Monday, April 23, 2018


EVOLUTION OF KARMA by Universal Hippies
(Grooveyard Records)

The highly anticipated sophomore effort, 'Evolution Of Karma' from Universal Hippies proves that the first time around was no fluke. The atmosphere and vibe on this is really special. Comprised of, guitarist Stavros Papadopoulos, bassist Jim Petridis and drummer, Chris Lagios, the trio deliver a ambient/new age fine, although many of these compositions could easily be featured on a soundtrack. There is also a distinct eastern/oriental feel in most of these songs. The music starts with a quiet intensity, and slowly escalates into dramatic, lifting crescendos. Papadopoulos' intense driven guitar splashes all over the muted synthetic backdrop, painting the sweetest of sounds to be coaxed from the instrument. Every song offers something different. The guitar playing and tone are astonishing, the sound quality is great, and there's not a weak song on the whole album.  Highlights include, "Evolution", "Wings Of Pegasus", "Metamorphosis", and "Outskirts Of Infinity".  Beautifully structured solos, and clean tone guitar playing. ' Evolution Of Karma' is heavy on melody, and so satisfying in the depths it reaches within it. This is free of ego boosting trickery and concentrates on composition and content. Just sit back, relax, and listen to these Universal Hippies' magic. Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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