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S/T (Ep) by The Wild Beyond
(Big Round Music/UltraMegaSound Records)

"The Wild Beyond' s 5 song self titled EP blends a high-octane rock n roll vibe with a space like psychedelic freak out. Sweet, trippy hooks are plastered with thick, heavy sonic overload. There's a distinctly black-light brilliance in the flashy leads that punctuates the shoegaze/metal drone-roar of the pummeling rhythms. According to the mastermind behind the band, Max Hodes, “We’re playing rock music from a jazz head,”, one thing is for certain, your senses will be thoroughly ROCKED! Clocking in at nearly 50 minutes, The Wild Beyond demands your undivided attention as soon as you press play and, "Fire’s Body,” blasts out of your speakers. From there the band hold nothing back and put the hammer down with the riff laden rockers,  ”Wake Up”, “Just One Drop” and “Reflex Driver". The vocals are smooth and layered over the dreamy guitars to take you on a wild ride.The guitars are heavy and spaced out, the drums are in your face and the vocals and bass pickup their necessary duties. Overall, this debut outing for The Wild Beyond is a powerful rock n roll record to take us into the 21st century!  The Wild Beyond will fuel a new generation of rockers who will be able to fill the overgrown ampitheatre with enough blare to make even the most jaded ear bleed. High caliber, hypnotic drone/psych rock for the ultimate zone-out. - Highly Recommended
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CD REVIEW : PGP 2 by Pinnick Gales Pridgen

PGP 2 by Pinnick Gales Pridgen 
(Magna Carta Records)

The powerhouse trio that is dUg Pinnick (King s X) on vocals and bass, Eric Gales (Eric Gales Band, Lauryn Hill) on vocals and guitars and Thomas Pridgen (ex-The Mars Volta) on drums return with their highly anticipated follow-up to their powerful debut simply titled, 'PGP 2'.  Their debut release blew me away and this recording takes that mind blowing experience I had when I first heard them to a whole new level!  Just when I thought the genre of blues rock had been exhausted and could ever be ignited again, along comes this vibrant and refreshing album from a trio of rock music's most experienced and respected musicians. Pinnick, Gales and Pridgen excel on this album and have grown into an extremely tight powerful unit. Three virtuosos musicians at the top of their games sounding more like a band that played together for decades under their belts rather than being thrown together to jam. 'PGP 2' opens like a lit match on gasoline with the smoking  "Every Step Of The Way", the trio's tight chemistry is felt through Pinnick's soulful vocal delivery, Gales's sizzling guitar work and Pridgen's driving beat. Next up is the down and dirty bluesy swagger of, " Not My Time To Die" followed by the supercharged groove of, "Psychofunkadelic Blues". The trio shift gears with Zepp-ish vibe of "Watchman", and ballys "Have You Cried?" There is not a dull moment anywhere on this album. Thomas Pridgen is brilliant on the drums. Eric Gales is a genius. Just smoking guitar playing throughout as well trading lead vocal duties with dUg Pinnick (doing a damn good job at that). Speaking of Mr. Pinnick, he is singing and playing bass as well as ever. 'PGP 2', is a must have for all those rockers out there that still crave for the days of The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Cream or Vanilla Fudge. I will say this, if those bands had formed in this millennium they would face some stiff competition from this lot. With this second album, Pinnick, Gales and Pridgen fulfill their potential and deliver another powerhouse slab of driving blues rock music, proving to be more than just a cash in on nostalgia, but a strong musical force to be reckoned with and  genuinely appreciated. Absolutely brilliant! - Highly Recommended
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One On One with Mark Wells of
Interview by The Dedicated Rocker Society

Twenty Two Hundred is an Australian Rock band from Melbourne, Victoria, who formed in 2010. The band was founded by songwriter, musician and producer Mark Wells (ex member of The Ronnie Wood Band). Their music incorporates elements of hard rock, classic rock, funk and groove. In April 2010, the band released their debut EP Eleven .

Twenty Two Hundred were personally invited by Slash to open for his concert at Fort Canning Park, Singapore on 2 August 2010 as part of the Slash 2010 World Tour. American rock band Coheed and Cambria also performed. Twenty Two Hundred consequently opened for Slash in Singapore, Japan, Korea and Hong Kong from 14-22 March 2011.

Following the Slash tour, the band have recruited new vocalist Tony Cardenas-Montana (Slash/Great White). Twenty Two Hundred recorded their debut album “Carnaval De Vénus” in Melbourne and Los Angeles in 2012. The album was produced by Mark Wells and mixed by Grammy® award winning mix engineer Andrew Scheps. Andrew also signed the band to his label Tonequake Records. The album was release on Tonequake Records on February 19, 2013. 

Throughout 2013, Twenty Two Hundred focused on making their own music videos, with the band acting as film crew and post production crew, while they scoured Australia for a vocalist. Late 2013 the guys found Cam Brown, a Brisbane based rock singer, who has the range to meet Tony's incredible vocals on the album.

Mark Wells forming member gave us the lowdown on his band Twenty Two Hundred. Here is what shared with us..

Q: How long has the band been together? What's the story behind the name of the band?
Mark Wells: "We've been together about 4 years now. Twenty Two Hundred is the highest number any of us can count to. haha. Twenty Two is actually one of those numbers that seems to crop up a lot."

Q: Your debut, 'Carnaval De Vénus' was released last year. Are you satisfied with the response you guys have received since it's release? What is like working with Multiple Grammy Award winning mix engineer Andrew Scheps? Any memorable moments in the making of the album, good or bad, that you can share?
Mark Wells: "The album has had a great response, from those who have heard it. That's the hardest part, getting it out there. We've definitely gained some long term fans from it, so we're stoked about that.
Andrew Scheps is absolutely world class and a total pleasure to work with. He is completely passionate about music and honesty in music. We share the same love of analogue recording for the way it makes you feel. It was absolutely humbling to work with a guy whose mixes are so good, one or two tracks were not even mastered. Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman in Hollywood mastered the album, and for those tracks he shrugged his shoulders and said, "this doesn't need anything at all". I've never heard of that before. Also, Andrew was doing our mixes every other day that he wasn't mixing the Red Hot Chili Peppers album. We all thought that was pretty cool.

Memorable moments... well the entire process was pretty memorable. In Melbourne, we tracked live instruments to 48 channels of 2" tape through a vintage Neve console, and overdubbed from there. That was such a luxurious way to record, old school. It just sounds better, especially for this type of music. We flew to Los Angeles to record vocals and mix it. Tony Cardenas-Montana sang on the record, he's just such a great musician and a really nice dude.
In LA, the three of us from Australia were living in a pretty dodgy neighbourhood. Between the hookers and police choppers outside our door, to Steven Tyler bursting into our rehearsal in Hollywood, the entire thing was a total adventure! "
Q: In 2010 Slash invited you guys to open for him. What was that like, getting a personal invite from Him? 
Mark Wells: "It's awesome getting a personal invite from Slash! It's also a little scary. You want to play your best on those shows, because Slash has invited you, and it's such a privilege, so you REALLY don't want to f**k it up. Slash is a really nice guy, and I guess he digs what we do, because we've just been invited to open for him again, this time in the UK. Can't wait for those shows!"
Q: You guys have played Los Angeles already. Any plans on coming back to do more shows in 2014? Who would you guys like to tour with if you do?
Mark Wells: "We would love to come back and play in the States again. We absolutely love it over there. We'd move there if we could. With the UK tour in November 2014, we won't be in the US this year. Maybe we can get something happening for 2015. We'd be happy to tour with anyone, really, so long as they rocked!"
Q: What is the songwriting process for you guys? Is it a group effort or individual? As far as musical influences, who are some of yours?
Mark Wells: "Songwriting has been, for the most part, an individual effort. I've written most of the songs myself, but there are no rules about that. I guess the other guys will start writing when the inspiration takes them. We do share a lot of the same influences. Lots of blues influences, to classic rock and heavy rock, including Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Jimi Hendrix, Queen, Rage Against The Machine, Clutch, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Primus and even a lot of funk bands. So many bands, it's impossible to list them all."
Q: Have you started work on your follow up to 'Carnaval De Vénus'? If so, what can your fans expect to hear?
Mark Wells: "Yes, I've started writing the next album. I have no idea when we will hit the studio again, but when we do, fans can expect to hear more of what they already like from us. Big riffs, blues, groove and rock'n'roll."
Q: As far as music videos, the two we've seen for "Hitman" and "Why Can't You Love Me" were shot really well. Who came up with the concepts for those videos? 
Mark Wells: "The concepts are usually one or two people's ideas, and it kind of builds from there. Everyone has some input into them. I usually end up directing and editing them, and my wife Macushla is a photographer, so she's in charge of that side of it. The production is a big team effort, and we get a lot of our friends together, pull favours, and we try to make mini-movies, just for the fun of it. I guess we are closet film makers, we don't want to just film the band playing the songs. We want to entertain."
Q: Gene Simmons of KISS has stated that, "Rock Is Dead". What would you say to that? 
Mark Wells: "Well, I think Gene's quote has been taken out of context in many ways. What he was saying is quite accurate, rock has no funding or industry support anymore. Meanwhile, pop, country, hip hop all get full funding, publicity budgets, touring budgets, PR budgets, album budgets, and so on. It is really tough out there for new rock bands. We have to try to fund everything ourselves (somehow), and it takes funding to make the public aware of you in any industry. However, the art form is certainly not dead, the spirit of rock'n'roll is alive and well. The rock audience is definitely there as much as it ever was. I think the public are starved for great new rock bands, but the rock media tends to focus on the older stars who came up when the industry was much easier. It's not dead, it's just been exiled by the industry and media. Things will change. They always do."
Q: Complete this sentence: You should check out Twenty Two Hundred because........
Mark Wells: "It ROCKS and it's good for your soul."
Q: Any comments or messages you'd like to pass along?
Mark Wells: "Just a huge thanks to our fans out there, and a big thank you to you, Tony, for supporting our music!"

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by Soul Shine Society
(Grooveyard Records)

Southern rockers from Finland, Soul Shine Society are back with their sophomore release, 'Back Where You Belong'. Reminescent of Lynyrd Skynyrd & 38 Special...Good old Southern Rock with an evolutionary twist...Refreshing lyrics delving into the same old areas yet fresh enhanced by deeply talented musicians. Soul Shine Society is comprised of a cast of talented Finnish rockers that include Jonne Sassi (Vocals & Harmonica), Mikko Levonen (Guitar), Matti Jokelainen (Guitar), Jukka Hollstrom (Bass & Backing Vocals), Jaan Wessman (Drums, Percussion, Mandolin & Barritone Guitar) and Marko Karttunen (Keyboards) who produce & deliver the goods. Every song on 'Back Where You Belong' will have you toe tapping your way down the road or thinking about your southern upbringing with songs like, "Break The Chain", "Ain't Gonna Tell You Twice", "Hell Train" and "Reasons". Soul Shine Society taps into that fine line between country and blues rock where Southern Rock lives. The songs are well written, straight to the point, with no fluff. Oh, your not from the south? You will be by proxy once you give this one a listen. You definitely get the idea that the band didn't just write these songs, they lived them. Soul Shine Society is a perfect blend of rock and country driven by pure talent from all angles of the band. Great vocals, great guitar, great bass and great drumming that is never overbearing, boring or reptative. 'Back Where You Belong' by Soul Shine Society will gets the endorphines flowing big time!  Anyone who has the slightest interest in Southern Rock, do yourself a favor and give this recording a listen your ears will thank you for it! - Highly Recommended
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DOWN IN FLAMES by Johnny Hunkins
(Grooveyard Records)

California based Blues rock guitarist, Johnny Hunkins is back with his smoking sophomore release, 'Down In Flames'. For those new to this amazing guitarist, Johnny Hunkins plays a mean blues-rock guitar in the style of Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn,  and Gary Moore .  'Down In Flames' is blues based, straying into rock and even a couple of laid back numbers. The album also features special guests: Derek St. Holmes (Ted Nugent/Whitford St. Holmes) & Jarrod England (Rufus Huff/Black Mountain Prophet) on vocals, Chris Duarte on guitar, Dirty Dave Osti on guitar & vocals, Tony Franklin (Blue Murder/The Firm/Whitesnake) on bass and Ryan Hoyle (Collective Soul) on drums. Quite simply, this is an outstanding sophomore effort from Mr. Hunkins. There are no real surprises here, just premium quality blues rock guitar and an excellent supporting cast on all tracks. All songs are up tempo and each moves from track to track rather seamlessly. Whether your taste runs more to the gritty power guitar of tracks a like, "Down In Flames', "Rings Of Saturn" featuring, Derek St. Holmes or to the smooth laid back swagger of songs like, "You Give Love" or "Dresden Burning" there is something here for everyone. There is a quality to the music that makes this CD a personal favorite and a definite must have for any blues/rock fan. The bottom line: 'Down In Flames' is a very solid and well produced recording - with not one "fwd" worthy track on it. On the other hand, it has many which would dutifully warrant a "repeat" button. If you are curious about who Johnny Hunkins is and what his music is about, then this is a worthy starting point. - Highly recommended.
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CLEARWATER by Bullfrog
(Grooveyard Records)

Italian based Blues rock trio Bullfrog return with their fourth studio release, 'Clearwater'. Bullfrog is comprised of, Francesco Dalla Riva (Bass & Vocals), Silvano Zago on guitar and Michelle Dalla Riva on drums. From start to finish ''Clearwater' is absolutely mind-blowing, with the trio successfully mixing a heavy dose of blues, and soul with full-speed rock and roll. Tracks like "No Salvation" and "Too Bad For Love" manage to pack a powerful punch, while songs such as "Monster (Give Me Something Mean)" show the trio know how to kick out the jams, they can still  down shift with a laid back mover like, "Say Your Prayers" and play it just as well. Special Guest guitarist, Jimi Barbiani lends his talent the album's title track. 'Clearwater'  is an amazing album by an amazing band. There's not a week song on here! That's rare in today's music. Excellent musicians, great lyrics, you name it they got it. For anyone who has yet to indulge in the 'heavy blues rock experience,' I say have yours today with the boys of Bullfrog. It will a ride you'll never forget. One of rocks best kept secrets... is no more! Let's get the word out!!! This band rock like nobody's business!  For all those who believed that gutsy, adrenalized rock was dead, I have only one word for you: BULLFROG! - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine


by American Mafia
(Grooveyard Records)

New York based rock band, American Mafia unleash their powerhouse debut, 'Rock N' Roll Hit Machine', serving up  a hearty dose of classic blues-soaked hard rock that brings back memories of Montrose, Led Zep,Robin Trower-hell,ANY great classic blues rock of the 70's!!  Get this one folks-it ROCKS!!  American Mafia is the brain-child of Tom Jude (Doro Pesch/Holy Water) on guitar & Freddy Villano (Quiet Riot/Widowmaker/Holy Water) on bass, American Mafia also includes Bobby Marks (Dokken) on drums. The band also boasts an  impressive cast of outstanding rock singers,  John West (Badlands/Artension/Royal Hunt), Jimmy Kunes (Cactus/Savoy Brown/Flood the Engine), Don Chaffin (VOX/Red Lamb), Mike DiMeo (Riot/Masterplan/The Lizards), Ed Terry (Rondinelli/Rage & Beyond) & David Knight (Holy Water). All 12 tracks that make up the album are like a fine whiskey on ice, smooth, yet with enough bite to let you know there is fire in that water. The album covers a range like no other, "Obsession" has that hard driving beat that keeps rock music alive, "Every Time" has that Mountain meets Free artistry, while tracks like, "Death & Satisfaction" , "Friendly Fire", "Man On The Flying Trapeze" and a killer cover of the Stevie Wonder classic, "Living In The City"  shows off the band's bravado and tightness, and the slow burning movers "Let Me Know" and "All I Need" yield melodies that surprise. The vocal performances are just amazing and go from an aggressive driving voice right down to passion filled. The bottom line is 'Rock And Roll Hit Machine' is a solid rock recording powered by real musicians playing some of the most refreshing music to come along in a very long time. It's a whiskey drenched rocker of a release. Just like a fine aged whiskey, it taste better with time, goes down easy, & packs a wallop! If you are sick of all the same old junk out there give American Mafia a shot. My only advice is shut your I phone off, pop it in your car, open all the windows and play it loud! - Highly Recommended
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THIS IS WHO WE ARE by Riot Horse
(Metalville Records)

Love the debut album from Swedish rock band, Riot Horse. With a style that infuses classic heavy bluesy rock with heavy riffing and groove, Riot Horse lay the hammer down with their debut album, 'This Is Who We Are'. The band's "horse power" is made up of, Andreas "Adde" Sydow (vocals), Nille ‘Neil’ Schuttman (guitars), Joacim Sandin (bass) and Jonas Langebro (drums). These guys really rock and have great creativity to their songs. The band's debut release, 'This Is Who We Are' has a fresh sound, but is firmly routed in that Classic Rock vibe. In places very reminiscent of Led Zep and many other 70's rock bands. The songs have great hooks and energy - good honest rock. You can hear the influences of a range of bands and periods in this, but it still comes out sounding fresh and original. The opening track "Get Your Hands Up" builds you up for what the band is all about and it just flows into the rocking "Bring'em On" which is just a stunning track. Then you have super charged movers like, "My Mountain", "Going Undercover" and "Shine", that are guaranteed to get your rocks off. Then there is, "Medicine Man"a monster of a track that show just tight this band truly is. If you have heard evern one track by this band and liked it, I would definitely recommend this album to you as it is just stunning.  If you like "classic rock", then this album is for you. Riot Horse is not a band merely copying their influences,  but a band making music whilst wearing their influences on their sleeve. Front to back, 'This Is Who We Are' by Riot Horse is a solid ball of rock and this band deserve your full attention. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

Artist Interview: Andreas Sydow of RIOT HORSE

Swedish Rockers RIOT HORSE
Interview by The Dedicated Rocker Society

In 2006 the Danish/Swedish heavy band Sons Of Tomorrow decided to take a long time break. Guitarist Nille 'Neil' Schüttman have had a vision for many years. To set up a new heavy rock band with a more classic sound. The inspiration came from bands like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Free and The Black Crowes. Bluesy, groovy and heavy riffing. Just a couple of weeks after Sons Of Tomorrow announced their hiatus, Nille called some musicans and asked them to join. Some of them were old Sons Of Tomorrow fellows and some of them were new friends. 

After jamming the new ideas Neil knew that this was not only going to be a temporary project. The seed of Riot Horse was sown… By 2011 Neil had tried numerous different constellations for Riot Horse but constantly found it difficult to keep the band together. He was just about to give it all up when he was convinced by bass player at the time, Anders Johansson, to give it one more try with a couple of guys Anders knew. In came Andreas Sydow, former metal vocalist of Darkane and drummer Jonas Langebro (ex. Bai Bang). The chemistry was instant and unquestionable. During the first rehearsals the songs started to come together. A lot of the riffs that Nille had worked up through the years came together with Andreas melodies in a magical fusion. With Joacim Sandin (former bandmate with Jonas in Bai Bang) replacing Anders on bass, the band was complete. Riot Horse had found their sound! Classic heavy rock that kicks ass, straight from the heart!! Dirty, groovy and sexy... WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF RIOT HORSE!!

Riot Horse frontman, Andreas Sydow talked about his band and shared his thoughts on the band's debut release, 'This Is Who We Are'.

Q: How long did the album take to record? How many songs did you actually write for the album?

Andreas Sydow: We didn't do everything in one streak. The basics where recorded during a week or so. Then we did additional recordings, like guitar solos, vocals and such, during weekends and evenings. With the mixing I guess it took all in all about 6 months to complete. But in effective time it was probably something like 3 weeks. Ha-ha! When we started the recording we agreed on recording the basics for all the twelve songs we had at the time and later decide which ones to go ahead with. In the end we felt that we wanted all the twelve songs on the album so we didn't cut anyone of them.

Q: What is the song writing process for you as a band? Group or individual?

Andreas Sydow: Most of the time Neil comes to rehearsal with a riff or an idea to a song and then everyone pitches in their own parts to that. So the songs sort of evolve in the rehearsal room. On the new songs both me and Joacim has come up with some ideas to start with. When it comes to the lyrics everybody pitched in on different songs.

Q: Your four song Ep was released in 2012, did you re-record the songs to add on your debut, 'This Is Who We Are'? Or did you leave them as is?

Andreas Sydow: Well, that EP was originally never ment as more than a demo but when the result ended up sounding as good as it did we thought - why not just put it out there digitally? When we started recording the rest of the songs for the album we figured that the basics of the songs on the EP was good enough to use. We used the same studio and sound guy (Richard Larsson @ Handsome Hard Studio) which made it simple to keep working on them as they were. We did re-record the bass guitar for those four songs, since we have a new bass player in the band, and we did some additional vocals and other stuff to spice them up a bit.

Q: Memorable moment(s) in the making of, 'This Is Who We Are', good or bad, that you can share with us? Are you satisfied with how the album turned out?
Andreas Sydow: We are very satisfied with the result! We wanted to do an album that included all of the elements that make up Riot Horse and I really believe we managed just that. It made sense to name the album "This is who we are" as it makes for a good presentation of the band. I don't know about memorable moments. The recordings went without any special accidents or mishaps but I do remember when Jonas insisted on bringing his giant gong and wanted to use it since he'd never had the chance to use it on any recording before! It was a challenge for Richard and a lot of laughter for the rest us in the band. We have a few great photos of that!
 An emotional moment for me was when we did the vocals for "Hold me", which was the last song we did vocals for. The studio was booked on sunday the 18th of august. On saturday morning August 17th my father passed away. I could've cancelled the recording session but instead I decided to use all my sadness in that performance. I know that's what my dad would've wanted and it was a good way for me to deal with the grief and sorrow. I'm very proud of that today.
Q: Have you guys shot a music video for any of the songs off the album? If you have, which song(s)?

Andreas Sydow: We've shot a few shows during the last year and some of that is used in a video for the song "Medicine Man", which will be released with the album release in the US.

Q: Your bio states you guys are influenced by "The Classic Rock Era", which band or bands would you say you most  influenced by?

Andreas Sydow: There are so many... Obviously the giants like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath etc. But there are so many less well known but equally great bands from that era.

Q: Do you include "Covers" during your live set? If so, which songs do you cover? If not, which songs would you consider?

Andreas Sydow: We've done a few covers just for the fun of it. "Fever Dog", featured in the motion picture Almost Famous, is a cool song we've done a couple of times. We've also played the Led Zep song "What is and What Should Never Be".

Q: Are there any plans for you guys coming to America to do some shows? If you do get to come over, who would like to tour with?

Andreas Sydow: I would love to do an american tour with Riot Horse! I was fortunate to get the chance of doing it once with my former band DARKANE and I would love to do it again. We have a few connections in the New York area and in Los Angeles and I hope we can make some shows happen in the future. When it comes to touring I would love to get a support slot for bands like Rival Sons, Blackberry Smoke or The Temperance Movement. All of them are doing quite well in Europe. Naturally bands like Whitesnake, Deep Purle, Black Sabbath and Aerosmith would benefit from having Riot Horse opening for them! Ha-ha!

Q: What goals have set for yourselves as a band?

Andreas SydowWe do what we do because we love it! We're not really big on "goals". We'll just see what comes along and we're ready to grasp the opportunities when presented to us.

Q: Complete this sentence: The reason why you should check out Riot Horse is because......

Andreas Sydow...We carry the heritage of giants with respect and because heartfelt music never gets outdated! The journey of Riot Horse is just beginning... Cheers!


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SOULBENDER II by Soulbender 
(featuring Michael Wilton of Queensryche) 
(Rat Pak Records)

Soulbender is comprised of Queensrÿche guitarist Michael Wilton, vocalist Nick Pollock (My Sister’s Machine), guitarist Dave Groves (ex-Tin Pan/Fallen Angel) and drummer Wes Hallam (ex-Assault/Fallen Angel). Formed in 2004, the Seattle, Washington based band are back with their sophomore release, 'Soulbender II'. A balls to the wall recording from start to finish. Sonically it's fantastic. The songs are hard and inspired and the moods change throughout the record. The album contains four all new songs "Turn Anger Up", "Shoal", "Slave To Reality" and "Seraphim". Also original tracks from their debut in the form of , "Fix Me", "Clockwork" and "Compass", "Rabbit Hole", "The American", "This Ocean", "Hunger" and "Three Towers". I won't give away too much, but this album offers a little bit of everything from Hard Rock to metal. If you like your rock music with a little teeth, but also enjoy a good listen, 'Soulbender II' is just what the doctor ordered! Overall, Soulbender doesn't invent anything new, but they serve up a style of hard rock/heavy metal that legends have created and forge their own legacy and trademark. Great album and highest recommendation! - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

Thursday, September 18, 2014


S/T by Red Zone Rider
(Magna Carta Records)

Red Zone Rider have put out a powerhouse of a debut. The band is made up of the stellar talents of, Kelly Keeling (vocals, bass, keyboards), Vinnie Moore (guitar) and Scot Coogan (drums). From the moment, "He'll No" opens the album the trio have your undivided attention.  Your listening experience just gets better from there with, "By The Rainbow's End", "House Of Light" , the laid back bluesy, "Cloud Of Dreams" with Kelly Keeling belting out passion filled vocals. On, "Never Trust A Woman" and "The Hand That Feeds You",  the band's tight chemistry is highlighted to perfection. This is the type of recording that instantly grabs you and holds on the the end of the album. From start to finish this album is great! There is not one weak track on the whole album. The bottom line: Solid songwriting, excellent instrumentation and vocals powered by inventive and locked-in drumming will put Red Zone Rider on  the radar of lovers of hard rock, classic rock and blues rock. Red Zone Rider will take listeners on a musical journey spanning, at least, four decades. If you are a fan of that "Classic" hard rock vibe, Red Zone Rider's debut needs to be added to your music collection.What a great testament this album is to the power and agelessness of rock and roll. Ride on, Red Zone Rider! - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

Friday, September 12, 2014


LOVE AT WAR  by Lit Soul
(Miss Crazy Records)

The music one hears on the radio these days calling itself Rock truly offers no depth except catchy lyrics and the same played out riffs. L.A. based, Lit Soul stands apart from the rest of the pack and rejuvenates the scene with low end bass lines and down trodden guitar riffs that would be commonplace on any hard rock recording. The band is powered by, Rob Chevelle - Vocals & Guitar (Founder, leader, song writer), Jess P. Tzimas – Lead guitar,  Jerome Severin – Bass and Ty Dennis – Drums, The vocals aren't the same rough grunting tone heard by most Hard Rock groups and Rob Chevelle's audible tones are on point as well as being backed by strong lyrics with something more to say then the usual Modern Rock cliche of how some girl ripped out his heart. For the most part the band's latest release, 'Love At War' stays at a mid pace with a ton of groove to keep you hooked. Though the band does kick up the pace occasionally such as the head bang worthy romp "Petrified Time", "Push On Through", "Stoner Rock" and "Leather Steeds" where we hear chugging gritty riffs and bombastic drums. Though where this album stands apart most from the hundreds of cloned Rock groups these days are the melodic guitar leads. Jess P. Tzimas' s guitar work is to commended ranging from simple tinge backdrop to roaring solo's and truly show a progressive edge. Safe to say I enjoyed the groovy and harsh guitars that Lit Soul succeeds at. All in all I have to admit Lit Soul, unlike any other groups out today, truly grasps what we need to hear more of in today's Rock industry, Musicianship. Lit Soul prove that there is still creativity to be found in today's Rock N' Roll universe. This band is extremely solid, have a great sound. My recommendation is to get yourself a copy, put on a good pair of head phones, turn the volume up to 11, hit play, and hold on! I dare you to try it... - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

Thursday, September 11, 2014


(Wind Up Records)

The Long awaited and highly anticipated debut release, 'Something Supernatural' from from Pottsville, PA's, Crobot explodes out of your speakers as soon as you press play! Brandon Yeagley (lead vocals), Chris Bishop (guitar), Jake Figueroa (bass) and Paul Figueroa (drums), take no prisoners and hold nothing back as they rock your senses big time! Hooks: a musical idea or short riff, passage, or phrase that catches the ear of the listener. Some bands have 'em, most don't. Crobot have 'em in spades. Whether it's an extended blues jam or a short slice of bombastic heavy rock Crobot lay a hook so tasty everyone bites. From the opening, "Legend Of The Spacdborne Killer" the band proceed to and unleash sonic hard rock fury with unbridled passion and attitude with the supercharged, "Nowhere To Hide" and "The Necromancer" both tracks are guaranteed to get your rock and roll juices flowing! On, "Le Mano De Lucifer", the song starts off with a slow lazy swagger that morphs into a all out ball buster. Speaking of busting balls!  "Skull Of Geronimo", "Cloud Spiller" and an ode to the legendary bloodsucker, "Chupacabra", is just what the doctor ordered! Crobot dish out a hard rock sound that is beyond power, it is an experience. They bring back a time when a band, any hard rock band, put out an album and it instantly becomes a classic! Tap into the groove, run with the devil, turn on to the Crobot experience! 'Something Supernatural' is just that SUPERNATURAL! This album can't play loud enough!  Crobot have a sound that rock needs, and I hope they continue to wow us through the years. I'm hooked! - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine