Friday, September 25, 2015

CD REVIEW: THIS DEVICE (Ep) by The Tracy G. Group

THIS DEVICE (Ep) by The Tracy G. Group
(The Spooky G. Label)

The Tracy G. Group's latest creation the six song Ep, 'This Device' strikes a perfect balance of style, power and imagination taking  risks and challenges in ways most other players can't even approach. There are some incredible moments here and it's an intensely personal album full of anguish and anger and ultimately hope. For this being only a six song Ep, it sure packs one hellava punch! The songs are heavy and thick. The drums lurch and the guitars hold deep power chords infused with wicked licks that will definitely threaten to blow your speakers.  The instrumental, "Space Beast (The Mudshark Returns) sets the table for the intense musical journey that awaits. The grooves are catchy, psychedelic, and abrasive all at the same time. The title track is up next and it's as if you sucked down the rabbit hole. The intensity level that the band bring as a group on this track is off the charts!  "Benjamin Siegel", a ball buster of a song with a sinister bass groove. The next two tracks are guaranteed to send your blood pressure into overdrive "Red White Black And Blue" and "Out Of Time". The instrumental "The Train (Revisited) closes things out nicely. Tracy G.'s guitar playing is a intense and insane as ever. I've always considered Tracy G. "The Salvador Dalí" of the guitar world. Dali was best known for the striking and bizarre images in his surrealist work. Dali used a paint brush, Tracy G.'s paint brush is his guitar and the music he creates is just as striking and bizarre. Hats off to Michael Beatty for a damn good job on  vocals. One thing that makes this recording stand out amongst modern rock recordings, is the fact that the vocals actually follow very distinctive (and catchy) melodies, yet they still manage to be extremely intense. Randy Oviedo's bass playing truly sounds like it's from another planet. Then there is the drumming courtesy of Adrian Aguilar providing the music with an almost tribal beat, with killer grooves with maximum impact. Also featured on drums are Ray Luzier (Korn) and  Mike Terrana. You will want to play this recording as loud as you can just for the sheer force of the guitar and bass rumble. Great vocals, intense guitar work, beautiful tone, tight musicianship, excellent songwriting and arranging. Well worth listening to. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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