Monday, August 10, 2015


POLYESTER ZEAL by Red Sun Rising
(Razor & Tie)

Any album where at least half of the tracks, after the initial listen, make you want to back-up and hear them again, qualifies as something special. The sophomore release, 'Polyester Zeal' by Ohio based rockers, Red Sun Rising is most definitely is that. Mike Protich - Vocals, Guitar, Ryan Williams - Guitar, Tyler Valendza - Guitar, Ricky Miller - Bass, Vocals and Pat Gerasia - Drums. The diversity in the cuts keep the mind hungry to hear that next track. From the opener "Push ," is as subtle as a fist to the face. The production is crystal clear, the levels perfectly mixed (that means an audible bass!), the guitars an even balance of melodic and heavy, and the vocals emotional and strong. Other highlights include: "Amnesia", the lead off single, "The Otherside", "My Muse", "Emotionless" and  "Blister". That's over half the entire album. "Awake" and "Imitation"are both good too. Mixing is superb on this album yes indeed, but mixing alone cannot overshadow for the lack of talent which Red Sun Rising obviously is NOT lacking. These cuts are diverse, powerful, melodic, amazingly balanced, and all together superbly packaged for one fantastic album. The lyrical writing is equally memorable which leaves only their performance in question which, once you listen to this album, you'll understand that Red Sun Rising's talent is definitely superb. Red Sun Rising have found their sound with 'Polyester Zeal' and the purity of that sound carries through the entire album. Balancing rockers with ballads fairly evenly, the album is sure to appeal to just about any modern rock fan. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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