Monday, August 17, 2015


by Stellar Revival
(Lions Pride Music)

Stellar Revival's debut release, 'Love, Lust & Bad Company' is all about, attitude, hooks, and a healthy dose of super-charged guitar riffs add up to make this recording a, "must have". Compact, roaring and tender all at once, this album has the band showcasing its enormous potential. Although the songs are a bit simple, they work because they're direct. Offering an assortment of straight ahead, in your face rock sounds such as "Crazy Ones", "Watch You Walk Away",  "The Bottom Line" and "Edge Of A Dream". As well as stunning power ballads, "Shattered" and "Cross Your Heart (And Hope To Die)". Every song is worth listening to all the way through. Picking one or another song and call it a favorite is just unfair to all of the others. Stellar Revival are consistent to their roots. They are competent musicians. They are one of the few remains of the true rock music spirit with an advantage: these aren't nasty or poser guys. Honestly,  'Love, Lust & Bad Company' is an all out rocker!  The bottom line is, 'Love, Lust & Bad Company',  is an impressive rock album full of powerful, heavy but very catchy rock songs. Melody and power are not always something that are captured together on rock albums but Stellar Revival have managed it on this album to great effect. You are launched into this wonderful world with the in your face rocker from the moment your press play! The album just does not let up, delivering one storming song after another. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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