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Interview by The Dedicated Rocker Society

SAINTS OF REBELLION is ready to release their brand of ‘Fusion Rock’ to the world. The band’s debut effort ‘New American Dream’ combines both retro and current musical styling’s into a fusion of in-your-face rock and roll you won’t soon forget.

SAINTS OF REBELLION music packs a rock-hard punch that you will identify with, but just can’t stereotype into a single style of music or into any one direction. ‘New American Dream’ is a culmination of years of songwriting combined with the life experiences of four very different musicians. The result is a captured energy and intensity that showcases the talent and sincerity of the band.

Vocalist Coby DeShazo’s powerful vocals offer a soulful and bluesy grace but, also blends in his own very modern-day style. The rhythm section is comprised of bassist/keys Jay Hitaffer and drummer/percussionist Ryche Green. These two combined create a dynamic rhythm section that channels the thunderous grooves of SAINTS OF REBELLION. The brute force that drives the music home is guitarist John Adams, who attacks his guitar with intense prowess.

The individual musical identities of the members in SAINTS OF REBELLION have managed to mesh it all together in ‘New American Dream’ – a unique and unforgettable sound that’ll get your blood pumping. From the first note to the last, SAINTS OF REBELLION is putting it all out there, loaded with universal emotion and sure to capture attention.

‘New American Dream’ is the introduction to SAINTS OF REBELLION who have set out to make a giant impression with their music and brand. Whether it’s gathering one fan at a time or many fans at once, SAINTS OF REBELLION is on a mission and there is nothing in sight to hold them back.

We asked the band to us gives the lowdown  behind their band and what they have in store for Rock and Roll around the world! Here's what they shared with us.....

Q: What are Saints Of The Rebellion all about? How long have been together as a band?

Ryche: " I think Going out and creating great music and giving  people a sense of well spent money when they come out to see our shows. We Just want to accomplish our goals and take everyone along with us. As a band it's been about 4 months now."

Coby: " The band was formed last year, around October, then I joined in early January of this year."

Jay: "Saints of Rebellion is about creating the music that we love! SOR was created by Label Owner and Manager, Bill Chavis. He has worked with some pretty amazing bands and has always wanted to build what he refers to as a "Super Group". Just prior to 2014, he decided that there is no better time then now. He contacted Ryche Green and I, another guitarist, and another lead vocalist. After a few weeks of rehearsing, he decided he wanted to take a heavier approach to the music and brought in a new guitar player, John Quincy Adams 13th. This didn't work with the vocalist we had at the time, so once again, changes were made. Coby DeShazo was brought in and Saints of Rebellion was now complete! We've been together since November/December 2013."

John: A kick ass hard rock band. 

Q: We've heard, "New American Dream" and "Gasoline" off your debut release. Can we expect the same intensity with the rest the songs on the album? How many songs have written for the album?

Ryche: "Those are great songs for sure as for the album Every song stands on its own it's a very strong record. That being said we have some twists and turns but I think you will find its still very cohesive  it's "our sound". There are 8 songs this go around"

Coby: " I think we have one "semi-slow" song on the whole album. We recorded 8 tracks on this album, but we expect to record another album by Fall/Early Winter."

John: "Lots of variety, no two songs sound the same, a little something for everyone."

Jay: " There are going to be 8 tracks on this EP. The remaining tracks are pretty versatile. Some could even be crossover songs. We describe them as "Greasy", I just call it "SOR". That's the cool thing about playing with this many talented musicians, you never know what your going to hear next! It's like an awesome mix tape!"

Q: When will the album be released?

Ryche: "I'm now hearing April release."

Coby: "We recorded 8 tracks on this album, but we expect to record another album by Fall/Early Winter."

Q: Have you guys shot a video for any of your songs? If so, which song?

Ryche: "Yes. "New American Dream."

Q: What are some of your memorable moments, good or bad, in recording your album?

Ryche: "Just the whole experience from the long trip to the studio to living in the bus with each other for a week to the actual tracking. If I had to pick one thing I would say hearing the songs actually played back..that's when it all sets in..Alot of creative minds in this band yet each one of us has our strong suits It's great."

Coby: "I was REALLY hoarse from being sick going into the studio. The band, myself included, didn't know if I was gonna pull off these songs. When I heard the intensity of the other guys come through those headphones, I powered through it all, and felt great when we were done!"

Jay: "We were living on the RV for the week we were in the studio. Now, this was in January 2014 in Arkansas, so it was freezing! The hose that supplied water to the RV froze every night. You learn a lot about people when you're freezing with them, especially when 2 of them are from sunny Florida.  We made it...and lived to tell about it!"

Q: What do you guys bring to the table that is different from the other bands that are out right now?

Ryche: " I'm not real sure if we do as a whole thereare  some great bands out right now that are doing the same things we do or vice versa...With us its just as much about the music community as it is for ourselves."

Coby: "WE DON'T SLOW DOWN! LOL!! We really don't do many slow songs, and it really keeps the energy up! I mean, I'm not saying we won't in the future, but right now I think we're too amped to even WRITE a slow song! LOL!!"

Jay: "Bill Chavis at HighVol Music decided on Ryche Green, an amazing rock drummer with an extensive background in the 80's genre of music (the kind of drummers that don't just sit there, but actually put on a show), John Quincy Adams 13th, a badass metal guitarist, Coby DeShazo, whose amazing voice straddles the genres of Rock, Blues, Metal, and Country, and me, a punk bassist with a rock, funk and classical back ground. Together, we inject ourselves into the music of SOR and you never know what's going to come out! We would all be fine with not being labeled in a certain genre, but happily put into our own."

Q: As far as touring goes, any plans playing any of upcoming Summer festivals? What overseas in Europe or Japan?

Ryche: "Touring yes and lots of it. We have some of the summer festivals already booked as well as a few more shows scattered in..So it's looking like a big summer. Our management is in contact with some booking agencies so stay tuned. We most definitely want to take this thing into Europe and beyond."

Coby: "We'have a few coming up. We're playing Rockfest @ South by Southwest in Austin, TX in March, and we're playing Wolfest in Arvada,Colorado in October just off the top of my head."

John: "Not sure what all is on the horizon. From my stand point , I'm ready to play everywhere and anywhere with electricity and beer !"

Jay: "We're getting some great shows! We're on "Southby" in Austin, Texas, The "Rockers Gone Wild Pool Party" in Miami, Florida (just prior to the Monsters of Rock Cruise), The" M-Pre Party" (before the "M3 Festival" in Baltimore, MD), Wolf Fest in Denver, Colorado, and Rock N Skull Fest in Perkin, Illinois to name a few. There's some talk about a European Tour. That would be amazing!"

Q: As a band, what goals have set for yourselves?

Ryche: "Make good quality music meet as many people as we can and add something to this business and do all the bands justice that has led the way and make what we do possible."

Coby: "Don't "Flatten out", keep climbing, keep improving."

Jay: "Unlike most bands I've been in, SOR has all the cogs turning. Every member of this band along with their families is pitching in to make this a reality. Even my wife, Taylor, is touring with us as an assistant to VP/Publicist  Lori Chavis, Merch Manager, and PR Assistant for HighVol Music. No one in this band is just "along for the ride". We're all an integral part of what makes this machine function. With that said, the goals are high, but totally accomplish-able. We want to bring SOR to the world!"

Q: For someone reading about Saints Of The Rebellion for the first time, what you say to them to make them check you out?

Ryche: "Big hooks..Raw guitar, Huge drums and pump your fist anthems...Oh and Jays hair lol!"

Coby: "If you like Rock, Hard Rock, Punk, Metal, 80's, 90's 2000's, Blues, then we have got something for ya!!! "

John: "Kick ass, no frills heavy rock, with a bit of southern attitude."

Jay: "Our first record is titled "New American Dream". The Title Track is more than just a "toe tapper", it's a legitimate "head banger"! The record consists of 8 songs where one is unlike the others in so many ways, but are all tied together with Coby's amazing vocals. The songs are challenging to play as a musician, but still perfectly melodic for the listener. It wasn't long before these songs became my favorite songs to listen to. They work perfectly together, like the soundtrack of my soul."

Q: Any messages or comments you would like to past along to your fans?

Ryche: "Come out and supportmusic buy albums if not ours then someone else's keep music alive and well"

Coby: "Thanks to my personal long-time fans, and all the new fans of Saints of Rebellion fans for all your cont ... inued support, we're coming for ya, so BE READY TO ROCK!!!!"


Jay: "Thank you to the "SOR Nation" for your endless support, and please keep telling everyone you see about us. We love you and hope that we're making you proud! Please make sure you come up and introduce yourselves when you see us on the road!"

For more information on Saints Of The Rebellion,

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Interview by The Dedicated Rocker Society

From Paris and now residing  in Austin, TX, Mitch Bassoul on bass and vocals, Alex Dhée on guitars, and Oliv Porrini on drums better known as The Wyldz play their own distinctive and engaging brand of neo-classic rock'n'roll that draws inspiration from some of the greatest musical artists of the 1960s and '70s Classic Rock era yet does so with a contemporary flair that feels utterly invigorating. 

All of that can be heard and felt on the band's American debut release, 'Human Rise', produced by Gordie Johnson (Big Sugar/Grady), whose production credits include Govt. Mule, North Mississippi Allstars, Warren Haynes, Taj Mahal and others – and recorded at Austin's legendary Arlyn Studios.

The trio first met while studying at the college of contemporary music in Paris, L'École Atla. They had all played  with one another in various outfits before uniting as The Wyldz in 2010 with the shared dream of creating a truly world-class rock'n'roll and the mutual determination to take their music to as many people as possible. 

The trio cut two albums in France, the second of which has "a repertoire worthy of Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd and others," declares Hard Rock magazine. On tours following both releases, they took rock'n'roll throughout a nation where such sounds are in short supply.

The buzz began after the band played some unofficial South By Southwest 2013 showcases.  Soon after they cut their American debut release, 'Human Rise', and are now ready to take their music to the rest of the nation and the world.

On 'Human Rise', the band's atomic-powered rhythm section drives each song to its fullest energy while Alex's riffs deliver searing leads like a true guitar god and Mitch's strong and sumptuous voice resonates with genuine power and emotion. 

Their songs are abound with themes of true human connection as the balm for loneliness and alienation, the power of love, striving to reach one's greatest potential, transcendence and other essential elements of life, woven into poetic tales to soar  into the stratosphere and beyond.

Given how quickly they've already begun making their mark in America, the stage is set for The Wyldz to ascend to some of the world's biggest venues and beyond, and make their indelible mark on today's popular music. Let the revolution begin....

We caught up with Mitch, Alex and Oliv to talk about their love of playing rock music, their American debut 'Human Rise' and how they want to share their music with the world. Here's what they shared with us.

Q: So, tell us how your band evolved?

"We were in different band's before but met in a music school in Paris. That's how we met and from that meeting we kept in touch. We wanted to play rock music and wanted to make sure we played it good. So we decided to get together. We sounded great and from there we did two French records. We got such a great vibe playing together and wanted to continue making rock music. That's how our band came to be."

Q: What is the "Rock Music" scene like in France? 

"The rock music scene in France is "underground". So for us, the best place to play rock music was to come to the U.S. Plus, we love America! People here in America are more open-minded when it comes to music, versus what it is like our country."

Q: Why America? Was that your goal all along?

"We always wanted to come to America, it's the biggest country for playing rock music. Our goal coming to America is all about sharing our music.  We are troubadours of music . Playing and sharing our music is the best experience for us. We want to make sure as many people here in America hear our music. As long as the music is real and the people listening to it can feel it, that's all that matters."

Q: Let's talk about your American debut release, 'Human Rise'. Did you already have an idea on how you wanted the album to sound?

"For us it was important that the album sounded natural. We wanted to record an album that was something true and raw. This is why we recorded the album LIVE with Gordie (Johnson). We didn't do any over dubs, it was pretty much "Plug & Play".  After our two releases in Europe we wanted to expand our sound from there. We always trying to take our music to the next level. We believe taking our sound to a new level is very important."

Q: How long did the album take to record? 

"We spent fifteen days in studio. Everything recorded LIVE because we wanted it to be emotional and honest and we believe we achieved that. What people hear on record will be extended versions of our songs that end up being all out jams!  One thing about playing live is that anything can happen. Our sets are different each night.  Depending on the vibe of audience and the vibe of the venue."

Q: What was it like working with Gordie Johnson? 

"Working with Gordie Johnson was great. He understood what wanted. He worked very close with us. He paid close attention to how we worked, how we talked and how we played."

Q: Any memorable moments in the making of, 'Human Rise'?

"All the moments in making our album were memorable. Getting up and going into the studio for hours. The over all vibe was just great. One memorable was having Ian McLagan from The Faces play on "A Little More Rock N Roll". Talking to him was great. And Stories? A lot of them!"

Q: Who are your musical influences?

"We grew up with the music from the 60's and 70's. The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd. Also more modern day rock bands like, Guns N Roses and Metallica."

Q: You call yourselves "Revolutionaries", how so?

"We are revolutionaries in a sense in our minds. We want to bring people together in peace by sharing our music with them. To bring people peace and happiness through our music, that the goal we have. For us, music is about sharing, We want to share the riches we feel from playing rock’n'roll with our listeners.”

Q: So, would it be safe to say that, you guys are making music way beyond just becoming rich and famous rock stars, right?

”Something we have said from the start is if we can fill our fridges doing what we love, we are the happiest people in the world, We don’t want fancy cars or whatever. We just want to live doing what we love.”

Q: Are you satisfied with response you've received so far?

"Yes we are very happy with the response so far.  Each week we've been ask to do more show in the local Austin area. So the word on our band is definitely spreading. Everything is going well."

Q: We have to ask, your song, "Light As A Feather", was inspired by free fall parachuting. Have any one of you actually gone free fall parachuting? If not, would you consider doing it?

"We haven't tried it, but it would be something fun to do.(laughs)"

Q: Gentlemen, it's been a blast talking with you. Any comments or messages you'd like to pass along?

"Thank you very much. We will continue to make music. We looking forward to coming out to L.A. and do a few shows."

For more information on, The Wyldz

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The Dedicated Rocker Society PLAYLIST: 
Week Ending - February 28, 2014

1. Great White Buffalo by Goldsboro
(from, 'Goldsboro'/Independent Release)
2. We Don't Need A Reason by Dare
(from, 'Blood From Stone'/A&M Records)
3. Elevate by The Winery Dogs
(from, 'The Winery Dogs'/ Loud & Proud Records)
4. Sweet Sister Mercy by Lynch Mob
(from, 'Wicked Sensation'/Elecktra Records)
5. All I Need by Ragdoll
(from, 'All I Need'/Beautifu Disaster Records)
6. Tailgunner by Ted Nugent
(from, 'Nugent'/Atlantic Records)
7. Modern Day Cowboy by Tesla
(from, 'Mechanical Resonance'/Geffen Records)
8. Long Time by Carousel
(from, 'Jeweler's Daughter'/Tee Pee Records)
9. We All Bleed Red by Tribe Of Gypsies
(from, 'Tribe Of Gypsies'/JVC Entertainment)
10. Life On Mars by Jetliner
(from, 'Space Station'/Oaktree Records)
11. Love Will Find A Way by Yes
(from, 'Big Generator'/Atlantic Records)
12. Sonic Shake by Silver Ginger 5
(from, 'Black Leather Mojo'/BMG Records)
13. 18 & Life by Skid Row
(from, 'Skid Row'/Atlantic Records)
14. New Flesh by The Wildhearts
(from, 'The Wildhearts'/Round Records)
15. Every Time You Leave by Red Sun Rising
(from, 'Into Forever'/Independent Release)
16. Kings & Queens by Aerosmith
(from, 'Draw The Line'/Sony Records)
17. I Can't Quite Say The Nuclears
(from, 'This Is How We Party'/ DTBTF Records)
18. 1038 Overture by Electric Light Orchestra
(from, 'Electric Light Orchestra'/ EMI Records)
19. Remedy by The Black Crowes
(from, 'Southern Harmony & Musical Companion'/American Records)
20. Stealing My Shadow by Mother Superior
(from, 'Three Headed Dog'/ Top Beat Records)
21. Addicted To The Rush by Mr. Big
(from, 'Mr. Big'/Atlantic Records)
22. Gunfight by KXM
(from, 'KXM'/Rat Pak Records)
23. Trouble by The Brew
(from, 'Trouble (Single)'/Jazzhouse Records)
24. No One Like You by The Scorpions
(from, 'Blackout'/Mercury Records)
25. Stay by Velocity
(from, 'Accelerator'/Dreamscape Music)
26. America by Europe
(from, 'Start From The Dark'/Independent Release)
27. Fire, Fire by Heaven's Basement
(from, 'Filthy Empire'/Redbull Records)
28. Freewill by Rush
(from, 'Permanent Waves'/ Polygram Records)
29. Shake Me by Taddy Porter
(from, 'Taddy Porter'/Sensory Records)
30. Lust And Lies by Adrian Vandenberg's Moonkings
(from, 'Moonking's'/Mascot Records)

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ROCK SINGLES REVIEW @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

by Red February

Red February is a brand new rock band from San Francisco consisting of singer Marcus Cappellazzo, guitarist Markus Spohn, and drummer Sebastian Dunkel. The band's debut single, "Jet Pilot" is a shot of adrenaline that has an infectious groove. It's unique, in that it's a rock song with real soul and it drips with talent and complexity, perfect. The overall groove is infectious and the song's pace is fast and really rocking and it just makes me want to blast the speakers into my ears and rock out! - Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

by Saints Of The Rebellion

Saints Of Rebellion deliver a slab of rock fury that is raw and loaded with riffs that grab you, give you a good shaking and don't let go, and nor would you want them to! The band's debut single, "New American Dream", is monster of a adrenaline rush that is served up with giant guitar driven monster riffs served up on a bed of crushing grooves with soaring melodic vocals and big hooks. Saints Of The Rebellion pull no punches and hold nothing back! They are upfront and will punish your finest of speakers! - Tony @The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

by Maker
(Raven Black Music)

UK Blues rock band, Maker, Alessandro Marinelli on vocals, Andrew Donaldson on guitar, John Austin on bass, Anthony Brooks on hammond & keyboards and Gavin Donaldson on drums. These gentlemen serve up gritty, rock n soul with a swagger and natural approach that other bands would die for, and spend much time trying to emulate with little success. The Stones, Led Zeppelin and Faces. Maker wear their influences on their sleeves with pride, and are a better and more acceptable band for it. The band's single, "Stop My Heart Dead" touches on every emotion you have and just when you think you just can't take any more, you will be begging for seconds or even thirds!  It's gritty, it's bluesy and it grabs your attention and holds on to it until the very last note. - Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

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February 2014 CD Reviews

by Hong Faux
(Razzia Music)

Sweden's Hong Faux' s highly anticipated return comes in the form of the six song EP, 'Hello Neptune'. It amazes me how much you can see Hong Faux have grown as artists since the release of their full length debut, 'The Crown That Wears The Head'. Nik Seren on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Johan Bergqvist on bass and backing vocals, Bjorn Billgren on lead guitar and Daniel Israelsson on drums.  Their ability to craft a tight, full sound with impossible-to-resist rock-n-roll hooks is better than ever, and it was never bad. The band's lyrics have matured as well, bringing both edginess and depth. The songs offered up on 'Hello Neptune' are "catchy", addictive and they rock! From the moment the opening notes of "ATS", comes on the band immediately draw you in and have a stranglehold on your senses. "Coming Through The Rye", a great choice for the lead off single is a mid tempo mover that will have you singing along in no time flat. The next two tracks, "Dream Machine" and the title track, "Hello Neptune" are rock solid and are catchy as hell. "Valar Morghulis" has psychedelic vibe to it. Closing out the album is the tribal groove of "Big Bang". Listen to the album just once and you'll have all the songs stuck in your head.  'Hello Neptune' is a synergy of music that is original, fresh, fun and untouchable. It captures all the elements of the band's sound in one tight package. I highly recommend this album to anyone who has ears and can hear. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

DREAMS IN THE WITCH HOUSE - A Lovecraftian Rock Opera by Various Artist (Platform West)

'Dreams In The Witch House' is the H.P. Lovecraft's 1933 story of a student whose dreams devolve into a horrific reality. It receives the biggest, baddest, boldest adaptation yet. A powerful concept album that will blow your mind. This soundtrack perfectly captures the atmosphere of the short story. The more you listen to it, the more it will frighten you ( at least it did for me). The story itself of 'Dreams In The Witch House', may not be one of Lovecraft's best stories. It bores the reader with math and science. What it does have though is a cool title and some of the oddest characters Mr. Lovecraft ever created. Combine that with awesome music and lyrics and you have a rock musical that rivals "Jesus Christ Superstar" or Jeff Wayne's 'World Of The World'. The music is a great mix of European flavored progressive rock and Heavy Metal. Featuring some of the finest musicians from both genres featuring seventeen singers, including Jody Ashworth (Trans Siberian Orchestra), Alaine Kashian (Broadway's Cats) and Swedish metal phenom Chris Laney as Brown Jenkin. The album also features fourteen musicians, including Bruce Kulick (former KISS guitarist) on "Signum Crucis" and "Nothing I Can Do" and Douglas Blair Lucek (guitarist for W.A.S.P.) shredding on guitar on, "The Nightmare" and "Between Reality and Dreaming". The boring math I mentioned earlier is summed up in one song, "A Bridge to the Stars" that sounds like it was made for a Broadway show. Parts of the story are disturbing, and the cover art is undeniably hideous.  The lyrics throughout the album tell the original story correctly, with just a bit of embellishment here and there . In this case, the character of Kezhiah Mason the witch is not as sinister, but more sympathetic, and alluring, than Lovecraft wanted her to be.  All in all, 'Dreams In The Witch House' is impressively fun to listen to, especially for all Lovecraft fan-beings.  A wonderful Rock Opera. A diverse experience that ultimately comes to a satisfying conclusion. I love every sanity blasting second of it and would recommend it to any Lovecraft fan! - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

by Bad Touch
(Animal Farm Records)

Hailing from Dereham, UK' s Bad Touch debut release, 'Down And Out' is a good reminder of what rock and roll is all about. It's loud, it's catchy and it's not forced or overshadowed by overly complex lyrics or arrangements. The straight forward rock music and choruses on this album are hard not to admire, whether or not you're a fan of  rock music. Bad Touch is made up of, Stevie Sparrows on Vocals, Rob G on Lead Guitar, Daniel Seekings on Guitar, Michael Bailey on Bass and George Drewry on Drums. The classic rock influences are pretty obvious, Take a bit of Lynyrd Skynyrd , a little Black Crows and throw in some Buckcherry and you have a Bad Touch, but most of the time it doesn't sound like they're trying to copy one particular band. As for their album, there aren't any weak tracks on here.  Stevie Sparrows' vocals are rock solid on every song; very soulful. Songs that stand out to me are "Down", featuring some smoking guitar work by Rob G.  “Poison In A Pretty Dress” ,“Mirror Man" and "Dr. Heartbreak". All the songs offered up are just great, in-your-face hard rock songs. The entire band's chemistry is apparent, as its members work together perfectly to create a sound that is dyna fromic and tight, making for a refreshing alternative to often self-obsessed popular and indie rock music of today. If you like authentic, good rock music, you won't be disappointed with this album. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

by Red Sun Rising
(Independent Release)

Red Sun Rising  are an up and coming rock band  from Akron, Ohio. Mike Protich on vocals and guitar, Ryan Williams on guitar, Tyler Valendza on guitar, Mark Matthews on bass and backing vocals and Adam Mercer on drums. The band serve up a straight-up, no-gimmick rock sound loaded with plenty of hooks and layers of wonderful guitar lines. The band's debut release, 'Into Forever' is such a diverse sounding recording that is guaranteed to satisfy any rock music fan. It's powerful and melodic with a good range of tempos and the musicianship is rock solid. Featuring six solid rock songs, but there are some standouts. "Illusion" opens the album with energetic groove that is extremely catchy. "Every Time You Leave" is just as rocking with its anthemic vibe. The remaining four tracks, "Emotionless", "Movin' On", "Love Is All To Blame" and  the powerful title track, "Into Forever", are all solid tracks. Frontman, Mike Protich has a sincere, powerful voice that never sounds overdone and the lyrics do not sound cliched or adolescent. The dual guitar work of, Ryan Williams and Tyler Valendza is tight and have great chemistry. While, bassist, Mark Matthews and drummer, Adam Mercer provide the band with a solid foundation. Overall, a solid album from start to finish.  If you like good rock music that isn't pushing the borders of metal or screaming obscenities into your eardrums, then Red Sun Rising is a great band to pick up and their debut release, 'Into Forever" is a great debut effort that music fans will appreciate and a sign of better things to come. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

by The Wyldz
(Independent Release)

Hailing from Austin, Texas via Paris, France, the power rock trio known as The Wyldz deliver their debut release, 'Human Rise'. A stunning  recording of blues infused
driving riffs, throw in a few soulful grooves, combined with soulful vocals and you have something truly unique. The Wyldz is made up of Mitch Bassoul on bass and vocals, Alex Dhée on guitars and  Oliv Porrini on drums. The band's soulful, rock and blues influences float casually to the forefront. They have that Cream meets Zeppelin vibe with a modern day feel. Plus, the fact that they are produced by Gordie Johnson (Big Sugar/Grady) is even more reason to check these gents out. 'Human Rise' is a neo-classic rock tour de force album. If you are in the mood, or appreciate, killer guitar riffs, great vocals, and a tight rhythm section, served up by a powerhouse rock trio, then The Wyldz are ready, willing and able to deliver the goods! The highlights here, beside the blistering guitar work and vocal prowess, is the hook-laden song writing of their songs. Be prepared to do whatever it is you do with music in the background, only you'll be doing it with a grin ear to ear. "Light As A Feather", "Speed Of Light", the title track, "The Big Machine" and "High And Wide"'. All the tracks offered up here are all guaranteed to move you in ways unimaginable. You will find yourself clenching fists while you rock out to every note. Not just singing along to the songs, but you might find your eyes tear up from the passion and soul that you feel while you sing them. From start to finish, 'Human Rise' is very impressed debut that covers a range of tempos and emotions. This is one of the most complete and compelling albums I have heard this year. When it comes to playing music, for The Wyldz it goes way beyond just playing the music, it's about the passion and soul and the undying spirit of rock 'n' roll. The Wyldz bring a much needed soul filled energy to the rock scene that's been missing for some time. Spread the word, these boys will blow your mind. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

by Supercharger
(Gain/Sony Music)

Denmark's Supercharger are back with their latest release, 'Broken Hearts And Fallaparts', a album that is a perfect musical blend of fury & rock and roll bravado. The riffs here are great and loaded with tons of attitude and swagger. Making for one unforgettable listening experience! Supercharger is powered by, Mikkel Neperus on vocals, Thomas Buchwald on guitar, Dennis Samaras on guitar, Karsten Dines Johansen on bass guitar,
Lars Rygaard on keyboards and Blues Harp and Benjamin Funk on drums. Right off the bat the band have your undivided attention as soon as "Like A Pit Bull" blasts out of your speakers. The breakneck speed at which the album rolls is only matched by it's crunching tunefulness and ability to launch into anthems such as "Supercharged", "Blood Red Lips" , "Hold On Buddy" and the adrenaline rush that is, "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah". One thing for certain, Supercharger will have you rocking and rolling in no time flat! The rest of the songs on the album blast in and smack you around for 3-5 minutes before the next one hits you, all have enough of a difference about them so that variety is delivered. What I also like about Supercharger is that not only do they have a ballsy guitar sound, they have some damn fine melodies too. 'Broken Hearts And Fallaparts' is a perfect Rock 'N' Roll album. It's one of those albums so right that you wouldn't change a note even if you could. It's a blast from start to finish. So if you're into rock music that makes you feel like celebrating or just rocking out to in general, you can't go wrong with Supercharger. This is how all the 21st century Rock 'N' Roll should sound like. This is a great band that makes you want to turn up the volume to the max! 'Broken Hearts And Fallaparts'  is a must for anybody that loves rock and roll. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

by Amoral
(Imperial Cassette)

Following up the success of their previous release, 'Beneath', Finnish rockers, Amoral return with the sixth album, 'Fallen Leaves & Dead Sparrows', that sees the band considerately sharpening their traditional progressive metal approach, which combines the theatrical thematic portrayal of Dream Theater, the rhythmic complexity and structural dynamic of Rush, a restrained style of Metallica-like speed metal riffing, and the dramatic approach to melodic construction of Marillion to arrive at a distinct sound easily recognizable as the band's own. Amoral is made up of, Ari Koivunen (vocals), Masi Hukari (guitars), Ben Varon (guitars), Pekka Johansson (bass) and Juhana Karlsson (drums). Typical of progressive rock/metal, this album features stunning instrumental sections during which the musicians display formidable technical skill in complex instrumental interactions, but what sets Amoral apart from most is that for the most part these sections are not dynamic diversions from the song's central theme, but elaborations of particular events of that defining theme presented in dramatic form, as part of a coherent development towards harmonic resolution of the song's textural tension and thematic conflict. 'Fallen Leaves & Dead Sparrows', sounds spectacular and there are a number of inspirational and uplifting moments throughout this album,  "On The Other Side pt. I", "No Familiar Faces", "Prolong A Stay" and smooth swagger of " Blueprints" show Amoral at their best, offering a variety of diverse stylistic elements while combining top-notch technical musicianship with enveloping atmosphere and pure feeling. Amoral structure songs to contrast shades of light and dark, emphasizing the overcoming of struggle through a symbolic triumph of positive change and illumination in the form of stunning guitars and shining keyboards, gliding smoothly over a rhythmic pattern established by precise drumming, and fantastically fluid and flexible bass guitar, working frequent and unexpected time-changes to re-route thematic development in a way that varies a given mood, something that this band does very well. 'Fallen Leaves & Dead Sparrows' is an absolute stunner of a recording. This isn't the album that you go cruising down the road in a convertible to, but rather sitting alone in a candle lit room with headphones and time to digest the various and sundry layers that comprise this masterwork. It may take a few spins to really sink in, but this is a magnificent work of art that is fully worth your time. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

by Royal Bliss
(Air Castle Records)

There are many words that can explain the latest release from Salt Lake City, Utah's Royal Bliss. Some being brilliant and amazing. A very interesting band, that continues to maintain a sound and style all their own. Neal Middleton on lead vocals, Taylor Richards on guitar, Dwayne Crawford on bass and Jake Smith on drums. The band's latest release, 'Chasing The Sun' is sure to appeal to just about any modern rock fan. It's not sonically adventurous, but it's not meant to be. It's comfortable and executed with precision. It contains a great balance of songs, and it's just "Rocky" enough to lift you up when you are driving in your car, while at the same time being appropriate to be played with kids in the backseat. Stand-alone hard tracks this album contains include, "Welcome", the lead off single, "Cry Sister", "Rock You All Night Long" and "It Haunts Me", all of which show maturity and development from the band's two previous releases. The slower tracks, such as, "Dreamer", the haunting, "Drink My Stupid Away" and the album closer, "Home" are just as good if not better than what the band delivered on their previous releases. Overall, this is a fantastic album with no filler tracks. I can definitely start at the beginning and listen all the way through without skipping any tracks, which is a rarity these days.  'Chasing The Sun', represents pure genius in the modern rock and roll era. Royal Bliss's passion and devotion to their fans and ambition to keep rock and roll alive in the world is a blessing to all rock and roll fans in existence, and hopefully they will stay around for years and years to come. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

by Overtures
(Sleaszy Rider Records)

'Entering The Maze' from Gorizia, Italy's Overtures is an incredible debut effort. The musicianship is tight through and through, and the arrangements are mindblowing.  Michele Guaitoli - Vocals, Marco Falanga - Guitar,  Adriano Crasnich - Guitar, Luka Klanjscek - Bass and Andrea Cum - Drums. Listening to the first two songs, "The Maze" and "Under The Northern Star", attests to the magnificence and high level of song writing this band is capable of. Other highlights include; "Of Nightmares", "Empty Trails" and the epic, "In The Middle Of Nowhere". Every song on this album is a winner. The music is explosive and bombastic on a grand scale, and in combination with the production, it jumps out of the speakers. Michele Guaitoli's vocals are powerful with unlimited range. The composing chemistry of guitarists Marco Falanga and Adriano Crasnich is tight and colorful, coming up with inspired riffs, melodic solos and incredibly catchy choruses. The rhythm section of bassist, Luka Klanjscek and drummer Andrea Cum are tight. In terms of technique things do not get much better than this: Heavy guitar riffs, perfectly phrased solos, precise use of double bass beat drums, without overdoing it. In a perfect world Overtures would be all over rock radio. Unfortunately, the mainstream rock radio has ignored the Progressive/Metal music genre.  Which is too bad as this band deserves the exposure. Overall, I was impressed and with repeated listens the material has really grew on me. To sum things up, 'Entering The Maze' has the perfect combination of elements: strong, hooky songwriting, stellar musicianship, powerful vocals, and crystal clear production that dares you to turn it up one more notch. In short, this is one amazing recording I would recommend it to anyone interested in great music that defies simple categorization. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

by Blacklist Union
(BLU Records)

L.A. based Blacklist Union return with their latest release, the band's third, in the form of, 'Til Death Do Us Part'. Featuring a who’s who of rock from beginning to end. Backing up frontman, Tony West are musicians from Saliva as well as Hunt Sales (formerly of David Bowie's Tin Machine and Iggy & the Stooges). The music on, 'Til Death Do Us Part' makes no apologies. From the opening title track, to rockers like, "Alabama Slammer", "Blown Away" and the swagger of "Feed The Snake". What is most refreshing is its lack of self-absorption; for all its merciless reality and acerbic veracity, the music never loses sight of a passionate, independent spirit and defiant joy in living on its own terms. Tony West is blessed with a convincing, dynamic voice that is every bit as compelling and expressively graphic as the words he sings. What he lacks in terms of polished proficiency he more than compensates for with undeniable sincerity through a passionate voice of genuine desperation. Blacklist Union may not be exploring any new ground, but the album manages to not sound stale. 'Til Death Do Us Part' stands as Blacklist Union most powerfully expressive and conceptually unified album. If you are a fan, pick this album up. It's about as strong as anything else that they have ever released. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine


by Red February
(Independent Release)

Red February is a brand new rock band from San Francisco consisting of singer Marcus Cappellazzo, guitarist Markus Spohn, and drummer Sebastian Dunkel. The band's debut single, "Jet Pilot" is a shot of adrenaline that has an infectious groove. It's unique, in that it's a rock song with real soul and it drips with talent and complexity, perfect. The overall groove is infectious and the song's pace is fast and really rocking and it just makes me want to blast the speakers into my ears and rock out! - Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

by Saints Of The Rebellion

Saints Of Rebellion deliver a slab of rock fury that is raw and loaded with riffs that grab you, give you a good shaking and don't let go, and nor would you want them to! The band's debut single, "New American Dream", is monster of a adrenaline rush that is served up with giant guitar driven monster riffs served up on a bed of crushing grooves with soaring melodic vocals and big hooks. Saints Of The Rebellion pull no punches and hold nothing back! They are upfront and will punish your finest of speakers! - Tony @The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

Saturday, February 8, 2014

February Issue 2014


Return with 'Running With The Dogs
The band's debut release, 'This Might Hurt', set the rock music world a buzz!  They've opened for Motley Crue, Kiss and The Answer leaving lasting impressions on those who came out to witnessed their rock and roll fury! The Treatment are back sounding better and hungrier than ever with their highly anticipated sophomore release, 'Running With The Dogs'. The band's guitarist, Tagore Grey gave us the lowdown behind the new album and what they have planned for 2014. Here's what He shared with us.
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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Featured Interview: The Treatment

Return with 'Running With The Dogs'
Interview by The Dedicated Rocker Society

At a time when so much rock music is defined according to a specific genre or sub-genre, it’s refreshing for a new band to come along who are both happy and proud to be called simply ‘rock’… and when that band are just 18 years old, then the project becomes very exciting indeed: classic sounds filtered through young hearts an’ minds.

A five-strong outfit based in the Cambridge area of the UK, The Treatment are indeed tender in years, but you’d never guess that from the quality of their song-writing or the confident swagger of their live show. It’s only really the exuberance and in-built energy of their playing that gives the game away, adding a fresh-faced twist to some deeply classic grooves.

Combining the drive of early Def Leppard with the song-writing ability of prime UFO and Thin Lizzy, the whole thing underpinned by the sort of low-slung riffing redolent of early Aerosmith or G n R, The Treatment are unashamedly inspired by an era when rock bands looked like rock bands and were generally intent on causing a stir (both onstage and off); an era when the lifestyle was important, when music was everything and when vinyl was king.

The band's debut release, 'This Might Hurt', set the rock music world a buzz!  They've opened for Motley Crue, Kiss and The Answer leaving lasting impressions on those who came out to witnessed their rock and roll fury!

The Treatment are back sounding better and hungrier than ever with their highly anticipated sophomore release, 'Running With The Dogs'. The band's guitarist, Tagore Grey gave us the lowdown behind the new album and what they have planned for 2014. Here's what He shared with us.

Q: Let's talk about the new album, 'Running With The Dogs'. Is there any significant meaning behind the title? 

“There isn't some dark secret going on or some crazy meaning behind the title as such! Its more of a concept we liked. We've always been a really close bunch of friends, so the phrase ‘Running With The Dogs’ isn’t about some mad pack of hounds running amok down a dark rain-soaked alley – it’s more a bunch a mates going around the world and taking on whatever's thrown their way! Running with the dogs could be running with a gang, and the album art reflects this – it’s the kind of emblem you could happily see adorning a leather jacket, nestling amongst the badges, the fringes & the studs.” 

Q: How long did it take to record? There are 13 tracks, how many songs did you actually write for the album? 

“We started recording pretty much straight after the release of the first album, ‘This Might Hurt’, which came out back in 2011. We were able to lay down a lot of the parts in our home studio, in Cambridge UK, then for the bass and the drums we went into Steve Harris’ studio for a couple of days. Yes, we worked on lots of different ideas during the recording process, but in the end we whittled it down to the songs we felt strongest about. As I recall, we had 12 tracks altogether plus one cover version, a number called ‘Way Of The World’, originally recorded by NWOBHM band, More. However, after a while, we decided that the cover didn’t really sit comfortably with the rest of the material, so we recorded two more of our own songs and used the cover as an iTunes bonus track. ‘Drop Like A Stone’ was one of the new songs we added to the album – the original title was ‘Toxic Love’, and it had a different melody, but the riff was the same. That was always cool! And fast! Oh, and we also recorded a few covers for the bonus disc with the Deluxe version of the CD.” 

Q: Have you guys shot a video to promote 'Running With The Dogs'? If so, which song is it? 

“So far, we've shot three! ‘I Bleed Rock + Roll’, filmed in our rehearsal studio, a lyric video for ‘Emergency’, plus an on-the-road clip for ‘Running With The Dogs’. All of the filming & editing has been done by a guy called Mikee Goodman, who is also one of the vocalists with revered UK metal act, SikTh. The first two are already available to be viewed, but we’re still working on the ‘Running With The Dogs’ promo. Mikee has got some cool footage, but he’s coming to another show on our current UK headline tour to get a bit more – I guess he hasn’t captured our best side as yet! Ha! Ha! "

Q: Do you feel you've grown more, on a musical level, than when you first came onto the music scene? 

“I personally never feel like I'm getting any better as a musician, but then when I watch videos or listen to recordings from a few years ago I guess I've learnt a few more chords! As for growing up… never! I’ll always be a kid as long as I'm in the music business. I’d rather be travelling around the world with my best mates than working in an office. In our world, anything can happen. I’ll certainly never be short of stories! When we toured with Alice Cooper, he told us some amazing tales from the early days of his career – hopefully, we’ll be doing that to a younger band one day!” 

Q: Can you share some memorable moments , good or bad, in the making of 'Running With The Dogs'? 

“Let me see… well, going down to Steve Harris's studio, behind his house, to record the bass & drums, and then mix the album tracks there was amazing.  It was such a wild experience for us. Now there’s a studio with some serious history, and the engineer who runs it, Tony Newton, is a great guy. He’s in a band himself, Voodoo Six, and in fact we’re both signed to the same label, Spinefarm. Small world. Ha! Ha! I think another great experience was being part of the development of the track ‘Emergency’, which seems to be drawing a lot of attention at the moment. It’s quickly become a real favourite with the fans, and most of the reviews have singled it out… we love it! Oh, and then there is the intro piece for ‘The Outlaw’ – that was provided by a guy called Hank Williamson who plays with The Boss Hoss, a band from Berlin. They’re a HUGE act in their home country, so it was great to get that, and it fits the song perfectly. You can’t beat some bells!” 

Q:  For someone reading about The Treatment for the first time, how would you describe your band to them? 

“A hard rock band, no bullshit, no frills, no messin’ around. Five guys touring together and having fun, and trying our best to put that into the music! We really hope that aspect comes across because we really are having a good time, all the time. Of course, there are tough moments, like our guitarist Ben (Brookland) leaving because he had some family issues to deal with, but now we have Jake (Pattinson) in the ranks and The Treatment carries on. For all of us, this is our dream, this is what we’ve always wanted to do, and there’s nothing better than when your dreams come true. Remember, we’ve already toured the US with Kiss & Motley Crue – 50-plus shows in massive sold-out venues. You can’t even dream about stuff like that!” 

Q: How important has social media become in getting the word out on The Treatment? Do you read the tweets by your fans? 

“We've never made a conscious effort to promote ourselves through the likes of Facebook, Twitter etc., it’s just come hand in hand with what we do, and of course because we’re young, 19-21, these kind of things appear pretty natural – we aren’t daunted by this means of communication. Naturally, it’s a great way to promote tours and releases, and for people to hear our music – we actually streamed our new record a week before release, we wanted the fans to hear it, to enjoy it, to talk about it, especially as we were heading out on tour the day of release. And… we do actually read all our comments, reviews, tweets and posts… good or bad! The good ones we appreciate, and the bad ones we laugh at – let’s face it, you’ll always find nay-sayers on the internet. Negative comments just make us want to do this even more!” 

Q: Are you guys scheduled to play any of big festivals there in Europe? What about in the States? 

“Yes, I’m delighted to say we are. We're doing Graspop (Belgium) and a whole bunch more, most of which I’m not allowed to mention yet. Put it this way, we’ll be playing some of the biggest festivals in the world, and we're all really excited about our schedule for spring / summer 2014. There here will be some updates very soon! One thing I can tell you, though, is that we’ll be returning to Japan this year – we played the inaugural Ozzfest there last year, in Tokyo. We were the only UK act to appear apart from Black Sabbath – see what I meant about having stories to tell!” 

Q:  What goals have you set for yourselves in 2014? 

“To keep working at what we're doing, really. We want to have a busier year than last year, play more shows, have more laughs and cause more chaos. I think all of that is possible. Certainly, the chaos part, that’s a given!” 

Q: Any messages or comments you would like to pass along? 

“Just a big ‘thank you’ to our fans all over the world for buying the singles & albums, turning up to the shows, supporting us in any way they can! We can't do without you guys and we appreciate everything! For example, on this current UK tour, we have two sisters following us around, and they’ve come all the way from Canada! In fact, they’ve both moved to the UK now – one is working in the Science Museum in London, the other in a restaurant. You can’t get greater dedication than that. To all our fans – SEE YOU SOON!” 

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BADLANDS by Cage The Gods
(The End Records)

'Badlands' the highly anticipated debut release from UK based rockers, Cage The Gods hits the rock'n'roll nail right on the head.  With appreciation for the music from rock legends such as The Rolling Stones,  Led Zeppelin and The Small Faces, these talented musicians are writing their own chapter in the "Book Of Rock". Cage The Gods promises to be one of the hottest new rock bands to arrive onto the rock music scene. The band is made up of, Peter Comerford on vocals, Jam on guitars, Mitch Witham on bass and Colin Jones on drums. A hard rock edge sound that is almost impossible to come by in today's market, giving it a refreshing slant on the current trend. Their songs are big, full, and comfortably arrogant such as "Favourite Sin", "Sacrifice",  the title track, "Trouble Reigns", "Bruce Willis" and "Promises". The album is entirely strong throughout and I can't imagine any fan of rock music being disappointed. The vocals are up front and confident, the guitar hooks are powerful and go for the throat and the rhythm section are as tight as they come. Listening to, 'Badlands', you can feel the band's energy pour out of the speakers. It's genuine. It is an extremely well-executed album that should please fans of both classic and modern rock. Cage The Gods bring a much needed soul filled energy to the rock music scene that's been missing for some time. There's lots of poser rock bands these days, but Cage The Gods are not one of them. This is real rock and roll that will blow your doors off. Rock the way it was meant to be done. These lads are THE REAL DEAL! 
- Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society