed of crushing grooves and big hooks. Basically, NO FRILLS RIFF ROCK! 'Full Throttle' is an album that is all about attitude & energy. Just a kick a** band that likes its rock and roll loud and without compromise. Putting together songs that grab you and take you for a rifftacular rock 'n' roller coaster ride! Massive pulls off every song here perfectly. Massive is a name that fits this band like a glove. Crank up your speakers, sit back and hold on and hang on tight! You pop these songs into your car stereo as you are crusing down the highway and you will be shaking your head, singing along, and ruling the road. 'Full Throttle' by Massive is a must have for any true fan of rock and roll. In a year, when all your friends start asking you if you've ever heard of Massive, be the one that says "Where have you been?" This band has what it takes to rock the world! Just watch them take over FULL THROTTLE! - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

(Razor & Tie Records)

Southern California's riff-heavy Hard Rockers Kyng, Eddie Veliz on guitar and lead vocals, Tony Castaneda on bass and backing vocals and Pepe Clarke on drums, return with their highly anticipated sophomore release, 'Burn The Serum'.  This is powerful, ass-kickin' hard rock recording. While Kyng's sound, like a lot of these retro/stoner type bands, involves a great deal of old school Black Sabbath worship, the band also reaches back to some of the more obscure sounds of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s heavy rock scene. It's heavy, fuzzy and has a great groove and a nice sense of melody. Heavy riffs and grooving rhythms dominate, but there’s a strong blues side to the songs on 'Burn The Serum', as well as a fantastic sense of melody and a decidedly fuzzy and unpolished production. The title track, "Lost One", "Electric Halo", The Ode", "In The Land Of Pigs",,  "Sunday Smile" and "Big Ugly" are the stand outs, but as with their debut release, 'Trampled Sun', Kyng serves up a lean, filler-free album with 'Burn The Serum'. This is the kind of pure, hard-driving rock you just want to crank up on your car stereo and take a road-trip. Quality tends to stand out in a crowd though, and that’s exactly what Kyng has done with 'Burn The Serum'.  It is confirmation of Kyng's prowess and a signal that there's more to them than analog worship and thick grooves.  If you're a fan of bands like Firebird, Graveyard and Scorpion Child , you really need to check out Kyng, and 'Burn The Serum' is as good a place as any to start. As far as hard rock albums go, it really doesn't get much better than this. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society /All Access Magazine

by Captain Black Beard
(Dead End Exit Records)

Sweden based rockers, Captain Black Beard broke out onto the music scene in Stockholm playing clubs and recorded their debut, a live album, back in 2009. A year later the band release their debut studio album. In the fall of 2011 the band performed their first concerts abroad as they did a short tour of the U.S. Now in 2014, Captain Black Beard are back with their sophomore release, 'Before Plastic' , and it's simply amazing. The album is full of upbeat, infectious rock anthems that the band's energy and obvious enthusiasm make very hard to resist. Captain Black Beard is made up of, Sakaria Björklund - vocals, lead & rhythm guitar, Christian Ek - lead & rhythm guitar, Robert Majd - bass & back-up vocals and Victor Högberg - drums & percussions. Just repeat to yourself "it's OK to rock, it's OK to rock", then let the band take you on rock and rolling ride that you will want to experience over and over again. Songs like, "Please Come Home", "Somebody", "Music Man" and the adrenaline rush that is "Keep On Drivin'" will take you back to a time when it seemed like this was the only kind of music on the radio (oh how I miss those days!) The band's passion for the music comes across in all 11 tracks and the album is stronger for it. All in all a very solid and well produced album of hard rock, plain and simple, the way it was meant to be. In an age of over-produced, synthetic junk, 'Before Plastic' is back to basics, down and dirty Rock 'N' Roll by a band that knows the meaning of the words and can back it up with their instruments and vocals. If you've been missing the kind of pure fun rock & roll that's been so hard to find these past 15 years, you've got to check out Captain Black Beard. You'll be cranking it up and singing along before you know it. 'Before Plastic' is a record has it all. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

by Caligula's Horse 
(Welkin Records)

Australian Prog Rockers, Caligula' s Horse, Jim Grey / Vocals, Sam Vallen / Guitars, Zac Greensill / Guitar and vocals, Dave Couper / Bass and vocals and Geoff Irish / Drums. The band's sophomore outing,  ‘The Tide, the Thief & the River’s End’, in my opinion, is one of the most diverse and powerful progressive rock band I've heard in quite some time.  The band deliver a deep dark album full of intense musical performances from all band members while simultaneously creating some very memorable melodies and grooves that capture your ear at every turn. The production is solid and sounds amazing with lots of great layering of parts and an excellent mix that allows all the many layers to breathe. Clocking in a tad over 50 minutes 'The Tide, the Thief & the River’s End’, is an exhilarating listen. It is very difficult to mention,  highlights on an album that seems so complete and in which the entire flow of songs feels like a musical journey but tracks like, "A Gift To  An Afterthought","Water's Edge", "Into The White" and "All Is Quiet By The Wall" will give you an excellent example of what this album delivers. From syncopated grooves to soaring melodies and soft interludes, 'The Tide, the Thief & the River’s End’ delivers a very satisfying progressive metal hit. Words will never do justice to an album of such high quality so I suggest you listen and hear for yourself. 'The Tide, the Thief & the River’s End’, is essential listening for fans of acts like Dream Theater, Fates Warning and Pain of Salvation, among others, or just of good, memorable music. As far as I'm concerned, Caligula's Horse's 'The Tide, the Thief & the River’s End’ will definitely go down as one of the best albums in the Progressive Rock genre. This album is fantastic, it’s a real step-up for the band and a defining moment for the whole movement. If you like Progressive Rock music you’ll absolutely love this record, and if you haven’t heard of Caligula' s Horse yet, I’d strongly recommend you give 'The Tide, the Thief & the River’s End’ a shot. This is one of those rare, perfect, gems of an album that can completely captivate you and capture your imagination time and time again. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

Monday, April 7, 2014


Nigel Bailey – lead vocals and bass
Greg Morgan – drums
Vinny Burns – guitars, keyboards

Trouble In A Red Dress; Hold Me Down; Twisted Soul; Winter Sun; Just A Man; Holy Water; Two Hearts Beat As One; Kathmandu; Made For One Another; Magdalene; Don’t Let Me Fall; Hellfire Highway; Sicilian Kiss.

THREE LIONS by Three Lions 
(Frontier Records)

One of the most anticipated releases of 2014 comes to us in the form of the self titled debut release for the three piece British rock trio known as, Three Lions. Vinny Burns (Dare, Ten, Asia) on guitar, Greg Morgan (Dare, Ten) on drums and introduces Nigel Bailey on vocals and bass guitar. The band's debut has everything a hard melodic rock/metal fan could want, combining elements of classic rock and AOR. The melodies are great, and addicting. The songs are well constructed, and the production is flawless. The opening track the lead off single, "Trouble In A Red Dress" kicks the album with a bang! Right off the bat the trio make perfectly clear, your listening experience will be a memorable one! Serving up a wide range of melodic hard rock bliss with, the rocking AOR gem, "Hold Me Down", "Twisted Soul" highlighted some tasty guitar licks courtesy of Vinny Burns. There are power ballads as well like, "Winter Sun" and the powerful "Made For One Another". The whole album is great! Other note worthy tracks and personal favorites, "Just A Man", "Holy Water" and the epic, "Kathmandu". As a unit the band's chemistry is as tight as a licked stamp on an envelope. Nigel Bailey's vocals are solid and in places reminded me a bit of Gary Hughes from Ten. Vinny Burns' guitar work sounds better than ever and Greg Morgan is one hellava drummer.  If you are a die hard fan of the AOR genre, you are going to think you've died and gone to heaven. There is a right way and a wrong way to make this type of a rock album, and The Three Lions have done it the right way. This band is something truly unique and special. The songs are powerful, precise, and transcend beyond the boundaries of the imagination. In today's overpopulated music arena, true gems become harder and harder to find, but Three Lions unified vision rises above the normal and creates its own space. If you love great, grooving melodic hard-rock songs that make you crank your stereo all the way up and drive too fast, The Three Lions is just what the doctor ordered! Just be warned: Nigel, Vinny and Greg are  not responsible for any legal ramifications you may suffer for the lead foot you will experience if you listen to Three Lions while driving! This is a special group and I hope they make more music and tour together. This is the beginning of something big!! - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Keith Slack (vocals)- Chris Lyne (guitar) - Alessandro Del Vecchio (keyboards) - Athanasios Zacky Tsoukas (drums) and Frank Binke (bass)

DRIVE by Mother Road
(AOR Heaven Records)

'Drive', the powerhouse debut release from Austin, Texas based Mother Road is a collection of hard, blues flavored rock, that is raw and laden with emotion. Mother Road is made up of Keith Slack (Steelhouse Lane/MSG) on vocals, Chris Lyne (Soul Doctor) on guitars, Frank Binke on bass, Alessandro DelVecchio on keyboards and Zacky Tsoukas on drums. Keith Slack's voice is perfectly suited to the genre, displaying a wide range, in a variety of styles, from all out rockers like The album opener "The Sun Will Shine Again", the foot stomping rocker, "Feather In Your Hat" and the bump and grind swagger of "Drive Me Crazy" to slow bluesy movers like, "Out Of My Mind", "These Shoes", a powerful song that has that Bad Company meets Whitesnake vibe. The whole album is amazing! Other tracks guaranteed to satisfy your rock appetite, "Dangerous Highway", "Poor Boy ( Long Way Out )", "Dirty Little Secret" and "Blue Eyes". Slack' s ability to infuse genuine feeling into the music, is one of the keys to its appeal. This is music that taps into the roots of blues based hard rock. Chris Lyne gets a chance to put his talents on display and does an amazing job in the rhythm and lead guitar here. The guy rocks hard with his great tone and aggressive phrasing. He sounds very raw, hitting you straight on your face, ripping off everything around him when it's time to spit a flashy solo out, while heavily riffing almost all the remaining time. Complementing Slack and Lyne with a rock solid foundation are Frank Binke, Zacky Tsoukas and Alessandro DelVecchio.  Overall, 'Drive' by Mother Road is a bluesy hard rock release, with evident influences from Bad Company, early Whitesnake and some other British hard rock bands. These songs are also catchy and are played with a deep feeling and attitude, although they are not breaking any ground, to be sincere. In one sentence: a great debut release with amazing vocals, superb guitars and stellar musicianship. Mother Road is the type of band you'd go see and there would be no fancy clothes, no half dressed chicks dancing on stage, just a bunch of guys in jeans and t-shirts with some Marshalls and their instruments. They'd plug in and they'd blow you away!  These boys are BADASS! - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine


by Mile Marker Zero
(Mile Marker Zero)

Connecticut-based progressive rock band Mile Marker Zero are an amazing band, and the band's latest release, 'Young Rust' is an amazing piece of art. The musicianship and tightness in the group is mind-boggling. Mile Marker Zero is, Dave Alley - Vocals, John Tuohy - Guitar, Mark Focarile - Piano, Key boards , Tim Rykoski - Bass and Doug Alley - Drums. Their Ep has a great diversity of moods, which is something that really spices it up. "The Great Unknown" is a high energy mover. "Where I Want You" will definitely stimulate your senses." Bound" is heavily melancholic and powerful. "Trick of the Tongue" is the most powerful track on the album. This song is incredibly moving. The last two tracks, "Toughest Love" and "Between The Lines" are equally impressive. Really, all of the tracks stand out on here.  As a whole, the general public may not be able to take Mile Marker Zero in one sitting. They are complex musicians and their ideas are complex. Some of us like to think, and if we get a headache we can just take an aspirin. Mile Marker Zero are unique and heavy enough, while melodic enough, to be pleasing to many an ear. If your up for something adventurous that challenges your expectations, try this out. And if you know any music fans who are sick of commercial music, point them in Mile Marker Zero's direction. Chances are, they won't be disappointed. And neither will you. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

by Outloud
(AOR Heaven Records)

AOR rockers from Greece Outloud return with their highly anticipated third release, 'Let's Get Serious'. The band is, guitarist, Bob Katsionis (Firewind) and American singer Chandler Mogel along with Sverd on bass and George Kollias from Nile on drums as a special guest.The band's sound this time around is more guitar oriented compared to their previous outings.  A good mixture of melodic hard rock and AOR with superbly crafted songs that are loaded with plenty of guitar hooks , good dosages of melodic and heavier riffs, that get stuck in your head instantly. some astonishing solos and a tight rhythm section that make for one intense and memorable listening experience!  Chandler Mogel turns in a powerful vocal performance. Bob Katsioni is killer on guitar. Highlights include the opening track "Death Rock", the melodic gems, "I Was So Blind" and "One More Time" the memorable melodies of "Bury The Knife" and "Like A Dream". Then sounding the heaviest I heard them, the band serve up the massive rocker "Toy Soldier" featuring Adrenaline Mob guitarist, Mike Orlando. The band also cover OMD’s "Enola Gay", giving the song a dose adrenaline. Outloud have always had a winning combination, and 'Let's Get Serious' is more proof of that. And as always, not even a hint of a filler or anything less than a great song. Overall, 'Let's Get Serious' is a very strong melodic rock / AOR album with top-rate musicianship, accessible songs and enough hooks for everyone. When compared to the debut, the new release sounds superior and also flows better as a whole. This is an album that will be loved by both AOR and melodic rock fans, while it will surely be respected by open minded metal fans as well. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

S/T by Villains Of Vaudeville
(Stardog Media)

Kenny Kweens bassist from Beautiful Creatures along with long time friend and producer Tracey Swider unveils their new project Villains Of Vaudeville.  Villains Of Vaudeville finds Kweens stepping up to the mic as the band's lead singer. Their self titled debut release is a monster loaded with crunchy riffs,  from beginning to end. The album was recorded at Silver Cloud Studios in Redondo Beach, California by Joe Floyd (Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford).  A Molotov cocktail of hard rock, heavy metal and industrial music. There are plenty of hooks here that will strike a familiar chord to anyone who has listened to a lot of heavy metal, yet a skillful avoidance of worn out cliches and a good variety of tempos. Digesting this album was like going on a rollercoaster ride; intense, frightening, and exhiliarating. Some of the songs like "The Devil Is Waiting", "Eat Your Heart Out", "Dead Man's Masquerade" and "Motor Psycho" are very memorable. The remaining tracks are strong and will leave your Psyche completely feeling violated! To those of us who love extremes, and can appreciate plunging to the dark depths as much as soaring the pristine heights, such intense music is very therapeutic. We all have a dark side, and Villains Of Vaudeville tread into it unapologetically. Serving up a sound that is hard-hitting sonic brilliance, its dark, yet strangely-illuminating imagery, as well as its cleverly inventive style. This debut release from Villains Of Vaudeville is truly an amazing and intense auditory experience. I highly recommend Villains Of Vaudeville to those who like this kind of music, or to the curious who can be very open-minded. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine
by Mach22
(Independent Release)

The highly anticipated debut release, 'Sweet Talk Intervention' by Philadelphia, PA based rockers Mach22 is 100% grade A hard rock music that goes for the throat and pulls no punches! The album was recorded at Sound Dragon Studios in Nashville, TN, engineered by Ronnie Honeycutt, and produced by Jeff Labar.  Mach22 is made up of Lamont Caldwell- vocals, Sebastian LaBar-guitar, Ted Merrill -guitar, Jaron Gulino - bass and Damian MonteCarlo-drums.  'Sweet Talk Intervention' is completely satisfying from beginning to end. It's  all killer and no filler. The album has a good pace and never runs out of steam or looses momentum.  It's quite diverse and incredibly successful in all the areas which it explores. Hard rock anthems like the opening rocker, "Constant Denier" and the lead off single, "Go Ahead" as well as "Don't You Give Me", "Backslider", and "Made To Love" will make you just want to get up and sing along with Lamont Caldwell. While a tracks like "Stone Rose" and "One Trick Pony are sure to move you. Sebastian LaBar and Ted Merrill are killer combo on the guitars. Jaron Gulino rocks the bass along with Damian Monte Carlo pounding insane beats that round out a great rythm section that backs LaBar and Merrill perfectly! Good music is hard to come across and these five Philadelphians totally hit the nail on the head. With as much variety as these rockers serve up, it's hard to go wrong. Mach22 is a pure rock and roll band. They were chosen by Slash to win the Grand Prize in Guitar Center’s Onstage with Slash contest. After listening to what band serve up on 'Sweet Talk Intervention', I can hear why. With appreciation for the music from our rock legends such as Guns N Roses, AC/DC, and Led Zeppelin, these talented musicians are writing their own chapter in the the book of rock. Not retro nor alternative...a sound simply titled MACH22! - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

by The Dandy Warhols  
(The End Records)

The Dandy Warhols release their first ever live recording ,'Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia Live At The Wonder'. Recorded live in their hometown at The Wonder Ballroom during the band's 13th anniversary tour of breakthrough album 'Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia'. If you're a Dandy Warhols fan, this is an essential pick up. Hearing the whole thing played, track for track Live, gives an old favorite a more real feel. It's like hearing from an old friend you hadn't heard from in awhile. The performance itself is a fine live recording, if you own the studio record, you know what to expect (if you don't, get it right away). Sonically, it all sounds quite nice, the album is creative, but it pulls upon a wealth of great influences. The opening, "Godless" has that Bacharach vibe to it and sounds great live. The next track, "Mohammed", has Beatles influence written all over it. Then there is, "Country Leavers" definitely Led Zep influenced, you can hear Iggy Pop and The Velvet Underground on "Shakin'". The classic album sound is mimicked to perfection, with a warm, bass-heavy sound, luscious guitar overdubs, beautiful vocal harmonies. Taylor-Taylor's chameleon like voice is the real star here. His vocals never sounded better and the band is just phenomenal. Hearing 'Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia' done live gives the experience an extra boost. Also included are two bonus studio tracks, "Genius" and "Pete International Airport/Boys Better".  I'm just mesmerized by how good The Dandy Warhols sound live. Any fan of The Dandy Warhols should own this.- Highly Recommended
Tony @The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

by Krokus
(The End Records)

Swiss-based rock legends KROKUS return with a live recording, 'Long Stick Goes Boom: Live From Da House of Rust'. The band recorded 20 shows for release consideration, eventually deciding on their last sold out show, recorded in their hometown at the House of Rust on August 30th 2013. In the 21st Century Krokus is powered by Marc Storace on lead vocals, Fernando Von Arb on guitar, Mandy Meyer on guitar, Mark Kohler on guitar, Chris Von Rohr on bass and Flavio Mezzodi on drums,  The band serve upon 13 sticks of hard rock TNT going through a barrage of songs featuring classics like, "Tokyo Nights", "Fire", "Bedside Radio", "Heatstrokes" from 'Metal Rendezvous', "Screaming In The Night" from 'Headhunter' and the show opener, "Long Stick Goes Boom". Other songs performed are "Hallelujah Rock'n'Roll" and "Go Baby Go" from 'Dirty Dynamite', "AM Woman", Rock City Betta Than Sex Dog (Song Medley), "Hellraiser", "Easy Rocker", "Live For The Action" and "Hoodoo Woman". Even if you are not a fan of "live" CD's, this one is a must for all true Krokus fans. In the past Krokus has been critisized for being AC/DC copy cats but I always felt the band had their own unique sound. The sound quality of 'Long Stick Goes Boom: Live From Da House of Rust' is excellent, with Marc Storace's vocals upfront and the guitar army that is, Fernando Von Arb, Mandy Meyer and Mark Kohler are smoking hot! Sure Marc Storace and Fernando Von Arb are older but they haven't lost a bit of the spark. One thing that really impressed is how this show is captured and how crowd participation plays a big role the band is firing on all eight cylinders here and they sound so tight and fresh you can tell the crowd was feeling it 100%. Krokus is simply a working man's band. They always give it all they've got and on that August night Krokus delivered the goods! 'Long Stick Goes Boom: Live From Da House of Rust' is proof of that. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

by Stone River
(Gypsy Soul Records/Fontana North)

Canadian southern rockers Stone River return with their sophomore release, 'Euphoria & Lovesick Blues'. Stone River are,  Renan Yildizdogan - Lead Vocals/Guitar, Darren Flower -Guitar/Vocals, Jeff Desilets - Guitar , Jay Macedo - Bass/Vocals and Sasha Siegel - Drums. Mellow is the key word to this describe this album. It's subtle with the emphasis on songwriting and the feel-good vibe. Musically, the album could be compared to the likes of Tom Petty's 'Wildflowers', Poco's 'Legend' or Neil Young's 'Harvest'. That's sort of the vibe I got here. Mid-tempo songs performed with a touch of smooth rock and southern rock influence. There's a bit of instrumental jamming within some of the songs, which just adds to the retro feel of the album. I think this is a damn fine album.  It's a good one to put on when you're feeling mellow and just want something soothing, but with a good groove to listen to. Stone River do an amazing job of starting out mellow and building the energy in their songs to a frenzied level, especially in songs such as "Hard Road" and the Beatles vibe of, "Better Days To Come" Other songs, such as the stimulating "Rivers We Crossed", "So It Goes" and "Euphoria" will put a smile on your face with their upbeat and smooth sound. The band closes the album with the powerful, "Hanging in the Bowline", the blazing guitar display that closes out the song is mind blowing! In all, this album has the elements of greatness. This is true roots rock n roll, sung with heart and soul. Stone River's 'Euphoria & Lovesick Blues' is an amazing album and it is unlikely to disappoint if you give it a chance. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

by Framing Hanley
(Imagen Records)

Nashville, Tennessee's rockers Framing Hanley come out swinging for the fences with their third release, 'Sum Of Who We Are'. Kenneth Nixon: vocals, piano, guitar, Ryan Belcher: guitar, piano, backing vocals, Brandon Wootten: guitar, backing vocals, Jonathan Stoye: bass guitar and Chris Vest: drums. Even though 'Sum Of Who We Are', May sound a bit darker than the band's two previous releases, there's messages of hope in the album.  What the band has done is managed to put an album together comprised of great rock songs. And the best part is that none of them sound alike. None of them run into each other. There are some albums that one can just listen to over and over again, and still lose your place. There are some that you could re shuffle the track listing entirely, and no one would be able to tell it was changed around. Here, not just one or two tracks stand out from the rest. Every track can stand on its own. The band begins the album with the lead off single, "Criminal", a heavy track and does a good job kicking off the album to a great start. The following song "Twisted Halo" a pulsing rock song with a fist pumping chorus. The adrenaline keeps going with "Collide" and "Crooked Smiles". From there it's one great song after another, the mid tempo mover, "Simple Life",  "Rollercoaster", featuring Lindsey Stamey from The Few, "Science" "Streetlights and Silhouettes" and the haunting, "Castaway", that closes the album are other note worthy tracks. 'Sum Of Who We Are' by Framing Hanley is a must own album for all music lovers. Open up your mind, pop this album into your CD player and let is play a few times through and you won't be able to take it out! - Highly Recommended
Tony @The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

by John Corabi
(Rat Pak Records)

In 1991 I was watching MTV' s 'Headbanger's Ball', and this video.comes on by a band called The Scream. The song was, "Man On The Moon". Two things expressed me about the band. One, how great the band sounded. Two, the band's frontman, John Corabi. It was something about how his voice that had my undivided attention. I've been a fan ever since. John Corabi has one of those distinctive voices in rock music and it you hear it, it will blows your mind. On, 'Unplugged' John Corabi takes his vocal prowess to a whole new level. Stripped down to nothing but a few acoustic guitars, acoustic bass, light percussion, and some sweet as molasses harmony vocals. Every song on 'Unplugged' is like taking a road trip late in the day when the summer sun is laying low in the sky, limitless in possibility and perfectly intimate all at the same time. The whole album is great listening experience, but these tracks stood out the most from me, "Love (I Don't Need It Anymore)", "Father, Mother, Son", "If I Had A Dime", of course the classic and my personal favorite, "Man in the Moon", "Hooligans Holiday", "Crash", "Loveshine" and "I Never Loved Her Anyway". This collection of songs are all substance and light, with just a little bit of gravel and ground. John Corabi has the knack of making you really feel the emotion in all his songs. His voice creates a cradle for your soul.  For me 'Unplugged' by John Corabi is just good solid music. After all there are times when an artist releases something that transcends genres and speaks to everyone. This my friend is one of those albums. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine