Wednesday, August 29, 2018

CD REVIEW: DESTINY by Super Vintage

DESTINY by Super Vintage
(Grooveyard Records)

The Blues based rock and roll machine known as Super Vintage are back with their fourth studio release, 'Destiny', in my opinion their strongest effort to date. There is energy and diversity throughout. Comprised of, Stavros Papadopoulos on vocals and guitars, Panagiotis Zabourlis on guitars, Jim Moralis on bass and Chris Lagios on drums. Just like this band has done on their previous outings, the riffs are served up fast and furious. From the opening chords of “Rock N' Roll Saviors". Other highlights include,  "Brotherhood Of The Blues ,"Streets Of This Town", "Everything You Wanted" and "The Road", the song writing has matured and the musicianship is top notch. All told, if you like no-nonsense blues based hard rock with both conviction and diversity, you can't go wrong with this album. If you are new to Super Vintage and need a place to start, there's no better time to try 'em out. This latest offering showcases everything that makes them great and why I've been a fan since day one. Talent and the essence of the music is what really counts in the end, too sad you seldom find it nowadays, except for a few exception, like Super Vintage.Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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