Wednesday, August 19, 2015

CD REVIEW: 1919 by Outlaws & Moonshine

1919 by Outlaws & Moonshine

Indianapolis based southern rockers, Outlaws & Moonshine are putting it all out there and leaving nothing left to chance. If you are a southern hard rock fan, this is a terrific band for you to try out. Mixing southern rock with metal and a bit of gasoline, Outlaws & Moonshine' s five song EP, '1919' is worthy of most anyone's music collection. This recording is a crunchy slab of rock and roll with a mouthful of Georgia Dirt! "Cootie Brown" ,"Whiskey", "Hey Y'All", "Redneck Me", and "Different Kind of Man".There is a strong AC/DC-tinged blues influence here. The Outlaws & Moonshine sound is also heavily influenced by its southern location. This is mixed with a heavy guitar tone to create a truly unique, instantly recognizable sound. Formed by brothers Beau and Chris (Van) VanVolkenburgh, Outlaws & Moonshine has been a long time coming and a dream come true.  The Outlaws & Moonshine are a  utterly unapologetic band, and more power to them. Their music may be devoid of manners, but you won't find more of an attitude anywhere. Their brand of whiskey soaked barroom rock centers exclusively on an all-Hell-is-about-to-break-loose ethos. Who could blame them for helping jumpstart the ruckus? '1919' is 110%. Attitude, energy, and raw talent. A touch of punk, and a dash of southern rock is how I would describe this band. The Outlaws & Moonshine should be in everyones cd spinner. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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