Saturday, August 29, 2015


MELIORA by Ghost B.C.

Swedish based rockers Ghost return with their third release, ' Meliora', a album that is heavy, progressive, melodic as hell and filled with great riffs from both guitars and keyboards. There's a hypnotic darkness hidden in the music, bearing it on singed and blackened wings. Ghost B.C. 's image complements their music, and it would be great to hear their music on mainstream radio instead of confined to specialist stations as it deserves recognition from a wider audience. If people are willing to accept Black Sabbath and Blue Oyster Cult as mainstream acts then their ears and eyes should be opened to what Ghost B.C. have to bring to the table. The album opens with the eerie vibe of, "Spirit". Followed by the distorted bass intro of "From The Pinnacle To The Pit". The lead off a single, "Cirice" (which means "Church"), is up next. I really dig it's vibe that brings to my mind early Blue Oyster Cult.  Other highlights include, "He Is", the guitar driven "Mummy Dust", a track that should go over well in a live setting and "Absolution". ' Meliora' is a combination that sounds new to this world however and stands apart from most other bands.  It's nice to hear plain simple good songs for a change with a dark atmosphere rather than another attempt to 'out-heavy' other bands. Fans of the band's previous recordings will be happy to know that the production is absolutely top quality. The sound is smooth and just sounds fantastic. Highly recommended, the only downside is getting these songs out of your head once you have heard them. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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