Wednesday, February 7, 2018

CD REVIEW: CARVED IN ROCK by Merryweather Stark

CARVED IN ROCK by Merryweather Stark
(GMR Music Group)

Rock rock singer, bass player, Neil Merryweather (Space Rangers / Steve Miller / Lita Ford) and the multi talented guitarist Janne Stark (Mountain Of Power / Locomotive Breath / Overdrive / Constancia / Grand Design) come out swinging for the fences with their intense debut release, 'Carved In Rock', an album that will sends chills down your spine, I know it did mine as soon as I pressed play. This is the kind of album that can only be enjoyed one way, at MAXIMUM VOLUME! The intent is obvious from the start with the gut busting, "Irma la Douce",  opening the album leading into an intense voyage of riff city mayhem. As your listening experience intensifies with tracks like, "It Ain't Pretty", "We Gotta Own This Thing", "Give 'Em Hell", Boy", "Lay Your Body Down" and "Freedom to Love". One thing is certain if you want straight ahead in your face blues based rock that pulls no punches and will make you forget about anything that's ailing you; this album is just what the doctor ordered. Overall, the chemistry between Merryweather and Stark are like hand in glove. The musical interplay between the two is what one would expect from these two talented and veteran musicians. After listening to 'Carved In Rock' your ears will be ringing for days! Be prepared to be slayed!!
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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