Saturday, August 1, 2015

CD REVIEW: DIG IN (Ep) by Idlewar

DIG IN (Ep) by Idlewar
(Independent Release)

Power rock trio Idlewar from Orange County, California burst onto the music scene with their five song EP, 'Dig In'. James Blake (Vocals, Bass), Rick Graham (Guitar) and Peter Pagonis (Drums). For this just being a glimpse of heavier things to come, Idlewar leave no doubt about the contents here. This is powerful, ass-kickin' hard guitar rock with an authentic classic hard rock sound that is heavy with tons of swagger. Bringing to mind bands like Clutch, Spiritual Beggars, Corrosion Of Conformity and the like. It's heavy, has tons of swagger, great groove and a solid sense of melody. This power trio can really kick it into overdrive, without missing a beat, just pure perfection. From the opening, "Chunk of Me" the trio proceed to assault the senses with, "Out of My Head", "Eleventeen", "Feel The Pain" and "Stronger".  The songs and solos are very free flowing with great rhythmic presence. Granted there are only five songs here, so it's not quite as satisfying as a full-length album, but the flip side is that these five songs are all really good, so you're not getting any filler. Idlewar's 'Dig In' is high quality, all natural music made the way it used to be. Not like some of the boring repetitive crap that's out there today. This is the type of music which makes me picture my old turntable and speakers cranking out all those watts pissing off the neighbors. Tough to find new bands these days who are original, but can evoke the way back machine into the early classic hard rock sound without being mere copycats and sounding cliche. Idlewar are the REAL DEAL. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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