Sunday, August 16, 2015

CD REVIEW: ONE TO ONE by Geoff Carne

ONE TO ONE by Geoff Carne

I have to say that 'One To One' the debut release by Geoff Carne on vocals and guitar along with Paul Mex on bass/drums and Mick Armstrong on drums & percussion from the UK is SUPERB!! It is one of those  albums that at first listen - you like a lot, but gets better and better with each spin. Many of the melodies are like an old friend - sound somewhat familiar, but are not repeats from the past - and are they ever "hooky". Described as 'New Retro Blues', front to back the album is musically and lyrically rock solid. This album is different than the bluesy/rock material I've heard before, but no less impressive. This album kicks because it really shows Geoff Carne's amazing range of talent and versatility as a musician/singer/songwriter. Some parts of it remind me of Bob Welch, and Joe Bonamassa. But it's all Geoff Carne. Surprisingly the title track is my least favorite song on the album. My favorite tracks are; "Back On the Road Again", "Crazy Blues (I Wait for You)", "When Communication Breaks Down" and "Deep & Dirty ", but there is not a single weak track to be found.  Deep bluesy guitar, soulful singing, superb songs. Geoff Carne is a triple threat as a singer, songwriter, and guitarist. His greatest attribute is his ability to conjure intimate feelings from his soul and share them through song via guitar and vocals showcasing the depth of the album. Well done, Geoff! - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society

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