Sunday, April 5, 2015

CD REVIEW: S/T by Points North

S/T by Points North
(Magna Carta Records)

What happens when you throw three talented musicians together in a studio and let them go at it? The result is a truly powerful recording that is guaranteed to please fans of the general progressive rock genre. The progressive rock trio, Points North return with their latest self titled release. Eric Barnett (Guitarist) , Uriah Duffy (Bass), and Kevin Aiello (Drums). The trio return with a recording that will grabs you from the first bar and won't let you go 'till it's finished. Points North serve up a bold mix of rock, jazz and rock fusion, carefully balancing fury and serenity in a soundscape of consciousness. The compositions are creative and the playing is energetic. The album opens with, "Ignition" an explosives piece of music that will stimulate your senses to overload. "Northstar"is a great piece as it also features a stunning buildup towards the end. "Child's Play" is simply stunning. For the first time the band serve up a vocal track with the stimulating, "Colorblind". Eric Barnett's guitar playing on "Turning Point (La Villa De Villers)" is out of this world. Lastly, "Killer Pounder", a instant shot of adrenaline that highlights the tight chemistry this trio exhibits and closes the album in the best way. Points North latest release is a sojourn through many auditory landscapes. Expect nothing less than being taken on a mind blowing journey. Amazing is a word over-used these days but I have no hesitation in using it here. Enjoy! - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine

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