Saturday, August 1, 2015

CD REVIEW: EIDOS by Kingcrow

EIDOS by Kingcrow
(Sensory Records)   

Formed back in 1996, Kingcrow is one of the leading Italian progressive rock bands, taking its name from Edgar Allan Poe's poem 'Raven'. Diego Marchesi (Lead & backing vocals), Diego Cafolla ,(Guitar & backing vocals),  Ivan Nastasi (Guitar & backing vocals), Thundra Cafolla (Drums & Percussions), Cristian Della Polla (Keyboards & Synths) and Francesco D'Errico (Bass Guitar). The band return with their latest release, 'Eidos',  a conceptual recording about choices, consequences, dealing with regret and disillusion. Musically speaking, conceptually brilliant; lyrically and vocally, just what the doctor doesn't usually order but what every good patient needs, I keep my appointments here always. There’s no cure for great music, but yet more great music. Kingcrow hit the nail right on the head every time, 'Eidos' is no exception. The experience just gets better with each listen. Perhaps this is because with each new listen there is always more to run about the corridors of your mind. Highlights include; "Moth", "Adrift", "On The Barren Ground" and "At The Same Pace". While I can’t recommend this latest release highly enough to newcomers or anyone already familiar with this band, each of their previous albums are just as amazing. The way I have come to look at Kingcrow as a collective and the experience of listening to them is this: The music is like a Pandoras box; contained within a box shaped like a CD case or record sleeve you remove the box from the box and let it play, once it plays all kinds of things happen. If you haven't heard Kingcrow yet, but are a fan of Progressive or Neo-Progressive rock music especially if you are a fan of bands like Riverside, Marillion, Porcupine Tree and Karnivool, then you really should give Kingcrow a listen. - Highly Recommended
Tony @The Dedicated Rocker Society

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