Sunday, December 29, 2019


(Grooveyard Records)

The mighty Danish power blues rock trio Blindstone return with their latest slab of riff intensity, 'Deliverance At The Crossroads', powered by Martin J. Andersen (guitars, vocals), Jesper Bunk (bass) and Sigurd Johnk-Jensen (drums). Ever since their 2003 debut, 'Manifesto', Blindstone have put out great albums and 'Deliverance At The Crossroads' is no exception to the rule. It goes for the throat straight out of the starting blocks and never really lets up. From the opening notes of "World Of Trouble" to the down and dirty swagger of tracks like, "Stick To Your Guns", "One Beautiful Tribe", "Another Day" to the innovative bluesy textures of the title track, and the album closer, "Dove". There's very little this trio can do wrong. Their chemistry is tight as a glove. You can tell these guys truly love what they are doing. Martin J. Andersen is just an unbelievable talent both vocally and as a guitarist. With bassist Jesper Bunk and drummer Sigurd Johnk-Jensen the trio have an unbeatable combination. If your musical taste fancy the likes of Frank Marino, Robin Trower or Eric Gales, Blindstone is guaranteed to satisfy. If this is your first time reading about this power trio, I recommend checking out the band's catalog and finally discover what some of us have known for years - that this band rocks and are in a league of their own. In today's flood of over produced music, 'Deliverance At The Crossroads' is pure blues rock perfection with the intricity that only these 3 can deliver with many layers of sonic riff intense goodness.  Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

CD REVIEW: REVOLUTION by Rock Island Orchestra

REVOLUTION by Rock Island Orchestra
(Cherry Red Records)

'Revolution' is the debut 5 song Ep from Rock Island Orchestra, comprised of the incredible lineup of, vocalist/ film composer Tommy Fields, Alcatrazz/New England alumni, keyboardist Jimmy Waldo and bassist Gary Shea. Classically trained guitarist D. Kendall Jones. What a sound! For this just being a five track album it leaves a lasting impression that begs repeated listens taking you, the listener from the surreal to the sublime. an interesting mix between melodic rock melodies, heavy riffs, and progressive rock flourishes. The music is superlative. It is obvious that the band understands the importance of creating good songs and using their stellar musicianship to serve those compositions. 'Revolution', is an album that gets more and more appreciated the more you listen to it. One play through will not do it justice. This is music that needs to be experienced.  'Revolution' by The Rock Island Orchestra is the perfect addition to your listening library. Here's hoping that an encore is soon in the works.  Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Monday, November 25, 2019


(AOR Heaven)

New Jersey based singer Robert Tepper is back with his latest release, 'Better Than The Rest'.  This is Tepper's first recording since his 2000 outing, 'New Life Story'. Throughout the history of rock, there has been a small number of great powerhouse voices. I consider, Robert Tepper as one of those voices. Even upon first listen, it is apparent that something almost indefinable has changed since his last record. The music is more melodic and rocking than ever before harkening back to Robert Tepper's heyday in the '80s. The collection of songs on this album will without a doubt please any fan of melodic rock music. Robert Tepper voice soars to all the right heights, and falls to all those wonderful melodic depths that we have come to love. His expression and emotion are still there and are what makes him one of the best in a music world constantly under threat from plastic man made fakes. Perhaps the magic ingredient here is the teaming up with guitarist and co-producer, Pablo Padilla, who is also Tepper’s music supervisor for all of his shows. The chemistry between them is match made in heaven. As is evident on tracks like, "Why Does Over-Have To Be So Sad", the groove laden title track, melodic rock gems, "Testimony" and "My Yesterday". The whole album is just so damn good. Fans of the melodic rock should get this album. It is absolutely essential. What more can I say?  Get this album and enjoy one of the voices of rock that hasn't lost a thing over the years! Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Saturday, November 23, 2019

CD REVIEW: CASINO by Anchor Lane

CASINO by Anchor Lane
(Independent Release)

Scottish based rockers, Anchor Lane step into the rock and roll ring with their rocking debut outing, 'Casino', and come out swinging for the fences with a solid 10 song album of impressive riff's that are loaded with swagger and energy that will have you rocking for days. Produced by Toby Jepson (Little Angels/The Wayward Sons), the band is powered by Connor Gaffney on guitar vocals, Lawrence O' Brien on guitar, Matthew Quigley on bass and Scott Hanlon on drums. Drawing influences from band's like, Royal Blood, Nirvana, Soundgarden and The Foo Fighters. Anchor Lane are a good, ol' fashioned, loud n' rowdy rock and roll band. There songs are big, full, and comfortably arrogant. The vocals are confident and very sing-alongable, the lead guitars are mean and fun at the same time, and the rhythm section are as tight as they come. Theirs is the sound of keeping the rock and roll torch alive through fresh blood translating into tracks like, "Blood & Irony", the adrenaline pumping lead off single, "Fame Shame", "Voodoo", the title track, "Stone Cold Hearted" and "Dead Run". The whole album is a pure adrenaline rush packed with passion, emotion, heart, and true gritty rock 'n' roll. 'Casino' by Anchor Lane is definitely worth checking out. All the best elements of rock and roll are here.  It's just one of those albums that doesn't get tiring after a couple of listens like so many others do today.  If you like rock music that'll make you move and groove then you will dig what Anchor Lane bring to the table.Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Tuesday, October 29, 2019


LAST TEMPTATION by Last Temptation
(Ear Music)

Last Temptation's debut album and is highly recommended for fans of '80s heavy metal, but make no mistake, this band is also firmly rooted in the here and now of hard rock. The brainchild behind the project is guitarist Peter Scheithauer (Killing Machine, Belladonna, Temple Of Brutality) and singer Butcho Vukovic (Watcha, Showtime) who teamed up with talented friends Steve Unger (Metal Church) and STET Howland (WASP, Lita Ford). The album also boast amazing guest list: Don Airey (Deep Purple, Rainbow) on Keyboards, Vinny Appice (Did, Heaven and Hell) on drums, Bob Daisley (Ozzy Osbourne, Gary Moore) on bass, James Lomenzo (BLS, Snakepite) on bass as well as Rudy Sarzo (Whitesnake, Quiet Riot). The production is rock solid and the songs are hard hitting and pull no punches. As is evident on riff intense tracks like, "I Win I Lose", "Blow A Fuse", "How I Am", "Nobody Is Free" and "Hell Is Walking In My Shoes". One thing is for certain if you like riffs Last Temptation deliver the goods in spades. It’s a good sign when a recording makes you break out your air guitar while doing housework or singing in the shower, and yes, I’ve done both a lot ever since I've listened to this recording.  As someone said once “There are more riffs and hooks on this album than on a strip of velcro”. Just put on your headphones, crank it up to 11, and be transported to a time and place that is both today, yet also long ago. Highly recommended. Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

CD REVIEW: FEELS LIKE YESTERDAY by Michael Bormann's Jaded Hard

FEELS LIKE YESTERDAY by Michael Bormann's Jaded Hard
(RMB Records)

Is there anything better than listening to a new release, putting into your player and it just gets better every time you listen to it? Veteran singer Michael Bormann and his new project Jaded Hard outstanding debut outing, 'Feels Like Yesterday', is one such release. Along with Michael Bormann on vocals and guitar we have, Thommy Dahlem on guitar and vocals, Christoph 'Baumi' Baumeister on bass and vocals, Chris 'Hexe' Ivo on keyboards and vocals,  Michael 'Maikel' Müller on drums. Together the band  combine a melodic rock sound with a modern day rock feel. What Jaded Hard has done here is given us a how-to-guide on how to deliver a perfect melodic rock record. From the AOR flavorings of, "Feel Like I’m Living", to the hard rocking melodies of, "Mr. Mysterious" and "Good Times" to the old school vibes of, "I'm A Son Of Gun", there is not one single filler track here. Not even close. The sound is infectious, and once engrained in your head – hard to remove. Michael Bormann's vocals are on point and sound better than ever. This is the type of album that just flat out sounds goooooood and is a very enjoyable listen front to back. Young listeners as well as classic rock era listeners will enjoy this.  Melodic rock music has been around for years but these guys put the edge to it that makes them so distinct. Jaded Hard has managed to deliver one of the strongest melodic rock debuts in recent memory and any fan of this genre needs to have this one in their collection.Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Friday, September 27, 2019


UNDER THE SUN by Blacktop Mojo
(Sand Hills Records)

Texas based rockers Blacktop Mojo are back and more badass than ever with their latest release, 'Under The Sun'. Matt James on vocals, Ryan Kiefer on guitar, Chuck Wepfer on guitar, Matt Curtis on bass and Nathan Gillis on drums.T here is something about a band that can still make Rock music that you can rock out to.  From start to finish the entire album rocks and rolls through. There really isn't a weak spot on the album. This is the kind of album that could sit on the shelf comfortably with Soundgarden or Blackstone Cherry or Black Label Society. Not that they sound like these other bands. Blacktop Mojo has a vibe all their own. As unleashed on strong tracks like "Lay It On Me", "Set It Free", "All Mine Now", " Come Get Your Coat" and the title track. What sets Blacktop Mojo apart from other bands is that their songs are incredibly atmospheric and packed with attitude. Overall, 'Under The Sun' by Blacktop Mojo is a powerhouse release that is aggressive and has swagger for days. It's driving, intense and unrelenting.  Remind me again, Who said Rock music is dead? The next time someone tells you rock is dead, crank up some Blacktop Mojo for them and call them back in a week. - Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Tuesday, September 24, 2019


ROCK CITY by Dave Clark
(Independent Release)

'Rock City', the melodic rock debut release by Singer/Songwriter Dave Clark delivers 11 rocking tracks that are right out the 80's arena rock playbook and given a modern day upgrade. Does Dave Clark try to reinvent the wheel here? Absolutely not. But there is something to be said for excellent production, tight performances, great songwriting and vocals. Dave Clark handles the vocals as well as the majority of rhythm, lead and bass guitars,  Kolby Peoples on guitar, Eric “Eroc” Sosinski (Wish You Were Here) on bass, J.B. Kocis, Mark Savale, John Skrada on drums and Jimmy Clark (Joan Jett, Debbie Harry) on drums, percussion. After my initial listen to the album I am really digging all the tracks especially,  "Alisa", "Light Up The Sky", "Will To Survive", "Dreamin'" and "Dream Chaser". I'm sure this album is going to get some serious replay time for me for months to come. If you like music that favors musicianship and songwriting over pretty face, no-talent singers, take a run at 'Rock City' by Dave Clark. A album that will easily slide into your electronic device of choice, and no doubt stay there for weeks. I would highly recommend this album to any fan of melodic rock...heck, I'd recommend it to anyone who appreciates superior production, songwriting and musicianship regardless of their musical taste. Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Monday, September 9, 2019

CD REVIEW: RITUAL by Tygers Of Pan Tang

RITUAL by Tygers Of Pan Tang
(Mighty Music)

Tygers Of Pan Tang follow-up their 2016 self titled outing with, the highly anticipated new release, 'Ritual'. If you thought the band would take their foot off the pedal to the metal, you've got another thing coming. The new album is a powerhouse of a hard rocking masterpiece that delivers a sonic listening experience from beginning to end. Comprised of Jacopo Meille on vocals, Robb Weir on guitars, Michael McCrystal on guitars, Gav Gray on bass and Craig Ellis on drums and percussion. The band unleashes a barrage of hard rocking riffs every fan of Tygers Of Pan Tang, young or old will be cranking to maximum volume and getting their rocks off to proudly. From it's rock solid production and sound, to the strong songwriting and right-on-target musicianship, from every vocal note and lyric, to every riff and solo, to every drum beat, you name it, the band deliver goods ten fold. Album standouts, in my opinion, are, "Worlds Apart", "Spoils Of War" the lead off single, "White Lines", "The Art Of Noise" and "Sail On", but every single song on here shreds. Phenomenal piece of work here. Overall, 'Ritual', is a very well-conceived and well executed album that should please rock music fans worldwide. It is immediately satisfying and just gets better with repeated listens. Believe me, it will be in your player for weeks. Hands down, one my favorite Hard Rock releases for 2019. -Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Friday, September 6, 2019



The LRW Project, the melodic rock project put together by singer/songwriter Leon Robert Winteringham shines onto the music scene with an amazing debut in the form of, 'To Love, Repeat & Wonder?', a recording chock full of groove laden and catchy melodic rock songs guaranteed to satisfy.  Winteringham vocals remind me a bit of singers like Bryan Adams, Jude Cole or Brent Bourgeois, while bringing his own vocal flavor to the table. He also plays all the instruments on the album as well. And while this a album that can easily be enjoyed in the car while driving, it is also a album that sounds incredible through a good set of headphones where it is just you and the music in great detail with the crispness and clarity of Winteringham's voice. The songs are all so perfectly crafted. They tell stories and convey feelings we all have had but maybe could have never expressed them. Lastly they are delivered with emotion and feeling. As experienced on track like, "Day By Day", "Voices Of Reason", Hard To Find", "Dream World", "Hell & Back" and the album closing, "The Rain".
You'll probably find yourself singing along with most of the songs on the album. It's just one of those feel good albums that you really get into while it's playing and leaves a lasting impression. Most albums, even by artists I am totally into will sometimes have songs that you always skip when listening to the album, and other artists you can pretty much listen until the end. This is one of those albums, one that is full of detail and clarity. 'To Love, Repeat & Wonder?', is just a great straight-up melodic rock album. Good songwriting, good melodies and is heavy enough for fans of rock but melodic enough for fans of pop. I for one am excited to hear what The LRW Project has in-store with album number two. -Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Friday, August 30, 2019

CD REVIEW: PAINT THE SKIES BLUE FOREVER by Shadowplay Project (A Tribute To Rory Gallagher)

 PAINT THE SKIES BLUE FOREVER by Shadowplay Project (A Tribute To Rory Gallagher)
(Grooveyard Records)

Rory Gallagher was a wonderful artist that was taken from us much too soon. When He passed, we lost one of the greatest blues guitar players the world may ever experience. This tribute, 'Paint The Skies Blue Forever' by the Shadowplay Project, keeps the music and spirit of Rory Gallagher alive for those of us that are true fans. The mastermind behind the Shadowplay Project features the multi-talented Stavros Papadopoulos on guitar and vocals , who also co-produced with Joe Romagnola. The other fine musicians that make up The Shadowplay Project are Panagiotis Zabourlis on slide guitar and acoustic, Sakis Dovolis on guitar, John Christopoulos on bass and Chris Lagios and Nick Kalivas on drums. If you're a Rory Gallagher fan you are without a doubt will be blown away with what the Shadowplay Project serve up, however don't think this is a imitation of Rory's music. The Shadowplay Project put their own flavor on Rory's music and making the songs their own while doing Rory's music proud. The guitar interplay between Stavros Papadopoulos and Sakis Dovolis is a match made in heaven. Both do an amazing job. The guitar playing is powerful never putting in and extra note, but capable of vast expression all the same, as can be heard on smoking renditions of, "Moonchild", "Do You Read Me", a personal favorite Gallagher song, "Bad Penny", "I Fall Apart" and a killer take on, "Messin' With The Kid". The only bad thing about it is that once you hear it straight through once or twice you'll want to hear more wish it were a lot longer. Rory Gallagher made an outstanding contribution to blues and guitar and he will be sorely missed. In my opinion, this is one of the best tributes I have heard in quite awhile. You can feel the power and emotion pouring through every song. If you can listen to this without getting getting goosebumps, you might want to get yourself checked out. 'Paint The Skies Blue Forever' is a fitting tribute honoring Rory Gallagher as well a great introduction for someone interested in blues music, but unfamiliar with His work. Hands down, this is a must for any Rory Gallagher fan, or any blues fan. Big Kudos to Stavros Papadopoulos and the rest of the Shadowplay Project for truly an amazing job! -Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

Friday, August 9, 2019

CD REVIEW: A FLICKERING LIGHT (Deluxe Digital Edition + Singles) by Peter Gusmano

  A FLICKERING LIGHT (Deluxe Digital Edition + Singles) by Peter Gusmano
(Polar Bear Bulldog Music Inc)

'A Flickering Light' by Peter Gusmano is a very eclectic mix of guitar instrumentals that range from groove laden to the laid back. Combining wonderfully crafted and beautiful arrangements and amazing fretboard wizardry making for a memorable listening experience. Gusmano takes you on a journey with his guitar. It's not too heavy and not too melodic, just a perfect change of pace they works perfectly. Highlights include, "Sight Into Soul", "Through A Window", "Salvation", "Toxic Anger" and "Pain Of Wisdom". This deluxe edition features the new singles "Terrestrial Chatter" featuring Bruce Bouillet (Racer X, The Scream) and Brian Tichy (Dead Daisies/Whitesnake) on drums. "Halo", featuring the soulful Lisa Margaroli on vocals, "Fact & Fiction" and "Bonds: Unbroken" featuring Ty Tabor (King's X). Playing bass on all tracks is Ethan Meixsell, long time music partner whom has performed on all of Gusmano’s material. The music presented here is a work of nouveaux art, a collage of textures, emotions, and styles showcasing Gusmano's amazing musical talent. Bottom line here is, if you're a fan of excellent musical compositions brought to the limits of its power to express feeling, then you have to experience what Peter Gusmano's musical vision brings to the table, you won't regret it.  100% of all sales both digitally on iTunes and from are donated to for ALS research.   -Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society