Thursday, July 31, 2014


S/T (Ep) by Crobot
(Wind-Up Records)

What a great introduction to rock band that have a promising future! Rockers and Rollers, I give you Crobot from Pottsville, PA. Brandon Yeagley - Lead Vocals, Harp,  Bishop - Guitar, Vocals, Jake Figueroa - Bass and Paul Figueroa - Drums. These gents dish out a hard sound that is beyond power, it is an experience. They bring back a time when a band, any hard rock band, put out an album and it instantly becomes a classic. The band's self titled four song Ep, is loaded with huge guitar riffs, heavy bass, loud drums, killer vocals and just great songs. From the opening, "Legend Of The Spacdborne Killer" the band hold nothing back and unleash sonic hard rock fury! The next track, "Nowhere To Hide" is supercharged rocker guaranteed make your skip a beat! On, "Le Mano De Lucifer", the song starts off with a slow lazy swagger that morphs into a all out ball buster. The band saves the best for last with the no holds bar rocker, "Skull Of Geronimo", a song in my opinion, you can't play loud enough!  If you like bands that deliver the goods with the full package, then Crobot is one band you have check out. Tap into the groove, run with the devil, turn on to the Crobot experience! File this one alongside the latest releases from Corrosion Of Conformity, Kyng and Down as proof positive that old school heavy rock is still being made and still a hell of a lot of fun to rock out to!  If you’re a fan of any of those bands, be sure to check out what Crobot has to offer.  This is as good a record as any that you will find these days. Keep em' comin'! - Highly Recommended
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See It First! Crobot Premieres Live 'Legend of the Spaceborne Killer"

Monday, July 28, 2014


GROWING YOUNG (Ep) by Dirty Thrills
(Independent Release)

Dirty Thrills' debut Ep, 'Growing Young' is a good reminder of what rock and roll is all about. It's loud, it's catchy and it's not forced or overshadowed by overly complex lyrics or arrangements. The band is comprised of Louis James (Lead Vocals), Jack Fawdry (Guitar), Aaron Plows (Bass) and Steve Corrigan (Drums) The straightforward, purist rock music and choruses on the band's four song Ep are hard not to admire, whether or not you're a fan of classic or Southern rock. Dirty Thrills are an amazing, up-and-coming London-based Rock ‘n’ Roll quartet. Fronted by the son of Moody Blues singer Nicky James. The Dirty Thrills are single-handedly bringing back 100% real rock n roll, while leaving a contemporary mark. The band's sound is a mix of Southern rock, with a more neo-classic rock vibe, adopting a tough, Stonesy swagger. Dirty Thrills manages to play on the most rewarding traits of classic rock while still sounding modern. The Ep kicks off in full force with "Shivers" the catchiest and most accessible song, which is part blues rock grind, part New York glam. The title track, "Growing Young" and "You're In Trouble Now" are another highlights, combining a hard-edged backdrop with an upbeat chorus. Lead singer Louis James's soulful voice is perfect for the type of down-and-dirty, back-to-basics rock showcased on these tracks. It is just as suited to the power slow grind of "Drunken Words", which provides a refreshing change of pace. The entire band's chemistry is apparent, as its members work together perfectly to create a sound that is dynamic and tight, making Dirty Thrills a refreshing alternative to often self-obsessed popular and indie rock music of today. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Artist Interview: Andrew Hunt from BUFFALO SUMMER

Interview by The Dedicated Rocker Society

A year ago Buffalo Summer broke out onto the music scene with their powerful self-titled debut album.  The band from South Wales, Buffalo Summer formed three years ago. A lot has happened since the band’s inception. With an insatiable appetite and desire to make their mark, the band's released self- titled album was met with critical acclaim in the national music press. 

The Summer of 2013 was certainly a busy one for the band. Touring all over Europe sharing the stage with the likes of, The Graveltones, Monster Truck and recently with Skid Row and Buckcherry. The band are currently in the midst of working on their highly anticipated sophomore album. So, what could we expect? When will the new album be released?  Buffalo Summer's singer/frontman, Andrew Hunt had the answers and here is what he kindly shared with us.

Q: What's the title of the new album? 

ANDREW HUNT: We've literally just come out of the studio. We have a few album names we are debating over at the moment but nothing that's made us thing "that's the one." As soon as we've got it in the bag we will let the world know :)

Q: What can we, your fans, expect to hear from the new album? Can you give us some song titles?

AH: The new album is definitely a progression on from the self-titled debut album. We've spent the last couple of years on the road which has made the band an even tighter unit. Plus we've had all that time rehearsing and jamming together when we've been home. So the new songs are locked right into the groove. When we made the first album we literally just got the band together as friends, wrote and recorded some songs without thinking about it too much. This time we've spent a lot of time demoing the songs, living with them and then going back and forth and re-hashing them til they've sounded right. We've actually road tested a lot of the songs too so many of our European fans have had a taste of where we are going musically. It's not a vast departure from the debut album but I think this time we've hopefully created a solid body of work with well written songs full of groove and hooks. We can all play a little better, sing a little better. Some of the songs which are definitely gonna make the album are "Bird On A Wire"; "Money"; "As High As The Pines"; "Priscilla" and a very new one we wrote just before going to the studio called "Into Your Head"

Q: This last year has been quite a very busy and productive year for Buffalo Summer. What were some of the lessons learned, good or bad, from that experience? 

AH: We've spent the majority of the last year on the road. So we are pretty efficient at touring on a minimal budget. Although we've always managed to make things work somehow so that we can get out to Europe and play for the fans who've treated us very well. 
We've met some great people on the road. Other bands aswell as fans and that's one of the highlights of being a touring band. We had three weeks in Germany with Aussie band, The Graveltones. A Great bunch of guys. Monster Truck too from Canada were an amazing band. We had a such a good time on the road with the boys. Salt of the earth kind of guys :)
Then we've toured with Skid Row and Buckcherry recently. All super nice guys and really looked after us on the road. Watching the likes of those guys also helps you as an artist to keep pushing your own boundaries and refine your craft.
The only bad things really are things like driving to Spain and breaking down and missing your first show of the tour in Barcelona. Those sorts of things are in the lap of the Gods and it happens to all bands. You just have to try and stay positive Nd keep forging ahead when things like that are out of your hands.

Q: When can we expect the new album to be released?

AH: We are currently speaking to a few different labels about releasing the next record. We didn't want to jump in and sign the first thing that came along as that can be a dangerous game to play. It's got to be the right deal for us as a band. We'll go with the label that's gonna have the most belief in what we do. It's the size of the label for us... It's the people that run it. So the answer to your question we don't know exactly right now. A rough guess would be during the winter months though :)
Q: Any chances of doing any shows in America? (Particularly Los Angeles)..

AH: America is definitely on our "to do" list. It's a place we want to be. Part of securing the right deal for us will be the willingness to help us tour America. We had an opportunity to go Stateside recently but it wasn't financially viable for us to do so right now. With the right guys on board though I'm pretty sure we'll be in LA next year. 

For more info on Buffalo Summer, please visit:

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


BATTLES by Charm City Devils
(The End Records)

Baltimore-based hard rock outfit, Charm City Devils are back with their third album, 'Battles'' and just like they have with their previous recordings, these boys tear it up! The band is comprised of, John Allen (lead vocals), Anthony Arambula (bass), Jason Heiser (drums), Nick Kay and Victor Karrera (guitars). The Charm City Devils deliver that great classic hardrock sound that draws from AC/DC and Aerosmith as well as Motley Crue and Guns n' Roses and Bring it into the 21st Century. Blasting out of the blocks with, "Tear It Apart"and following it up with the bump and grind swagger with, "Crucify" from there on its an all out blitzkrieg of rocking proportion with fuel injected rockers like, "Shots", "Everyday", "Want" and "God's Gonna Cut You Down". Other highlights are; "Lying To Myself" and the album closer, "Let It Go". 'Battles' is the sort of album you can throw on in the background when some friends come over to party or crank it up when you are rocking down the highway. Musically everything is louder than everything else, the percussive attack is strong and everything is bright and shiny with plenty of melodies and hooks to have you shamelessly nodding your head to. The powerful vocals of John Allen standout, it's the old story of the difference between a great singer and a great frontman. On the evidence of this release he is probably in the latter category. You wouldn't know it from the inane stuff that gets played on mainstream rock radio, but this is a great time to be a rock n' roll fan. Charm City Devils are flying the hard rock flag that was dropped when grunge took over, and they're doing it with great swagger and energy. If you like your rock music loaded with attitude and just sounds better the louder you turn up the volume, you'll want to get your hands on 'Battles' by Charm City Devils, five All American rockers serving up rock music that will not only fill your ears or the room, but an arena. The Charm City Devils aren't your dad's or your big brother's rock 'n' roll band. They're yours! - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine


S/T by Rik Priem's Prime
(Avenue Of Allies)

Bursting onto the melodic rock scene is Rik Priem's Prime a powerhouse project from Belgium and Germany featuring guitarist, Rik Preim.  Some of you may recognize Rik Priem from his stint in the AOR project Frozen Rain. For his debut outing, Preim hooks up with that band's lead vocalist, the veteran, Carsten 'Lizard' Schultz to create his own project Rik Priem's Prime creating their own identity while creating a powerful recording in the process. Rounding out the band are, Vincent De Laat (bass), Geert Margodt (keyboard) and Ramy Ali (drums). The music served up here is a blast to the face of energy from the opening, "Sunset Over Agartha" to the melodic power metal vibe of, "Babylon Rising". Songs like, "The Future Is Now", "Hungry Heart",  "Flirting With An Alien" and "In With The Freaks" are instant melodic rock gems with an edge. Strong vocals, pounding drums, catchy keyboards, and ripping guitars throughout. Also worth noting is the production- crisp, loud, in your face. If you like melodic rock music, this album is worth checking out. Hard rock fans should love this. Metal fans should too. AOR purists may need oxygen after hearing it, but they'll probably love it as well. It's just that good. Rik Priem''s debut outing is a strong one. Fans of any of the bands like Last Tribe, Jorn, TNT, and Shy, will definitely want to check out Rik Priem's Prime. They are definitely another high quality melodic hard rock band that is worth watching in the future. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine


NEXT STOP by Sonic Station
(Avenue Of Allies)

'Next Stop' is the highly anticipated sophomore release album from Sweden's Sonic Station. Johan Boding (vocals), Marika Willstedt (vocals) Alexander Kronbrink (guitar, keyboards, programming, backing vocals), Jonathan Fritzén (keyboards), Erik Metall (bass) and  Thorleif Robertsson (drums). 'Next Stop' was recorded between February and November 2013, with Alexander playing guitar and synthesizers and taking over the production duties and handling the mix. Sonic Station give  melodic rock fans exactly what they're craving for, with songs that stick in the ears from the second they come on. Highlights: "Amelia", "Catch Me If You Can", "Where Are You Now?", "Half of My Heart" and "Love Clash". The album also features violinist Conny Lindgren who wrote and performed, the violin arrangements for the three ballads "Fool For Your Love", "Broken Man" and "Hide And Seek". The album shows musicians exhibiting great chemistry working together in a very natural way, presenting a sound which - still encompassing different influences - is now defined and definitely btheir own. There's not a lot of real rock punch to be found, but the melodies are so infectious and the vocals so smooth and the production so pristine that you hardly notice. 'Next Stop' is just an solid AOR album from top to bottom, full of captivating and uplifting songs. The music is probably as close as you're going to get to the awesome sound that Toto owned back in the late eighties. 'Next Stop' comes highly recommended to fans of intense melodic rock. Take one part Toto DNA and mix with crystal clear production and memorable melodies and you get Sonic Station. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine


RED MOON RISING by Perfect View
(Avenue Of Allies)

Italy's Perfect View returns with their sophomore release, 'Red Moon Rising'. Max Ordine (vocals), Francesco Cataldo (guitar, backing vocals), Pier Mazzini (keyboard, backing vocals), Frank Paulis (bass, backing vocals) and Luca Ferraresi (drums, backing vocals). The band combine the best elements of music giants like "Journey", "Toto" and "Styx" subsequently crafting an admirable collection of melodic rock tunes; each song has clearly defined personality while the performances support the compositions to the greatest extent. For that matter you can expect to find groove laden tempos, keyboard harmonies, piano melodies even guitar shredding, depending on the requirements of each track. Highlights: "By My Side",with Michele Luppi (Secret Sphere, Los Angeles, ex-Vision Divine) on background and harmony vocals. "Room 14", and "Slave to Empire", featuring Giacomo Gigantelli (Danger Zone) on background vocals. For the rock ballads lovers out there the band offer up, "I Will Remember". The band also serve up their take on  Toto's "Home of the Brave". This is a superb recording filled with very high energy songs that make you want to drive very fast! Not one moment on 'Red Moon Rising' is wasted. Your ears will smile with listening glee. And your brain will recall a time when all music was made to be remembered. Bottom line; this is a must-have melodic rock album any way you look at it. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

Friday, July 18, 2014


(Vargantuan Music)

Canadian Progressive Metal band, Varga return with their latest release, 'Return Of The Metal'.  A recording that emphasizes intense guitar interplay, aggression, atmosphere and enough riveting time changes to satisfy even the most demanding progressive metal fan. The album was produced by long time friend and producer/engineer, Julius “Juice” Butty (Alexisonfire, Protest the Hero), and recorded at both Six Nations’ Jukasa Studio, and Butty’s own Silo Studios. Varga is comprised of, Joe Varga – Bass & Vocals, Adam Alex – Guitar, Sean Williamson – Guitar and Dan Fila – Drums. The Varga groove is still there, but the music has gone to another level. Maybe, Progressive/Thrash metal. The songs sound even heavier and aggressive than some on the band's prior releases, albeit with more melody. Unexpected time changes still come around with this band, leaving you guessing where it will go next. As soon as the album starts playing  and "Three Section Staff" comes on you know your going to be in for a treat! There is no fillers what so ever on this album, some songs are stronger than others, but still a very strong and intense effort. Other highlights; "After Life Comes",  "Evil Drifters" and "Far East Super Slaughter".'Return Of The Metal' rocks on all levels, great progressive metal and rock. Some real nice crunch and heavy guitars and great musicianship all around. Production is good. The mix to me sounds great, especially the vocals and guitars. With an onslaught of amazing lyrics and a powerful, well controlled vocal delivery. Joe Varga's vocals makes this album have high replay value. The guitar interplay between, Adam Alex and Sean Williamson is out of this world! Dan Fila's drumming is awesome as well. How can I forget?! When I was listening to the album, I remember saying he sounds like Mike Portnoy in his prime. The entire band just rips the album to shreds. Love the album art as well. Really pulled me into the album, then facilitated the mood.  If you love Prog Rock/Metal and have own any of the older Varga albums then 'Return Of The Metal' is a "Must Have". - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

Thursday, July 17, 2014


ALL THE WAY by State Of Salazar
(Frontier Records)

After creating a buzz amongst the melodic rock community with their Ep, 'Lost My Way', Sweden's State of Salazar release their full length debut, 'All The Way'.  Marcus Nygren – Vocals, Johan Thuresson – Guitar, Johannes Hansson – Bass, Stefan Mårtenson – Keyboard and Kristian Brun – Drums.  'All The Way' is an awesome album by a new melodic rock group from  Malmö, Sweden. State Of Salazar have put out a flawless album filled with great vocal melodies and harmonies and pure Toto-like grooves with the heavy production and big choruses. If this is your cup of tea is high powered melodic rock then you will love what the band have to offer. From the moment AOR gems like, "I Believe In You", "Filed Of Dreams" and "Eat Your Heart Out" and comes on State Of Salazar had my undivided attention. Other highlights; "All The Way", "Marie", "Let Me Love" and "Catastrophe".This is the type of music to make your mood soar, without lulling you to sleep. Every song has that vintage AOR/arena rock feel, and every aspect from the songwriting to the musicianship to the vocals to the production is absolutely top notch. State Of Salazar have that polished, radio-friendly melodic rock sound down perfectly, and they match it with a modern production and that distinctly Swedish sense of melody. Rarely does a new band so completely capture the old school AOR sound like State Of Salazar has here. 'All The Way' is pure melodic rock gold.  A must-have for fans of modern AOR bands like Lionville, Street Talk, Shadowman and Work Of Art. This one is easy to recommend. If you like melodic rock at all, you NEED this album in your collection. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


S/T (Ep) by Tax The Heat
(Can I Get A Witness Records)

Have you lost touch with music because there aren't any good bands out there? Check out Tax The Heat from Bristol, England. Alex Veale – Vocals & Guitar, JP Jacyshyn – Guitar & Backing Vocals, Antonio Angotti – Bass & Backing Vocals and Jack Taylor – Drums & Backing Vocals.  This is a pretty good introduction to this great band. They sound like they stepped right out of the late 70'S and they have a real respect for that era. If you like classic rock with a modern twist, you'll really dig Tax The Heat and their four song EP. Doesn't matter what type of rock music you like, Tax The Heat fits the bill. While the band sounds great and are tight as a fiddle, I was really impressed with Alex Veale's vocal delivery. What a voice!! A perfect blend of passion and raw talent.  All four tracks are winners, From the opening mover, "Devil's Daughter" the band makes sure your adrenaline stays pumped as they dish out movers like, "Caroline" and "Fed To The Lions" and finishing off your listening experience with, "Summer Girl". The alchemic reaction of these four individuals creates something totally new, yet comfortingly familiar. If you're looking for powerful songs that rock, performed by people who can actually play, fronted by a charismatic singer with a stunning range, Tax The Heat is your band.  Anyone who appreciates great music should check out this band. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine


(Epic Records)

There are only a small number of bands that have accomplished what Judas Priest has throughout their career. The mighty Priest in 2014 is comprised of  Rob Halford on vocals, guitarists Glenn Tipton and Richie Faulkner, bassist Ian Hill and drummer Scott Travis. The "Metal Gods" are back with their latest offering, 'Redeemer of Souls.' Judas Priest do not reinvent their sound on the new album. They simply give us a molten slab of the rock we banged our heads against back in the days of , 'Hell Bent For Leather', 'British Steel', 'Screaming For Vengeance' and to more recent outings like, 'Painkiller' and 'Angel Of Retribution'. Each track begs for the volume to be cranked up just a little more to the right and the momentum builds throughout. Highlights are the opener, "Dragonaut", the title track, "Sword of Damocles", "Down In Flames" and "Battle Cry", all of the songs being very solid. Rob Halford's vocals are finely tuned and there are plenty of his demon growls and signature high-pitched screams; dueling axes from new addition Richie Faulkner and Glen Tipton have great chemistry.  Ian Hill is steady as ever on bass. Scott Travis' drumming is monstrous! I was pleasantly surprised with the new album. The album has plenty of aggression, optimism and energy. Any fan of Judas Priest or Halford's solo material owes it to him/her self to get this this album.  Bottom line, 'Redeemer of Souls' is a must have for Priest fans. This is an album designed to both delight the faithful and to introduce metal's new listeners (the kids) to the timeless sound of an old classic heavy metal band in top form. Old school metal is back! - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


NXN by Night By Night
(Sun Hill Productions)

The long awaited and highly anticipated debut from Night By Night was definitely worth the wait! This  5-piece melodic rock band from London serve up amazing guitar riffs with soaring melodies. Combining the best of classic and contemporary rock, boasting irresistible choruses that are custom-built for stadiums. Stunning, 3-part vocal harmonies charge their sound and it’s this feature that firmly separates Night by Night from the rest of the pack, all presented through a flawless production, spotlighting the band’s superb musicianship. Night By Night is comprised of Henry Rundell – Lead Vocals, Tom Daniel – Guitars, Ben Christo – Guitars, Vocals, Jonny Thornton – Bass, Vocals and Damien Diablo – Drums. From start to finish, this is an unapologetic rocker through and through jam-packed with great choruses and guitar riffs you won't be able to get it out of your head for months! Highlights; "Time To Escape", "Holding Onto Holding", "Everywhere Tonight", "Siren" and "A Thosand Lies". Honestly it's pointless for me to single out any one song on this album because all ten tracks are way over 10 cum laude! The melody and virtuosity on this album is simply stunning. Every song is vital and beautifully put together. The harmony and shear musicality of this band are fantastic. This is an album that shows just how good hard melodic rock can be, and should be in the collection of every young band wanting to venture out into the melodic hard rock field. This is how it's done right!  Fans of Def Leppard, Harem Scarem, Extreme, Hardline, and pretty much ANY melodic hard rock will find a lot to enjoy here. Though there may be hints of those aforementioned bands, Night By Night have a sound uniquely their own. Bottom line; if you can't get into this album then you don't deserve to have ears. A must have for all fans of melodic hard rock. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

Saturday, July 12, 2014


by Charlie's Frontier Fun Town
(Bambane's Crew)

These guys come out of the gates swinging! 'Moloko Vellocet' the monstrous debut release by Charlie's Frontier Fun Town from Grenoble, France, is the essence of simple hard, riff-heavy rock, call it `stoner rock' if you will - whatever genre - this will raise the hairs on the back of your neck in a style only the rock gods in the olden days could. It is brutal from the start and only gets better. If you like hard, aggressive, and abrasive music you will like Charlie's Frontier Fun Town. The band is powered by, Muss on vocals,  VMol on guitar / bass, Doc. Zarrach on guitar / bass, Bob Z. on guitar and Blad on drums. A lot of what is out there in the world off metal is very serious, moody or interested in trying to break a record for the number of notes played in a song. I miss old style heavy metal that encouraged drinking, hanging with your buddies and just making a general nuisance of yourself. 'Moloko Vellocet' will remind the listener that chugging downtuned guitars can still be fun. Songs like "Bastards", "All Pain, No Gain"  and the lead single, "The Devil Is In The Details", are the sound track to every backyard party you wish you had gone to. "Blast" harkens back to a time when it was okay for a guy to be a guy, a girl to be a girl, and buying copious amounts of liquor wasn't a one way ticket to an episode of 'Law and Order SVU'. There are no shortage of memorable riffs and sing along choruses for a crowd to scream back at the band. Charlie's Frontier Fun Town is a  very lethal combination of talents fused together in a most satisfying way. They absolutely tears it up in this incredibly heavy sludgefest! The band is REALLY tight, and is a band for the more serious music fan, who doesn't need a gimmick to lure them in. This band is NOT gimmicky, nor do they need to be. They are a straight forward, in your face, balls to the wall, hard rockin' band. Fans of Kyuss, Earthride, Goatsnake should enjoy this. Great band, Love 'em. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


LIVIN' IN THE PAST by Scream Maker
(Perris Records)

Hailing from Warsaw, Poland Heavy Metal band Scream Maker unleash their debut album, 'Livin' In The Past'. Roslaw Szaybo the artist responsible for designing covers for Judas Priest, Elton John, Santana and Bob Marley, designed the band's cool cover art.  Scream Maker is comprised of Sebastian Stodolak (vocals), Ajronmajk (guitar), Marek Stanisz (guitar), Adam "Radzi" Radziowski (bass) and Tomasz Nachya (drums). Having shared the stage with the likes of, Turbo, Wolf Spider, Proletaryat, Luxtorpeda and many more. Having made their presence felt in Europe, the band have their sights on making their presence felt in the rest of the world.  'Livin' In The Past' starts off with a little intro to set the atmosphere, and then suddenly a huge riff comes in for the song "In The Nest Of Serpents", one of the many highlights on the album. Followed by the similar "Glory For The Fools". Both songs feature excellent guitar work and vocals. The catchy title track changes the pace up a little bit before heading into the melodic metal gem, "Fever". Other highlights include: "All My Life", "Spacestone", "Stand Together", "Never Say Never" and "Metalheads". 'Livin' In The Past' has a great 'wall of guitars' sound to it. It the type of metal album makes you want to bang your head.  This music is what it is; potent well-crafted traditional heavy metal. It is not revolutionary, it is not ground breaking, it’s just an excellent example of this genre played at a very high level. If you love the basic DNA of heavy metal, ie. Huge guitars, powerful vocals, and good catchy over the top songs, then you should love Scream Maker. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine