Sunday, August 9, 2015


DELTA ROAD by Bryce Janey
(Grooveyard Records)

Bryce Janey's recordings have always been rooted firmly in the blues with a rock and roll edge which further established Janey as one of the rare musical talents of his generation. On his latest release, 'Delta Road', Bryce Janey continues the tradition of smokin' blues with doses of southern spice throughout. If you know Bryce Janey, then you know what to expect here. Guitar-driven blues rock. Not a big departure from his recent releases, but not just a rehash either. These tunes have a nice variety of melody and style, not just all full-speed weedly-weedly. Plenty of guitar shredding too, but I didn't find it to be overdone. Not one bad song in this package, from cutting blues numbers like ,"Keep Marchin' On" and "This Old Guitar to the rocking "Shake The Walls (With Foot Stompin' Music) ", " Feel Like A Stranger ", "Better Off With The Blues" , and a solid cover of the Rory Gallagher penned, "Lonesome Highway", makes this collection worth every penny spent for this album. The production is not overly compressed and has an in your face feel to the music which adds to the "Live in the Studio" feel. Overall, 'Delta Road' is yet another release that is guaranteed to generate mixed opinions. One thing is without question though, no matter what the public's reaction, Bryce Janey continues to strive for breaking new ground with his music. Uninterested in retreading the same ground or fitting into the current music scene,unlike some of his more 'popular' contemporaries, Bryce Janey' s  influences do not begin and end with Hendrix and Vaughan. He is a true artist that isn't afraid to follow his muse wherever it leads him. Time will only tell where Bryce Janey 's music will take him next...after all, with the talent he has on guitar, it really doesn't matter what direction his material heads in, its just a pleasure and a privilege to listen and go along for the ride. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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