Tuesday, March 24, 2015


PERSPECTIVE by Jace Pawlak
(Marble Sky Music)

Singer/songwriter, Jace Pawlak returns with his third outing , 'Perspective', a album laced with a great mix  of melodic hard rock and acoustic gems. If Jace Pawlak' s name may sound familiar, he's penned songs for FarCry and Tango Down'. 'Perceptive' definitely has more of a melodic rock flavor , a few songs stand out more than the others. The album alternates between upbeat rock tunes and heart wrenching ballads, but these songs all have great lyrics, very catchy choruses, super musicianship. "Cry", kicks the album off in great melodic fashion. If your cup of tea is melodic rock, this song will satisfy your thirst. The same thing can be said for tracks like, "What if We Were Wrong", and "Jodi' s Just Running". Then there is the jazz influenced number, "Don't Talk To Me".  Yes, Pawlak's songs are good and some great, but what I find impressive is his voice. The album is just solid from start to finish with NO FILLER. 'Perspective' showcases Jace Pawlak' s truly amazing talent as a singer/songwriter. Coupled with great production and great musicians I can honestly say there is not a second rate song on this release. .Whilst nothing earth shattering nor likely to win any awards,the album rocks along at a great pace and a  testament to the fact that melodic rock music is still alive and well, even from a younger generation! - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

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