Sunday, August 9, 2015


SKY TRAIN GALAXY by Craig Erickson
(Grooveyard Records)

Craig Erickson has been making waves for years, but is hopefully now going to get the attention/credit he deserves. Erickson is back with his latest release, 'Sky Train Galaxy', a album that is loaded with  quality songs matching the quality of the playing. He has all the technique you could wish for, or need, but at the root of his playing there is great melody, phrasing, feel and soul. One of the best characteristics of  'Sky Train Galaxy' is the way the blistering riffs are executed, in that you can get almost as much pleasure from listening to Erickson's little improvisations as you do from the solo. There's a decent mix of styles, slower burning blues and rockers as well, so it's not a one-dimensional collection of songs. There are too many choice cuts here to really pick out highlights, although, if pushed, my personal favourites are, "The Comeback", "Time (Never Enough)" and "Morning Glory". Absolutely outstanding. Craig Erickson is a singular talent, the strength of his writing, playing and sheer power of delivery combine to create a very special listening experience.  All in all, 'Sky Galaxy Train' is highly recommended for fans of nostalgic blues rock from a musician who richly deserves the attention he is attracting among the classic rock music press and audiences these days. - Highly Recommended
Tony @ The Dedicated Rocker Society


  1. Just found your site Tony.
    Also planning on picking this up as I am a big fan of Craihs work.In particular his Grooveyard catalogue.
    Thanks for reviewing some cool rock that isn't just metal!

  2. Hi Gman,

    Glad you liked my review. Grooveyard has a great catalog. I've been a big fan of Craig ever since his debut, 'Shine', that featured Rob Lamothe (Riverdogs) and Glenn Hughes. As for previewing the music, if it sounds good to me regardless of the genre, I will write it up..:)

    1. Ya I got hooked on Craig from that Shine disc.
      Did. You ever hear the disc Craig and Rob Lamothe did call Ride?
      Great disc I mean really great

  3. Haven't heard 'Ride' by Craig. I'm sure it's killer.